Ubuntu :: Sudo Apt-get Install Gives Errors After Trying To Install Bacula

Oct 2, 2010

I tried installing bacula and i really had no idea what i was doing and i believe it failed. I ran sudo apt-get install bacula. Anyway, I tried removing it using sudo apt-get remove bacula but now whenever i run sudo apt-get install for anything, the app will install but then show all these errors from bacula. how do i get rid of it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Run - Sudo Apt-get Install Subversion - Errors ?

Jan 11, 2011

I basically needed to run "sudo apt-get install subversion" but I was told that I need to update my "apt-get".

So when I try "sudo apt-get update".

I got the following errors:

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Software :: Bacula - RHEL6 - Permission Denied Errors

Feb 24, 2011

OS = RHEL6 64 bit
Bacula version - Version: 5.0.3
Clean build from tarball
DB = Postgresql

Short version = Installed and configured bacula from scratch. All bacula daemons are running, bconsole responds and let's me run manual jobs. I'm testing the new install by trying to backup my backup server (minus the raid storage area) and I keep getting permission denied on system, files. I know they are owned by root but I need to be able to back them up regardless. Here's what I'm seeing:


Now I know I've done this before back in bacula version 2 something but I'm missing something here and my brain is shot from configuring this thing to this point. I'm on the home stretch and need advice on where to look next. Once I can successfully backup the backup server, then I can move on to my main server, my winblows systems, and then my Macs.

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Software :: Install Bacula Onto Trixbox?

Feb 21, 2010

I'm complely stuck on this one, I want to install Bacula onto my trixbox, and I can't figure out the correct procedure to install the bacula-fd daemon, because you cannot use apt-get.

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Ubuntu :: Install A Dictionary With The Command Sudo Apt-get Install Dict-xdict

Mar 28, 2010

I am a rookie. Yesterday, I intended to install a dictionary with the command sudo apt-get install dict-xdict, but it turned out to fail with the error. Then, I quited with Ctrl+ c, and I did not care much till today because when I want install something else today, the error keeps coming out. Therefore, I think I would better remove dict-xdict first, so I use sudo apt-get remove dict-xdict, but the error still appears:


I have already tries sudo apt-get -f install dict-xdict and it doesn't work out. I am hoping to install some other applications now, but I have not idea what I could do to fix this problem or just circumvent it

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Ubuntu :: Sudo Apt-get Remove Gnome Session Errors

May 30, 2011

This is the error I get when removing gnome-session:
alex@alex:~$ sudo apt-get remove gnome-session
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:
The following packages have unmet dependencies.
ubuntu-desktop : Depends: gnome-session but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: banshee-extension-ubuntuonemusicstore but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: gnome-accessibility-themes but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: ubuntuone-client-gnome but it is not going to be installed
E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).

And this is what happens when I do apt-get -f install:
alex@alex:~$ sudo apt-get -f install
[sudo] password for alex:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Correcting dependencies... Done

The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.

The following extra packages will be installed:
Suggested packages:

The following packages will be upgraded:
1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 21 not upgraded.
Need to get 0 B/11.8 kB of archives.
After this operation, 8,192 B of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
(Reading database ... 250821 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace gnome-session 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~build2 (using .../gnome-session_3.0.2-0ubuntu3~natty1_all.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement gnome-session ...
dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-session_3.0.2-0ubuntu3~natty1_all.deb (--unpack):
trying to overwrite '/usr/share/xsessions/gnome-shell.desktop', which is also in package gnome-shell 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~build1
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

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Ubuntu Servers :: Connetion Errors For Sudo Apt-get Update / Solve This?

Mar 24, 2011

I have a connection error when i try to use
sudo apt-get apache2 install

I'm running a virtual server with ubuntu server installed as the OS. The physical server is windows 2008.

I have configured the interface for a static ip code...

I have configured my resolv.conf so it points to the correct nameserver ip

When i ping both an ip or a hostname everything is OK

but when i run

sudo apt-get update

I just get a load of connection errors and i cannot install any packages

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Ubuntu :: Install Msttcorefonts Using The Command 'sudo Apt-get Install Msttcorefonts'

Jan 26, 2011

I attempted to install msttcorefonts using the command 'sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts' something happened during the process. To get to the point, all my fonts in firefox are messed up (to the point that i can't read them). In the terminal, i'm getting an error that says E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem I don't really understand any of this yet.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Through Synaptics Or Sudo

Feb 24, 2010

ive just installed Karmic Koala and after updating and getting drivers i cant install anything whether it be through synaptics or sudo or the .deb it

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Ubuntu :: Sudo Apt-get Install Equivalent For OSX?

Apr 30, 2010

Im pretty much familiar with installing app packages in Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install.Is there anything similar for a Mac Book Pro ? Ubuntu has a single repo source of all the packages.What about Mac / OSX ? Does Apple have such a thing like iphone apps repository ?

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Ubuntu :: Sudo Apt-get Install Nasm?

Jun 18, 2010

trying to install nasm in Ubuntu10.04 Desktop when I use the command nasm, I get the following The program 'nasm' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install nasm

So naturally, I enter it as follows: ~$ sudo apt-get install nasm And then I get the following output:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Couldn't find package nasm

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Ubuntu :: Sudo Apt-Get Update And Install Disk?

Feb 19, 2011

Everytime I run sudo apt-get update, it updates most of my sources, and then asks for me to insert the installation disc, once I have it finishes. Do I have to insert the disc every time? it won't finish updating without it..

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Fresh Install - Sudo Not Working

Jun 17, 2011

Just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 sudo not working. This is the message I get.

hewjr@Hewjr:~$ sudo
usage: sudo -h | -K | -k | -L | -V
usage: sudo -v [-AknS] [-p prompt]
usage: sudo -l[l] [-AknS] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-U username] [-u username|#uid] [-g groupname|#gid] [command]
usage: sudo [-AbEHknPS] [-C fd] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] [-g groupname|#gid] [VAR=value] [-i|-s] [<command>]
usage: sudo -e [-AknS] [-C fd] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid] file ...

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Ubuntu :: Force Apt-get To Install With Errors?

Jan 11, 2010

I have a package on my system that has a missing dependency and I would like to install another piece of software via apt-get with out having to remove my software that is missing a dependency... Can I force it install the other package with out first running apt-get -f install?

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Ubuntu :: Sound Errors After 9.10 Install / Get Rid Of This?

Mar 10, 2010

I just did a clean install to 9.10 from 9.04. Sound seems to work just fine, but whenever I open up a video file I get this error in the corner:

Phonon:KDE's Multimedia Library

The audio playback device SiS Sl7012 with AD1986 (SiS Sl7012) does not work. Falling back to playing/recording through the PulseAudio sound server

Whats the best way to go about getting rid of this?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Following Command:Code:sudo Apt-get Install Ssl?

Jun 4, 2010

I ran the following command:Code:sudo apt-get install sslIt is suppose to give me SSL support for Apache 2.2, but I couldn't find any package information about it atA search only returns ssl-cert package.So what is in the ssl package for Lucid 10.04 LTS? How do I know what package contains what in the future?

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Ubuntu :: Install Gimp With The Terminal Command:sudo?

Jan 12, 2011

when i try to install gimp with the terminal command:sudo apt-get install gimpI get this Error(yes its in german i know):Die folgenden Pakete haben unerflte Abhngigkeiten: gimp : Hgt ab von: libpoppler-glib4 (>= 0.12) ist aber nicht installierbarE: Beschdigte Paketeit says, that the packet: libpoppler-glib4 is corrupt.i already tried to reinstall libpoppler-glib4, but it wouldnt let me

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OpenSUSE Install :: Any Way To Disable SU And Only Use Sudo

Aug 12, 2010

I am wondering what the easiest way for me to disable su and perform all root stuff using sudo, the way Ubuntu works. I am using a shared system, openSUSE 11.3, and notice that the only item that gets logged in su is who su'd. I need more information and sudo + command gets logged to /var/log/messages so I can see who did what and when. How can I get openSUSE 11.3 to work similiar to Ubuntu when it comes to running elevated commands or editing files that a normal user doesn't have rights to?

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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu 9.10 CD Install Bug - SR0 Read Errors

Jan 3, 2010

The install 9.10 CD has a bug and I can't continue with the install after booting up and selecting the language. My screen ends up having vertical green bars. Also get a bunch of sr0 read errors. I used the same CD to install on my laptop, which went well. I am currently using 9.04 and it work flawless

The mobo I am using
ECS GeForce7050M-M V2.0 motherboard features the NVIDIA Geforce7050PV/nForce 630a integrated chipset

On AMD dual x64
NVIDIA Geforce7050PV/nForce 630a
NVIDIA MCP68PVNT Single Chipset

On Chip (NVIDIAGeforce7050-based with 2D/3D graphic engine)
Integrated DirectX 9 graphics processor
Share Memory: Maximum up to 256MB

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Ubuntu :: Integrity Checks Before Install Always With Errors

Jun 30, 2010

I've tried to install Linux Ubuntu 9 on an HPmini 110, since this type of netbook doesnt have any optical unit (CD/DVD Reader) I decided to install Ubuntu from an USB flash drive, I created the booteable USB drive with Lili USB Creator, then when I reboot the HPMini and select the "check integrity" option before install, it's always the same error, when the check is finished it tells me "Encountered 1 error in 1 file" (With no description of this error whatsoever) even when Lili USB Creator previously did a succesfull integrity check of the same ISO I'm trying to install.

I'have installed this same version of linux before (on the same machine), from the same ISO image without this error, I also have tried with 3 different flash drives and lately even tried downloading again the ISO image of Ubuntu 10, I dont think is my hardware either since Ive tried to install this same image in 2 different laptops 1HPmini and 1 HPCompaq CQ60 with the same results at the integrity test.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Over Old XP Install - SQUASHFS Errors

Jan 19, 2011

I'm installing 10.10 on another laptop (after successful and enjoyable install on previous laptop) but am running into some snags:

-Inserting 10.10 disc I got in the mail from Ubuntu, laptop boots from CD as it should, logo pops up and install begins.

-Start getting a string of error messages, most of which are the "SQUASHFS" errors.

Is this an issue with my XP configuration? Would I be better suited to format the HD and erase XP and start from there?

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Debian :: Errors During Install Some App

Jul 16, 2015

I use debian 8 and sometime when I install some packages I see these errors

Code: Select allProcessing triggers for shared-mime-info (1.3-1) ...
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/mms'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/mmst'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/mmsu'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/pnm'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/rtspt'
Unknown media type in type 'uri/rtspu'
Processing triggers for man-db (

but app or packages installed

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Debian :: Errors When Trying To Install Via Apt-get

Jul 29, 2011

So I recently purchased a Linux Virtual server and I've got everything configured pretty much except for PHP5 for Apache. I keep getting this error when trying apt-get install php5 and apt-get update:


I checked my sources.list file and it's setup correctly, and I even added ftp.us.debian.org but it's still not working.I'm pretty familiar with Linux and can't figure this one out. The server is connected to the internet as I can access my websites from the internet and SSH into the server, and the firewall is configured to allow SSH, HTTP, and FTP. I believe apt uses HTTP and FTP so it shouldn't be blocking anything.

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Ubuntu :: Sudo Aptitude Install USplash - DPKG Interrupted

Jan 2, 2010

I was installing something, usplash, I think it was...
I ran $ sudo aptitude install usplash
and after it asked me if I wanted to install some aditional packages, it returned this:
E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.

I have seen this error before. I just ran the command
$ sudo dpkg --configure -a
And it returned this:
Setting up initramfs-tools (0.92bubuntu29) ...
update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)

Processing triggers for initramfs-tools ...
update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-
Cannot find /lib/modules/
update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-
dpkg: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1

I did an:
$ aptitude search initramfs-tools
and I noticed that it had a "C" next to it. I think this has something to do with the package not being configured correctly or at all. Also looks like it is trying to generate an initd, but missing something. That kernel name looks kinda funky, though...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Uninstall Sudo Apt-get Install Lamp-server^?

Jan 24, 2010

I've been searching around the net how to do this but I can't find any clues. I did this:

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^
But now I want to remove it. I've read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=510403


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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Install Package - Permissions Error While Using Sudo

Mar 17, 2010

tl;dr - sudo make -> operation not permitted, sudo chown -R 777
* -> operation not permitted on some of the files

I am trying to install a library. Sudo make is getting permission denied on file 1, while using regular make I am getting permission denied on file 2. I have noticed some of the directories in the library are under nobody:nogroup. I tried chown and sudo chown, both didn't work. Sudo chown got permission errors, while chown didn't change ALL the files. (operation not permitted once again) Tried sudo su, and working from there, that also did not work. (permission once again). Using lsattr returned "lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags on".

sudo chmod -R 777 *
chmod: changing permissions of `Makefile': Operation not permitted
chmod: changing permissions of `Makefile.am': Operation not permitted
chmod: changing permissions of `Makefile.in': Operation not permitted
chmod: changing permissions of `queue.c': Operation not permitted
chmod: changing permissions of `queue.h': Operation not permitted
chmod: changing permissions of `ucutil.h': Operation not permitted
Note the .libs folder not having write permission....

chmod -R 777 *
constantin@Nadfadfo:~/network_home/constantin/libraries/unicap/libunicap-0.9.8/common$ ls -la
total 68
drwxrwxrwx 4 constantin constantin 4096 2010-03-17 11:31 .
drwxrwxrwx 8 constantin constantin 4096 2010-03-17 11:31 ..
drwxrwxrwx 2 constantin constantin 4096 2010-03-17 11:31 .deps
drwxr-xr-x 2 nobody nogroup 4096 2010-03-17 11:31 .libs
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 15295 2010-03-17 11:31 Makefile
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 130 2010-01-17 08:17 Makefile.am
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 15262 2010-01-17 08:17 Makefile.in
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 6101 2010-01-17 02:49 queue.c
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 1667 2010-01-17 02:49 queue.h
-rwxrwxrwx 1 constantin constantin 125 2010-01-17 02:49 ucutil.h
System: Karmic Koala 64-bit

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Ubuntu :: Bash Sudo Scripts Fail To Work After Install Of 10.04

Aug 4, 2010

I had some bash scripts on Ubuntu 09.10 (mint version) that fail to work on Ubuntu 10.04. The line that fails is the following:

Code: # cat file_with_my-password.txt > sudo -S something cat: invalid option -- 'S' Try `cat --help' for more information. In my case "something" mounts some filesystems (that fail to load from fstab - bios "fake" raid 10), but I get the same error for any sudo command. It is the same script that used to work under 09.04 :-/

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Ubuntu :: Error: >> Sudo Sh Install >> Preparing Installation Files

Sep 15, 2010

I am trying to install matlab r2010b on ubuntu lucid and i obtain the following error:

>> sudo sh install
>> Preparing installation files ...
>> Installing ...
>> eval: 1: /tmp/mathworks_22884/java/jre/glnx86/jre/bin/java: Permission denied
>> Finished

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Ubuntu Installation :: Sudo Grub-install --root-directory ?

Nov 1, 2010

If I boot on a live-CD, then enter in a terminal the following commands:

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda
sudo umount /mnt

..does it install Grub-pc in /dev/sda1 ? even if Grub was already installed in /dev/sda1 ? Furthermore, are the 3 above commands equivalent to the below ones ?

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev
sudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys[code].....

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Ubuntu Servers :: Sudo Apt-Get Install Fails (Size Mismatch)

Dec 10, 2010

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop fails and has been failing for the last two days, I installed both the lto and the 10.10 newest, starts out OK and runs for about 5 minutes then finishes with many 'failed to fetch [URL] size mismatch issues. This is the first one after many installs over the last two years. Is there something going on with the US servers? On closer examination of running sudo apt-get update it seems to be fine till it hits the pool directory on the server, lucid main and lucid-updates are fine, breaks when it goes past those.

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