Ubuntu :: Netbook Plasma Desktop And Running Applications

Mar 20, 2011

When i run the KDE 4.6.1 netbook plasma desktop, there's a icon in the right upper corner telling how many applications i've running. When I click it, the desktop zooms out and shows me the applications in a graphical way, wich is pretty nice....but...then i can not select an application to switch to and have to wait a certain time out to go back to the running program i had in the foreground allready.

When i change the settings of this icon to show it always in a menu, it does work allright (but is less nice)..

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Slackware :: Plasma Netbook In 13.1 - Goes Back To The Desktop Form Factor

Jul 4, 2010

After falling out with KDE4.2.4 and using fluxbox for a while, I was sufficiently impressed with my experiments with KDE4.4.3 in slackware 13.1 that I decided to go back to KDE. In particular I'm keen to use plasma netbook on my eee pc 1000H.

But I've hit an annoying snag. The problem is that if I set it to use plasma netbook (System settings>Desktop>Workspace>Form factor>Netbook) it works just fine for the rest of that session but next time I startx it goes back to the Desktop form factor.

The strange thing is that this didn't used to happen, it only started recently and to the best of my knowledge I haven't made any other significant changes or updates to the system. I tried removing the ~/.kde dir and letting kde setup from scratch but that didn't help.

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Slackware :: Running Without Plasma / Desktop Activities Disabled

Dec 5, 2010

Is there anyway to run KDE without Plasma?At install I opted out of the kdebase-workspace package, but then didn't have the xwmconfig option to run KDE.Duplicating, then commenting out the original, and on the uncommented line: removing everything after 'Exec='. Taking the 'plasma.desktop' out. ...Deleting the entire file will only get it rewritten again by the system..Now it loads into beautiful void.I still have my GUI, complete with any kApps you might want: konsole, konqueror, and even krunner; but no panels or Desktop Activities.Is it still loading plasma only no longer implementing it? Am I losing precious RAM'CPU usage with plasma getting loaded without being used?

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OpenSUSE :: Get Plasma Netbook Workspaces In 11.3?

Jul 22, 2010

I've been fooling around with Gnome-Shell for a while now, which fits nicely on my small-screened (12") laptop, but the openSUSE 11.3 version has proven less-than-stable for me. Now I am interested in the Plasma Netbook Workspaces, which looks intriguing... The question is, [ 1 ] to install it (which I can do from Plasma Netbook Workspace - openSUSE, but the documentation is rather sparce), do I need to run MeeGo, or can I take a stock installation of openSUSE?

I don't have much luck installing openSUSE via DVD (or DVD image via USB) so I am thinking of installing via the KDE Live CD and then install the Plasma Netbook Workspace. This is basically how I installed Gnome-Shell (install from the Gnome Live CD, then install Gnome-Shell). Once it is installed, [ 2 ] how do I turn it on? Will it be an option in the login screen? I'll admit, though, I am more of a Gnome guy, but going to Gnome-Shell may be a half-step towards something like this.

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Ubuntu :: Netbook Version - Can't Remove Plasma Pages

May 23, 2010

i made some desktops, some as folders, a new search page... now i cannot remove them. i am not give the option to remove any of them.

also if i try to change the page type, a NEW page is created instead of a change occuring to existing page.

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General :: Remove The Plasma Desktop In SuSE 11.1 And Restore The Original Desktop?

Oct 1, 2009

Is there a way in SuSE 11.1 to have the conventional desktop, instead the plasma desktop? I thought that installing KDE 3.5 will fix it, but I was wrong. I really don't want to download back SuSE 11.0, just to have my old desktop layout. SuSE developers should at least leave it as an option than to force people to install it

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Debian Multimedia :: How To Get KDEConnect Running In Stretch Using Plasma 5

Oct 27, 2015

Installed kdeconnect from Stretch repo, and KDE Connect from F-Droid on my phone, but I don't know how to get this working. No KDE Connect options anywhere in System Settings (I also search there for "connect" and don't find anything related to KDE Connect). There's no GUI anywhere, no Plasma 5 widgets, nothing. Only "kdeconnect-cli", which when I enter "kdeconnect-cli -l" (list devices) I get

Code: Select allkdeconnect-cli(26749)/kdeconnect DevicesModel::refreshDeviceList: dbus interface not valid
0 devices found

On the phone side, "No devices" found when it searches, or when I press refresh. Why is there no System Settings option even after installing the kdeconnect package?

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Ubuntu :: Running Plasma On Gnome - Found A Guide - Does It Work In Lucid

Aug 1, 2010

Ok, so after not being able to run KDE on my computer (Because of internet issues) I want to use this guide to run both side by side. The guide is here on the Ubuntu Forums. But it says "This is for Karmic". Has anyone used this guide on lucid?

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SUSE :: Plasma Desktop Seems To Die

Jun 6, 2010

I recently made the final jump over to Linux and am using OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE 4 on my laptop while waiting for my companies to get new computers, which will probably be running Ubuntu.

So I've got OpenSUSE set up and running great, but twice in a row I've had strange crashes: Once last night and once today. It seems like my plasma desktop dies. This is what happens:

- Desktop 1 (my main working desktop) suddenly has a different background and I have no options to work with the plasma desktop stuff I usually have on it (I've got the Marble satellite picture of the world). Instead, all the icons look a lot more old-fashioned, like a friend of mine's GNOME desktop (not meant as a dig against GNOME, just an observation).

- The other desktops have a pure black background.
- My task bar and everything on it's gone - no clock, no programs, no kicker menu
- Alt+F1 doesn't do anything any more
- Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't do anything, to shut down I have to use the terminal

Things that do work:

- Alt+F2 to call up programs
- Switching between desktops with keyboard shortcuts (my pager's gone)
- Zooming out to see my desktops with Ctrl+F8

I've managed to identify the following factors that might contribute to the crash:

- Something similar happened when I shut down my computer while connected to an external monitor, but my desktop background wasn't gone and the plasma desktop functions were there, I just didn't want to bother putting together a new taskbar. The problem there (and this occurs consistently) was that, if I move my task bar to the external monitor and don't move it back before disconnecting from the monitor, SUSE leaves it there until I come back to the monitor again. THEN I can move my taskbar back. Workaround: I always leave my taskbar on my desktop screen. Maybe room for improvement in the next version? Like I said, though, this problem isn't entirely like the one I've got here.

- Both times I was making a system backup and saving it to an external hard drive. That seems to use a lot of system resources and that's when everything went wrong.

- This time I was working with OpenOffice Writer and suddenly my desktop, etc. was gone after viewing a second presentation in Impress. I was able to close down Impress, but Writer died when I tried to close and save. I still can't get the window closed, but it won't update either. I tried using Ctrl+Esc and that let me kill the process, but a couple minutes after that Ctrl+Esc stopped working too.

This time, the crash occured after calling up a presentation in Impress. Last time it was after connecting an external hard drive.

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Ubuntu :: Plasma Desktop Fails To Show Up?

Jun 3, 2010

After the recent upgrade to Lucid, my gnome session is working fine, but my kde session leaves much to be desired. Basically the plasma desktop is not showing up.

I am seeing plasma-desktop in synaptic unchecked and in the process of installing it.

Why was it removed in the first place and will it show up now?

Will report back after a reboot.

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Ubuntu :: Plasma Desktop Accidentally Deleted On 10.10?

Dec 16, 2010

Not sure what I did, but the nice widget showing my desktop on my new Kubuntu install is no longer on my desktop (the widget showing a window of the current desktop contents). How can I add it back?I've looked through widgets and panels, not sure what I did

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Ubuntu :: Plasma-desktop Segmentation Fault?

Jan 31, 2011

I had a bad surprise today as I tried to start my Kubuntu: plasma-desktop segfaults when I try to start a graphical session (and I get into a black screen with a mouse that I can move, and I do get a notification for new updates appearing at the top of the screen, but that's all)... I can still login to console, but startx won't solve the issue. That's quite a serious issue and I can't find a workaround for now.

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Fedora :: KDE Desktop Plasma - No Comic Strips?

Nov 4, 2009

I had Fedora 10 running for since its release, was planning to skip Fedora 11. Well, I shorted my first RAID drive. Was unrepairable. Therefore I installed Fedora 11. I can not find the comic strips options in the KDE Desktop Plasma thingy, upper right of your screen. Used to read UserFriendly, Snoopy and Garfield daily.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F11 - Plasma-desktop Eating RAM ?

Nov 25, 2009

I have Fedora 11 64bit installed and using KDE with all the updates . I noticed that after a few days of work the plasma-desktop process is eating abnormal quantities of memory - resident size can grow up to 1 GB, by then KDE gets so unresponsive that you have to restart the session anyway.

I don't use desktop effects and no plasmoids either (even got rid of the folder view of desktop), the graphics are Intel 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller with the default (intel) driver. I have dual monitor setup (1600x1200 and 1024x786), to get them work correctly I had to come up with a custom xorg.conf and xrandr (if someone thinks xorg.conf contents can be relevant, I can post them, too).

I've seen reports of memory leaks in versions 4.2, but none so severe as is my case.

Below is the top command (sorted by RSS) after just 5 days of usage, showing plasma-desktop consuming growing towards 500MB:

How to stop it consuming so much RAM? This is a real annoyance, since it slows down the whole machine because of induced swapping.

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OpenSUSE :: Last Plasma Desktop Activity Deleted?

Sep 4, 2010

I have accidentally deleted the last desktop activity for Plasma. I cannot access the cashew and right clicking on the desktop does nothing. I can still see and use my panels just as I would before but there is nothing that I can put on the desktop do I get a desktop activity back from where there is nothing?

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OpenSUSE :: Plasma Desktop Crashes After Update?

Oct 22, 2010

I'm running SUSE 11.3 32-bit and have run into an issue with the KDE Plasma Desktop crashing after login. I've submitted a bug report with the KDE folks, but thought it might be OpenSuSE specific. Details from the my KDE bug report [URL].. is as follows:

Application: plasma-desktop (0.3)
KDE Platform Version: 4.5.2 (KDE 4.5.2)
Qt Version: 4.7.0
Operating System: Linux i686
Distribution: "openSUSE 11.3 (i586)"

Information about the crash: What I was doing when the application crashed: After updating my OpenSUSE 11.3 32-bit workstation to the latest (as of October 22, 4pm EST) available here:


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OpenSUSE :: Plasma-desktop Crashes On Login?

Dec 16, 2010

I had openSuse 11.3 KDE4.4.4 installed and used the 1-Click install to get the nVidia drivers. However, this gave me the problems with Amarok and other applications crashing. I switched the system repos to use packman but that didn't help.

The solution on the forums seemed to be either recompile with an old nVidia driver or upgrade to KDE4.5 as most people were reporting to not see it under 4.5.

Upgrading seemed to be the easiest method, especially as there appeared to be a stable repo now.

I upgraded and now plasma-desktop crashes on login! Is getting the old nVidia driver my only option now?

zypper lr -d


# | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Priority | Type | URI | Service
1 | KR45 | KR45 | Yes | Yes | 99 |


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OpenSUSE :: KDE Plasma Desktop Calendar Widget 1.0

Feb 6, 2011

I have been enjoying my newly installed openSuse installation for the past two weeks. I used it to run on a free computer I received so I didn't have to purchase that other operating system. It has come a long way since my last tinkering with linux/unix in college 12 years ago!I think that I noticed a problem with the calendar widget 1.0. When you change the month, the days don't update in the calendar.

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Fedora :: Plasma Freezes Desktop After Upgrade To Constantine

Dec 20, 2009

after the upgrade to Constantine I have a strange behaviour with plasma. The whole desktop freezes when a plasma widget pops up - like opening the menu or plugging in a disk and the mount options are shown. The X server still runs fine (Mouse and Keyboard are still working). Afterwards everything works fine again, I can even use the widget. I also tried a fresh install, and with the noveau driver the problem wasn't there, only after I installed the nvidia driver the problem reappeared again. Desktop effects are diabled. When I try killing plasma-desktop and restarting it from the command line, the desktop also freezes for a short time again, and I get teh following output:


I couldn't find anything helpful in Xorg.0.log or dmesg/syslog. I used nvidia-settings to configure xorg. I have a nvidia 6600 GT. If you need more infos just ask.

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OpenSUSE :: Plasma Desktop Is Loaded Automatically After KDE 3.5 Has Started?

Aug 22, 2010

I just updated both my KDE 3.5.10 and KDE 4.5 today (OpenSuse 1.11). The problem that I have now is that the Plasma Desktop is loaded automatically after KDE 3.5 has started. So, depending on where I click or what I do, plasma and kdesktop fight for the control of my desktop.

I searched in every corners of my KDE 3.5 --and a bit in KDE 4 since somebody forced kdm4 on me-- but I haven't found who or what starts "plasma-desktop". Definitively not me! I can kill it safely but that's very irritating.

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OpenSUSE :: BOOM And My Plasma Desktop Crashes And After Refreshing It

Apr 16, 2011

I'm running OpenSUSE 11.4 (i586) with KDE Desktop 4.6.0 "release 6" on my IBM ThinPad X40. And I have trouble with getting new plasma widgets by internet. To be more concrete, every time I try to install new widget (first I want to view details of that), so when I'm pushing on blue button called "Details", BOOM and my plasma desktop crashes and after refreshing it generates the dump file for reporting to developers.

As this is quite an annoying bug, I've decided to report it, so I've installed all the necessary debugging tools, generated the complete bug report and sent it to KDE team. After this, I've got mail with link on KDE bug tracking system [URL] and found a lot of people being in the same trouble. So, one guy - Dario Andres (I think he's from KDE team) says: "The bug and the fix are in "libattica", may be your version of that library is not the latest. (or there wasn't a release including the fix)" and though after his comment there's a dozen of other replies with the same problem, all of them are marked as the duplicated bug and has no answer.

Well, even I know that my operating system is always up to dated, anyway I've checked that library version on my computer:

giorgi@linux-oary:~> rpm -qa|grep libattica

And I've double checked on the Internet and this is the latest version of this library. So, it's obvious that this BUG 261530 has not solved by this library.

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Software :: Plasma-desktop Chrashes When Right-clicking On Any Icon On KDE 4.3.5

Jun 1, 2010

Plasma-desktop crashes when trying to right-click on any icon or when trying to drug 'n' drop any file(on the desktop) in any folder.-But no trouble when right-click on the bare desktop-in order to the background pic for examble-.A possible explanation could be a fault on the upgrade packages as I had no trouble few days ago.
Distro info:Mandriva One 2010.0 KDE 4.3.5

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OpenSUSE :: Regular Xorg And Plasma-desktop CPU Usage Spikes

Nov 1, 2010

I have this problem that Xorg CPU usage spikes to between %20-%40, a little more than once every second - constantly. When this happens, everything on the system slows down, video, scrolling through pages, etc. plasma-desktop does the same, at the same time as Xorg, though uses less CPU. Switching off Desktop effects makes no difference. The spikes starts just after KDE is up and running after boot. I'm running 11.3, KDE 4.4.4 release 3, 64bit on a desktop and 32bit on a laptop, both have the same problem. I have searched the internet, but cannot find anything related to this, please help!

My 64bit desktop details is:

hwinfo --short
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 1000 MHz
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 1000 MHz


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OpenSUSE Install :: VirtualBox 11.3 VM Plasma-desktop Crashing With 512MB

Jan 18, 2011

I am finding that plasma-desktop crashes on a freshly installed 11.3 64-bit VM in VirtualBox whenever memory is set to 512MB. I created the VM with 1GB, which is overkill for what I am using it for. At that point all was well. After lowing memory to 512MB, it boots and starts to load the desktop, which fails - error log below. Increasing memory to 756MB allows it to load fine again.

I don't really need a desktop environment on this VM, but it seems odd this is happening at all. 512MB should be fine to run a basic VM with KDE and per Hardware requirements - openSUSE 256MB is the minimum, and 512MB is recommended.

While it's not a big deal, I am a bit curious why this really needs 756MB to run a bare bones system and just launch KDE. Really? We've come to that?

Perhaps I just long for the halcyon days when Linux would run, including a desktop environment, on a 486 with 256MB . . .


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General :: Change Turquoise-ish Plasma-desktop And Title Bar Things?

Feb 11, 2010

I've been using Kubuntu for about 6 months now and decided to try something new. So i switched to arch linux, and after much deliberation, I got KDE functional on it. There's just one problem. The icons aren't displaying properly. Here's a picture:

How do I change the turquoise-ish plasma-desktop and title bar things. Also whenever i open something, it asks me basically where i want to position it. How do i stop it from asking me that as well?

Also, how do I login as something other than root? I did adduser, but no login screen shows up for me.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Pin Applications On Netbook Remix 10.10

Oct 11, 2010

I have a Dell Mini 9 with 10.10 Netbook Edition. In the new Unity/Mutter interface, I'm unable to pin any application to the launcher. I want to do this for google chrome. Instead of getting the 'add to launcher' option on the right click menu, I get this (see attached screenshot). Why is it like this? Is there a utility or manual way of adding it to the launcher?

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Slackware :: Deleted The Little Plasma Taskbar Widget That Shows The Multiple Desktop?

Dec 27, 2010

the little four squares in a grid beside the KDE launcher. Looked through all the Plasma widgets and didn't see this one. How do I get it back? Tried everything I could think of

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Ubuntu :: Unity & Netbook Display Size - Applications Are Oversized For The 1024 X 600

Apr 26, 2011

I upgraded to 11.04 about 10 days ago. I have this intermittently weird problem where some of the applications, some of the time, are oversized for the 1024 x 600 display. I can't get to the buttons on the bottom end of the screen, and the window refuses to decrease in size enough so that it all fits on. So far, I've had this problem with Evolution, Pytrainer, Gimp, and another one that escapes my memory.

Has anyone else had this issue? (Except for the Evolution bug, which has been around since 2005 or thereabouts. How on earth is that thing still the default when nobody bothers to fix it up?) how to a workaround? Heck, I don't even know where to go to report this kind of bug.

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OpenSUSE :: Desktop Button / Currently Opened Applications And Brings You Back To The Desktop?

May 29, 2009

I am running openSUSE 11.1 + KDE 4.2.I wonder where is the desktop button, which minimized all currently opened applications and brings you back to the desktop?

Please could someone let me know how or what do I need to insert to the control panel?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Running Audacity On Netbook?

Aug 18, 2010

Has anyone got any experience with running audacity on a netbook (+/- 1,2 GHZ processor, 1 GB memory). Did it go smoothly or was multi-track editing not really working as you would wish in terms of speed and smoothness?

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