Ubuntu :: Paros Proxy For 11.04?

Jul 17, 2011

I'm not sure if this is in the right categories but anyway. i am trying to get paros proxy running for a security class that i am taking. the problem that i am having is getting paros to open. when i click the .jar file nothing happens. i extracted the program, mozembedlinux-gtk2 and once again nothing happens.


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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Paros - Where Should The Program Be?

Oct 31, 2010

I am using ubuntu 10.4. I have just installed paros in my ubuntu. But I can NOT find. Where should the program be?

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Networking :: Squid Proxy Server On Ubuntu And WPAD - Proxy Auto Detection?

Dec 9, 2010

Currently my DHCP Server is working now what i want to have is auto detection of squid proxy in any browser but I still got an error in my dhcp server when I restart it.

My Config:

# DHCP configuration generated by Firestarter
ddns-update-style interim;
ignore client-updates;


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Fedora :: TOR Onion Routing - Set Proxy For HTTP And HTTPS In Firefox But Say's 'unknown Proxy'

Jul 7, 2010

I've been trying to make myself anonymous, but I cant find 'Tor' anywhere, tried 'yum & kpackagekit' neither have it. I did find 'Privoxy', installed it, set proxy for HTTP and HTTPS in Firefox, but it says 'unknown proxy' when I try to use it! I've been to the Privoxy web site and read through the 'User manual', but most of it is 'geek' to me!

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Server :: Set Up Squid3 Proxy As A Transparent Proxy & Iptables Config

Feb 23, 2011

I am trying to set up my squid3 proxy as a transparent proxy - right now, I have to manually configure browsers to access via proxy. I understand that I have to put some rules into Iptables and also some further directives in the squid.conf.

I have a couple of specific questions. The proxy server is running on a Ubuntu 10.04 workstation and this machine also acts as a dhcp server for the network. I have just one subnet , namely There is only 1 network card. Is it much easier to put in a second network card or is it just as easy to configure the existing lan card as a dual IP?

Is it necessary to configure these 2 IP's ( whether they are via 2 lan cards or dual IP on single card ) to be on different subnets. i.e ETH0 and ETH1 or is ok to have something like ETH0 and ETH1 ( where ETH0 is the one facing the LAN and ETH1 points to the modem router / switch i.e The Internet ) Where specifically do I save the Iptables rule configuration file and what must I call it ?

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General :: Convert HTTP Proxy To SOCKS Proxy?

Feb 27, 2010

I've been doing some security testing in a lab environment that does not have direct internet access. It's actually a little complicated: From home to connect to my lab machine, I

1. SSH to machineA.
2. SSH from machineA to machineB

where machineB is my actual lab machine. neither machineA or machineB allow anything other than SSH, and machineB is only accessible from machineA. However, I really need to run yum on machineB. I have managed to get internet access via Firefox on machineB by creating a series of SOCKS proxy via SSH.

1. machineB: ssh -L 12345:localhost:12345 user@machineA
2. machineA: ssh -D 12345 user@machineC
3. machineB: configure firefox to use socks proxy, localhost, 12345

where machineC has internet without limits placed. This is the only way I have managed to get internet working. I tried using ssh -L all the way from machineB->machineA->machineC but it didn't work (even when setting Firefox to use http proxy). I tried using ssh -D all the way, but again that doesn't work either.

I do have access via Firefox using socks proxy. However, yum update fails to retrieve mirror list, and from what I have found I don't believe yum supports socks proxy directly. Instead, it uses http_proxy / ftp_proxy. how to get yum to go out over the SOCKS proxy I created (same one using in Firefox)? It seems like since Firefox can access the internet and everything without issues, i should be able to get yum to tunnel through the same connection to access everything.... I tried


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General :: Force Wget Proxy To Non Environment Proxy?

Aug 17, 2010

is there a way to force wget to use a specific squid proxy when making connections ? - I use a squid proxy normally, but I need this specific request to go via a different one. I dont have to use wget, I just need a way to test squid's blocking rules by requesting various pages through it, this proxy is not my normally proxy on the network and so I cant rely on wget taking the environment variable.

Also, this is as part of a script, so anything that avoids editing wget config files would be best. - Perhaps curl can do this ? - currently im using the exit code of wget to determine if the connection was made.

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Fedora :: Switch Between A Proxy And No Proxy Connection For Yum?

Sep 1, 2009

I am working on fc10. I connect to internet using two connections: with proxy and without proxy. Initially I had some problem in configuring yum for proxy and I resolved it by creating files proxy.sh and proxy.csh in /etc/profile.d with the required details (export_proxy).Now when I connect to my connection without proxy I have some problems .Whenever I try to do yum update I get the following error:

"[URL]: [Errno 12] Timeout: <urlopen error timed out> Trying other mirror. Error: failure: repodata/primary.xml.gz from adobe-linux-i386: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try." what changes do I need to make in order to use yum in the connection without proxy?

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Networking :: Forwarding All Traffic To The Proxy To Another Proxy

Oct 28, 2009

At the moment I have a proxy and all the users have to configure it in the browser to access internet. I want to make the users able to browse even without configuring the proxy in the browser. but eventually it should be received in the proxy rather than giving an error to the user. I heard with transparent proxy I can redirect all the traffic from a particular network, to a particular host( ie my existing proxy).

I tried this using firewall rules. But then the existing proxy doesn't understand the protocol of the requests. I heard that it should be in the kind of proxy protocol.

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Networking :: Browser Using Proxy Not Using Proxy's IP?

Feb 23, 2010

I've setup squid proxy st time on centos 5.This is my current setup.squid.conf:Quote:acl our_networks src ttp_access allow our_networksQuote:

internet -- modem -- Firewall --switch--squid proxy (
--client workstation ((
(client workstation is connected to the same switch as the squid proxy)


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Ubuntu :: Using Apt-get Behind Proxy

Aug 2, 2010

I have just upgraded from kubuntu 9.10 to kubuntu 10.04. Earlier my apt-get was working after setting http_proxy and ftp_proxy variables in .bashrc. But now in Kubuntu 10.04 apt-get is not working?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Apt-get Through ISA Proxy?

Jul 11, 2011

I've configured Synaptic to go through an ISA proxy and that works. I can install programs and install updates. Trying to get apt-get to go through the proxy as well, but without success. Using info on the web, I've added the following lines to /etc/bash.bashrc:

export http_proxy=http://myname:mypasswdhere@theproxy:8080/
export ftp_proxy=http://myname:mypasswdhere@theproxy:8080/
Error message
wim@ubuntuserver:~$ sudo apt-get update
[sudo] password for wim:


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Ubuntu :: Get Up With Proxy?

Sep 1, 2011

i installed LAMP on my computer because i am a web developer and need a place where i can read and write PHP among other things. The only problem is that i do not have a constant IP address for mysql to use because i usually just leech off of other peoples wifi in thus, i never have the same ip address.

now my question is, is there a way to get up with proxy so that i can constantly have the same ip address being out put? but accept Internet connections from different ones coming in?

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Ubuntu :: No Proxy For Apt - Remove?

Jun 12, 2010

I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on my laptop. While in company i need to setup proxy to use apt. At home, of course, proxy is not needed. I have used System->preferences->network proxy to change proxy to direct internet access. however, it seems apt still tries to use the proxy i set before in company. I checked /etc/apt/apt.conf, /etc/environment, there is no proxy settings at all ... so i dont know how to remove proxy settings for apt.

One thing i notice is that http_proxy, ftp_proxy, https_proxy is always pointing to the proxy i set before. If i unset e.g. http_proxy, and then try to use apt, e.g.
sudo apt-get install sshfs I will get following errors:

E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?

If i open another command window, http_proxy is still there and pointing to original proxy ....

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Ubuntu Networking :: How To Set The Proxy

Aug 12, 2010

I just installed the Lucid server, set IP address, Default gateway and Preferred DNSs and need to be able to use apt-get. Right now this is not possible and my guess is that I have not set the proxy used in my LAN (which is cause I have no clue how to do it.I can ping every other machine locally but not on the Internet...

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up A Proxy For The Web?

May 30, 2011

is there anyway for me to dl a proxy or use a proxy on ubuntu? other than the web based ones. i looked into using system->preferences->network proxy, but that stuff went way over my head. can someone explain this to me? how would i go about setting up a proxy for the web and using it effectively?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install SOCKS Proxy

Jan 18, 2010

How can I install SOCKS proxy?

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Ubuntu :: Use Of Implementing A Reverse Proxy?

Feb 13, 2010

What is a Reverse Proxy? And what is the use of implementing a Reverse Proxy???

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Ubuntu :: Connect To Internet Via A Proxy?

Feb 26, 2010

I am new to ubuntu,
my network connection is using a proxy, I have edited the FireFox preferences and set the proxy connection parameters, and could connect to the Internet,
But not via the Terminal,
when I am using the command : wget http://......the link I am trying to download....
I got an error, as the Terminal can not connect via the proxy, in another word to use the proxy parameters.he proxy !

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Ubuntu :: Adobe AIR Proxy Authentication

Mar 10, 2010

I have an issue with Adobe AIR, which I use to run Tweetdeck. It keeps on asking me to authenticate for my proxy server - every time Tweetdeck tries to load someone's avatar, for instance, which is making it pretty unusable right now.

I'm not sure why it's doing this, other than that I've just upgraded to 9.10 (well, to Mint 8, actually, but I would think the issue is the same). I've got all my proxy settings working, and indeed AIR seems to be able to read the settings from somewhere (it autocompletes the authenticate box with the correct details), but it just doesn't seem to be able to authenticate once and then be done with it, like it had done previously.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Proxy For SSL Connections?

Mar 11, 2010

I have a small business that I run Squid and Dansguardian on Ubuntu for network proxy filtering, among other things. This works great, but does not block SSL connections on Port 443, such as https proxies. I understand that this is because this type of configuration is a "transparent proxy".

Is there a way to set one up "non-transparent" and, would that filter https?

I cannot blanket block 443, because some sites need it.

I have read that one can re-compile Squid to work with SSL, but not being a super guru, not sure of the implications of doing that.

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Ubuntu :: Set The Proxy Settings For Wikipedia?

Apr 24, 2010

I installed amarok in ubuntu karmic, I had to set the proxy settings for wikipedia and lyrics plugin to work , for that I had to edit the file .kde/share/config/kioslaverc , but now the problem is , that lyrics aren't being displayed although wikipedia and photos for the artist are being displayed. Whenever it starts playing a song, it just shows the usual message "lyrics are being fetched" for a couple of seconds and then nothing is displayed, I don't think anything is wrong with my proxy settings as wikipedia and photos plugin are working fine. Do I need some kde dependency for lyrics to work ?

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Ubuntu :: Tor Be Configured As A Socks Proxy?

May 8, 2010

Just a general question.

Can Tor be configured as a socks proxy? Would it change the IP even if the user was loading a java applet?

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Ubuntu :: How To Hide Proxy From Websites

May 9, 2010

Whenever i visit [URL] it shows my ip address also it shows that i am using squid proxy.. How to hide my proxy from these websites..?

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Ubuntu :: How Does The Anon-proxy Works

May 10, 2010

I have installed a tool from ubuntu software center 10.04.If you want to see it search for"surf the web anonymously"But I don''t know how doest work

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Ubuntu :: Proxy Settings For Browser?

Jul 6, 2010

I'm running proxoid (tethering app for android) which operates using a proxy server.

I set the system-wide proxy settings and they seem to work for most part except not on Google Chrome and Opera. Firefox works fine though flash is never detected. I get a 105 "NAME NOT RESOLVED" error on Chrome.

Also whenever I install something using apt-get, it tells me that the packages cannot be authenticated.

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Ubuntu :: Install Flash From Behind Proxy

Jul 27, 2010

I have been running into an issue for a while now and have finally decided to address it. The problem is with trying to install flashplugin-installer from my work computer. It seems to be insisting on trying to connect via port 80 despite the fact that my proxy settings are set to 8080. No other package has this issue and for the life of me I cannot find anybody who has the same problem. Here is the terminal output of the current attempt


how to resolve this?

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Ubuntu :: 407 Proxy Authentication Required?

Aug 2, 2010

when i use the terminal, and i run "sudo apt-get update", there is a notification which says, "407 proxy authentication required". i use the internet of our school which requires its users to log into its proxy server so that the user can have access to the internet. the problem is i cannot run update or install commands through the terminal, though i can connect to the internet through firefox.

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Ubuntu :: What Is The Use Of Implementing A Reverse Proxy

Aug 12, 2010

What is a Reverse Proxy? And what is the use of implementing a Reverse Proxy?

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Ubuntu :: Proxy Support For Various Applications

Sep 24, 2010

There are some of applications that ship with ubuntu that do not have proxy support. I am a university student and I need to access internet behind a proxy server. But as some of the applications have no proxy support, I have to install alternate applications to do the same job.

Some of these applications are : Ubuntu Software Center, Gwibber, Empathy.Is there any program which can create direct connection to internet so that there is no need to specify proxy settings explicitly for each application? Is this kind of thing possible?

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