General :: How To Switch To Command Line From GUI Using Keyboard Shortcut?

May 13, 2010

Im using Fedora Core to switch to command line from GUI using keyboard shortcut.

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Software :: Switch Keyboard Shortcut

Dec 20, 2010

I run KDE 3.X and for the life of it, can't figure out how to assign the "ALT+SHIFT" to switch between keyboard layouts? The default AL+SHIFT+K switches from EN to second one and after that it (obviously) doesn't work. saw a few posts (, but the flag is not changing in the tray.I also tried to go thru "Keyboard shortcuts", but for whatever reason, it doesn't want to accept the combination of "alt+shift" and expects another key ( i guess).I'm using Centos 5.2 and the the keyboard model is "MS natural keyboard pro" with US and two Cyrillic layouts - one of them is phonetic.

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OpenSUSE :: Keyboard Shortcut To Switch To Previous Window

Apr 20, 2010

This is probably a silly question but I couldn't yet find the answer and I guess someone else must have solved it already, so... How can I activate the keyboard shortcut ALT+SHIFT+TAB to switch to the previous window (As opposite to ALT+TAB)?I'm using gnome, I went to the keyboard shortcut panel, but I didn't know how to add a new action (one that is not already there).I also use another distro (Mandriva) on another computer, also with gnome and that key combination is already there, which is very useful for me.

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Ubuntu :: Shortcut Setup To Switch Keyboard Layouts

Nov 30, 2010

I am using Gnome 2.32 (Ubuntu 10.10 /x64 ).
By using the supplied keyboard configuration utility I successfully set up two language layouts and they work perfectly. Since I also often work on Windows and default shortcut to switch layouts in it is Alt+Shift (and after many years I am very used to this), I tried to setup the same shortcut in Gnome. But with a Gnome I have a problem: once I press Alt+Shift - layouts switch immediately and I am unable to do Alt+Shift+<Something> shortcuts.

So my main question is:
Is it possible to teach Gnome's keyboard layout switcher to do the actual switch of layouts only if I press and release the Alt+Shift combination without touching any other keys?

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Shortcut To Switch Screen In Xmonad?

Dec 19, 2010

I have a dual-screen setup, with xmonad as my window manager. Using mod+tab lets me switch between windows on the same screen, but how do I move focus from one screen to the other without using the mouse?

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General :: Command Line - Can Add A Shortcut To Replace A Path

Jul 24, 2010

For example, I always go to this path:


but I don't want to type


in the terminal all the time, can I have some short hand to do so? for example, can I do something like

cd commandPlace

to replace the path?

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Ubuntu :: Main Menu Keyboard Shortcut Command?

Sep 10, 2010

I would like to use the keyboard shortcut of <Super>Tab to open the main applications menu.

What is the command for opening the main applications menu? I have searched but cannot find it.

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Ubuntu :: Command Works From Terminal But Not From Keyboard Shortcut

Feb 2, 2011

I would like to make a keyboard shortcut to execute the following command:

Code: /usr/bin/xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown The command, when run from a terminal, works perfectly. However, when run via a keyboard shortcut, the command fails to execute. how I can execute my command with a keyboard shortcut. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition with Unity-2d.

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Ubuntu :: How To Create A Shortcut To Open Command Line Program

Feb 21, 2010

I use a few command line programs quite often such as nano and mpc. I'd like to create a shortcut icon to open them rather than opening a terminal and then typing in the program name to open it. For example, how could i open konsole with nano opened in one step?

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Slackware :: Open Dolphin In Root Mode And Shortcut Command Line

Sep 11, 2010

In order to avoid switching user, is it possible to open dolphin in root mode. If yes, what is the command, and the keyboard shortcut to enter it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Switch From Gui To Command Line After Configurations Are Done

Dec 9, 2010

i dont have much of command line experience with linux.can i setup opensuse server in such a way that i do all my configurations in gui mode and then switch the server to no gui mode as to free up resources.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Switch Sound Device From Command Line In KDE

Jan 30, 2010

my computer is connected to my TV through HDMI using ATI HDMI output. I have written a small script to switch display from monitor to TV when a want to watch a DVD, but I didn't find how to switch sound from speakers to HDMI in command line. For the moment I have to open KDE system settings -> Multimedia and move sound devices by hand.

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Ubuntu :: Copy "command" For Keyboard Shortcut?

Jul 20, 2010

I use a variety of text editors and web browsers with SSH often, and I want to bind my text copy/paste to windows+c/windows+v combos at the global level for better workflow (ctrl c has it's obvious problems in this scenario).I went to create a custom keyboard shortcut (which will hopefully override individual apps as well), and it asks for the command.

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Ubuntu :: Disabling Keyboard Repeat From The Command-line

Apr 11, 2010

Some Flash games don't work very well on Linux because when you hold down a key (such as one of the cursor keys) the Flash player sends the game multiple KeyDown and KeyUp events, leaving the game unable to tell the difference between a user holding a key or a user tapping a key quickly. (On other platforms it seems that typematic repeat generates multiple KeyDown events but not KeyUp events.)

Anyway, to work around this problem, I go to System->Preferences->Keyboard and disable "Key presses repeat when key is held down" when I want to play a Flash game, then put it back afterwards. I do this often enough that I'd like to set up some shortcut keys to change the setting. I figured out the following commands to turn it off and on again:

gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/repeat --type bool false
gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/repeat --type bool true

My problem is that when I have tried entering these on the command-line (in a gnome-terminal), X-windows seems to get confused and behaves as though I'm holding down the enter key. It doesn't stop if I press enter again. I tried pressing ctrl-alt-f1 to switch to a text console and it worked fine, but when I pressed ctrl-alt-f7 to go back to X it still behaved as though I was holding down enter. I had to press ctrl-alt-backspace to reset X before it would return to normal. I *think* it happens in particular when changing the setting from true to false. I'm running Karmic Koala with all the updates.

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Debian :: How To Pair Bluetooth Keyboard Via Command Line On Jessie

Mar 27, 2015

I installed the Open Source Media Center (OSMC) on my Raspberry Pi 2. It's based on Debian Jessie. I bought a Blueooth Keyboard (Keysonic KSK-3211) and an USB-Bluetooth adapter (CSL Bluetooth Stick Nano). And now I am looking for a way to pair the keyboard with the raspberry via command line.

I'm new to all this bluetooth stuff in debian. It's the first time I try to install it. As far as I've understood I need an agent that is started with the pairing PIN. Then I type this PIN at the keyboard and that's it. Am I right?

The problem is, that every agent I've found in howtos or descriptions like bluez-simple-agent or bluetooth-agent (like described here [URL] ....) is not installed (and as far as I know can't be installed) under Jessie.

The bluetooth adapter is recognized

Code: Select allosmc@osmc:~$ hcitool dev
        hci0    00:1A:7D:DA:71:0C
the keyboard is found
Code: Select allosmc@osmc:~$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:12:A1:70:42:28       Bluetooth Keyboard

And I can ping the keyboard

Code: Select allosmc@osmc:~$ sudo l2ping 00:12:A1:70:42:28
Ping: 00:12:A1:70:42:28 from 00:1A:7D:DA:71:0C (data size 44) ...
0 bytes from 00:12:A1:70:42:28 id 0 time 14.82ms
0 bytes from 00:12:A1:70:42:28 id 1 time 9.91ms
0 bytes from 00:12:A1:70:42:28 id 2 time 32.62ms
0 bytes from 00:12:A1:70:42:28 id 3 time 28.81ms
^C4 sent, 4 received, 0% loss

So everything seems to be ok ... but I can't find the command for pairing the keyboard. Looks like something changed in Jessie so that the old tutorials are outdated.

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General :: Keyboard Shortcut To Cycle Through Windows?

Jun 22, 2011

On the Mac, I use Command + ` (the tilda) to cycle through windows in the current application (eg terminal or chrome). It's like alt + tab except only for the current application's windows. (possibly on compiz but without any flashy exposee like graphics)?

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General :: How To Dismiss Puplet Messages With Keyboard Shortcut

Jul 1, 2010

puplet is forever reminding me when it's time to run "yum update", which is fine, but I'm forced to click the little x to dismiss the dialog.Is there a keyboard shortcut or command that can dismiss it for me? I'm running GNOME 2.16.0 on RHEL5.

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General :: Launch Application With Keyboard Shortcut In Gnome

Dec 13, 2010

I use ctrl + shift + s to launch synaptic in KDE. That works wonderful and it is standardized on all my systems. I want to define the same in gnome, so that it does not matter if I'm in gnome or KDE.Where can I do this?Now before you start mentioning, I am familiar with keyboard launchers like launchy or gnome do (but have to admit that I don't know that much what gnome do does in all extents), so I am not looking for a program that launches an app after typing a few letters. I want exactly that keyboard combination, everything else will not do it.

I just mention that, because it happens all the time that I see in my posts that I ask:
How can I do B with Y? I don't want to use Z. (specifically asking the question) and then hear as an answer: you can do B with Z!And I am always tempted to answer: That is not what I asked, I asked something specific and got an answer that does not concern it.

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General :: Can't Get My Keyboard Shortcut To Work (debian) / What Am I Doing Wrong?

Sep 19, 2009

I want to use the Control + windows key on my keyboard to do a killall firefox-bin. What I've done so far is gone in to gconf-editor, and under apps->metacity->keybinding_commands I made command 1 as killall firefox-bin and under global_keybindings, run_command_1 I have <Control><Super_L> . What am I doing wrong?

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General :: Way To Possibly Launch A Terminal By Using A Keyboard Shortcut?

Dec 16, 2010

Is there a way to possibly launch a terminal by using a keyboard shortcut?

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General :: Ubuntu - Keyboard Shortcut Sometimes Does Not Display Desktop

Mar 24, 2011

When ctrl alt d or the icon on the bottom left corner is pressed, it sometimes doesn't show the desktop and instead restores hidden windows. Is there a way to access the desktop directly, without only one shortcut ? I was also wondering how useful are these hidden windows (sometimes, the icon in the application bar is bar after being idle for a while).

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General :: Change Or Disable The Keyboard Shortcut Switching Between Workspaces (GNOME)?

May 10, 2010

Is there a way to change or even disable the keyboard shortcut switching between workspaces?

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Debian Multimedia :: General Way To Switch Keyboard Layout?

Nov 22, 2010

What is the general way to switch the keyboard layout?
What works for me currently is the custom Section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/kbd.conf.
However this section must include Option "Device" "/dev/input/by-path/..." which identifies the current keyboard. This works fine for my laptop keyboard.
However when I attach USB keyboard, keyboard switching does not work.
I also found somewhere it should be done via /etc/default/keyboard, but that does not work for me at all.

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OpenSUSE :: What's The Shortcut Key To Switch Tab Of Pcmanfm

Apr 26, 2011

What's the shortcut key to switch tab of pcmanfm ?

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General :: Command Line Way To View A Line Of A File With Context?

Feb 24, 2011

I'd like show a certain line or lines of a file with context, kind of like a unified diff, on the command line in Linux:

$ (something) -l 154
150: def foo(bar):
151: """


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General :: Printing Command Line History Without Line Numbers?

Aug 22, 2011

How can I print Linux command line history without including the line numbers? I want to send it all to a text file like this:history >> history.txt

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General :: Command Shortcut To ./ Tomcat?

Sep 19, 2011

Every time I need to start or stop Tomcat, I am navigating to:


and once I am in the folder I enter:


And to stop the server, I navigate to the same directory and enter:


I was wondering if there was a way in Linux to alias the above described process, so that from any location in the filesystem, I can simply type in something like

StartTomcat or StopTomcat to perform the Startup and Shutdown of the web-server?

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General :: Shortcut/Command For DisablingEnabling GUI On Fedora 8.0?

Sep 12, 2010

I have fedora installed on my P4. Can anyboy tell me what is the Shortcut/Command for DisablingEnabling GUI on Fedora 8.0 ?

I have figured out that for disabling, we have the shortcut :-

ctrl - alt- f1

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Ubuntu :: 'switch Between Windows' Shortcut Not Working?

May 9, 2011

I somehow managed to screw up my 'switch between windows shortcut' when changing the settings for compiz. Now I cannot get it to work at all, despite trying to solutions on this and other forums. I removed compiz with the software center and my alt-tab shortcut still didn't work--although it IS enabled and set correctly in the System Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts menu. I reset the alt-tab combo so something else (alt-space, which works for its normal setting of bringing down the window's dropdown menu) but it still did not work to switch between windows.

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General :: Setup An Alias Or Shortcut To Do The *nix Find Command?

Apr 5, 2011

When at the command line, I find that I have to type out this command very often: find . -iname "*php" -exec grep -H query {} ; I'd love to set up an alias, script, or shortcut to make it work easier. I would like to do something like: mysearch query ("*php") (.) It would be great if the command could accept three arguments, in reverse order:

query string, file name expression, directory If the second two arguments were omitted they would default to not being included, and the current directory. Finally, the icing on the cake would be that if additional variables were included (4th, 5th, 6th...) they would be injected as additional arguments for the find command (like I could say -type d) at the end. Attempted code I tried the example below, but I'm still having trouble setting default values. What am I doing wrong?

find $c -iname $b -exec grep -H $a {} ;

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