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Debian Configuration :: Preferred Resolv.conf Fix For Bind9?

I "fixed" my Lenny home server bind9 configuration because my resolv.conf was always overwritten loosing configuration. The fix involved adding the following to /etc/resolvconf.resolv.conf.d.base.

##base file at /etc/resolveconf/resolveconf.d/base


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Debian Configuration :: Can't Get DNS Client To Use What's In Resolv.conf
My Debian workstation is on a predominantly Windows network. It is resolving internet addresses (i.e., etc) just fine. However it's not resolving any of the address of machines on the local network and the windows machines do not resolve the linux machines address either. All machines (linux and windows) can access each other just fine via direct IP reference.

My /etc/resolv.conf file has the following IP addresses listed: is a netgear VPN/router that is the primary router for the LAN and maintains a VPN to a remote office is the IP address of the Windows Primary Domain control on which the DNS server is running. That server is at the remote office. The system acts like it is completely ignoring anything I put in the resolv.conf file. From the linux X server I'm using "Network Setting" utility to make changes to the network configuration. This appears to work fine for things like switch between DHCP and static IP.

Posted: 2010-06-18 01:22

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Debian Configuration :: Resolv.conf: Search Domain Ignored?
On my computer (running debian lenny), the network is configured this way (this is a minimal example):/etc/resolv.conf:search bar

Posted: 2010-05-28 19:50

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Debian :: Configuration - Domain Name- Host Name - Resolv.conf Areas
I installed debian etch, it runs and does connect to the internet fine through a linksys router...the linksys router is connected to my cable

I just registered for a domain name (ex. with Verio....this is where I am stuck.

I installed apache 2, a web server, file server (all seem to work) I need to know what files I need to configure to have my machine actually BE that domain name.

Ex. my linksys DHCP IP addresses, the linksys gets an IP from the cable yquestion is ONCE I register a domain name with do I configure my end so it "knows" I am that respective domain name...I think I need to configure the following, but knot sure how to do it: resolv.conf, hosts, and interface?

Posted: 02-06-2009

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Debian Configuration :: Public Network Overwrites /etc/resolv.conf
My ethernet controller is configured as such:

My /etc/resolv.conf file is normally just set up to use Google's public DNS:

When I connect to the network at the university library, it totally overwrites my /etc/resolv.conf file to something like:

This is pretty annoying, so I tried comprimising by making a file with the school's domain and search entries plus the Google nameservers, then revoking write permission on the file. However, I couldn't access any domain name with this config on their network, so I reverted to using their nameservers. I keep all the school's entries commented out when I connect to my home network.

My ultimate question is what is actually overwriting the file? I suspect that my connecting through DHCP is responsible. Whatever it is, I'm pretty annoyed that no back up file was created.

Posted: 2010-12-10 21:47

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Debian Configuration :: Networking - Netinst CD - Internet Connection Only Works After Edit The Interfaces And Resolv.conf Files Manually
I had some trouble with the netinst CD and I had to install lenny with the 6DVDs instead. My internet connection only works after I edit the interfaces and resolv.conf files manually. So my question is: can I do that from the netinst CD before it actually needs the connection to install everything? (otherwise I'll just need to use the DVDs.

Posted: 2010-08-03 09:32

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General :: Keep Losing /etc/resolv.conf Configuration At Reboot?
Every time my workstation reboots I have to manually redo my resolv.conf file because some of the servers I manage use apparently different nameservers than what my system is registering at boot. Is there a way to make sure my resolv.conf file says static?

Posted: 01-20-2011, 07:38 AM

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Debian :: : /etc/resolv.conf Overwritten By Network-manager?
I have been trying to follow this guide for dnssec in which at the very last it gives that you should change the value in /etc/resolv.conf to Now in mine, network-manager overwrites the values. Is there a way to stop network-manager from overwriting the values in /etc/resolv.conf ?seems the simplest is to write-protect it. chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

Posted: 2011-09-02 03:20

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Debian Configuration :: Is There Preferred / Better Method For Setting Up Alsa?
Would like to know the best way (or the pros and cons of different ways) to set up Alsa. I did a search for information on how to setup alsa on my system. I found a lot of out-of-date information even on the alsa wiki. What I did finally locate was two different methods for setup, both seemed somewhat up-to-date. One method at the alsa wiki said to put part of the information in the modprobe directory in a conf file and set up certain aliases. Earlier suggestions for putting information in modprobe.conf or conf.modprobe appear to be outdated and a directory with separate files for each device and a conf extension to the files is currently used. The second method from a thread on the Debian forum said to use alsactl init, set sound levels the way you want and then use alsactl save and restore functionality. Older methods using alsaconf instead of alsactl init appear to be outdated as well. Not sure where to put the call to alsactl restore though. Didn't notice that in the documentation.In case it matters, I'm running Debian Stable and have a built-in sound card on the motherboard with AC97 compatibility. It's a Realtek ALC882.

Is there a preferred or better method for setting up alsa? Is there a good pointer to instructions that are not out-of-date somewhere? Would be very interested to hear how others set sound up on their machines. What do others recommend as best steps to do this?

Posted: 2011-04-30 12:34

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Debian Configuration :: Setup A Bind9 Server For Home Network?
I'm trying to set up a bind9 server for my home network, I have all my IPs set to 10.0.0.X. I would like the forward and reverse to be simply "machinename", not "", as I don't want to type a domain everytime.

In my named.conf
zone "net.local" in {
type master;
file "/etc/bind/net.local.ns";
allow-update { none; };


Posted: 2011-03-04 05:54

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Debian Configuration :: DDNS (dhcp+bind9) - Wrong PTR Records In Reverse Zone?
I've configured my dhcp server to update dynamically the DNS zones of BIND9 name server. Everything works ok, except for reverse nslookup:



Posted: 2011-06-03 10:04

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Server :: BIND9 Conf And Zone Files?
The thing is, I've created a new local zone here (called "local.lan"), and, aparently, it is working fine, and DHCP3-SERVER is updating DNS info through the controls.But sometimes I get some strange answers from the server, like when I do the "arp" command in one of the clients, and get the server's hostname "mixed" with it's own reverse, like this: "dns.local.lan.2.168. | ether | 00:02:1e:f5:61:74 | C | eth0". Other thing is that sometimes my DNS don't update when a computer "enters" the lan. In the /var/log/syslog the DHCPOFFER appears, but the information about the DNS update isn't there.So, I would like to show you my named.conf file and my local zone db file, and get some feedback from you (what would you change... what is wrong...).

# ------------------- #
* named.conf:
# ------------------- #


Posted: 09-20-2010, 12:16 PM

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General :: Resolv.conf Search Limited To Six?
As you may well be aware the resolv.conf search appears to be limited to 6 domains. I need 7 One thing I noticed is that if you run nslookup on a short name that is in the 7th search it does work but ssh does not. I'm guessing that nslookup is actually reading the whole file and isn't limited.

Posted: 05-11-2009, 01:57 PM

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Networking :: Resolv.conf Always Change When Boot?
want to know why my /etc/resolv.conf always change when i re-boot my PC or whenever i execute the command service network stop and then service network start. I want to remain my settings of resolv.conf to [URL]


.....but it always return back to

search path=abc

it always remove the .com from domain name. The case is i cannot ping my network using hostname.

Posted: 04-02-2004, 01:50 AM

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Server :: Use Resolv.conf To Have A Local DNS Entry?
I am having a situation where I do not have DNS server (the person who has that is not me) for a few websites which are running on a reverse proxy. I recently after having a long trouble shooting hours found that my proxy pass entries look as follows


ProxyPass /app1
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /app1
ProxyPassReverse /

If I use the entries as above then some one from internet is able to access the sites.But from within LAN people are unable to access it.

How ever if I use


ProxyPass /app1
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /app1
ProxyPassReverse /

then things work on LAN but from internet it is not accessible.What can be a solution in this case will putting things in resolv.conf do?

Posted: 01-10-2011, 08:59 AM

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Networking :: /etc/resolv.conf Not Updated By Dhcp
I am using kubuntu 9.10 64-bit on AMD M500 machine i removed networkmanager (because i had frequent disconnect) and installed wicd but the /etc/resolv.conf had a comment on top which says that it is to be configured by networkmanager (still) I put the DNS in there manually and it works What to put in there so that it uses DHCP ? Maybe its set to be not written by anyone other than networkmanager ??

Posted: 03-04-2010

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General :: Equivalent Of Resolv.conf In Windows?
What is the equivalent of resolv.conf in windows? if there is one

Posted: 10-21-2005, 03:38 AM

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General :: Dhclient Overwriting Resolv.conf?
I'm setting up virtual dev environments and I want the hostname.domain to be something specific, eg- "barney.local". However my /etc/resolv.conf file keeps getting nuked because i'm using DHCP. I placed this into my dhclient.conf:

supersede domain-name "localhost"
supersede host-name "barney"

but it didn't help. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. How can I still use DHCP but configure that virtual environment to see itself as barney.local?

Posted: May 30 at 8:53

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Networking :: Resolv.conf Wrong Format?
When I boot my computer (Ubuntu 9.10) /etc/resolv.conf is written as:# Generated by Connection Managernameserver, if I try to do anything from the command line, I get an error like:host: parse of /etc/resolv.conf failedI then need to edit /etc/resolv.conf to:

# Generated by Connection Manager


Posted: 07-01-2010, 01:19 PM

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Software :: Nameserver Entries In /etc/resolv.conf?
As I understand it, /etc/resolv.conf is rewritten at boot time by NetworkManager (a script?)I have a problem in the order the nameserver entries are written by my system (F13). This is:

nameserver xxx.233.0.4


Posted: 09-01-2010, 04:49 AM

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Ubuntu Networking :: Resolv.conf Keeps Getting Reset By Something
I need help figuring out why my resolv.conf keeps changing to this, causing me to not be able to access the outside internet and only the local network.I thought I fixed it by getting rid of the loopback interface and adding in the eth0 interface in /etc/network/interfaces URl...And then things would work temporarily, and eventually the nameserver in resolv.conf would get reverted again.

Posted: August 26th, 2011

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Ubuntu Networking :: How To Keep /etc/resolv.conf Static
How can I keep /etc/resolv.conf static ... as in preventing it from being changed by the network manager ... without actually disabling the network manager (so wireless users can get their wireless setup that includes IP address, but leave the resolver configuration as is)?

Posted: April 22nd, 2010

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Ubuntu Servers :: Where Did My Resolv.conf File Go?
I tried to setup a dyndns, and ever since I tried to get that setup, I can't access my webmin, or access /etc/hosts/resolv.conf. But I can still access my samba shares I had created before this happened.

Posted: May 8th, 2010

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Fedora Networking :: Resolv.conf Not Replaced
I use Fedora 13 (minimal installation), ISC DHCP server 4.1.1-P1. I'm running Fedora 13 too on a separate machine (minimal installation) with ISC DHCPclient 4.1.1-P1. My goal is to do some IPv6 testing. When I use the DHCP client manually (dhclient -6 -timeout 5 -d -v eth0), the client retrieves and installs a dynamically assigned IPv6 address.

Additionally, the client gets 1 DNS resolver address and 1 DNS search list. The resolver address and DNS search list always get written into /etc/resolv.conf. Perfect, exactly what I need. But when I do a "service network restart" or restart my system (which should trigger the same, as far as I understood), the DNS resolver addr and the search list get written into /etc/ and the /etc/resolv.conf stays as before. How can I change this behavior? I don't need the .save file, I just want to have /etc/resolv.conf replaced by the latest DNS information.

Posted: 1st November 2010, 07:07 AM

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Networking :: Resolv.conf Gets Rewritten On Reboot Even If Chmod 444?
my rounter causes puppy to write an improper dns entry in resolv.conf. Consequently I have to manually write it, then I have to place a command on it to make sure it doesn't get rewritten on boot, or after a couple of hours use. I had this problem with xubuntu as well.


I solved this problem in ubuntu by using the chattr command.


Puppy won't let me do this. When I use the chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf, it gives me this error. chattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device while reading flags on /etc/resolv.conf I tried chmod 444 but it had no effect on reboot. resolv.conf was rewritten again. How can I make sure this file does not get rewritten. Why won't chattr work?

Posted: 12-01-2009, 12:38 PM

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