Ubuntu :: Xbuntu Shutdown Screen - Takes To The Logon Screen And Then At The Bottom Right Corner

Mar 24, 2011

I am using Xubuntu 10.10 64bit . When I press the quit or logoff buttons on the desktop it takes me to the logon screen and then at the bottom right corner it allows me to shutdown or reboot. I would like to bypass this screen entirely,and just shutdown reboot from the desktop. Only I use this machine at home ,no none else needs to log on. Is there any way to do this?

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Fedora Security :: Gui Ids - Display A Quick Little Notification On The Bottom Right Hand Corner Of Screen

Apr 6, 2009

I might get harassed for making this windows/linux comparison, but i'm seriously wondering why i cant find any application that can display a quick little notification on the bottom right hand corner of my screen whenever there's some intrusion attempt.

For example, sometimes I can see that in my /etc/logs/secure (or something like that) there's someone who's trying to attempt to connect to me using random usernames/passwords from different servers. The only time I know this has happened is when i actually open the file with gedit. Is there anything like (norton for windows) that can display little notifications (with or without eye candy)??

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Ubuntu :: Use Keyboard On Logon Screen To Reboot Or Shutdown?

Mar 12, 2011

I remember that in previous Ubuntu releases, it was possible to restart/shutdown at the logon screen via the keyboard. I think it was via the F10 key. Can this function be brought back?

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Ubuntu :: Freezes On Logon Screen After A Shutdown During Kernel Update?

Sep 2, 2010

A while ago, I was applying the new kernel updates (I guess 2.6.32-24, or the one after it.. well, the latest generic update) and accidentally powered off my laptop. And now it wont come up. It comes to the logon page, and neither the keyboard, nor the mouse work. Cant even switch to the TTYs. When I boot with the recovery mode, I just see a black screen (probably the TTYs dont work) but after "processing" some time, nothing happens. Not sure if the keyboard works, as I cannot turn on/off the capslock switch, but ctrl+alt+del works

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown Takes To Login Screen?

Feb 16, 2011

Starting today, when I click on shutdown, it takes me back to login scree instead of shutting down the computer.

From the login screen, if I press on shutdown on the bottom right, it will indeed shutdown !

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Cannot Shutdown - Takes Back To The Login Screen

Apr 26, 2010

Clean install of 10.4 I select shutdown and it takes me back to the login screen. Trying to shutdown from that screen does the same.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Boot / Hangs On Black Screen With A Flashing White Dot In Top Left Corner Of Screen?

Jun 1, 2010

After succesfully installing Ubuntu 10.4 x32 and rebooting pc hangs on black screen with a flashing white dot in the top left corner of my screen, i've tried installing it twice with the same results.

my setup is: Asus p5q-e,
4 gig of corsair dual ram,
ati 4850 graphics,
onboard audio.
ahci mode
win 7 installed on intel ssd, and xp on a samsung 320 gb sata 2,
i had this configuration running fine for 2 months without boot loaders,
on pc start up i choose from which hdd to boot from.

i installed ubuntu on the samsung drive where it was recognised fine, wiped it all and installed automatically.

pls let me know if there is anything i missed, and advice if possible in what to do.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot From Cd \ Purple Screen With A Couple Symbols At The Bottom, And Then The Screen Goes Black?

May 27, 2011

'm trying to duel boot windows 7 and ubuntu 11.04 on an Acer Aspire 5736, but when I try to boot from the cd (which I burned with InfraRecorder) it first goes to a black screen with a blinking under score in the corner, then to a purple screen with a couple symbols at the bottom, and then the screen goes black and nothing else ever happens

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Off Center - Bottom Of Tool-bar On The Bottom Of The Screen Is Cut Off

May 22, 2010

So about an hour ago I put my computer on standby. For whatever reason I couldn't bring it back so I restarted it. It works fine except now Ubuntu has pushed my display down. This means that the bottom of my tool-bar on the bottom of the screen is cut off, and there's a black bar on the top. I'm using a T.V. screen so there is no way I can manually adjust it. I also plugged my desktop back into an old monitor and it was off-center downward too.

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Ubuntu :: Black Screen And Mouse Arrow After Long Screen Saver Shutdown?

Jun 25, 2011

I have recently installed 11.04 natty on Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHZ using its own graphic accelerator. When the screen is idle for a long time, more than 1 hour, I get a black screen with the mouse arrow but nothing else. the mouse moves the cursor and Ctl+Alt+F1 does work. How to fix this problem?

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Ubuntu :: White Screen In Corner After Boot / What To Do?

Jan 26, 2010

I have been using Netbook Remix 9.10 and it's been great until this morning.

Today when I turned it on, after Grub and the loading screen, the system brought up a smaller white screen in the corner with my username@machinename"~$ as the first line.

This looks like a terminal window. I can see my folders and use the system but I get no GUI anymore. Not sure why this is happening.

Tried booting into Recovery and updating the system, but to no avail. I've also searched the forums for the last few hours but have not found anything similar.

Anyone have any idea what to do? code...

Not sure if this is relevant to my problem or not. However, I do remember this happening on my desktop version of 9.10... that was solved by installing 9.04.

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Ubuntu :: White Box In Top Left Corner Of Screen?

Feb 28, 2010

I have an Acer Aspire 5220 with and AMD processor and 1 GB of RAM. I had Windows vista and now have Dual Boot Vista / Kubuntu 9.10 clean install. Recently a blank white box appeared in the upper left corner of the screen. About 10-20 minutes after I log in it appears and disappears after 1-2 hours.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Jumps To Corner Of Screen?

Oct 10, 2010

For about a month now, my mouse has been jumping to one of the corners of my screen every few minutes (normally the top-left). I also had a problem where the right mouse button would double-click 90% of the time.

I just replaced my mouse a few minutes ago, and now the right button works fine, but the cursor keeps jumping to the corner of the screen.

I'm fairly certain this is not a hardware problem, since switching mice did not fix the problem.

Both were PS2 corded laser mice.

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Ubuntu :: Mysterious Frozen Box In Corner Of The Screen?

May 31, 2011

In the upper left corner of my screen, under my the applications menu, there's a small square that remains frozen no matter what I do, when I click on it, it responds as if it's not there, ie my desktop or current maximised window responds instead.

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit The Logon Screen

Apr 13, 2010

how to add text, or a picture to the initial logon screen in Ubuntu 10.04 alpha 2?

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Ubuntu :: Remains On Logon Screen?

Jun 4, 2011

after an update i cannot my pc remains in the log on screen. I insert my password then the screen goesn and of and after 4 secondit goes back in the logon screen. I run the following

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-session

and i receive a message that both gnome and applets are not installed.

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Ubuntu :: Default Screensaver At Logon Screen?

Dec 16, 2010

What I want to do is have a screensaver that will activate at the login screen, after a few mins lack of use.

This can obviously be set for individual accounts, but I cannot figure how this can be done for the login screen.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Blank Screen After Logon

Feb 1, 2011

Installed ubuntu mobile 3 times, once off of a USB, second off of a burned ubuntu netbook cd, third off of a ubuntu 10.10 official cd. all three had the issue. as soon as i log on to ubuntu, all i see is my cursor and the background and nothing else.. tried searching and tried a few suggested things, but to no benefit.. What's next?

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Ubuntu :: Get The Screen Corner Clickable To Close Maximized Windows?

Jun 22, 2010

Before I go any further let me make it perfectly clear that this post is not in regards to Shuttleworth's recent decision to move the "titlebar buttons". I honestly don't care and in fact it saves me time since I've always moved the close button to the left side and then removed the minimize and maximize buttons anyway.This problem is made even more annoying because I thought we were all done with it. I've been back and forth between distros, KDE, and GNOME since 2000. . . I would run head first into this issue often out of nowhere. . . I feel like I'm back in 2003 again.

According to Fitt's Law, corners and edges have infinite width as far as the user is concerned, one of the reasons I have loved GNOME for so long now is because of the use of corners, so imagine my surprise when I can no longer simply throw my mouse cursor up into the corner and simply CLOSE the maximized window that I'm currently using, instead it drags the window. This is obnoxious and useless. I can already grab at any other part of the top edge of the screen outside of the far corner in order to drag a window, why is this happening again? It is SO frustrating particularly since GNOME is supposed to be so damned concerned with usability.

I think this change might have something to do with that monstrosity known as gnome-shell. I guess they were figuring that with the proposed 2.30/3.0 switch over to this new window manager, they could simply do whatever they like with metacity. . . or maybe gnome-shell USES the same configurations as metacity (seems plausible), all that I know is that this truly pisses me off.It may seem trivial but it's a daily use factor for me and I have no way of changing the behavior. I just want to be able to throw my mouse in a corner and click, it never seemed that big of an issue in the past, I don't see why the developer(s) saw the need to change this.

And to forestall all those that would ask me to switch from metacity to compiz or vice-versa, it's with both and I am NOT going to use compiz's own digusting window manager themes, I like my metacity themes.My other choices are KDE, enlightenment, openbox or Xfce, Well the first two are travesties since I'm used to my GNOME applications and they don't look good in those DE's, the third looks like crap (to me) and Xfce has corner close button functionality only per theme (some themes do and some don't)

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Ubuntu :: Goes To Black Screen With Underscore In The Upper Left Corner?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a Windows XP Dell laptop that completely froze the other day. I cannot start it up, and cannot even access safe mode -- it just goes to black screen with underscore in the upper left corner.

So, I did some searching and saw a recommendation to create a Ubuntu Live CD to run and access the info on the hard drive, at least. I have most of it backed up, but not the drivers and I know that will be a pain to redo. So, I am mostly hoping at this point to recover a little info off the drive before reinstalling the OS. Of course, if I could just fix it, that would be better...

I get an error message when I try to access the hard drive through Ubuntu that says it is in hibernation mode and I need to start windows and shut it down properly before Ubuntu can mount the drive. Since I can't get into Windows, this is impossible. It also said something about being able to mount it read-only.

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Ubuntu :: Keep Getting A Sh:grub Console Instead Of The Logon Screen When Restart

Apr 11, 2010

i was working on ubuntu when the machine suddenly shutdown. when i restarted it, i keep getting a sh:grub console instead of the logon screen. dunno what to do.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Switches Off After Boot Before Logon Screen?

Jan 16, 2011

1. I can run the graphical installer at full resolution without using "nomodeset"

2. I can boot into the Gnome desktop using the option "Try without installing" without any problems

3. When I install to my HDD however, I can boot but just at the point where the logon screen should come(after the black screen,blinking cursor), the display reports no signal and goes to sleep. I can hit enter, type my password, hit enter again (blind, as there's no display) and the HDD spins up as if logging in, but I don't see anything.

4. Using "nomodeset" makes no difference whatsoever other than the graphical installer runs at a lower res.

5. using the alternate installer changes nothing

6. recovery mode has the same issues

It appears to me that booting into Gnome without installing uses some sort of generic driver, whereas installing uses a different driver which is sending my display to sleep. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 64Bit. Have also tried using 10.04 64Bit and the alternate 10.10 .iso, but to no avail. My graphics card is an NVidia Quadro NVS 295 with a DisplayPort-DVI adapter. I've previously installed 10.04 64Bit on another system with an NVidia GT240 card with no problems whatsoever. I can't try that card in this machine as it's too big for the case chassis, let alone the case.

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Ubuntu :: Get Rid Of Pinkish Splash Screen Behind Logon Dialog In 10.04?

Aug 4, 2010

I have found a number of pages describing everything from how to match the splash screen to my desktop background to installing a feature length movie as a splash screen (something like that). These are NOT what I want to do. I simply want to disappear the ugly pink screen and be presented the logon dialog over a blank background.

I suppose I could change the run level, logon at a terminal and startx (if that works in 10.04 - I would not place any bets).

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Ubuntu :: Cursor Gets Stuck In Bottom Right Corner?

Jul 14, 2011

Whenever I move my cursor to the bottom right corner of my screen it sticks there for a moment, but then lets me move it again. No issues as long as I don't go in the corner.The effect seems to affect an area 4cm long and 2cm tall regardless of what is showing on the screen. Changing to proprietary drivers has no effect.

Ubuntu 11.04 - Gnome Shell

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Fedora :: Minimize A Window It Disappears Into The Right Corner Of The Screen?

Jan 21, 2010

Whenever I minimize a window, it disappears into the right corner of the screen. There is no sign of it in the panel(bottom) also. What should I do so that I can relaunch the windows from the panel.

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Fedora :: 14 - Logon Screen User Order ?

Nov 4, 2010

In fedora 14, the user order on GNOME login screen is completely different from that in fedora 13. Is there any way to order the users by date of creation ASC, not by name ASC?

Also, it is completely random. This time when I started my computer, my account was listed first. When I started this thread, it was listed last. What's happening?

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General :: Adding More Options To Logon Screen?

Jan 28, 2010

I need to know as how i can add more options in the login screen .i.e Currently we get the following options in the "options" tab in the login screen which has options like ("shut down", "restart" ) etc .I need to add some more options of my own . I need to know about the relevant files to make changes ..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Goes To A Screen That Has GRUB In The Upper Left Corner And Does Not Load?

Aug 16, 2010

I have Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu (10.04) all installed on my single hard drive. I re-installed XP and then ran the Vista CD to repair the Vista bootloader so that I could boot into XP and Vista. I can't figure out how to boot into Ubuntu now. I tried using EasyBCD (I believe an older version, maybe 1.72) to add Ubuntu to the Vista bootloader but I didn't have any luck. Ubuntu is in the menu, but when I select it, it goes to a screen that has GRUB in the upper left corner and does not load Ubuntu.

If it helps, before I re-installed XP and re-installed the Vista bootloader I was using GRUB for XP, Vista and Ubuntu because Ubuntu was the last thing to get installed.Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010 ============================= Boot InfoSummary:===============================> Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdasda1: _________________________________________________________________________File system: ntfsBoot sector type: Windows Vista/7B

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Stuck In Upper Left Corner -screen Dark

May 6, 2010

I recently installed Kubuntu 10.04 on a Toshiba Satellite 5205 laptop (which is prone to overheating, if it helps - it was on a platform in the back for airflow, though), which worked great for about 4 days.

Recently, I picked it up (looking for a USB port) and rotated it around a little bit. However, after this, the screen was darkened (not fully), and I could move the mouse for about half a second, after which it jumps back to the upper left corner of the screen. Rebooting doesn't help.

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Fedora Hardware :: Black Screen \ Can Force A Shutdown, Login And Get The Same Black Screen?

Mar 6, 2010

I was messing around with the screen orientation and thought it would be funny to orient it sideways. Big mistake The screen went black.I can force a shutdown, login and I get the same black screen. I tried hooking up an external monitor and the monitor showed no input so I'm guessing my laptop doesn't have that capability with Fedora.This is my main computer.

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