Ubuntu :: Resolution During Bootup, Shutdown, Switching Users, And The Theme Icons Look Very Grainy & Cheap?

Nov 4, 2010

I have a problem where the resolution during bootup, shutdown, switching users, and the theme icons look very grainy & cheap. It might have started when I booted in failsafe graphics mode and after that, it never went away. Could be wrong about how it happened but is there a way to get out of failsafe mode? Or a way to reconfigure default, normal graphics?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Desktop Without Icons On Bootup

Dec 18, 2009

I installed Linux about a week ago, so I'm really new to it. I have been having some problems with it, when I start my laptop sometimes it shows my desktop background but never seems to load all the icons and everything it sits there with the mouse pointer and a the desktop background screen without icons. The second problem is that when I suspend it I can never get the screen to work again not even by moving the mouse or typing anything in.

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Debian :: How To Log Bootup And Shutdown Messages (with Systemd)

Jun 23, 2015

During the boot-sequence of jessie there is more text flying by on the screen (including some errors or warnings) than I can read thorugh fast enough. I don't think this is very serious stuff, and if it were I could always look at dmesg and or syslog i /var/log but I would find it really convenient to log these messages in a file instead of sifting through or grep-ing dmesg.

When duckduckgoing this matter I found [URL] ....

I installed tried bootlogd but when configuring it to "yes" and rebooting nothing comes up in /var/log/boot.

Then I saw this line in above link

If you use systemd as your init system, you may need to use systemctl to debug boot problems.

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Ubuntu :: Bootup And Shutdown Screens Have Ugly Terminal Text

May 4, 2010

My home desktop computer upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 without any problems. However, after all was said and done, the boot up and shut down screens look like crap. They are all in terminal text, and without any graphics. I have attached pictures of what they look like. This can't be right. Is there a way I can set the system to use the proper graphics when booting up and shutting down? I like my computer to be pretty.

This is what it does for most of the boot process:
It does this just before the screen where I enter my password.
This is how it looks when it shuts down:

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Fedora :: Can't Even Log Out Or Shutdown Without Switching To A TTY?

Nov 22, 2009

Recently upgraded to Fedora 12 and I installed the Moblin Desktop Environment with

yum groupinstall "Moblin Desktop Environment" The DE works but there are no applications of anykind installed except for volume control and network devices, I can't even log out or shutdown without switching to a TTY.

I have used moblin before and I'm assuming I am just missing some part of the environment? How can I get those base apps installed?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 / Gnome Flakey Auto Bootup & Shutdown

Mar 29, 2010

I didn't notice any relevant complaints regarding 11.2 in the archives. The bootup & shutdow may be different problems. Randomly my recent install boots up fine or hangs with a blank black screen. A Ctl Alt F2 gets me to a prompt. Startx returns a lockfile comment that X is already running.

From here I can shut 11.2 down and restart it OK. There must be a bootlog kept in /var somewhere. I haven't tried the non-automatic bootup. The shutdown randomly drops back to the logout screen. Usually a shutdown command from there will shut it down. Sometimes shutdown doesn't work, but restart will finish the shutdown.

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Fedora Hardware :: Resolution Resets On Bootup - NVidia?

Feb 21, 2010

When I reboot my machine, the login screen looks fine, but then when it actually goes into Gnome, the resolution is always reset to a 4:3 resolution that looks horrible on my new 24" 16:9 monitor. When I launch the nVidia X Server Settings application, I can change it back to the monitor's native resolution of 1920x1080 without issue. When I click "Save to X Configuration File" I get an error message stating, "Unable to remove old X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'."

I'm not sure if this is causing the problem or not. I'm running F12. The graphics card is an nVidia GeForce G100, which connects to a no-name 24" LCD monitor that I just picked up. The monitor has VGA and DVI inputs. I'm running an HDMI cable from the nVidia card, into an HDMI-->DVI adapter, and then into the DVI port on the monitor. I used it for 2 days connecting DVI-only from the nVidia and didn't have this problem.


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Ubuntu :: Killing Application When Switching Users?

Jan 15, 2010

I have POPFile in my startup applications. I know how to automatically kill it when login out but cannot find a way to kill it if I just switch users (other than manually stopping it). It's important to kill it when using the switch users function because the new user will have access to the old user's POPFile database, have access to his email, etc, if I do not.I have a "lynx -dump &>/dev/null" line in my /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default file that shuts down POPFile at log out. I need to do the same or something similar when switching user. Is there a way?

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Ubuntu :: Switching Users Hung On Screen?

Jun 13, 2010

my mother woke up and came in here to get online and when I hit her name on the sign in screen its just stuck with her name on the screen So she woke up me and I hit CANCEL SIGN IN and now its stuck on CANCELING..... And its been like that for 10 min I am too scared to do ctrl alt backspace because its going to log me off of everything

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Ubuntu :: Switching Between Users Locks Up Computer - 10.04 And 10.10

Oct 15, 2010

Since upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04, the "Switch User" functionality no longer works. I had hoped that upgrading to 10.10 might resolve the issue, but no joy. I am using 32bit Ubuntu 10.10 on a Levono R51 laptop, with three users. 9.10 was installed from a LiveCD, and I have partitioned the hard drive so that OS is in the first partition, and the three home directories are in the second partition (just in case I need to do a complete re-installation from LiveCD). Most of time only one person uses the laptop, but if a second person tries to switch from the current session and log in, they are greeted with the following;

-- a black horizontal line (approx top quarter of the screen)
-- a purple background with the Ubuntu title and 5 red dots (lower 3/4 of screen) -- but no login screen
-- moving the mouse renders a white box (approx 1x1 inches) with some black marks

The original user can recover their session with Ctrl-Alt-F7, but this essentially makes the laptop only usable for one person (one active login) unless the original user logs off.

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Ubuntu :: Switching Users Freezes Workstation Temporarily

Aug 3, 2010

I have been experiencing issues when switching users since my last update; I filed a bug, but I was interested if anybody else was having the same problem:URL...In a nutshell the computer freezes temporarily during the switch user process. The longer it is running, the longer the freeze lasts. When frozen the screen is black except for a mouse pointer; but the mouse and keyboard are not responsive including the usual X command keys (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-Alt-Bksp, Ctrl-Alt-F1, etc.).When I get the chance I am going to rollback gdm to see if that makes a difference.

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Ubuntu :: No Plymouth Theme On Boot / Shutdown

May 19, 2010

I cant get a bootsplash image at all during boot/shutdown. Anyways I tried some solutions and kinda realized I dont have /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash. Could that possibly be it? And if so, how do I fix this. 10.04 Nvidia graphics Is there another solution to plymouth? I tried splashy and usplash wont install. So anyone else know a way.

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Slackware :: Some Icons Not Obeying Its Theme / Fix Them?

Dec 8, 2010

I thought I'd try a dark gtk theme (slackware 13.1, xfce). But I find that some of my Faenza icons have updated to their dark counterpart as expected (ie light colored text in the panel clock, menus etc, but some haven't (icons within google chrome, clipman tray icon..).

Some I can replace directly, like changing wicd tray icons with ones from gnome-look or somewhere, but some I don't know how to fiddle with, like the chrome and clipman ones.

The same thing happens whichever dark gtk theme I use.

Why isn't the icon theme being universally followed? Any ideas?

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Ubuntu :: Change Icon Theme But Keep Icons In The Taskbar?

Apr 25, 2010

I really like the new, MacOS-like icons in the taskbar. The problem is that if I change the icon theme (to something else than the themes present in ubuntu by default;e the Shiki-Wise theme) the nice icons in the taskbar are gone too. Is there a way of keeping those?

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Ubuntu :: Theme Icons Change When Locale Is Changed?

May 3, 2010

I installed Ubuntu for the ability to easily change the system wide locale and language settings.However I've noticed a strange thing when logging in to my account with Japanese set as the language. Although I'm using the default "Ambiance" theme, the folder icons in Nautilus and some other styling seem to change to a different (much uglier) theme. For example on the top panel the network connection icon also reverts to an blue computer screen icon from the other theme, although other icons on the panel and the rest of the styling remains as the correct theme!

I'm now back in English locale, and my theme is normal again. In fact I don't even see the ugly other theme in the theme selector window. I haven't noticed this problem using other languages such as French and Russian.It's only a stylistic theme, but it's really ugly and really bugging me. what might be going wrong?EDIT***********************Ok I just logged back in again using the Japanese locale in order to post a screencap, and of course the problem has vanished now! I already logged in and out a number of times earlier to see if it would solve the problem and it didn't

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Ubuntu :: Good Conky Theme With Faenza Icons

Jun 10, 2011

does anyone know of a good conky theme with faenza icons that works well on netbooks with 1024x600 resolution?

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General :: Switching Users In A Bash Script?

Mar 29, 2011

I want to execute a bash script that switches user and then executes a series of commands. None of this users have root privileges. I guess I have to edit the sudoers file to give user1 (the user executing the script) privileges to be able to log as user2 with no password prompt. I've been looking for this example but I haven't found any.

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Ubuntu :: USB Devices Not Mounting When Switching Users / Logging On With Different User

Feb 28, 2010

I have an external USB drive that is NTFS. It mounts fine under my account and my wife's, but only if I fully shut-down the computer between switching. While switching users or logging out then in with a different account it will not mount the drive. I am not sure what to do... but we both access data from the same drive.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Getting Black Screen When Switching Users In Lucid 10.4?

May 3, 2010

I just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.4. I am having the following problem:

When I attempt to switch from the user that I am currently logged into, to another user who is also logged in, I get a black screen.

To elaborate, here is the exact sequence of events:

- Boot ubuntu and login to user A
- Then Click on power menu (top right corner) and select: Switch from A
- I get the login screen
- I select user B and enter my password


I did try to change my session (at the login screen) to gnome-failsafe, xterm, even kde, but still I get the black screen.

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Fedora :: Icons Missing In Fedora Icons Theme?

Nov 24, 2009

yesterday I upgraded my Fedora installation via preupgrade from 11 to 12.Now there are some icons missing! If I go to the 'System' menu in the panel, there are no icons at all.If then I select the 'Settings' submenu, all of its icons are visible.I figured out that the package redhat-menus and fedora-icon-theme make up the representation of this icons and reinstalled them. Then I additionally executed 'gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-64 > /etc/gtk-2.0/x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu/gdk-pixbuf.loaders' (I read this somewhere in the forum).
But nothing happend so far?!

I made further efforts trying to find out the icon of the System Configuration Menu (Syst -> Administration). The file '/usr/share/desktop-directories/SystemConfig.directory' contains the icon that should be displayed for the System->Administration menu. This file contains the line: Icon=preferences-system Good so far.I thought that selecting the gnome icon theme would fix this problem, but this also didn't help!Now I'm at the end of my knowledge (or I don't want to rename single icons to match the names required)...

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Slackware :: Theme Icons Missing In Thunderbird?

Mar 4, 2010

After the massive upgrades for Slackware64-current, I am now missing all the panel icons in Thunderbird. I even downloaded a couple of new themes, but I still have no icons. I am current with -current, except for Thunderbird, where I am still using

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Ubuntu Networking :: Manager Tray Icon Disappear When Switching Between Users?

Apr 26, 2010

I'm facing an odd issue with my Ubuntu 10.04. So, I have WLAN activated and working on my user account. Then I switch to another account on the same computer and nm-applet tray icon disappears! I have activated the option that all users may use the WLAN connection, but the tray-icon doesn't show up for other users. Only the one who logs in first sees it. Network connection is working properly, but the tray icon would be handy.

Trying to start nm-applet manually in terminal results in an error saying that nm-applet is already running (sure it is, on the first account that logged in). But is it possible to have the tray icon visible for all users?

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Debian :: Plymouth Theme Not Working On Shutdown?

Mar 2, 2011

I installed plymouth theme "spacefun" on Debian Squeeze. It working nicely on booting. But not working on shutdown.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Icon Not Matching Theme Icons?

Oct 3, 2010

how to change this icon to match the theme. Seems to be to only application so far that has not picked up the correct icon. The quick launch icon is correct, but not the task manager icon. It seems to be picking it up from some other location before using the one in the theme file.

Under root/usr/lib/firefox there are some default icons. Also under root/usr/share/pixmaps there are a couple icons for firefox. All these match the one pictured. The icon under root/usr/share/apps is the correct one for the theme. These are the only locations that I am aware of with exception of the theme file.

Would renaming the icons under lib/firefox and share/pixmaps force it to use the themed icon?

It seems that this firefox icon is a problem with any icon theme that I use.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Incorrect Ambiance Icons After Upgrade / Remove Them - Get That Default Theme?

Oct 12, 2010

I recently upgraded from Lucid to Maverick... I did not notice this earlier but the icon theme (for example, in the nautilus toolbar) is not the same as ambience theme. Although I chose all the defaults for ambience theme by going to 'System' > 'Preferences' > 'Appearance'. I think the current icons I have are remnants from some previous installations. How do I remove them and get to the ambiance default theme?

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Fedora :: Shutdown And Restart Icons Have Disappeared?

Feb 7, 2010

I'm running Fedora 11 with KDE desktop. Yesterday I installed several updates, including a kernel update. Now the Shutdown and Restart icons have disappeared from the Leave menu, which only contains the icons for "Logout", "Lock", "Switch User", "Suspend to Ram" and "Suspend to Disk". I had "Shutdown" and "Restart" icons in my Favorites menu, but when selected they open a "Logout" dialogue.

I can Shutdown and Restart from the command line, but would like to restore the capability to do it from the icons. Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix?

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Debian Multimedia :: Stretch With Gnome And Cinnamon - Computer Hangs While Switching Users

Sep 10, 2015

I'm using Debian Stretch with Gnome and Cinnamon. My desktop computer sports an nvidia geforce 970 gpu (this may be relevant, and it is the reason I had to go with stretch.) I'm not a very experienced linux user but I get along fine.

I'm sharing my computer with my mom and whenever we have to switch users, the computer seems to shut down for 35 seconds: the screen doesn't receive signal anymore. After a new user is chosen, it takes another 35 seconds to get to her session. This is embarassing because my os runs on an ssd and everything else is nice and fast. At first I thought it may be a matter of us two not using the same window manager or not using the "default" window manager, but changing window managers didn't work.

Today I learned about the existence of /var/log/syslog and I decided to check what happened to it when I switched users. I can't post the whole log of what happens because it is too big, but I put it on pastebin : [URL] ....

I understand almost nothing of what is written here, but I saw some interesting things:

- after 35 seconds intervals where nothing is logged, there is a stall on cpu detected (lines 68, 500)
- my gpu seems to have something to do in all this

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Ubuntu :: Low Screen Resolution - Desktop Icons Appear Big

Feb 9, 2010

Trying to install the driver for my intel chipset graphics, I edited my xorg.conf and probably did something wrong. Because everytime I log in, desktop icons appear very big, because of the low screen resolution. I fixed and set the screen resolution to normal scale for my display, but when I reboot, the screen resolution returns to its original scale with big desktop icons irritating me.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3.6.15 Images Grainy

Mar 19, 2011

I've noticed that after an update, possibly a week ago, that Firefox 3.6.15 images are grainy. If you look at the attached image, you'll see that the banner is grainy and jagged. The fonts appear on this news site to be okay although frequently the fonts are messed up as well. Don't mind the personal bookmarks toolbar, I smudged it on purpose. BTW, the same page in Chromium looks as it should.

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Ubuntu :: Authenticate Shutdown - Other Users Still Logged In

Apr 6, 2010

I installed a few media servers to stream something to my PS3 over the weekend, but now when trying to shutdown the computer, I'm asked to authenticate with a password since other users are still logged in. I installed quite a few programs over the weekend trying to get it to work, so I can't remove a specific one. Is there a way to see which daemons are logged in under a different session? Found it. It turned out to be mythtv.

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