Ubuntu :: Usb Cdrom Does Not Mount?

Dec 31, 2010

My cdrom is not mounting on ubuntu 8.04. I find this message in syslog (below). How can I resolve this?

Dec 30 16:13:26 ubuntusap kernel: [ 351.765683] usb-storage: device scan complete
Dec 30 16:13:26 ubuntusap kernel: [ 351.766423] scsi 5:0:0:0: CD-ROM Memorex DVD+-RAM 530L v1 5M64 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0


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Ubuntu :: Mount / Read A Cdrom?

Mar 16, 2010

I can NOT mount my CDROM. I see several under the /dev folder cdrom, cdrw, dvd, scd0, src, how do I kow which drive to mount? I would like to load KDE fom a slackware disk,

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Ubuntu :: 8.04 Cdrom Does Not Mount / Resolve This?

Jan 1, 2011

My cdrom is not mounting on ubuntu 8.04. I find this message in syslog (below). How can I resolve this? code...

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General :: Can't Mount Usb Cdrom In Ubuntu 8.04

Jan 2, 2011

My cdrom is not mounting on ubuntu 8.04. I find this message in syslog (below). How can I resolve this?

Dec 30 16:13:26 ubuntusap kernel: [ 351.765683] usb-storage: device scan complete
Dec 30 16:13:26 ubuntusap kernel: [ 351.766423] scsi 5:0:0:0: CD-ROM Memorex DVD+-RAM 530L v1 5M64 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0


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General :: Mount Dev Cdrom / Dvd On Ubuntu 10.04?

Mar 5, 2011

How do I mount dev cdrm/dvd in ubuntu 10.04.

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Slackware :: Can't Mount Cdrom / What To Do?

Mar 5, 2010

I can't mount my cdrom drive
here is my /etc/fstab file(no i did not comment out /dev/cdrom) code...

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Ubuntu :: Mount Point Failed For CDROM?

May 27, 2011

I am trying to add my natty Live Cd as a repository, by issuing apt-cdrom add, but even autodetecting the mount point fails.
apt-cdrom --auto-detect add
How do I determine the mount point for the cdrom in order to tell apt-cdrom where to look?

Using CD-ROM mount point /media/apt/
E: Unable to stat the mount point /media/Ubuntu-4011.04-40amd64/ - stat (2: No such file or directory)
E: Unable to stat the mount point /media/apt/ - stat (2: No such file or directory)
W: Failed to mount '/dev/sr0' to '/media/apt/'
E: Unable to change to /media/apt/ - chdir (2: No such file or directory)
E: Unable to stat the mount point /media/Ubuntu-4011.04-40amd64/ - stat (2: No such file or directory)

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Hardware :: Mount Usb And Cdrom In Ubuntu9?

Mar 12, 2011

How can i mount usb or cdrom in ubuntu9?

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Ubuntu :: Mount CDROM With Read / Write Permissions?

Mar 19, 2010

I am running Karmic x64 on a HP laptop that has a cd/dvd burner. I have a r/w cd with files on it and I wish to add/remove files to it. After it mounts automatically on insertion, I unmount it and remount with:
sudo mount /dev/sr0 -t iso9660 -w /media/cdrom
(I tried assorted other hare-brained things also) but it always says that the filesystem is read only. Do I need to use a different device than sr0? Is it even possible under Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Mount Cdrom Or Usb After Replacing Optical Drive

Mar 24, 2010

My cdrom was sort of working, but the tray was physically damaged. The usb was working without a problem.

After replacing the the cdrom drive with a similar model known to work well I could not get it to mount. I then tried to move important files to usb to try a fresh install. The usb stick flickered when I put it in, but it didn't mount. Same behaviour as the cdrom, the light goes on when I turn on the computer, but once I'm logged in I can't access the cdrom.

I have tried multiple variations of playing with fstab and trying to mount things in terminal to no avail. I just can't get Ubuntu to recognize the usb or cdrom even though their lights go on when I first try to use them.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Mount Cdrom As Regular User

May 17, 2010

I have a problem to mount my cdrom as a regular user. After inserting a cd, I receive this error message:"Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:mount: must be superuser to use mount" After mounting the cdrom as superuser with "sudo mount /media/cdrom".I can access the cd also as regular user. This behavior is inconvenient and I would like to be able to mount the cdrom as user.Honestly, I do not have the experience to tell if this should be fine or not. Do you have any advice for me to fix this problem? I am running Ubuntu 9.10 with a 2.6.32-02063209-generic kernel.

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Ubuntu :: Cdrom Or Floppy Disk Dont Seem To Auto-mount?

Jan 4, 2011

I have recently installed Xbuntu on my old laptop (An IBM iSeries 2621) - yes its an old piece of kit with a USB 1.0 port, a cd-drive and an internal floppy.My problem is that even though removable media are set to auto-mount in the settings; when I put a floppy disk in, or a CD-ROM, they do not auto-mount so I cant access the disks (the laptop does not have wireless (or even an rj45 port!! - it only has an internal 56k modem) - hence why I REALLY need to get the CD-ROM working and recognised by Xbuntu as I have burned some packages that id like to install to CD-ROM. (a working floppy would definately be a bonus as id like to save my documents there)

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OpenSUSE :: Single Point Cdrom Mount?

Sep 27, 2009

I can see, that openSUSE mounts cdroms (at /media) according to cd label (eg. /media/data_dvd_x). My problem is, that several applications (eg. a cd cataloguer) expecting to find the cd at /media/cdrom0, or something similar. Is it possible to fix it? (Tell openSUSE to mount cds at a single point)?

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General :: Cannot Mount CDROM When Booting From Live CD HP DV6?

Dec 3, 2010

I'm trying to get back into Linux after a few years off.

I have tried booting from a Live CD using Flash Linux and Damn Small Linux.

Flash Linux reports unable to mount CDROM and then provides a command line - I assume I have the kernel, a shell and little else at this point? Can I mount the CD and continue?

DSL seems to do something similar but freezes with a blank screen. I have the option of entering parameters prior to booting with DSL (but not with Flash) I have tried the parameter which copies the CD to RAM and then boots without success.

I plan on installing Debian to my HD in the near future but felt like playing around with Live CDs prior to this in order to get reacquainted.

I have googled this issue and it seems there are other noobs out there with the same model of PC (HP DV6) who are having similar problems but I could not find a solution.

As an aside - this is the kind of issue that IMO, still prevents Linux from becoming a mainstream OS.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error Message: Mount Points Could Not Be Unmounted /cdrom

Feb 19, 2011

I have XP installed with a wubi installation of 10.04. My CDROM is shot so I'm using Unetbootin to install from XP to a new partition.


During installation it stops with error message that a mount point could not be unmounted /cdrom.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Unable To Mount Media CDROM

May 17, 2011

I get allways thus message when I try to access try to access my drive.

I have CentOs 5 and an HP Laptop. I use Oracle Virtualbox.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Unable To Mount Cdrom As Non-root User?

Aug 31, 2010

I had to change the mounting properties of my disk partitions so i tinkered with the fstab file.. Now I am unable to mount the cdrom as a normal user..To mount the cdrom I had to login as root in terminal and use the following command:

mount /mnt/cdrom
The cdrom entry in my fstab file reads:


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General :: CD Rom Drive - Mount: Can't Find Cdrom In /etc/fstab Or /etc/mtab

Nov 9, 2010

I tried to mount my CD Rom drive and got this response: "mount: can't find cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"

I did see the CD Rom drive briefly after I upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 but I couldn't access the drive and when I logged back in.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Install 11.04 ErrorCan Not Mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs?

May 7, 2011

I have had a dual boot on my system since first trying Ubuntu a few months ago.I had a few problems when i upgraded to 11.04 (mainly due to the new desktop Unity), but after some great help here, we had the old desktop running again.I have Windows running on my spare Computer in case i should need it for any reason, though can not think of one lol Now i am used to Ubuntu (from the using side, get lost in terminal etc so here i come if i need help) i decided i would totally commit my main computer to Ubuntu.I downloaded the latest iso from the Ubuntu site, and burnt it to CD, inserted in my main computer & rebooted. It goes past the first purple ubuntu page (hit a key to choose language & also get a selection Menu) then goes to black screen and i get:

BusyBox v1.17.1 (ubuntu 1:1.17.1-10ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash)Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.(initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //silesystem.squashfs failed: Input/output errorCan not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs(hope i typed that i correctly)I have burnt the iso image numerous times, using different disks, speed (from x4 - x52) and burning programs

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04.1 Kubuntu Desktop To Toshiba T110 Laptop Running Win 7 - Cannot Mount "/dev/lop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem. Squashfs"

Feb 7, 2011

Trying to install 10.04.1 Kubuntu desktop to Toshiba T110 laptop running Win 7, 4 Gig Ram, 32 bit o/s. Downloaded iso from Ubuntu web site and burnt DVD. No matter what I do I get the error message "cannot mount /dev/lop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem. squashfs" etc. Searched by Google and this forum, tried various remedies Unebootin; USB drive boot up etc etc; still get same message. Is there a workaround for what seems to be a fairly common install problem?

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General :: Boot A Cdrom From A Mobile USB Cdrom (old Bios, Without Usb Boot)?

Aug 29, 2010

I have been trying plop floppy to boot a bootable cdrom from a mobile USB cdrom reader, but the usb cdrom are not recognized.I was thinking that with grub or grub2 or syslinux that would be possible, no ?

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General :: Mounting A CDROM In Ubuntu?

Apr 14, 2011

I'm using a software that needs to read data from a cdrom. The instructions say to mount the cdrom (mount /mnt/cdrom). I understand that I need to mount the cdrom to /mnt/cdrom. I created a folder "cdrom" under "mnt". Then I tried to mount the cdrom by typing:

sudo mount /media/ /mnt/cdrom/ This didn't work. Under "media" I have another folder with the actual cd content so I tried to mount it too, but again with no success. I keep getting an error that "media is not a block device". What I am doing wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Using Cdrom Locks Up System?

Feb 19, 2010

whenever i try to burn mp3 from a disk in the cdrom, the system will freeze up solid, keyboard, screen, mouse, the whole shebang. ubuntu will see an audio disk in the cdrom, and i can play some tracks off it (sometimes), but trying to copy it to mp3s will crash everything after about 2-3 minutes. somewhere between tracks 2 - 4. anyone else have issues? i have tried a different cdrom, and cables... and i hate to say it but it works under windows.

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Ubuntu :: The CDROM Is Not Mounting Anymore In 9.10

Mar 15, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10, the cdrom was mounting normally, suddenly it stopped mounting and now when I insert a CD/DVD nothing happens.

My fstab is like this:
/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 0

When I run hwinfo --cdrom it says:

francisco@francisco-desktop:~$ hwinfo --cdrom
18: SCSI 300.0: 10602 CD-ROM (DVD)
[Created at block.247]
UDI: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_CDDVDW_SH_S223F
Unique ID: KD9E.+o0IDY85DU5


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Ubuntu :: Cdrom Drive Not Mounted In 9.10?

May 1, 2010

My cdrom drive was working until yesterday it didn't mount at all. It said 'special device /dev/scd0 does not exist'. I went and checked in BIOS and the CD rom was not identified there as well I would like to know if there is a workaround for this problem. I am using an ACER aspire 4520 laptop with only ubuntu 9.10 on i

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Ubuntu :: Executing EXE Files From A CDRom?

May 11, 2010

I cannot seem to find what I need to in either these forums, Ubuntu help, or various Man pages.Issue:When I insert a CD it automounts correctly, but I cannot Use the "Open with Wine" option (even after configuring wine to recognize the executable) due to a "trust" issue within Ubuntu. I have learned that this "trust" is simply the executable bit, but I obviously cannot change that bit on a read only medium. he software requires the CD at both install and run time, so I cannot use a separately mounted ISO.Somewhere there must be a setting where I can turn off the "require trust flag" which I assume must exist.

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Ubuntu :: Extracting Archive From Cdrom

Jul 31, 2010

I am trying to install MySQL, Apache, and PHP onto my Linux Ubuntu laptop from a cdrom that I got from a teach yourself MySQL, Apache, and PHP book I bought. First off there were two steps which i think i did right. The first was to mount the CD-ROM under /mnt in my file system which i did and there seems to be no problem except for the reply "mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only"

now first of all there are two things I need to explain, first of all I was superuser for all of this by using the command su at the beginning of my terminal session. Second of all the symbol "|" on my line of code above looks different from the symbol in the book. It should have a small space in the middle of it. However it looks like this on my keyboard so I am assuming it is simply a difference in text font. That is it, it would be really nice to figure out what went wrong because to be honest I am curious as to why the book is giving me code that gives multiple errors.

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Ubuntu :: Automount USB Or CDROM Failure?

Aug 29, 2010

Situation is that NEITHER Linux Mint 9 NOR Ubuntu Maverick will automount my usb or cdrom? I circumvented by manual mounts thru fstab of my usb stick and usb hard drive. Now I go to burn an iso and find that my cdrom is not detected.
mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0 does not do the trick, I cannot burn.
What in the world could I have done to my system ? I think blkid is ok. Win7 burns the iso to cd just fine. All OS on same CPU (grub2). I have done some searches but with minimal success.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Create /mnt/cdrom

Sep 30, 2010

Wehn I enter the command mkdir /mnt/cdrom, I get the message "Cannot create: Permission Denied". How do I fix this?

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Cdrom Stopped Mounting?

Nov 3, 2010

My cdrom has stopped auto mounting. I had a cd that was CD-RW and I wanted to erase the data on it. I followed the guide at: [URL] and ran:

umount /dev/cdrom
cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast

After doing this, my cd drive stopped auto mounting.

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