Ubuntu :: Where To Get The Drivers And Install Epson Workforce 520 Printer

Nov 5, 2010

I bought an Epson workforce 520 printer and I need to install the drivers to make it work on Maverick Meerkat. where to get the drivers and how to install them.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Can't Install Pipslite-1.4.0-5 For An Epson Workforce 610 Printer?

Jul 25, 2010

I downloaded the .rpm file for pipslite-1.4.0-5 and tried to install it using YaST, but it needs "libgdk-1.2.so.0". I was given the error "nothing provides libgdk-1.2.so.0 needed by pipslite-1.4.0-5.i386. I am currently running 32-bit OpenSUSE 11.3. Can anybody help me with installing pipslite? I googled libgdk and I notice that it's in gtk+, but I don't know how to install that either.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Printer Is An EPSON WorkForce 610 C11CA50201?

Jan 24, 2010

I ordered a new printer yesterday... I am intending on using it with my Macs, but I am thinking I may want to print on it from my HP netbook running suse linux..The printer is an EPSON WorkForce 610 C11CA50201.

Does wifi printing work on linux? I haven't read anything saying it does, nor have I seen anything that says it doesn't.I also wanted to know if wifi scanning worked.

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General :: Epson Workforce 310 Scanner And Fax Drivers

Dec 6, 2010

I am running ubuntu 10.04. I have an Epson Wprkforce 310 4 in 1. Connection is USB. I can print. I have searched for proper drivers for scanner and fax. I have found nothing for fax. I have found and installed at one time or another the following scanner drivers:


The 1st 3 installed but nothing happened. When I installed the 4th, I got a message telling me about the scan app I have installed(default with ubuntu install). Hope welled up inside. When I opened the scan app, it said it could not find a scanner. WF 310 was on hoping for a driver.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Epson Workforce 610 / Printer Is Found On Network But Still Can't Print?

Nov 26, 2010

I've got 11.3 Gnome on my lenovo desktop and I'm trying to connect an Epson Workforce 610 via a wired network. I installed the driver from AVASYS and Linux Standard Base in accordance with instructions. The printer is found on the network but I still can't print.

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Hardware :: Epson Workforce 500 On Opensuse 11.2?

Feb 5, 2010

How can I get my Epson workforce 500 to work on my new install of opensuse 11.2?

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Ubuntu :: Epson Workforce 635 Streaking Color Prints?

May 30, 2011

Now the only thing is that it is streaking in color mode. It gives a light shade at regular intervals down the page. I am somewhat new to Ubuntu and open source, converting from windows. I tried printing in windows to see if it was the printer. It prints fine in windows. [URL]

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Slackware :: Scanner Not Recognized On Epson Workforce 633 With 13.37 32-bit?

May 17, 2011

I had a similar problem on 13.1, but was solved by this forum by copying 80-sane.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ . With 13.37 the same trick doesn't work. Here is my scanimage output:


root@Shuttle:/home/tfrei# scanimage -L

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different, check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages). Here is my sane-find-scanner output:


root@Shuttle:/home/tfrei# sane-find-scanner
# sane-find-scanner will now attempt to detect your scanner. If the
# result is different from what you expected, first make sure your
# scanner is powered up and properly connected to your computer.


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Epson Stylus NX110 - Printer Does Not Have Drivers

Jan 20, 2010

I'm new to openSUSE and have only used Ubuntu. I have a Epson Stylus NX110 all in one printer. All I really care about is the print capabilities, scanning is a secondary issue. Suse recognizes the printer but doesn't have a driver for it. On Ubuntu I had to use the NX105 drivers but they worked just fine.

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Hardware :: Download Drivers / PPD File For Epson Lq-590 Dot Matrix Printer?

Feb 3, 2011

where can i download linux drivers / PPD file for epson lq-590 dot matrix printer? I have tried printing with the driver for epson lq-570+ but the print quality is not up to the mark

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Slackware :: Scanner Permission - Epson Workforce 630 On 32bit 13.1

Jan 27, 2011

I've done some investigating on the threads, but none of the normal fixes for this permission problem work. I've added myself to the scanner and lp groups. I've also added the right device code to the epson configuration file under /etc/sane.d/ . Scanner is recognized and works under root.

When I "scanimage >somefile" in the console I get a permission error when I'm a regular user; when I do the same under root, it works. Likewise, my graphical scan frontends report that they cannot find the scanner when I am a regular user. I see alien bob had an old workaround at [url] but I don't think 13.1 has hotplug set up the same way anymore.

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General :: Install A Printer On The Parallel Port? The Printer Is A Epson LX-2170?

May 14, 2010

My Operating system is Ubuntu 10-4 that I have just installed.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Epson 4490 Can't Install Drivers 11.3 X64

Jul 19, 2010

I have this device working in Ubuntu 10.04, two clicks reboot, working. But SuSE 11.3 will not install the RPM's without faulting out saying can't resolve dependancy's, then refusing to install again saying there is already some TMP directory. Tried installing from Yast, but it claims the driver is already installed. Sain say no scanner detected. But the 11.3 scanner configuaton icon reports the scanner is there, but refuses to configure. No neer, yet so frustratingly far proceedure wise. What are the steps, 1,2,3... needed to move past this road block?

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Fedora Installation :: How To Install Epson DX8450 Printer On Acer Aspire One?

Mar 6, 2009

I wonder if you can help me please. I purchased an Acer Aspire One netbook running Linpus Linux on it for my daughter. She absolutely love it and so far I have managed to update Open Office to Open Office 3.0.1, installed Skype and installed Firefox 3.She has been doing her homework and would like to print it off but I can't get my Epson DX8450 to work with it. I tried installing drivers from http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/spc/DL1.do (which is where Epson tell you to go). I installed some drivers and the printer started to print it was doing some strange things like printer two lines of the same single line, missing the top off the letters and putting two line spaces in between each line.

I am all new to this but does anybody advice or even provide step by step instructions on how to install the printer (if they have this model printer themselves).Also how to I remove the drivers that I installed last night that obviously are incompatible?

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Ubuntu :: Epson Printer Not Working?

May 4, 2010

I have been using the Lucid since about Xmas time as my main Distro. Up until Sunday when I did a fresh Install of Lucid 10.4 final release my epson printer was working, now it isn't even listed in the printer list, but it is still found with lsusb.

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Ubuntu :: Epson Stylus T11 Printer Not Working In 10.04

Aug 16, 2010

I have a Epson stylus T11 printer. It used to work fine with Ubuntu 9.04. After I upgraded my OS to 10.04, it is not working.

Here is my output.

It says its printing but doesnot print anything. I have tried a lot of forums including LQ, but no solutions.

The lsusb command gives me the follwing:

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Ubuntu :: Printer Epson Stylus T11 Not Working In 10.04

Jun 8, 2010

I have been using epson stylus T11 printer on ubuntu 9.10 for about six months, but after I upgraded it to 10.04, the printer is not working properly. It is working fine with other distributions.

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Fedora :: How To Install HP Printer Drivers

Jul 10, 2010

hplip-3.10.5.run is the name of the file.

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General :: How To Install Drivers For Printer

Apr 26, 2010

I have Fedora 12 distro. I tried to use commandls | lpr for fun but the error message has arised I dont have the printer, the driver for it, if to say more precisely. But when I inserted the disk with software, the CD-ROM disappeared from my computer. What should I do to install it? I have no experience installing something yet.

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Printer Source Drivers On Server 10.04

Nov 1, 2010

I use Ubuntu Server 10.04 and would like to share my printer from it. I have a Canon Pixia MP270 and I can download the source drivers from URL...There is also a deb file driver download tested on ubuntu 9.04 but I fails to install.Im not worried about the scanner option on the printer I just want to be able to share the printer to my Windows 7 PC.

How do I install the source drivers?I presume once its installed I can share the printer through webmin and install it on my Windows 7 machine?

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Ubuntu :: Epson GT-S50 Scanner And Drivers?

Mar 31, 2010

Looking over the sane project for the epson GT-S50 scanner I see it lists requires DFSG non-free esci-interpreter-gt-s80 Does anybody know if one is writing their own scripts with bash and scanimage if that requirement of DFSG is still required under ubuntu (Karmic or lucid)????

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Ubuntu :: Epson NX420 Printer With Working Scanner

Dec 5, 2010

I've been trying to get my Epson NX420 printer to scan for about three months now, and I finally got it working. Here's how:
1. Go to [URL] and search for your printer. Select distribution and version and answer a couple of other questions.
2. Download pipslite_1.5.0-2_i386.deb, (or the 64-bit version), and all the iscan*.deb files (again, appropriate to your system).
3. [CRITICAL] Go to [URL] and download this 8.04 package which worked just fine for me on 10.10.
4. Use the Software Center or GDebi or sudo dpkg -i the .debs in this order:

1) libtdl3, which is a dependency for Step 2.
2) pipslite
3) iscan-data
4) iscan-network
5) iscan
(If you use a USB connection, you don't need the iscan-network file.) This got my NX420 scanner up and running just fine. Installing libtdl3 was the key; in fact, I used the Debian Lenny package.

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Ubuntu :: Why Can't 9.10 Find My Epson TX110 Printer/scanner?

Apr 29, 2010

I can't use my printer/scanner - it is an Epson TX110. When I try to use Image scan - I get the message; "Could not send the command to scanner. Check the scanner's status."

There is nothing wrong with the MFC apart from not working on Ubuntu 9.10. I have had it connected to another computer that ran Ubuntu 9.01 (I think that was the release used) and it ran fine but now I'm stuck -

I have drivers installed but cant get them to co-operate with me.

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Fedora :: Epson Dot Matrix Printer Installation In 12

May 22, 2010

I have installed fresh fedora 12 & installed many softwares in rpm & tar forms , also i used yum to do installation, all these attempts were successful. But i could not install & configure Epson Dot matrix FX-2175 printer. Epson Dot matrix FX-2175 printer worked fine in my earlier distro fc11.

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Ubuntu :: Epson SX100 Printer - On / Off Light Keeps Flashing But Can't Get Anything Else To Function

Mar 10, 2010

I have an Epson SX100 multifunction printer which is a year old but rarely been used. The on/off light keeps flashing but I can't get anything else to function. The cartridges move into place but if I press any of the buttons nothing else moves - can't print, scan or photocopy - no other lights showing. Have to pull out the cord to turn it off.

From previous Epson printers I've had I know there are ways to override cartridge empty lights etc and wonder whether someone knows how to re-set this printer. Have had an online chat with Epson but as soon as they know it is just out of guarantee they point you in the direction of the repair shop and it is just not worth paying for a repair as it would cost more than the printer.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.10 - Epson Artisan 835 Network Printer Not Found

Dec 30, 2010

I have an Epson Artisan 835 network printer hooked up to my desktop. I am running a wubi install of 10.10 and cannot get it to find the printer. I previously had an artisan 830 and it worked fine, however, this new printer is not recognized in the add printer application. So far I have install LSB 3.2, and then installed the rpm package for the artisan 835 using alien -i. Now I am at a loss for what to do.

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General :: Get And Install Drivers For A Panasonic KX-MB2000 Printer?

Feb 22, 2011

How can I get and install drivers for a Panasonic KX-MB2000 printer? Amusing Ubuntu 10.10

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Debian :: Installing A Printer Drive Epson TX100?

Mar 7, 2010

This is a file for printer drive Epson TX100, does any one know who to install it?

the original was :

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: 11.2 Upgrade To 11.3 - Epson Printer Broken

Jul 23, 2010

I have an Epson Stylus Photo PX710W. It worked fine in opensuse 11.2, but I've now done a fresh install of opensuse 11.3 and I can't get the printer to work. I set it up as for 11.2, so I'm sure it should just work.

CUPS job page says:

"/opt/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/cups/lib/filter/epson-escpr-wrapper failed"
and CUPS error log says:
PID 1294 (/opt/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/cups/lib/filter/epson-escpr-wrapper) stopped with status 127!

While the scanner also isn't working, I think this is a separate issue as the CUPS log seems to suggest it is connecting to the printer, + I'm using network and usb connection.

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General :: Epson Sx100 Printer - Access To Ink Cartridges?

Nov 29, 2010

using "pclinuxos"my all in one epson sx100 psc is installed and working ,as is the scanner,they are both configured in the control center,?? how do i view the ,"change ink,clean print head options please" .you may have read an earlier post from me (now clicked as solved) when i was using "mint 9", i never did get it to work,

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