Ubuntu :: Open A File Browser Through Terminal?

Sep 16, 2010

In Gnome, How do I open a file browser in the current directory? I assume its [command] . Whats the command?

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General :: Terminal Window Has To Be Open For Browser To Work

Jun 15, 2011

I just love Linux! I am using Fedora 14 and just starting out. I am curious as to why is that when I click the Firefox icon to launch the internet from the menu bar a Linux terminal window has to be open. If I close that particular terminal, (which by the way says "Terminal" and does not show my chosen host name) Firefox closes. If I go to Applications, then Internet, then Firefox to launch the browser, the terminal doesn't open.

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Ubuntu :: Close File Browser In Terminal?

Jul 26, 2010

i would like to be able to close an instance of the "File Browser" in a terminal command. This needs to be done without killing nautilus completely.

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Programming :: PHP - Browser Doesn't Open The File Only To Download

Apr 12, 2010

I'm currently on LinuxMint. I'd like to start PHP scripting, but the browser doesn't want to open the file, only to download. I've red the description on Ubuntu's site how to bring apache2 and PHP together, but it simply cannot find php module. How on earth can I force Linux to act as a normal OS?

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Fedora :: Gnome 3 Open File Dialog Not Talking To Browser?

Aug 25, 2011

I suspect this is a Gnome 3 problem and not a Fedora problem, but I have no way to separate the two here. I cannot upload an image from my computer to Weebly or to Google Plus, but strangely enough, I can upload one to Picasa. The sequence of actions goes something like this:

1. Open Weebly editing interface, add a picture element, click on the element to edit/add a picture. It then gives you a choice: from your local computer, from the web, etc.

2. Click on 'from local computer' and my computer opens the Open File Dialog Window.I am guessing that is its name, it is the same window you get when opening a file in any other application, like Gedit or LibreOffice.

3. Navigate to the image I want to upload and double click on it or select 'Open'.

4. Nothing happens.

I am able to upload images from my laptop, running Linux Mint 11 with Gnome 2.

It sounds to me like the Open File Window is not passing on the necessary information to the browser. I have no idea why it works in Picasa and not in Google+ or Weebly.

I don't really expect anyone to have a solution just yet, but I wanted to mention it somewhere, and I didn't see any Gnome.org forums. On the other hand, if someone does have a solution, great.

This is by no means a knock on Gnome 3, it is fine with me and I Iike it a lot more than I thought I would.

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Debian :: Nautilus File Browser - Open Folder By Using The Shift And F4 Keys

Mar 21, 2011

In the kde realm, with the dolphin file browser, I can open a terminal in whatever folder is in the gui by using the shift and f4 keys. I'd like to be able to accomplish the same in gnome with the nautilus file browser but can't figure out how to do same. So far I have to open a terminal and then cd to the desired folder. Or do I have to use some other file browser and which one?

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Ubuntu :: Use Gedit To Open And Edit A File Through Terminal?

May 9, 2010

getting this error when I try to use gedit to open and edit a file through terminal: (gedit:4423): GVFS-RemoteVolumeMonitor-WARNING **: cannot connect to the session bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply:Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See [URL]... 1: Failed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.) GConf Error: Failed I'm using ubuntu 10.04.

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Fedora :: Open A File Or Application In Terminal?

Jul 8, 2010

How to open a file or application in terminal?

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General :: Can Open A File Without Path Via Terminal

Mar 5, 2011

Usually in Gnome, under Ubuntu, the terminal command I use is:


gnome-open (path)

In most cases, I won't know the path and I'd rather not search for it with:


locate (file name)

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Software :: Open File Below In Terminal To Extract?

Feb 17, 2010

How to open the file below in terminal to extract.


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Software :: Open A Terminal With A New Environment File?

Jun 14, 2011

I am playing around with OpenFOAM which is an application for CFD Analysis but anyway, I have a cshrc file which contains all the environment variables for running the program but rather than source these all the time as some of them conflict I want to be able to use a launcher program which opens a gnome-terminal and then sources this cshrc file. This is what I have so far but I am struggling:


gnome-terminal --command="source /etc/openfoam.cshrc"

When I run this command nothing happens! I have also tried this:


source /etc/openfoam.cshrc

This opens the terminal but does not source the file.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Terminal Cannot Open Shared Object File

Oct 1, 2010

i trying to install firefox with the terminal but i Having Problem with the installation [URL]... libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Ubuntu :: Access Windows Shares From "open File Browser"?

Apr 27, 2010

I have successfully mounted windows shares in to ubuntu and can able to access the folders from nautilus. But i wanted to open the mounted share folders from the "open file browser(select a file dialog)" in DeVeDe app. I have tried all the options, and nothing worked out.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Compileing The Source Code In The Terminal - Cannot Open: No Such File Or Directory

Apr 13, 2011

I've tried a couple times to install from a tar.gz file and when i try to compile the source code in the terminal I get this error "tar: bash-4.2.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory" what am I doing wrong? Now when I download the files, I leave themin the down loads folder, do i need to make a new directory? If so how do I do that and how do i call it up when I compile the sopurce?

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General :: Logging - How To Keep A Live-updating Log File Open In Terminal

May 20, 2011

This must've been done before: I want to keep a log file open in terminal so I can monitor updates to it as they occur. My searches are coming up with everything but this situation... I must be missing some terminology or something key, because people do this all the time inside of other programs (NetBeans, or rails server, for example).

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Fedora :: Open A File Using Command Line In Terminal And Edit Code Within It?

Jun 10, 2011

How to open a file using command line in terminal and edit the code within it ?code...

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General :: Shell Script To Source An Env File And Open A Kde Konsole Terminal

Jan 27, 2011

I am trying to write a .sh script that will source a file containing evnironment variables and then open a konsole terminal session that will have those settings.

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General :: Open Browse For File Window And Save User Choice In Terminal?

May 30, 2010

is there a Terminal command to open a Target file (same as the one opens when you want to upload a file), let user choose the file and when he clicks open, be able to save his choice?for example:echo "Choose source file"--> command needed to browseand then open or save path to that file

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Ubuntu :: Which Is The Default File Browser (NOT Web Browser) Of 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Apr 18, 2011

Which is the default file browser(NOT web browser) of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat?Nautilus?Are there any others for Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Command For "Open A Terminal Window And Run Application In This Terminal ?

Aug 8, 2010

What is the command for "Open a terminal window and run application in this terminal

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Terminal App For Nautilus-open-terminal

Dec 1, 2010

I've fallen in love with Terminator as a replacement for the standard gnome-terminal app.

However, I'm also very much in the habit of using the nautilus-open-terminal extension for launching new terminal sessions.

I'd like nautilus-open-terminal to launch Terminator rather than gnome-terminal.

A quick search of my system and the web didn't reveal anything. i didn't find a gconf setting to control this. A quick look at the source code didn't help much either.

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Fedora :: Can't Open Terminal To Correct ICEauthority Error - Can't Update IECauthority File : /var/gdb/.IECauthority"

Mar 13, 2010

Whenever I boot my fedora 12, even before asking me for my login name, etc., there comes a message saying "Can't update IECauthority file : /var/gdb/.IECauthority" and hangs at the place. Even the mouse doesn't move. If I were able to open the terminal somehow, perhaps by changing the file permissions, I could get something. Also, when I boot from ubuntu 9.10 and try seeing what's in the /var directory of fedora, it doesn't show anything, even if I display the hidden files. If the directory gdb doesn't exist, why is it showing the error ?

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Ubuntu :: Create A Command That Will Open Terminal And Keep It Open?

Jul 30, 2010

I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out. I can easily create a .sh file that will execute a command in Terminal, but as soon as it executes the terminal disappears. How do I get it to stay? My idea is to have the keyboard shortcut "ctrl+alt+del" open a .sh file with the contents "ps ax". Then it would be just like having a task manager; the terminal would open with "ps ax" already executed, and all I would have to do is kill the process number.

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Ubuntu :: Using Terminal To Browser External HDD?

May 7, 2011

I'm running Fedora 14 but thought terminal commands are much the same through all linux OS's. I open a terminal, I type...

[mitch@mitch /]$ cd /media
[mitch@mitch media]$ ls
3c403cc9-9f0c-4035-9148-6242daf8da84 My Book
[mitch@mitch media]$ cd /media/My Book
bash: cd: /media/My: No such file or directory
[mitch@mitch media]$

So i open Partition Manager cause i remember there been another directory to it under "/dev/sdc1", Sure enough it was, So i enter.

[mitch@mitch /]$ cd /dev/sdc1
bash: cd: /dev/sdc1: Not a directory
[mitch@mitch /]$

What am i doing, Is The link between the linux file system and the external not seen as a directory so to speak if that makes any sense? There's no particular reason i NEED to do this, It's justb bugging me that i can't get into it.

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Ubuntu :: Stop User - From Launching A Browser From Terminal

Jun 30, 2011

How do I stop a user, from gaining access to the internet(port) via a restricted browser? In other words, I want a general user to only to have access to Firefox and no other browsers.

My first approach so far, has been to write a bash shell script. It terminates a program based on keywords from known browsers (opera, asus, ect).

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Ubuntu :: Can't Open / Browser The Folders

May 1, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10, and I can't open any folders. Nor can I put any files onto my desktop. I read on another thread that you should try reinstalling Nautilus, so I did that, and nothing changed. I also tried to open a folder in the Terminal, in this case the downloads folder, and I got this.

(nautilus:2172): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_preferences_get_boolean: assertion `preferences_is_initialized ()' failed
Initializing nautilus-gdu extension
** (nautilus:2172): WARNING **: No marshaller for signature of signal 'UploadFinished'
** (nautilus:2172): WARNING **: No marshaller for signature of signal 'DownloadFinished'


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Slackware :: Best Text / Terminal Based Browser?

Mar 26, 2010

Just wondering if anyone knew of a really good text based terminal browser to use when I am not running X. I can use Links and do not have too much trouble navigating, but I have not been able to set the screen to view the entire page (I have to move off screen to read the whole page.) So, if anyone knows an easier text browser that is a little easier to set the screen options with code...

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Ubuntu :: Browser Not Completing Open URL Page?

Apr 16, 2010

Freeze browser wait for end of loading URL datausing Namoroka firefox 3.6.4pre Ubuntu/9.10 karmicproblem started app 2-3 weeks ago, same time working on JAVA update.JAVA test OK .most download locations seems to freeze or not complete loadingonly forced close/reset af browser is helping.how to find the change causing this?

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Ubuntu :: Gmail Will Not Open In Any Browser Except Firefox

Aug 22, 2010

For more than a week now, and Gmail is not opening. I was using Chromium, then tried Epiphany, Google chrome, even Midori; but it only opens with Firefox!! Am I the only one?

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Fedora :: Setting Default Browser From Terminal Command?

Jul 23, 2011

Anybody know the names for the config for trying to set the default browser in Fedora KDE (from Konqueror to Opera ) ...


update-alternatives --config (name)

this may be for debian distros only ?


i.e what are the group names ?

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