Ubuntu :: To Find Out Program's Computer Resource Usage?

May 17, 2010

I am currently developing a program that i need to compare to other similar programs, mainly to provide a cost v. benefits analysis for myself and coworkers. does anyone know of a program that can accurately provide this information? or, otherwise, an idea of how to start coding?I have seen in research papers before that quickness was actually evaluated in seconds/microseconds taken for processes to finish- is this legitimate?

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General :: Find Total Memory Usage Of A Program?

Sep 22, 2010

I wrote a program that multiplies 2 matrices using multi-threads and another one using multiple processes and shared memory. Both in C.I need to find the total memory usage of these programs. I know of the top command, but when my matrices are relatively small they don't even show up on top because they complete so fast, how can I find the memory usage for these instances?Also, how can I find the total turnaround time of my programs?

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Debian Configuration :: Limiting Resource Usage

Sep 10, 2015

Got a few more questions from the Debian Security Howto.

Section "4.11.2 Limiting resource usage: the limits.conf file" page 44

Code: Select allnano /etc/security/limits.conf

At the bottom I get...

Code: Select all#<domain>      <type>  <item>         <value>
#*               soft    core            0
#root            hard    core            100000
#*               hard    rss             10000


Do I have to uncomment these lines for them to take effect?

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Ubuntu :: Resource Usage Requirements For Xubuntu + Kdevelop Memory Wise And Processor?

Mar 14, 2010

Can anybody suggest what are the resource usage requirements for xubuntu + kdevelop memory wise and processor.

as i am looking for installing in this system xubuntu + kdevelop on a system p4+ 256MB ddr1

do you think this will smooth

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Ubuntu :: How To Find The Primary Resource

Jul 1, 2011

i want to leaning from smple basic ,how and where to choose will be better ! who can refer to ?

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Software :: Use "top" Command To Check The Resource Usage ?

Apr 28, 2010

I usually use "top" command to check the resource usage , it is very good and simple method to know the status ( loading , CPU , memory usage ), but we have many servers so we can't check the servers frequently , so we can't find the problem before the problem happens

Any method / script that I can implement to send us a alert mail if the resource usage reach a specific level , for example , if the CPU usage reach 90% , then send us a alert mail.

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Networking :: Comparison Of Linux IPv6 Implementations - Find More Up-to-date Resource?

Jan 20, 2011

[URL]... contains a great table comparing the implementation of IPv6 features in several Linux distributions. the problem is that it is over 4 years old. where I could find a more up-to-date resource?

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Ubuntu :: Manage Cpu Usage Per Program?

Aug 23, 2010

Looking for a way to control how much cpu apps are allowed to use. I'm 10.04 64bit dual core.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Find Out Network Usage / Keep Track Of Total Network Usage?

May 24, 2010

How do I find out the network usage ie the total amount of data is transferred in or out of my computer (openSUSE 11.2 and gnome) and keep a track of the total network usage?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Find A Way To Watch Videos From Main Desktop Computer On Another Computer?

Jul 9, 2011

I've been trying to find a way to watch videos from my main desktop computer on another computer I've plugged into an HDTV. I'm such a Linux newbie that I decided to give Mythbuntu a try. It was way to complicated for what I needed, and I'm sure that some more experienced people reading my first two sentences laughed to themselves at my naivety.

What I am trying to find is simple: browsing one computer's home folder from another computer, and playing the videos therein. If there's anything like Mythvideo that requires less than half of the skill requirements, I will telepathically send love to the person that informs me of it.

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Ubuntu :: Record Memory Usage Of Program?

Jan 17, 2010

Is there a way I can start a program and then record a log of how much memory it's using at a specific interval until the program ends?

I've tried writing a shell script but get the error: ./apps/mem-test.sh: line 4: [: too many arguments

Here's the non-working script:

$HOME/apps/ImageMagick/bin/convert -limit memory 64 -limit map 128 $HOME/SSI/davidkennardphotography/Img-Orig/95-Pole-Bank.jpg -set option:filter:filter Lanczos -set option:filter:blur 0.8 -resize 1024x720 $HOME/resizedImage.jpg &
GOODY="ps -p $! -o pid,%cpu,rss,cmd | grep convert >>test.txt"


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Ubuntu :: Program To Monitor Bandwidth Usage?

Jul 28, 2010

I live in the boonies, so I have satellite internet. It's not too bad, but I'm restricted to 200 mb's of download per day.

I'm looking for an app that will keep track of my usage, so I don't go over 200. I was using "System Monitor", but it's a little buggy, so I'd like to try something else.

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General :: Understand Resource For "Exokerel" CONCEPT Of Computer Operating Systems?

Apr 6, 2011

I am here looking for some abstract and easy to understand resource for "Exokerel" CONCEPT of Computer Operating Systems.[URL] seems some what more complex then expected [URL]

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Fedora :: Get Cpu Usage For Program?

Jun 14, 2010

I'd like to get cpu usage for my program which is related with xen hypervisor.

and i could find some.. from

system information on x-window
and virt-manager

but i found that every program shows different information of cpu usage.

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Ubuntu :: Inbuilt Logging System - Ran And Installation - Program Opened Automatically - Can't Find Program Executable

Feb 23, 2011

I was wondering whether there is an inbuilt logging system in UNIX?

I ran and installation and the program opened up automatically but I can't find the program executable.

If I could find a log then I could locate this file.

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Ubuntu :: Program - Displayed System Information - Cpu - Ram Usage

Jan 17, 2010

I used to have a program that displayed system information (cpu/ram usage, stuff like that) but the name escapes me at the moment. The key feature of this program is that it was intergrated into the desktop.

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General :: Usage Of AT Command To Schedule A Program?

May 13, 2010

i want to use the command at to execute a script on a specific time FOR EXAMPLE :at 12:30pm but the script does not have to ececute at all, I DIT IT BUT THE SCRIPT EXECUTES EACH 12:30pm (that'sy problem) i want to write a script that will execute each two months from a specific time . for example: from january 12, 2010 the script has to run before march 12,2010

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Ubuntu :: Make A Program Crash If System Memory Usage Gets Too High?

Jul 19, 2010

Basically I have a machine with 16GB of RAM and have just discovered that using all of it can crash the whole system over one process. How could I run a process on the system in such a way that if more than 90% of system memory is used, the process immediately crashes?

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Networking :: How To Find Ip Address Of Other Computer In LAN Network From Own Computer?

Jun 7, 2010

i want to find ip address of other computer which are connected in LAN..suppose ther are 5 compter in LAN and i want to find ip of all remaining 4 computer using my computer only in command or any other way is ther....

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Debian Programming :: Memory Usage When Running Java Program

Jun 28, 2013

I have a java program that runs on Debian as a background processor. Yesterday the Java program stopped running. I looked at the memory usage, the system only had 5MB memory left, so my guess is that the java program ran out of memory to use.

However, after we restarted the java program, we could see that the free memory count started to go up. It kept going up from 5MB to over 400MB. The increase of memory happened slowly, when I measured it, I could see that with each minute passing by, there were a bit more memory added into the free memory pool, and meanwhile, the java background process was running.

I wonder why this would ever happen. It's as if our java program first brought the machine done because it consumed all the memories, then after restart, it starts to give back memories.

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General :: Power Management - Program To Artificially Create CPU Usage?

Jul 27, 2010

Since I own one of those Centrino based Core 2 notebooks that create annoying buzzing noises when idle (= entering C3 or C4 power saving states), I'm looking for a program that creates artificial CPU usage. It should allow me to limit the CPU usage to a certain percentage (I know that there are a lot of easy ways to create 100% usage ;-).

Another option would be to disable the C3 or C4 states, but in newer kernels the sysfs interface to set the max_cstate on-the-fly was removed for some reason, and I don't always want to reboot after switching from AC to battery (and vice versa).

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General :: Different Space Usage (Discus Program Versus Command)

Mar 24, 2011

I have a debian linux on my server. My disk space is only 10GB. When I check the space usage with discus program, it says:

Mount Total Used Avail Prcnt Graph
/ 9.39 GB 8.30 GB 1.10 GB 88.3% [*********-]
+ib/init/rw 124.3 MB 0 KB 124.3 MB 0.0% [----------]
/sys 0 KB 0 KB 0 KB 0.0% [----------]
/dev 120.1 MB 92 KB 120.0 MB 0.1% [----------]
/dev/shm 124.3 MB 0 KB 124.3 MB 0.0% [----------]

But when I use this command:
du / --max-depth=0
It says:
1860864 /

Why the stats of discuss is not like du command?

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Networking :: Tools For Monitoring Network Bandwidth Usage Of Program/port?

Dec 8, 2010

I have a third party program (tightvnc) which I want to monitor and detect if it loses a connection with a client. I don't care if the client has the program open but isn't doing anything with it, I only want to know if the actual TCP connection is lost.

Since TCP takes forever to die on it's own I was thinking the best way to detect if a connection is lost is by bandwidth the bandwidth on the tcp port allocated to the VNC connection. Are there any tools built in to redhat (RHEL 5.2) which I could use to do this? Since I don't have full control of the operating system I would prefer to use built in tools rather then trying to get a new tool installed.

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Networking :: How To Find Bandwidth Usage Info

Sep 21, 2009

How can I figure out what is using my bandwidth? (command line or otherwise).

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General :: Find Out Internet Usage By Ipaddress?

Apr 11, 2010

We are using squid proxy server for accessing Internet in RHEL4.

How to find out internet usage by ipaddress?

Is it possible in linux?

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Software :: Find Hidden Disk Usage?

Aug 31, 2010

I have a productive sever (very old, 1500 days without restart or software update, gentoo distro) and i have a weird disk usage there:

gentoo / # du -sk *|sort -n
0 sys
2 service
6 mnt


You see that on 'df' i have 67 GB on the disk and 2.6GB avaiable, but du is confirming only 33GB of usage. What uses the other 34GB ? I can't install fancy graphical disk usage programs there, is there any way I can find what is consuming the 34GB of disk using command line tools and standard linux programs? (like debugfs or something like that)

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Usage Constant - Find Out What Programs Are Using The Internet?

Jan 5, 2010

My wireless usb network adapter is constantly using ~100bytes/s even when there is nothing I can think of that needs to talk to the internet. Is there a way to find out what programs are using the internet?

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General :: Find The Only Particular User (usage) Of Memory Information?

Mar 29, 2011

how to find the only particular user (usage) of memory information

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Server :: Find Total Apache Memory Usage?

Sep 12, 2010

Top only show the memory usage for individual processes. Apache often runs hundreds of processes, each of which may use only a small amount of memory, however the total memory consumed by all apache processes can be fairly large.Is there a way to see the total memory usage for all apache processes?

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Debian :: Find + Mount.ntfs-3g Strong Disk Usage

May 10, 2011

Since I installed Debain Squeeze with KDE (for more than a month), there is something I cannot explain to myself. 5-10 minutes after bootup my hard disk begins to work very intensely. Then, after 2-3 minutes it comes back to its normal operation. Using "atop" I found out that the first process that squeezez my HDD is "find". Then, a little bit later, mount.ntfs-3g appears. Both do what they do, then exit and everything's back to normal. What I suppose, is that that something is searching, first on the Linux partitions, then on the ntfs partitions.

Does anybody know what is this phenomenon related to? Or at least, how could I find out. Ah, and to avoid some basic troubleshooting questions: I have 3 GB of RAM, so no swap is needed. And I repeat: it's find and mount.ntfs-3g that use the HDD.

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