Ubuntu :: Use KTouch In A Classroom With 20 Students Working At Thin Client Workstations?

Feb 10, 2011

Environment: Ubuntu 9.04 Server/Thin Client. I tried to use KTouch in a classroom with 20 students working at thin client workstations. I thought KTouch was supposed to keep track of the students' typing statistics, what lessons they completed, etc. However, the students get no statistics or any record of what they have done.

Where can I find information on how KTouch is supposed to record/store this information?

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Ubuntu :: Getting Working Audio On An HP T5700 Thin Client

Jul 10, 2010

I have an old HP T5700 thin client. I have replaced the FLASH memory with an 2.5" hard drive and have installed a minimal version of Ubuntu Lucid on it. I would like to get the audio to work - specifically the microphone. sudo aplay -l gives:


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General :: Ubuntu Working On Thin Client Cannot Provide Accurate Disk Space Reports?

Jul 26, 2011

We are using thin client systems in our work environment. There is a central ubuntu server and by using thin clients, we are connecting to our homes. The problem is when I try to install an application, it reported me that I had 200 mb of disk space. But when i try to look from console, I see that /home folder has over 250 gb s of disk space. Even when I try to look from baobab, Disk Usage Analyzer in Ubuntu, i see that my home file system is full.

So what's the reason that I am receiving different kinds of disk space report from different sources? Our system admin here told me that some applications foolishly try to see the physical devices on the thin client and got confused as a result. Is this true?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Shut Down LTSP Thin Client When Using Autologin?

Feb 25, 2010

I just finished setting up a new computer lab at my kids school, using LTSP and 22 think clients connecting to Ubuntu.Everything is going beautifully, and I'm using static IPs and autologin so that when each computer is turned on it logs itself in with no userintervention. The problem is, when users go to the top right system menu and select "Shut Down", they are brought out to the login screen for a second and then immediately logged back in automatically to the Desktop. How should I be shutting down the thin clients?he only way to do it at the moment is to have everyone hold the power button down until the CPU shuts off, but it feels sloppy and unhealthy.

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Setup Thin Client In Edubuntu 10.04

Oct 8, 2010

is there anyone knows how to setup and configure thin client in edubuntu 10.04?. From the beginning installation until thin client work.we have 2 set of computers. 1 computer installed edubuntu 10.04 and installed LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) in the OS without NIC Card. And the other computers has only NIC card.. We setup it in the bios as a "First Boot" Network Card. We connect 2 computers using "pair-to-pair connection". There and after, we restart the 2 computers. "Nothings Happened".

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General :: Simple Way To Turn Ubuntu Into A Thin-client?

Mar 22, 2011

I'm attempting to take Ubuntu 10 down to an image as small as possible to support Citrix Receiver. We currently log them into a browser interface using Firefox where they authenticate against a Citrix DDC and then launch the plug-in. I'm wondering if there is a simple way to determine what services I can shutoff to limit the footprint of the OS. Some of the machines have only 256MB of RAM. They run the plug-in just fine, but there's a lot background activity affecting the machines...

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General :: USB Touchscreen On IBM Thin Client 2200?

Jan 6, 2010

After switching over to linux on my desktop PC (ubuntu) I would like te learn more about linux.I'm trying to get an ELO touchscreen working on an IBM thin client. At the moment I managed to boot it from a CF card.(normally it boots kernel.2200 from a host PC but to avoid interference with the operating system, a flight simulator, I want to try it first with the system booted from a flash card)
I tried to install the 32 bit Linux driver from the ELO-website but did not succeed.I was following the manual.I managed to extract the files and copied them to the right directory but when I type in "make" the command is not recognised. I don't know if it would ever work, but when I tried "make" on my Ubuntu machine I get error #2?! What does that mean.

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General :: Looking For Micro Distro As A Thin Client?

Jan 23, 2011

I'm looking for a Micro Distro based on Debian, to install it on a bootable USB stick and to use it as a Thin Client.

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Ubuntu :: Which Distro For Thin Client Connecting To A Terminal Server Only?

Mar 12, 2010

I would like have my client computer be able to boot off of a cd right into a terminal server connection. Not click here, then there, enable wireless....so on.. Just boot into a terminal server connection screen.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet-sharing To Thin Client From Server 10.04?

Sep 20, 2010

i want to share the Internet connection to thin client from my Ubuntu server,Internet is accessible to my Ubuntu server but i am unable to boot from thin client to server,i configured DHCP but of no use.can any plz send me the detailed steps to configure thin clients in my network

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Ubuntu :: Getting A CAC Reader To Work With A PXE Booted LTSP Thin Client?

Nov 30, 2010

getting a CAC reader to work with a PXE booted Ubuntu LTSP thin client?

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP Thin Client Splash Change

Jun 6, 2011

I have been working/implementing LTSP based thin clients now using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit server. I intend to change the default purple Ubuntu splash. I have already removed the "quiet splash" parameters in the pxeconfig file. And it works, giving me a text boot. But what i needed was a replacement for the splash.

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General :: Connect Thin Client To SAMBA PDC Server?

Dec 2, 2009

I have Samba PDC server on CentOS 5..we have 10 thin clients in our network which were working fine previously with the windows Terminal services... Now i have replaced my windows 2003 Domain to Samba Domain Controller.. Is there any why i can connect our thin clients with SAMBA DC in the our environment?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install And Configure LTSP On A Server For A HP Thin Client To Boot Off?

Jul 22, 2011

I am trying to install and configure LTSP on a server for a HP thin client to boot off. The version of Ubuntu that I am using is 11.04 x86 and it is a fresh install on a dual core system with 2GB RAM. I followed a guide which comprised of these commands.

sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server sudo ltsp-build-client or if your on a 64-bit system with 32-bit machines do sudo ltsp-build-client arch i386 for editing the servers IP values use /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf after that you need to restart DHCP server sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart
and update sshkeys -sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys and if you updated dhcpd.conf then you need to update you image also by typing in terminal ltsp-update-image

Everything seemed to install as it should but when I try to boot from the thin client it just times out and says no DHCP or proxy invites received. I turned DHCP off on the router and even tried another router, but I still get nothing. I am at a bit of a loose end and I hope someone on here can point me in the right direction of where I am going wrong.

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Networking :: Sharing Internet Connection To Thin Client From RHEL Server 5

Sep 22, 2010

plz can any one help me in configuring linux server 5.0 to share the internet connection to thinclient and the steps reqiure at client side and server

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Software :: Hp Thin Client System Version Supports Desktop Icons?

Jun 4, 2009

Does anyone know if hp thin client linux version supports desktop icons?

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Fedora :: Fedora Core Becoming Thin Client / Compile It To Be Used?

Aug 1, 2009

Anyone know how to compile fedora core to be used as a thin client / dumb terminal with a small kernel?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install JES (Jython Environment For Students)

Aug 25, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.04 and i am taking a programming class and I can not figure out how to get this to work.I downloaded JES from linux and I do not know what to do from there

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Ubuntu :: Access Students' Home Directories?

Sep 18, 2010

I'm using Edubuntu 10.04 in my classroom. I use an administrator account. There are about 8 student accounts on the computer, created as desktop users. I would like to login with my account and be able to view, create, and delete files in the students' home directories. However, I can't figure out how I would give myself this permission.

I've tried sudo chmod, but that won't work, because I'm not the owner of those files.

I've tried sudo chown, but that won't work, because the students need to be owners of their own directories.

So, what is the tactic to use here?

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Networking :: Share Screen With Students On Internet?

Feb 20, 2010

is there any program which i could use to share my screen with my students on internet? i tried vnc and rdp i am using ubuntu 9.10 karmic

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Ubuntu :: Hide NBR GUI On Different Workstations?

Mar 3, 2010

I understand this kind of defeats the purpose of the NBR setup, but i have 4 workspaces and I want to have 3 different apps open in 3 of them, and the NBR startup in workspace 1.

so is there a way to disable this interface in specific workstations or no?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Home Workstations With 9.10?

Feb 21, 2010

I have 4 machines 2 running Ubuntu 9.10, and one running windowsXP, and the forth will be Windows XP,only because some of my printer functions I can only get to work with windows, previous to upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10, I had everything working fine, my windows could see my Ubuntu's and my Ubuntu could see my windows, at that tine only had 1 ubuntu, now windows cannot see ubuntu and ubuntu cannot see ubuntu, my plan is to switch to mythbuntu , when I get things working, because I plan on adding 3 more machines, I have Gadmin-Samba installed on my ubuntu machines, do I need anything else. after upgrading to ubuntu 9.10, I had a system crash and had to start all over, this is just a home network with only one user.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid - Cannot Drag Windows Over To Other Workstations

May 1, 2010

I started using Linux when Karmic came out, so I'm a bit of a decorated newb. Anyway, I upgraded to Lucid and noticed something that I can't do anymore. I have a dual-screen setup with 2 workstations. I can drag windows from one screen to the next, but when I try to drag it over to another workstation, nothing happens anymore. The only way I can get it to work now is if I hold down the cursor on the desired window and hit Ctrl + Alt + L/R. How do I report this as a bug if it is indeed one? All I can find is a link to join a bug fixing team.

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General :: Use Imac As 2 Workstations?

Apr 22, 2011

I am testing vnc functions, but I only have 1 imac. I am thinking to set up a server and the viewer on the same machine to see if it would be ok.

The problem happens. It is infinite loops; therefore, I have to shut down my imac to restart everything.

I thought there is something I can do to have server and viewer on the same machine. I am ok to split monitors, but how to let server own a different ip to let the viewer to connect without having infinite loops happen?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setup With 3 Workstations - File / Printer Sharing

Dec 17, 2010

I'm going to be setting up our company with a in office server in the next few days. I wanted to use ubuntu as my servers OS but after reading some of the documentations I come to realize there is no X server in the server OS. I am OK with doing everything in terminal but would prefer to do some things in a graphic interface. Am I able to install the Xfree86 and be able to configure some stuff through that? Also the machine I am building for the server is not a true server machine just a really fast computer with lots of memory and space. The specs are a 3.1 AMD 64bit processor, 16gig ram, 2x 1TB hdd 7200rpm sata.

If the X server isn't a possibility on the server OS, I have read you can install all the server repositories on the Desktop Editions. Would that be a better option for me? Here is what I would like the server to do. I am going to be running quick books on the server with 1 workstation that is dedicated to it. We have 3 workstations and 3 users. We also would like to implement a Shared filing system and print server. Eventually when our current contract with our web host expires we would like to migrate the base website (not the ecom side) to this server.

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Server :: Ubuntu Workstations Connects To Samba Pdc But Gets No Group Permissions?

Dec 30, 2010

The current situation:there is a samba PDC with ~50 XP workstations, all working fine for the last two years.The goal:Cycle older hardware back into production by installing ubuntu on them. These workstations must authenticate against the domain, and must automatically mount a public, a user, and a department share that contains folders with various group permissions.The added challenge:Since the office where this lan is located is closed for the next week or so, the ubuntu workstation I am testing with is connecting via a site-to-site VPN. This is soon to be mandated as a requirement anyway, so if not done now it will have to be done later anyway. I mention this since it *may* be something that could be interfering with the success of my mission, however, given what does work, I do not think this is my culprit.

What does work:Thanks to winbind, I can log into the ubuntu workstation via gdm with my domain credentials, and thanks to pam_mount my shares do mount correctly. I take this to mean my pam conf files are correct, along with nsswitch.conf.wbinfo -p, -a, -t, and -u work on the workstation. getent passwd returns DOMusers.listwbinfo -p, -t, -Y, -S, -G, -n, -s, etc, all work on the PDC. getent passwd returns a list from /etc/passwd and getent group returns a list from /etc/group.A remotely controlled windows workstation on the lan works as expected.

It appears that winbind is not able to parse the group permissions at all, not for the user, nor for the folders.The hope:is that someone can say that this problem of group permissions not being recognized has a typical cause (though several hours/days of google searching has revealed no such thing). However, I can provide a great deal of supporting information, as I have gone through documentation and testing extensively (though not extensively enough, apparently). For my own sanity, I put most things I tried into a text document so I could review it and look for errors in judgment, that doc ended up being some 1500 lines long, and doesn't include conf files. Rather than flooding this post, if someone is up for reviewing it, I can definitely make it and further supporting info available...

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Debian :: Samsung ML2010 - Print From Workstations

Aug 9, 2010

Environment: Debian Lenny | Samba/CUPS | Network: 25 Workstations (WINXP SP3) | Printer: Samsung ML2010 (on server) That�s it. Problem: All workstations can print, except two. I formated the two workstations, installed everything again and nothing!

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Networking :: VPN Access To Web Application From Mobile Workstations

Jun 8, 2010

I'm currently on a project to allow mobile computers in our vehicles to access a web application. Unfortunately, most of our users are just smart enough to be dangerous...I would like to create a large private network over a wireless (3g, 4g, whatever), but in a way that forces the users to be on that network so that I (the evil IT guy) can control what they have access to. VPN seems like a good bet, but I want to be sure that the users are forced to only connect through it. As it stands, they're going to be using XP-based toughbooks.

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Ubuntu Servers :: DNS Not Working On Client?

Mar 23, 2011

I have success install DNS server using BIND on Debian 6.0. and it's work with windows client. but with ubuntu I can't ping all my domain. but if I use nslookup or dig from my ubuntu client, it's work. and I try connecting my ubuntu client to internet using modem.

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Ubuntu :: War Of Dragons Client Not Working

Aug 2, 2011

I would like to know if any of u can get this app to run on unbuntu..tht is the link to the file..i have wine and ie6 installed.the client opens and immediately closes so i do not know what the problem is

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