Ubuntu :: Use Multiple Words / Terms (boolean AND) With Gnome Search Tool

May 27, 2010

I just want to search file names, not their content.

Using gnome-search-tool, if I search for "word1 word3" I can't find "word1 word2 word3.txt" but I do find it (and too many others) if I just search for "word1"

I would have thought a boolean AND search would just be automatic, but I guess not. I've already come across searchmonkey, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to set it up to do this - i.e. I don't want to have to use regular expressions or be typing "*" all over the place.

P.S. I do use google desktop search, but I hate using it as the results are way too narrow to be of any use and haven't been able to figure out how to widen it.

P.P.S. I also found this: In terminal type gconf-editor and find gnome-search-tool in the Apps. Then look for the field quick_search_second_scan_excluded_paths and change the slash to nothing, i.e. delete the "/".

It worked for my ubuntu 10.04 pc, but not this one (ubuntu 9.1) - so I thought maybe there's another way...

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General :: Search Multiple Words In Multiple Lines?

Dec 16, 2010

How to search multiple words in multiple lines, inside a directory including sub-directory? Pls. give easy example. I want to search the files (in /xx folder and all subfolders) that have header.h included and used x() function. I tried $grep -r "header.h" | grep -r "x(" /Folder/subfolder/ > search.log

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Ubuntu :: Search For Multiple File Extensions At Once In Gnome

Jan 1, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to perform a search for multiple file extensions at once in Gnome? I know that M$ Windows Explorer had this capability, but I'm just not sure how to do it in Gnome, or if it's possible. I just want to be able to perform searches for Video, Music, and Document file types, without having to perform a separate search for each file extension. Example: When doing a search for Video file types (.avi,.mp4,.mov,.wma, etc.), I would like to do one search for all files that have these file extensions, instead of doing one search for .avi files, a second search for .mp4 files, another for .mov files, etc.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Search Dead \ Trying To Find A Good Desktop Search Tool?

Jun 16, 2011

I'm trying to find a good desktop search tool. Beagle is dead, Recoll and Strigi are KDE, and Tracker is not many features (can't even search Thunderbird 3). Do I miss something? Is desktop search on Linux dead? Should I use Google Desktop Search instead

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Programming :: Script To Search Users Home Directories For Certain Words?

Feb 20, 2011

I am trying to create a bash script that will search all users home directories on a system for words like quit, steal, kill etc. Pretty sure I'm going to be using grep /home. The only thing is that obviously a word like 'kill' could have normal uses too like "I need to kill the process." How would I go about flagging a user with the word/phrase found, and the path while also omitting legitimate uses?

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Ubuntu :: Having OpenOffice Replace Multiple Words Simultaneously

Apr 27, 2011

I have a list of approximately 50 words that I'd like to search documents for and delete those words. I was wondering if there is some type of automated process for removing multiple words rather than me manually putting each word into 'find and replace'

On that note I guess I could write the Macro in python if there isn't anything out there that does this. However I read that open office only works with python 2.3.5 or something of that nature, and I have already installed 3.1. Is that still going to be an issue?

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OpenSUSE :: Words Unexpectedly Disappear When Typing (in Multiple Applications)

Jul 15, 2010

I have trouble when typing in Open Office Writer, Kmail, and zim, among other applications. It's not due to unintentional use of the 'insert' key, either.When I type in these applications, the word I am typing often disappears entirely if I don't add a space, return, or punctuation at the end of the word, or use the arrow keys. For example, when setting up a profile in Kmail, I typed my email address into the settings dialog box, and it kept removing the last part of the address: "myname@univ.edu" would always become "myname@univ." unless I added a space after the edu.

When I first encountered this behavior, in Writer, I thought it was a bug with the AutoComplete feature. But now that I've seen it in other applications, I think it is something more general. how to stop the unexpectedly deletion of words while typing?

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OpenSUSE :: Nautilus Search Tool Doesn't Appear With 11.4?

Mar 17, 2011

Like with OS 11.3 I used Yast software manager to install "nautilus-search-tool" extension to put "search for files" on the context menu of folders. But nothing works, extension doesn't appear on context menu. Is it a bug to be resolved or is there any special issue about?

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General :: Command Line Search Tool

Apr 10, 2011

This is a bit of a long shot and I think the answer will be no but I thought I'd ask just in case. I have a number of tutorials in html but I want to be able to search for particular information in these files and display that information in the terminal rather than having to go through a browser. Apart from using grep which gives a pretty messy display or having to write a a specially Bash or python script, is there any command line tools that can provide such a function?

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Software :: Desktop Search Tool For CentOS 5.6?

Jun 12, 2011

I am looking for a tool to index the files on my PC to allow full text search. I use recoll on Ubuntu and it does a great job. As I described in a previous post there does not seem to be an rpm package available for recoll on CentOS and I have not been able to build from source.So I tried beagle. In a nutshell the old version of beagle available for CentOS 5.6 does not do a good job of indexing pdf files. The newest version, tried on Linux Mint, does not do much better. And the beagle web site seems to be gone so I am not sure if it is an active product.

I have done some searching and most of what I find appear to be tools for indexing a web server. That is a bit of an overkill for my needs. I simply want to be able to search old email archives, OpenOffice documents, text and pdf files stored and accessed locally on the PC?

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Slackware :: Powerful Indexed Search Tool

Jun 9, 2011

I am familiar with slackware's slocate.What slocate doesn't have is an option to limit returned results from specific users or groups.What's more I can't seem to find a gui/web frontend so that people without knowledge of cli can benefit from the slocate's indexed search.So I turn to you all, is there another tool, that supports per user/group searching and a web (preferably) frontend?(clarification) i think slocate returns results related to the user running the search (files that he owns as well as files that are owned by his primary and other groups). Is that correct? I basically want a search user (who will be a member of the several groups that our office is structured like) to get results by giving as search criteria not only the filename, but also the owner of the file and / or the group

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Ubuntu :: Multiple File Search \ Search A File For A Certain Keyword?

Nov 13, 2010

for example we search a file for a certain keyword..is there any application available which will enable us to search for a single keyword in all the files within the folder ?i want to search for a keyword in about 1000 files..if i do it manually it will take loads of time..

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Fedora :: Unable To Launch Beagle Search Tool

Apr 2, 2010

I just installed Beagle and I have it indexing (by launching the indexer and checking its status via the terminal) but I can't figure out how to launch the actual searching GUI. I did some research online and found that this is done by clicking on the "search" icon under Applications > Accessories but there is not icon entitled Beagle nor search there? How do I access it?

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Fedora :: Tracker Search Tool Depend On Evolution?

May 29, 2010

I installed tracker search tool and found it depended on evolution.Why ?If there is a evolution integration, please split it into a standalone package.

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Fedora :: How To Change Font Manual At Gnome 3 - Gnome Tweak Tool Crash

Jul 18, 2011

after i change font at gnome tweak tool , gnome tweak tool error ,i cant change again font because gnome tweak tool crash

What can i do for change font manual?


view my toolbar font :

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Ubuntu :: Search For Term In Multiple Files?

Mar 7, 2011

I am trying to search for a term in a bunch of files. Is there a way to do this. I would like to search all the files in a directory and its subdirectories for a specific term.

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Search And Replace In Documents - Creating A Sed Script?

Jul 16, 2011

I want to do search and replace in multiple files. I've seen that it possible to create a sed script but I haven't got the talent to do it myselfWhatd is to locate all instances of a word - lets say 'day' - and replace it with for example 'night' in all odm-documents in a specific folder. It would be great if the search only matched whole words and was case sensitive.

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OpenSUSE :: Search Through Multiple PDFs In KDE Without Acroread?

May 30, 2011

Is it possible to do the following without using the Adobe reader?Adobe Reader (acroread) has a nice search feature that allows to search for strings inside all .pdf files in certain directories (e.g. show me all lines containing the word "recursion" in all PDF files in or below directory "/papers", which gives you a neat clickable list and the sentence for each hit).I much prefer Okular for viewing PDFs, but I am at a loss on how to duplicate the above feature without acroread under linux. The KDE FindFile apparently does not search inside PDFs, or at least not in an intelligible way. I do have Nepomuk running, hogging resources, but I don't understand how to query it - if this is possible at all. So what can I do besides using acroread?

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General :: Use Grep To Search For Multiple Options?

May 20, 2010

How can I use grep to search for line with either 'res' or 'rep'? i try "grep -e res|rep" or gre -e "rep|rep" but that does not work.

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Programming :: Awk Multiple Line Search And Replace?

May 1, 2011

I am trying to search and replace a multi line pattern in a php file using awk.The pattern starts with

<div id="navbar">
and ends with


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Software :: Looking For Management Tool For Multiple Servers?

May 17, 2009

I'm looking for something to manage multiple machines.
Within a few weeks we're getting about 32 machines to manage.
We need to manage via SSH, SFTP and mySQL.
Is there something available which gives an overview of the machines and opens a terminal or sftp session with the selected machine, with a shortcut or something like that?

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General :: Search For Text Strings In Multiple PHP Files?

Feb 3, 2011

Long story short, I got a folder with nearly 800,000 php files. I would like to search each file for a string and if it exists in that file, the file gets copied to another directory. Is this possible from the terminal? So far I got: grep -i -n -r 'ppr-1792' * | cp $1 move_to_here

But this obviously doesn't work. $1 needs to be the file name that contains matching text.

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General :: Search For A File In Multiple Machines Simultaniously?

Sep 15, 2010

Im new to the forum and fairly new to Linux as well. my apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. My problem is How can you search for a file in multiple machines (like a server farm) ? For example i log onto machine num1 and want to search for a file named "xxx.yyy" which may be in one of 4 machnies. What i do right now is manually log into each machine and run the find command. However i have heard that it is possible to do it via a couple of simple commands. I have looked into pssh and cssh as well as ssh tunneling (along with public key authentication to stop the machines requesting a password every time i log in) and unfortunately i was unable to find an answer.

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General :: Search And Replace Line In Multiple Files?

Jul 13, 2010

Hello, I need some help searching through multiple files, finding a line and replacing that line. The line I am searching for is:

password key ******* 1222554

ultimately I want to be able to delete the numbers after the asterisks . my thoughts are to create a script that will search for the line password key ******* and delete it then replace it with password key ******* my files are located in /opt and they are all txt files.

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Fedora :: Tool To Configure Multiple Remote Machines To Be Exactly The Same?

Feb 23, 2009

recommend a utility to let me automatically apply shell commands I type to a list of given remote machines?I'm configuring and maintaining multiple servers all running Fedora 12 and I want them to have exactly the same configuration. I also need to check out code from subversion onto these machines; the same code from the same location into the same directory. I know I could use ssh to run each command individually for each machine, but is there a tool that will make this much easier?

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Server :: Parallel Multiple Ssh Tool Pseudo Tty Support

Jan 24, 2011

I use mpssh or pssh to issue commands to multiple servers. Problem is that some of the commands require pseudo terminal and won't work with these tools. This will work just fine: "ssh -t user@server command" as stated under SSH man: -t = Force pseudo-tty allocation. This can be used to execute arbitrary screen-based programs on a remote machine, which can be very useful, e.g., when implementing menu services.

Multiple -t options force tty allocation, even if ssh has no local tty. So, is there a workaround for the above tools? Or is there any other tool for multi server administration that will work? If you are not sure what I am talking about just try executing "ssh user@server top" and "ssh -t user@server top" to know exactly the difference.

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General :: Emacs - Search And Replace Regex In Multiple Buffers?

Apr 7, 2009

I'm fairly comfortable with emacs but I can't seem to find how to do this. I deal with a lot of text files and find myself performing a lot of regular expression replacements to correct the formatting of the text -- or to extract certain tidbits of data from large ugly-looking files.

I know how to perform a regular expression replacement in one buffer at a time. But how do you perform a regular expression search and replace across all open buffers? I have found a method to perform a regex search and replace across a directory by marking files but I need to do it in the open buffers.

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General :: Search And Replace String Having Multiple Special Characters

Aug 26, 2009

Below is extract of my file:

What I need is to replace "--destination-path=" with "--destination-path=/home/dest"

i.e. desired output is ----destination-path=/home/dest

I could achieve it with below command

$cat outgoing-xfer|grep destination-path|perl -pi -e "s/destination-path=/destination-path=/home/dest/g"

But the problem is that in this case i just wanted to append "/home/dest" for which I could easily escape "/" with just two "", but I wonder if i have a long path like "/a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h/i/j" I will have to escape so many /. Is there any other way by which I can avoid escaping forward slash.

I tried following:

But receiving follo error

Bareword found where operator expected at -e line 1, near "s/destination-path=/'destination-path=/home"
syntax error at -e line 1, near "s/destination-path=/'destination-path=/home"
Bad name after dest' at -e line 1. tried with enclosing in double quotes as well but in vain

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General :: Based Tool To Chop PDFs Into Multiple Pages?

Sep 22, 2010

I've got a bunch of PDF files that have been produced two "real" pages to a single PDF page; I'd like to chop these in half and put each half on a separate page. Essentially, I need something thatdoes the exact opposite of pdfnup (or psnup). Google and apt-cache search are giving me no love.Platform is Linux, open source preferred; as I've got a great pile of these to do something that can be scripted (as opposed to a GUI) would be nice, so I can just give it a list of them and have it chew away.A pre-existing script isn't the only option, either; if there's sample code to manipulate PDFs in similar ways with a third-party library, I can probably hack it into doing what I want.

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Programming :: Ofstream Return A Boolean In 'if (!ofs)'?

Mar 19, 2011

C++ code:


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