Ubuntu :: Udev Triggers Add-rule Multiple Times?

May 2, 2011

On Ubuntu 10.04 I would like to setup udev to execute a backup script when a specific USB drive is inserted. Udev detects the USB drive, but my script is executed 7 times instead of just once. Can't figure out what's wrong.

My udev rules file:

/etc/udev/rules.d# cat 20-stick.rules
ACTION=="add", ATTRS{vendor}=="Kingston", ATTRS{model}=="DataTraveler G2 ", RUN="/usr/local/bin/sync.sh"
Dummy backup script: connecting USB drive results in 7 times date written to /tmp/test

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Debian Configuration :: Udev Times Out Resulting In 3 Min Boot Times

Jan 21, 2016

My systemd-udev-settle.service is failing for some reason.

systemctl status systemd-udev-settle.service -a output
Code: Select all● systemd-udev-settle.service - udev Wait for Complete Device Initialization
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/systemd-udev-settle.service; static)

Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable.

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Ubuntu :: Write A Udev Rule For Headset

May 23, 2010

I am trying to write a udev rule for my headset but i don't understand where i get the information to make the rule. I know i need to add

Code: RUN+="bash /home/luke-jennings/headset" at the end of it so the script i wrote runs. I don't know how to get any of the identifying info for the headset and which bits to use where. How do I get the information?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Udev Rule Is Ignored For Eth Devices?

Jun 3, 2010

I'm trying to set my network interfaces so that they don't get random every boot.(eg assign eth0 to a network interface with a given MAC addr, and eth1 to the other one)I trew in a udev rule (in fact just modified the rules that was automatically generated and set the ethX in it) but the system ignores my udev rule.What am I missing ?Here is all the info :

$cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
# This file maintains persistent names for network interfaces.


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General :: Script In Udev Rule Doesn't Run?

Jan 13, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) on a laptop and would like NumLock to automatically toggle depending on whether my USB keyboard is plugged in (numlock on) or unplugged (numlock off).

To accomplish this, I first installed the "numlockx" package. numlockx on and numlockx off works fine.

To hook into the device system, I thought I'd use udev. I have read "Writing udev rules", but I'm having trouble getting the udev rule to work.

First, here's an example of the dmesg output:

[20906.985102] usb 3-2: new low speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 6
[20907.166403] usb 3-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
[20907.192904] input: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0/input/input20
[20907.193100] microsoft 0003:045E:00DB.000B: input,hidraw1: USB HID v1.11


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General :: Udev Rule To Invoke A Script?

Mar 29, 2011

I am not good at writing udev rules. I am using RHEL 4.7, I would like to invoke a file install.sh which is in CDROM as soon as the CDROM is inserted

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Software :: UDEV Rule Not Running A Command?

Aug 1, 2010

I have a UDEV rule below that maps a symlink from a specific usb device and 'Should' run a command.



The symlink part is fine but it does not appear to run the command when I plug the device in. I can run the command "/usr/local/bin/my_command" from the shell fine.


mount /dev/myusbstick_1 /media/TMPUSB && cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md5 md5_crypt --key-file=/media/TMPUSB/key && vgscan && vgchange -ay && mount -a && umount /media/TMPUSB

What am I missing. I have tried +x in owner,group and other.By the way what does UDEV run as, I assumned +x on ROOT as that is the owner should be enough.

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Hardware :: Creating An Udev Rule Mounting All Usb Drive As 666?

May 12, 2010

i need all my /media/* newly created by insertion of usb drives, chmodded 666.I tried some tips using various threads, but i failed.I'm on Slack 64 13.0.

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Software :: Udev Rule Fails When Symlink Is Defined?

Sep 19, 2010

I'm having some trouble with udev, in that it won't create me a symlink for the infrared device which is part of my Hauppauge Nova-TD-500 TV card.I've got the card installed, and for the most part working, but I want to have the infrared device on /dev/ir.I've created a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/ called 55-dvb_usb_dib0700-ir.rules which contains this:

SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTR{name}=="IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver", RUN="/bin/date > /home/xbmc/foo", SYMLINK+="ir"


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Slackware :: Udev Rule Not Starting Gpsd During Boot?

May 29, 2011

I'm trying to configure gpsd 2.96 to start automatically from udev rule on a Slack 13.37 box.1. I've compiled and installed gpsd from sources and made sure it starts manually.2. I've copied the /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug and /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug.wrapper scripts in their places from the source tree and made them executable.3. I've copied the gpsd.rules file from sources into /etc/udev/rules.d4. I renamed it 99-persistent-gpsd.rules to run late in the bootup process.5. I've copied the /etc/default/gpsd file from sources and made sure it has the right settings inside.

Now, for the results. If I plug the gps usb dongle in while the system runs, it starts gpsd if it is not started, and it connects to it just as it should. But if I start the system with the dongle in, gpsd doesn't get started during boot. I can't find any relevant message in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages for boot time. There is stuff there from when I plug the dongle in while the system is running though. It's like udev ignores the rules for it at boot time.Is there something in the Slackware boot scripts that would prevent running those scriptssd.hotplug.wrapper which in turn runs /lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug which is a Python script)?Here is the contents of 99-persistent-gpsd.rules (ignore the comments referring to Debian, it was meant for a Debian box). My usb gps adapter is the first one - the Prolific chipset one:

# udev rules for gpsd
# $Id: gpsd.rules 5861 2009-08-03 13:41:01Z bzed $


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Ubuntu :: Create An Udev Rule To Stop Card Reader From Being Initialized

Jan 24, 2010

I have a netbook (MSI Wind U100 rebrand) that has one of those card readers built into the handrest. The thing is I've never used it once, and it keeps popping up in powertop as waking the cpu when it should just shut up and be quiet.Aside from breaking open the case and tearing it out, the immediate solution is to browse to /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/1-6/ and pipe 1 to the file remove. That disables it until system reboot or resume, at which point I have to do it all over again.


$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/1-6/remove

Now I'd like to create an udev rule to make it not get initialized at all. A quick Google search found me this article on creating udev rules, and after toying about with the udevadm tool I managed to produce the attributes/properties of the device.


zorael@lethe:/sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/1-6$ udevadm info -a -p $(pwd)

Udevadm info starts with the device specified by the devpath and then walks up the chain of parent devices. It prints for every device found, all possible attributes in the udev rules key format. A rule to match, can be composed by the attributes of the device and the attributes from one single parent device.

looking at device '/bus/usb/devices/usb1/1-6':

ATTR{configuration}=="CARD READER


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Debian Configuration :: Creating Udev Rule For Specific SATA Port

Apr 19, 2011

I have a trayless SATA hotswap bay that is really terrific for quickly attaching and removing SATA hard drives. I'm trying to write a udev rule to create a symbolic link to the device node for the drive that is attached through the hotswap bay (/dev/bay -> /dev/sdX). This eliminates any ambiguity when performing destructive tasks (fdisk, etc). I'm running squeeze amd64. I've read through several tutorials and have it working somewhat. Here's the output of udevadm info for a drive attached via the hotswap bay.

looking at device '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:11.0/host7/target7:0:0/7:0:0:0/block/sdb':
ATTR{capability}=="52" ....

Here is my udev rule
DEVPATH=="/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:11.0/host7/*", SUBSYSTEM=="block", SYMLINK+="bay%n"

This produces the desired behavior and gives me an fdisk-able device node. The problem I am having is that the "host" component of the DEVPATH varies from bootup to bootup. I'm just using on onboard SATA, host2-7, specifically host7. There is also onboard PATA, host0-1. It seems to just be random which "host"s are assigned to which controller. For example, the next time I boot the system, the onboard SATA will be host0-5 and the onboard PATA will be host6-7. In this simple case, I could just write 2 rules, one for each possibility and it would still be correct because of the different PCI addresses of the two controllers. But on systems with more SCSI (uh... libata, actually) controllers, a "host" file can point to different physical ports between bootstraps. This would be bad. Does anyone know of a way to write a rule to tie a device node to a specific physical SATA port on the motherboard/hba?

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Ubuntu :: Udev Rules For Multiple USB GSM Modem?

Oct 20, 2010

I have a question related on udev rules. I have a SMS Gateway project using multiple usb gsm modem. I use huawei modem for this project. My goal are every time I plug in huawei devices on my ubuntu box it automatically mounts on specific ttyUSB port

huawei 1 -> ttyUSB1
huawei 2 -> ttyUSB2

My problem are to meet this goal i must find unique data between different huawei devices (e.g. productID, vendorID, serial). In huawei product this information are the same with all devices.There is only one unique on every huawei devices. That is IMEI value. How can use this value or find this value for udev rules.

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Networking :: Udev Failure With Multiple Interfaces

Jan 7, 2011

I have got a problem in the configuration of the network for my Linux box. The distribution is Slackware 12.2 with the kernel. There are three ethernet NIC, one on the motherboard with Atheros AR8121/AR8113 chip and two on PCI card which with RealTek 8169.
I installed the module for Atheros which is the atl1e.ko and I defined the configuration for the three NICs in /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf.
When I hit the commend ifconfig I see all the three interfaces eth0, eth1, and eth2, but the address are not distributed between the NICs as I'd like so I thought to resolve the inconvience with udev, but I don't know how to proceed because there is a strange situation.

If I control the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules I see a strange situation: Once the file contains nonly a line for the Atheros NIC but if I reboot the system there are the two lines for the two RealTek NICs and everytime the system is rebooted there is a change between these two alternatives. A detail I noted is that the two modules atl1e and r8169 are both always loaded, so udev has always the chance to detect the hardware but for some reason that I don't know something goes wrong. Another related problem that bothers me is the absence of udevinfo and udevtest. Have I perhaps to reinstall udev?

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Times To Report A Bug, But Can't?

Sep 2, 2010

I have tried multiple times to report a bug, but can't. All I can find is this USELESS guide: [URL]Is this seriously the ONLY way to report a bug? I can't just fill out a form somewhere without running software to do it? When I try to do it the way explained in the guide, it tells me that I'm using a stable version of Xubuntu, and that only people running dev versions (like 11.10) can report bugs.Are they saying that all stable releases are perfect in every way? Surely one must be able to report a bug for them...?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Freezes Or Crashes Multiple Times?

Oct 12, 2010

[Staff Note: This thread was spun off from here: HOWTO: Purge and Reinstall Grub 2 from the Live CD This solved the Grub problem but the crashes continue.]

Just as I get up and running again my 10.04 (64 bit) either freezes up totally, closes all windows that are open, fails to restart or shut down forcing a restart.

There's no pattern to it, i might be using the gimp or checking thunderbird emails, possibly just surfing or running bluefish. Nothing major and I'm not one to go delving under the bonnet so to speak and start tweaking things. I have the AWN dock installed and run a dual monitor setup.

Everytime it's crashed, the damn thing doesn't reboot, I get the init =bootarg message I've been reading a lot about and once again I have to run the liveCD and spend several minutes farting about purging and reinstalling grub.

I despise Windows, overall I am enjoying my ubuntu experience but things like this stop me getting any work done.

My PC ran fine for the last 2 days then suddenly it's playing up again. It's not an old machine, quad core processor, plenty of RAM.

I am having to back stuff up as soon as I do it due to so many crashes per day. I have reinstalled the OS and started again from scratch 4 times now in the last month.

The last thing I want to do is go back to Windoze but I am seriously running out of patience with ubuntu.

Boot Info Script Results:

# Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010

============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================

=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in
partition #1 for /boot/grub.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Not Booting - Need To Restart Multiple Times

Jun 26, 2011

I have Ubuntu 11.04 on a disk, and installed it on an empty hard drive. When I start my desktop my screen is black with a flashing "_" in the top left corner... Nothing happens. I usually have to restart the computer multiple times before it will actually work. I tried running Ubuntu in recovery mode and fixing any broken packages, but no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Reinstalled Grub2 Multiple Times Before, But On /dev/sda1, Now It Is Not?

Oct 15, 2010

I've reinstalled Grub2 multiple times before, but Ubuntu was on /dev/sda1, now it is not. Here is my partition table:

/dev/sda1 - 105GB - Windows
/dev/sda2 - 200GB - Extended
/dev/sda5 - 110GB - Media


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Ubuntu :: Open Up Home Folder Multiple Times ?

May 18, 2011

I am running 11.04 with the Unity environment from a USB stick. With "Ubuntu Classic", I can open up my Home folder multiple times and thus copy files from one location to another with drag and drop. In Unity, it seems I can only open up one occurrence of the Home folder. Does anyone know if multiple Home folders can be opened up?

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Ubuntu Security :: Set A Rule In Iptables, Does That Rule Also Apply To Ipv6, Or Just Ipv4?

Jul 16, 2010

Question (and Google results aren't making this clear): Ubuntu has both iptables & ip6tables installed. 1. If I set a rule in iptables, does that rule also apply to ipv6, or just ipv4?

2. If "no" to above, then it would be prudent to *also* set ip6tables rules as well if I want to maintain an active firewall, correct?

3. Does ip6tables rules have the same syntax and behavior (more or less) to iptables rules - i.e. can I just copy my iptables rules & change "iptables" to "ip6tables"?

4. Any gotchas or issues that I should be aware of?

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Ubuntu Security :: Keyring Login Prompts Multiple Times

Nov 9, 2010

It's been awhile since I've been on here. I suppose that can be considered a good thing, since I made the completely transfer to Ubuntu three months ago and everything's been running completely smoothly. Anyway, security is a pretty big thing to me. I usually change the root password, take sudo off (and default gksu, not gksudo), encrypt my hard drives, etc... One thing I also do is create a separate password for my login keyring. I don't mind having to enter one extra password at login, but it started prompting two times, and now three. It's the same password every time, so my question is..

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Ubuntu Networking :: NFS Mount Shows Multiple Times In The Places?

Mar 23, 2011

I have the follwoing fenomenan. In my /etc/fstab I have an entry to automatically mount my NAS. Here is my entry: /media/My�40NAS nfs _netdev,
auto,rw,hard,users,intr 0 0

When my laptop boots it successfully mounts the NFS NAS and I get an icon "My NAS" on my dekstop that points to the NAS. If I double click on the icon it opens my file browser and I can browse thru my NAS fodlers.

What I see on the left hand side of the file browser is that I have to entries for My NAS. One of it has a button to shows that it is mounted and the other does not.

If I go to Places I also see 2 entries for "My NAS". One of it takes me to browsing the NAS and if I click on the other it says "Unable to mount ... busy or already mounted". Which makes sense.

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OpenSUSE :: Konqueror Started Again And Again - Multiple Times ?

Mar 14, 2010

I have a strange effect here, where konqueror is started multiple times. It is no problem to start it from the K-Menu. But konqueror seems to be associated with different actions in applications, e.g. many "help" entries; among others e.g. Inkscape: "Hilfe/Inkscape Handbuch" (~ Help/Inkscape handbook") If I'm unfortunate enough to hit such an item, the konqueror items start flooding my task bar, while the mouse cursor - changed to the konqueror icon - is flickering like wild, while konqueror is starting again and again. None of the windows really open and all icons disappear after some time. (due to some resource overflow, but unfortunately I can't find the relevant log entry this time) How can I prevent this ? (Or debug this, if the cause is unclear)

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General :: Rotate Logfiles Multiple Times A Day

Mar 13, 2011

how can I rotate logfiles multiple times a day? I notice that the configuration for the logrotate-command is hourly, daily, weekly,.I notice that I can create a cron job where I specify the different times the log rotation need to be done:15 0,8,12,17 * * *But how do I combine these two ?

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CentOS 5 :: Server Has Crashed On My Multiple Times?

Jul 12, 2010

My 5.5 server has crashed on my multiple times over the past few weeks. I have 2 terabyte drives mirrored.It automatically reboots and seems to run fine after rebooting.I've attached a copy of the /var/log/message to this post.I was unable to paste file.I'm not if a bad disk is causing the problem or not.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Player 10 - Downloaded It Multiple Times - Nothing Is Working

Apr 10, 2010

I'm using ubuntu 8.04, and when I load some things, like some games, it tells me I need flash player 10. I have downloaded it multiple times and installed it multiple times but nothing is working as it should. Is it because I'm still on 8.04?

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Downloads Same Email Message Multiple Times From Hotmail / Fix It?

Feb 28, 2011

Evolution downloads the same email message multiple times from Hotmail

How can I fix this?

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Ubuntu :: Netbook Boots Into Setup Multiple Times Before Boot Or Freezes

Jun 4, 2011

I actually have it installed on two of my computers. One is an older Acer Aspire 3100 that dual-boots windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04, and an Acer Aspire ONE that has Ubuntu 11.04 as main OS. Before Ubuntu, (even currently) I'm a MAC user, and i'm really liking Ubuntu. On my 3100 it works just fine except the screen flicker on wake, but a quick reboot will solve that.

On my Aspire ONE i've had to re-install ubuntu multiple times. (we're talking 5 or 6 in the last month) Sometimes, it'll boot up to absolutely nothing. One time I got a weird error message everytime it booted. The last install froze up a lot, and eventually would only start to boot into setup. I reinstalled Ubuntu, again and it worked until I shut it off. Boot back up, same thing. Threw me right into setup. I was able to get around it after 5 or so tries of rebooting, hitting ALT F11 and somehow got into ubuntu recovery, but loaded normally. I'm using it now and it's working great currently.

Specs on the ONE

1.5GB Ram
8GB SSD (could this be the culprit?)
ATOM (1.8 or 1.6) GHz Processor.

Halfway through this fiasco, I put windows XP on it and used it solid for 3 days without any of the mentioned above issues.

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OpenSUSE :: Reinstall Multiple Times From Standart Playground And Kde KDE?

Oct 3, 2010

I have experienced amarok crash after which i am not able to bring it back to working state. I tried to reinstall it multiple times from standart playground and kde KDE:UpdatedApps repositories. Every time. i start amarok it hangs on splash screen consuming 49% of CPU with no signs to load completely. I guess i need to clean reinstall with deleting all tracing info form previous install?

here's output from console:

InnoDB: The log sequence number in ibdata files does not match
InnoDB: the log sequence number in the ib_logfiles!
101003 11:21:54 InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!
InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.
InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the .ibd files...
InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite


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Programming :: Application Process Starts Multiple Times?

Jul 15, 2011

I'm porting C++ application from ARM to MIPS platform. It works now, but I see some strange timing problems. I've seen now that My app process is called multiply time. Here is "top" output:

Mem: 24592K used, 102084K free, 0K shrd, 0K buff, 16864K cached
CPU: 0% usr 99% sys 0% nice 0% idle 0% io 0% irq 0% softirq
Load average: 4.02 2.17 0.95
1888 1875 admin R 12096 10% 98% ./my_app.exe

I don't see something like this when I compile it for x86, nor ARM.On MIPS I use uClibc instead of glibc.

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