OpenSUSE :: Undesired Window Maximize On Move (KDE 4.4.4)?

Sep 28, 2010

After installing SuSE 11.3 with KDE 4.4.4 "release 2", if find the followingrather annoying behavior:After dragging a window by its titlebar along the top edge of the screenand releasing it, in invariably maximizes. Dragging the same window belowthe edge and then moving it vertically up, it stays as is (and as desired).Found no related settings in "system setup - window behavior".

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Ubuntu :: Align Desktop Icons To Grid / Move Close , Maximize And Minimize Buttons To Left Side Of Window?

Apr 30, 2011

1) How do I align my desktop icons to a grid?
2) Is it possible to move the close, maximize, and minimize buttons to the left side of the window? I prefer that to the since I'm used to GNOME Unity.

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OpenSUSE :: 'maximize Window' Effect - Delay When Maximizing Windows (Gnome)?

Mar 2, 2010

Using gnome I love the desktop effects, except the 'maximize window' effect. There is an annoying delay when I maximize a window. Is there a way to turn this particular effect off, while leaving all the others on. I looked in control center>desktop effects, but the option is not there. The only way I could turn off the maximize effect was unchecking the "enable desktop effects" checkbox. But this turns all effects off. All other effects run smooth and snappy.

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Ubuntu :: Move Exit And Min / Maximize To Upper Right Corner?

Dec 21, 2010

I personally think this was a rediculous decision. I'm looking to install ubuntu over xubuntu but won't if there is no known solution.

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Move Window To Second Screen

Jun 11, 2011

i just installed openSuse and i have very little experience with linux OS. I used this guide to setup my two monitors and they are both running ok but i have the following problem:My mouse pointer can go to the second monitor without a problem, but i can't move a window there. When i move the window to the edge of the screen it just resizes it. it doesn't move it to the next screen.

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Ubuntu :: Move The Minimize/Maximize/Close Buttons Back The Right Side?

Apr 29, 2010

If you are like me, you can't stand the new placement of the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons. Here is a useful how to guide, with screen shots, on how to put them back on the right side:[URL]

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Fedora :: Maximize A Hidden Window By PID?

Jun 14, 2011

I'm running Gnome on F13 and have either removed or never had a window switcher that allows me to see what windows are running. Thus, when I minimize a window it "disappears." I can find it and kill it by PID using "ps aux | grep xyz" but sometimes I want to run it (in particular, rhythmbox audio player) again. Is there any way to A) get a real window switcher onto my taskbar, or B is there a way to maximize a window by PID?

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Ubuntu :: White Window Screen On Maximize

Mar 19, 2011

Using Ubuntu 10.10.Recently updated to kernel 2.6.38.Strange problem.. all windows display fine when they are not minimized. But as soon as I minimize ANY window, all the contents are wiped out. All I get is a title bar with white window. This happens with every window e.g. browser, games, system windows, text pad etc.I am using Nvidia drivers. Could that be the problem?

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Ubuntu :: Move The Window Control Buttons When The Window Is In Full Screen Mode?

May 3, 2011

How do I move the Window control buttons when the window is in full screen mode? I.e.: I know how to go into gconf-editor:

gconf-editor --> apps --> metacity --> general --> button layout = ":minimize,maximize,close"
(I've intentionally disabled the menu...)

What I want is my window controls to be on the right side of the window when the window is in full screen mode.

Also I've had an issue with the Unity dockbar glitching out. I can still click on the buttons (i.e. the logout button) but it displays like a nintendo game inserted crooked. Is there a way to 'restart' unity without log out/ log in?

Any one else experienced any glitches with unity auto hiding/showing?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Nvidia Twinview Window Maximize Behavior?

Aug 22, 2010

I have 2 nvidia graphics cards and 3 monitors. One graphicss card is an nvidia 460 and the second one is an nvidia 8400 GS. I'm on Ubuntu lucid 64 bit gnome desktop. I use the nvidia drivers . 2 monitors are connected to the 460 card setup as twinview the last monitor is connected to the 8400 GS set as a separate xscreen.

When I now maximize a window on the 2 monitors which are set as twin view it expands this window gets stretched over both screens. I would like to know how I can set it so that an maximized window get only expands on the current screen in twinview so that I can still move windows from 1 screen to another.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade To Lucid - Maximize/minimize The Window?

Aug 23, 2010

My gf recently upgraded her Dell laptop from Karmic to Lucid but has since experienced some issues with the windowing system. Is called Metacity? - I'd call it the "chrome" of the windows, eg. the title bar, maximise & close buttons etc.The description of the problem she's given me is as follows: "Every time I turn my laptop on it comes up with a small window and when I access the internet, it wont let me maximise/minimise the window.

I have to go to System/Appearances/Visual Effects and reset it to Normal. This then resolves the problem. But the next time I open my laptop, the settings have been forgotten and I have to go through the same process again." It's taken me ages to steer her away from windows but she's had a few problems since upgrading and she's thinking about heading back to the "dark side"...

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Ubuntu :: Disable Window Maximize When Titlebar Dragged To Top Of Screen?

Apr 29, 2011

I just updated to 11.04. I tried to keep an open mind while using Unity, but I just couldn't deal with the totally unorganized application menu, so I switched back to the regular Gnome desktop. There's something that bugs me, though: when I drag the titlebar of a window up to the top of the screen, it maximizes the window, or more accurately, it "grows" the window depending on how far up I drag it, up to the maximum size of the screen. I don't have any desire to use this method to make my windows larger, and it also prevents me from dragging windows to the virtual desktop above the current one (I have edge-flipping turned on). How to disable this? I installed the compiz config manager installed but can't seem to find the right option.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Window Rules - Maximize Size Below Panel?

Jul 6, 2011

I can't stand looking at the ugly, off-center, non-themed maximize/minimize/close buttons in the maximized global menu. Is it possible to set a window to maximize *below* the top panel? Or at least to have its set fixed size be its fixed size when not maximized?

Using Compiz window rules I've been able to set a fixed size in some applications (Opera, for example), but whenever I open them, the window automatically opens as maximized. When I un-maximize, it reverts to whatever size it wants, and having to resize my windows all the time is a pain.

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Ubuntu :: Minimize - Maximize - Close Buttons Are Missing From Every Window

Jul 29, 2011

As title states, they are missing, and from every window. I have googled this and found fixes but in doing some of the "fixes" the bar at the top of the screen disappears and docky becomes effectless.

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General :: Switching The Close,maximize,minimize To Right Side Of The Window?

May 17, 2010

How to switch the close,maximize,minimize to right side the window in Ubuntu10.04. I found a way in but that does not work.Run Applic.->gconf-editor->apps/metacity/general->menu:maximize,minimize,close.

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Debian Multimedia :: LXDE - Getting Window Maximize / Minimize Buttons To Look Bigger

Jan 4, 2015

I am using Debian Wheezy with LXDE and I am using the monitor resolution as 1280x1024. Now the Window maximize, minimize buttons look tiny and its pretty irritating. Is there anyway I can make them bigger ? I tried googling but whatever documentation I found was regarding GNOME not LXDE since not many people use it. I don't want to try any online themes of Linux just want the buttons to be bigger. Is there anyway ?

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Ubuntu :: Closing 3 Window Bars - Dont Have The Minimize Maximize Or Close Buttons

May 20, 2010

So I have these three bars that I suppose are some kind of left over fragment of windows I had up the last time I rebooted. Anyhow, whenever I boot now, these three bars show on my desktop, and I cant get rid of them, they dont have the minimize, maximize or close buttons. Yet when I click the, "show desktop" buttom, they then minimize. HOwever, they don't show up on my window list. I've tried restarting my xsession and that didnt work, I've restarted nautilus that didn't work, I cant right click on them, I already tried xkill and force quite and that doesnt work. They're just always there.

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Ubuntu :: Window Manager Thats Fast And Dosen't Have To Have The Minimize, Maximize, And Close Buttons At The Top?

Jun 17, 2010

I am trying to build a linux distro based on xubuntu that I will install in my car. I need a window manager thats fast and dosen't have to have the minimize, maximize, and close buttons at the top. I also have somewhat of an idea on how to change from xfwm4 but not 100%

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Ubuntu :: Gnome: Maximize A Window To Half The Screen By Dragging It To The Left/right Edge?

Jul 9, 2010

KDE and Windows7 both have a nice feature/setting that lets you maximize a window to half the screen by dragging it to the left or right edge of the screen.

Edit: Use Compiz Grid:


sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra

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Ubuntu Installation :: Window Decorations Lost - No Icons For Close Minimize Maximize - No Resizing By Mouse

Apr 30, 2011

After upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04, at first everything worked fine. Then i changed the compiz configuration to cube, confirmed some questions, and now i have no window decorations. No icons for close, minimize, maximize. No resizing by mouse. No title bar.

In the launcher, i lost applications and files&?, and in the top menu bar, i lost the leftmost part, where some menus and the Ubuntu icon were found.

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Debian :: Prevent Notification About Undesired Update

Dec 16, 2010

A few days ago I had a problem with my screen resolution after a safe-upgrade. I struggled a little but I finally downgraded and pinned the intel driver. But now, each time I turn my computer on I get a notification of "1 update aviable" I've checked and the update is correctly pinned (I used keep and forbid-version), it does not upgrade. As you can see, this is not critical, but I would apreciate a fix.


Debian sqeeze/sid with KDE4 on Acer Aspire One ZG5. I manage my programs with aptitude.

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Ubuntu Security :: Undesired Access Attempt To Localhost

Jun 29, 2011

While investigating my localhost access logs during an investigation to resolve locking myself out of my own server(!) I noticed this recent access attempt from a proxy referrer. I wouldn't expect this on a local server - currently set to listen on 127.0.01. The request was 403 forbidden, but surely the request should not have even reached this far? Is this an example of an unauthorised access attempt? I don't think it is me because all of my usual access requests are in moz 5 and im logged in to linux currently.

Note please do not click this link as I do not know where it leads ^^^^! (and i dont know how to disable it on this forum)

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Fedora :: 'Move Window' Key From ALT+LMB To META+LMB

Jan 21, 2010

I have 3d packages I need to use but can't because of this

I am using F12, previously this was in a menu 'System>Preferences>Look&Feel' or Windows, but now I can't find it, do I have to edit a .conf file or .profile file for this or what

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Ubuntu :: How To Move Window Buttons To The Right 10.04

Jun 19, 2010

How to move the Windows control button ( Minimize, Maximize , Close) Buttons back to the conventional place; top right corner of the screen ?I can't imagine why they have changed the place of this button from the conventional place.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Move Window To 2nd Desktop

Aug 31, 2010

Upgraded from Karmic to Lucid (no clean install so to speak). Changed the visual effects to normal, but I somehow can't move a window to my 2nd desktop.

Changed the window manager from Compiz to metacity using the compiz fusion icon, but no result.

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Ubuntu :: Move Window Between Screens In 11.04?

Aug 14, 2011

I installed 11.04 and install second screen. It works fine. But I cannot do anything on the second screen, just to move cursor.

How to move some window (for example Firefox) to second screen?

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Move Or Resize VLC Window?

May 4, 2011

I can't move/resize/decorate/restore the vlc window. It takes up the entire screen (even though it is not in full screen mode) on one of my monitors. I'm using Openbox. This doesn't happen with any other type of window.[URL]..

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Ubuntu :: Can't Resize Window Or Move It Around Using Mouse

Apr 28, 2010

I must have done something to my window settings cos those three buttons in the top right corner (minimize, maximize and close) are gone. I also cannot resize the window or move it around using the mouse What did I do? And more importantly how do I fix this?

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Ubuntu :: Move Window Without Switching Workspace?

May 18, 2010

On the window menu there are two options-Move window to Workspace Left&-Move window to Workspace RightThese commands move the window to an adjacent workspace without changing theactive worksapce. I cannot however find anywhere to set hotkeys for this. Check what command that actually runsorb. Tell me where I can setup a hotkey for that

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Ubuntu :: Clicking Does Not Move Window To Front

May 25, 2010

I have two windows A and B open unmaximized such that their area overlaps with A in front. If I click window B it gets the focus as I expect, but window A stays on top of it. All my keyboard events get sent to window B correctly, but I need to click on the title bar for it to appear on top of window A. Switching windows using Alt+TAB or taskbar click works as I expect - window B will appear on top. I encountered this in 10.4, not sure if it was there before or I only noticed it now. Is this a bug or some setting somewhere I need to adjust?

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