Ubuntu :: Run Locally Maps Program?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm planning a trip and google maps/bing maps/mapquest seem to not like to have too many points on the itinerary. Is there a good similar program that I can run locally?

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Ubuntu :: Run A Program Installed On A Remote PC Locally?

Feb 11, 2010

Is it possible to run a program installed on a remote Ubuntu PC on the local PC? What I'm talking about is different from simply sending the GUI over the network (like X tunelling). I want the program to use the processor of the local machine. Is this possible?
(Here's an example. PC 1 has a fast processor. PC2 has gimp installed on it but has a slow processor. Can PC2 make GIMP run on PC1's processor over the network?)

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General :: How To Run Program Remotely Via SSH But Display Locally

Mar 24, 2010

Is it possible for me to SSH to another server in Linux (Ubuntu), run a program there but display it locally?And is it possible for me to SSH to another server in my terminal,and configure it so that all graphical programs (Firefox, Emacs) run in that SSH session will be displayed locally?

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Server :: Mounting Nfs Files Locally - RPC Error - Program Not Registered

Jan 21, 2010

First of all, in whether I have interpreted this correctly: [url]

Where we want all users to be able to restore backups. This involves nfs exporting and mounting the backup directory ON THE SAME MACHINE, no...?

I have been trying to fix this all day, and can't figure out why its not working.

All my /etc/fstab /etc/exports /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny must be correct as the file mounts (after booting, but NOT ON booting) with:

All the necessary (I think) services are starting on boot:

On bootup I receive the error:


I have other filesystems mounted from another server which all mount fine. Its just this one.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program That Can Do Cross-browser Testing Of Basic Web Pages Locally

Feb 1, 2011

I'm looking for a program that can do cross-browser testing of basic web pages locally, without having to host them.

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General :: Program That Can Download Mail From A Server And Deliver Copies Locally?

Aug 31, 2011

Is there an open source application that can download e-mails from a generic POP mail server, keep a copy of the mails locally and then deliver copies to multiple accounts on a LAN? I have a friend who uses a group e-mail account, and more than one person is always hooked onto that account. The problem is they cannot leave e-mail on the server, as it eats out their webhosting space, but if someone downloads a message in Outlook, the other users do not see that message.

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General :: Installing A Library Locally In Home Directory But Program Doesn't Recognize It

Aug 18, 2011

I am installing a program on a server as a non-root user. Specifically it is tmux 1.5, but this should apply broadly to all locally installed program in my opinion (I mention the program name in case this problem ends up not being my own error).

The program requires me to install some dependent libraries (e.g. libevent and ncurses). So, I installed them both locally since I do not have root access

cd $HOME/library/installation/folder
./configure --prefix=$DIR
#... make ... make install


Ok, so this installs the program without problems into $HOME/local/bin, but if I run the executable: $HOME/local/bin/tmux , I get the following error:

tmux: error while loading shared libraries: libevent-2.0.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It would seem to me that the program cannot find the desired libraries, but the file libevent-2.0.so.5 does indeed exist in $HOME/local/lib as specified in the configure options. I am wondering how I can get the program to recognize the installed library in order to run. I tried putting symbolic links in $HOME/lib, $HOME/bin, and $HOME/local/bin, but none of these worked.

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Ubuntu :: USB Drive And Dev Entry Maps?

Oct 30, 2010

How do you find out which USB device in lsusb maps to what /dev entry? How do you find out which /dev entry maps to what /device entry? What about drives with multiple partitions?

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General :: Automounter Not Using NIS Maps?

Jan 3, 2011

Does anyone know how to get the autofs to use NIS maps to create mount points for NFS mounts? I see no reason to create a local /etc/auto.home just to add the line +auto.home. I am using CentOS 5.5.

What's really irking me is that I have 2 machines that work and others (freshly built) that don't and I haven't found the difference (yet)!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Load / Install Alien Arena Maps

Apr 17, 2010

how do i load/install Alien Arena maps??i downloaded the deathbox.zip from this site URL....

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General :: Ubuntu Incorrectly Maps Backslash And Pipe Keys?

Mar 7, 2011

I am having what I think is a slightly weird problem with the way some of my keys on my keyboard are mapped. When I try entering the "backslash" keys i get < and for the pipe key i get >. I have tried going through the keyboard layouts and trying other combinations but to no avail

System info
Keyboard: Standard
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS the Lucid Lynx - released in April 2010 and supported until April 2013.

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Debian Multimedia :: Xastir / Testing - No Maps

Sep 19, 2015

I am running fully updated stretch/sid with xfce. Xastir is installed from the repos. Imagemagick was installed during the system install.

I have tried using the OSM maps, but they do not display. When I start Xastir in a terminal i get the following:

Magick: No decode delegate for this image format ().

Could not allocate canvas to hold tiles.

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General :: Loading TomTom Nav 5 Maps To IPAQ

Jul 14, 2011

Using Linux and have an IPAQ that would like to get TomTom Navigator 5 running on. I've loaded TTN 5 exe on the IPAQ, but have not been able to get the maps loaded. The CD has the files listed as .CAB files, and I have used "cabextract" to extract those files to a directory in Linux. When I use the "file" command, I get that the extracted files are "Microsoft WinCE install header, architecture independent, 10 files, 1 registry file". Do not need TTN5 running on the PC, just want it on the IPAQ. The maps will be on an SD card as is the TTN5 exe. Still get "no maps found" error from TT5 on IPAQ with all the files extracted from one region map put onto the SD card.

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Server :: Maps / Restrictions Clarification - Postfix

Nov 22, 2010

I seem to be able to install / configure Postfix server in 10 minutes as an MTA for a single domain but my struggle is really understanding the maps / restrictions which even after reading "The Book of Postfix" is not very clear to me:


My question is between those commonly used three maps above, what are the difference between them and how do I know when to use one over the other? Can someone clearly explain them to me? Here's what I have in my 'main.cf' but honestly I couldn't tell you if they're correct or now:


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Debian :: Google Maps Street View And Iceweasel

May 20, 2015

I've been a Debian convert for several years now, and generally use the Iceweasel browser (currently 31.7.0) supplied in the Debian repo. I've noticed that since Google Maps added 3-D effects to its Street View interface, and changed things up a bit, that it siezes Iceweasel. You can't "drive" the streets without the screen hanging. I'm running Debian 8 AMD64, and the free Noveau drivers for a Radeon 7570 video chipset. And I duplicated the problem on another PC with an onboard Intel video chipset.

Here's what I attempting in debugging things:

1. Installed the latest Adobe flash (not sure this was necessary).
2. Tried using the non-free ATI drivers, but ran into issues and removed those.
3. Tried tinkering with about:config webgl settings -- but there's a number of those, and I didn't know the minimal number to tweak, so I reverted back to defaults.
4. And unless I'm simply missing something, the "Lite View" option for Google Maps seems to have recently disappeared.

So Google Maps Street View still wasn't working. Then I stumbled across some references to using "force=webgl" as an URL parm in Google Maps: [URL] ....

Out of curiosity then, thinking the issue is not at my end at all, I downloaded the User Agent Switcher for Iceweasel and changed my agent's response to the latest Firefox on Windows 8.1. Reloaded the Google Maps Street View, and bingo -- it works great. Google doesn't like Iceweasel because of that name in the user agent?

This is a klunky method of using Street View, and I have filed an issue with Google (but I give that about as much odds as writing one's congresscritter). Or is there some easier way to use Iceweasel with Google Maps Street View by making more about:config webgl tweaks?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Winbind UID GID Maps Are Not Correct From Two Diffeernt Servers

Apr 8, 2010

Centos 5.4 64bit fully updated. What I am doing is vsftpd is setup and nfs shares are mounted to a NAS server which is running openfiler 2.3 fully updated. openfiler is winbind to AD and pulling users and groups over.

I have it confirmed working when a ftp users connects the username/password is authenticated against AD which works. User can login and is directed to the users folder on the nfs share.

Openfiler shows me UID and GID numbers for users and groups, centos also shows me UID and GID but they are different which is causing permissions/quota's to not work right.

Both servers are setup with krb and winbind, openfiler has a more recent version of winbind.

Here is an example...

AD Users are

user UID of 160010 as an example
user1 UID 160011

When user logs into the vsftp server it works and chrooted into the directory for that user. When user uploads files I can upload but the UID in the ftp client shows 1600011 which is user1 UID

logging into windows to that share shows in the security tab that user1 uploaded the files.

Centos is mapping user as 160011
openfiler is mapping user as 160010
windows is showing the user1 in the security tab.

So it appears that centos is not mapping the right numbers to the right users and groups.

If you need details please ask for it and I will provide.

Both configs are nearly a match and I have made small changes to the config files smb.conf but it failed resolve these issues to work so I reverted back. kinit works with authentication, getent works, wbinfo -a and -u works. wbinfo -u user shows different results on both servers, but authentication works user/password and I tried a different password to test.

Is this a known bug or a silly misconfiguration? I had authentication GUI tool configure the winbind stuff so its all fairly standard on the centos machine and the openfiler gui configure winbind configs.

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Software :: Create Some Distance Between Sets Of Child Nodes In Freemind Maps?

May 21, 2011

what i'm trying to do is create some distance between sets of child nodes in my freemind maps. See the attached png file to see what im getting at. Is there a way to do this, other than using clouds?

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Server :: POSTFIX - Virtual Domain And Alias Maps Results In 'unknown User'

Aug 16, 2009

I've setup postfix using mysql tables and all works except for sending to an alias. The mysql logs show that postfix is only looking at the mailbox table for where to deliver the mail for the alias. However it is not looking in the virtual alias maps table. There are no complaints from postfix on startup to indicate that there is anything wrong, and if I send to a virtual domain listed as a relay on the server it does look up the virtual alias table... even though the domain is not hosted on the server....

So the question I have is where to look next? The mysql log shows the expected lookups from postfix EXCEPT for the virtual alias map queries.... why would it not be checking the table? Since it is not looking up the virtual alias it bounces the addresses back to sender complaining that the user doesn't exist... It does deliver to a virtal mailbox, however again it never checks the vitual alias table.... so it only delivers since there's a mailbox for it rather than needing an alias...

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Ubuntu :: Tightvncserver Maps M To Panel Envelope And S To Panel 'power Switch'?

Apr 30, 2010

When I start the tightvncserver (vncserver -geometry 1600x1024 :1) and then connect to it with a vncviewer (tightvnc 1.3.0 on Win7 or vncviewer on 9.10) and then start a terminal (gnome-terminal or xterm) the m key it opens the envelope tab on the panel. The 's' key opens the shutdown applet.This did not happen on 9.10, or earlier

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Ubuntu :: DNS Works Only Locally

Jan 3, 2011

I have tried to host a website at home (consider it a good option and learning experience). After using some Linux distros finally decided to stick with UBUNTU (10.10). Sadly everything was ok until the configuration of BIND9 finally failed.

I am nearly blind with most concepts of networking, my understanding is really basic and am guessing my problem is on that direction but really can not figure it out.

My set up is based on a guide found at [url] and have just changed the domain name so my configuration files are:

And for the reverse zone:

My resolv.conf file looks as follows:

With the last three lines being the IP of my ISP DNSs and declared in /etc/bind/named.conf.options as formwarders.

The output of named-checkzone arquibailleres.com is:


When my BIND service is restarted its output log clearly states that the zones are added and indicates "sending notifies" yet by using dig and ping everything works nicely but when I try to connect to the site from an external computer my site simply is not recognised.

Ping output:

Dig output:

I have rented a static IP address, but still when looking for my global address I see:

To me it looks like it is working, but I already mentioned that my understanding of that stuff is really poor, I have finally ran the "port scan tool" under System -> Administration -> Network Tools and it indicates that my port 53 is assigned to "domain" and open, also port 80 is open for www.

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Ubuntu :: Python Will Only Importing Locally

Mar 5, 2010

I am having a problem with Python. I type "import" and it will not import. It will only import locally.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Access SSH Remotely But Can Locally

Oct 10, 2010

I've got an SSH server setup on my box which is running locally fine. I can connect to it through my local laptop but when I try to connect through the internet either via my IP or using the DynamicDNS I have setup both get an operation timed out message.I've got firestarter running with an inbound policy to allow connections from any host to port 22. I've also gone into my Netgear router and selected to forward any inbound connections to port 22 to the IP of the box that's got the SSH server on it.

Even with all this the connection just isn't being made. I've also tried temporarily setting the DMZ option on the router to forward all inbound connections to the IP of the Ubuntu box but still get the same Operation time out. Is there any other options that wouldn't allow remote connections via SSH? Or am I missing something hugely obvious here? Maybe it's possible to connect to SSH via a different port or something?I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 and have installed openssh-server via Synaptic. Would be great to get this working so I can use it as a tunnel from work and access the VNC, which I've been told should be done via SSH anyway.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Visit Webpages Folder Locally

Jan 4, 2010

now when i key the server ip on my 2nd pc it brings up the It Works default page (Apache2), but when i visit a subfolder which has wordpress-mu installed in i get a 403 forbidden error... how to i enable myself to view this particular folder? here's the .htaccess file on the wordpress mu folder:


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Ubuntu Networking :: SSH Through HTTP Proxy Locally

Feb 18, 2010

I'm behind a very blocked firewall that only allows connections through port 80 and 443. I wish to ssh to my machine at home, but the port is blocked. Is there a simple server that I can run to route my ssh connection through http?

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Ubuntu :: GDM: Logging On Locally Without Entering Password?

Jun 10, 2010

Any idea how to log a user in without a password in GDM? I've found this archived thread but it doesn't appear to do anything when I tried what it says: [URL] I'm not looking for auto-login. I'd simply like one user to be able to click on his name and it will log in without prompting for a password.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Run A X Window Application Locally?

Aug 2, 2010

I'm adding a GUI to my server for specific admin tasks (Xubuntu desktop), and the major one I have in mind is MythTV setup, which uses X server. How can I run an X session locally? Ie. I'm looking to VNC into my server, then from there start an app that displays mythtv-setup in an X environment.

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Networking :: Set Up A Website Locally (within A LAN)?

Aug 9, 2010

How would I set up a website that would be only accessible locally. There's a router machine (server) that keeps provides internet access for a number of client machines. I need to set up a learning platform (moodle) locally. The server machine runs moodle server (apache server) and students should have access to their accounts locally (no need to be accessible outside of LAN). First of all, what would be the best network configuration for it.Sorry for a dumb question, but could I just come up with any domain name if everything stays locally within LAN?

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General :: Host A Website Locally On Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

Jul 18, 2010

I can't reach my website via http. I'm not sure but I think I just need to unblock port 80. But I can't find where a firewall has even been installed on my machine. ufw status returns inactive. sudo aptitude search firewall shows nothing installed.

Nslookup mydomain.com returns the correct IP. Pinging works.

But typing in the domain name or IP through the web browser just results in a "Network Timeout...Taking too long to respond."

Wget just hangs looking for MySiteName.com:80

VirtualHost has been set up and apache restarted. Site works fine with the ServerAlias I have assigned in my hosts file.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mount A Remote (ftp/ssh) Directory Locally

Jan 15, 2010

If you use Nautilus then you can just use the "Connect to server" from the file menu. However if you file manager does not support connecting to servers (like Thunar ) then you can use sshfs.

sudo apt-get install sshfs
You should create a directory as your mount point, say
mkdir /media/Server


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Ubuntu :: Ssh Commands Execute Locally Instead Of On The Remote Computer?

Jul 12, 2010

I can ssh to the remote computer OK, but the commands execute on the local machine, not the remote machine as they should. After much frustration I did the following hoping to clear the problem. I turned off all machines on my LAN, the hub and the router. I then rebooted everything in the reverse sequence - cable modem, router, hub, and then the computers.Then I reinstalled ssh on both machines.

sudo apt-get purge openssh-server openssh-client
sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client
sshd in now running and port 22 shows on both machines. However the problem persists.

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