Ubuntu :: Map Ctrl+W In Hebrew Layout(which Is Actually A Ctrl+') To Be A Ctrl+w?

Jan 5, 2010

I have 3 layouts: USA, Russian and Hebrew. In Hebrew the W key is mapped to apostrophe, so Ctrl+W in Hebrew layout doesn't close tabs in Firefox. There is no workaround for it as I see by now, so I am trying to get it work this way:I want to map Ctrl+W in Hebrew layout(which is actually a Ctrl+') to be a Ctrl+w. Here is what I got from xmodmap:Code:$ xmodmap -pke | grep 25keycode 25 = w W Cyrillic_tse Cyrillic_TSE apostrophe WAs you can see, there are pairs for each layout, each pair tells what happens without and with the Shift key pressed.

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General :: Disable Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X In Rdesktop?

Dec 27, 2010

I am doing a project on rdesktop. My aim is to setup a write/copy protected session. I have made rdesktop connection between two Linux machines using Xrdp.Next I want to disable the ctrl+x,ctrl+v keys and the cut and copy option in mouse right click at client side

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Programming :: Recognizing Ctrl+c,ctrl+l,ctrl+d In C Programs?

Aug 19, 2009

i am using gcc 4.3i need to recognize ctrl+c,ctrl+l,ctrl+d in my C program without terminating the program when i get a ctrl+c...

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard - Can Not Copy/paste Ctrl+C Or Ctrl+p From One Folder To Another With Mouse

Sep 5, 2010

I can not copy/paste ctrl+C or ctrl+p from one folder to another with the mouse. i was trying to move an item to another folder.

I looked in the keyboard short cut and it was not there. i tried to add it and it put it in custom as disabled and I could not enable it.

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Ubuntu :: Freezes Mouse After Changing A Tab (with Ctrl+tab, Alt+#) Or Closing It (ctrl+w)?

Nov 11, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 x64 and already am really annoyed by Firefox, which freezes my mouse after changing a tab (with ctrl+tab, alt+#) or closing it (ctrl+w). After about one second, i can continue working as usual. Changing Tabs by just clicking on one does not freeze anything...Maybe some of you would think now if I am crazy because of complaining about such a little thing, but it is really annoying if you are used to work fluently with ff.Edit:I today noticed, that not only shortcuts in firefox, but all Hotkeys freeze my mouse for a second. For examle ctrl+c, ctrl+v, super+e or anything else.Do you have any Idea what causes this behaviour? Reinstalling ubuntu didn't change anything

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General :: Vim:ctrl+v Command To Select Some Data.But When Push Ctrl+v.It Doesn't Work?

Nov 28, 2010

" Mark the start of the text with "v", "V" or CTRL-V. The character under the cursor will be used as the start.""With CTRL-V (blockwise Visual mode) the highlighted text will be a rectanglebetween start position and the cursor."I can mark the start with "v" or "V".But it doesn't work when I push ctrl+V.

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CentOS 5 :: Why 'ctrl+a, K' Nor 'ctrl+a Kill' Doesn't Work For Screen Windows?

Oct 3, 2010

anyone has a clue why 'ctrl+a, k' nor 'ctrl+a, :kill' doesn't work for killing one of screen windows? Other screen's commands invoked with 'ctrl+a'seem to work.

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OpenSUSE :: Ctrl+z And Ctrl+c Do Not Work Without A Third Keystroke

Feb 3, 2010

I just spent a few days ripping out all the broken/buggy apps that are in the opensuse 11.2 official repos so I can finally get working software(openoffice, thunderbird, wine, eclipse, rubygems, rails, and a few others required getting the "official" versions from their respective websites to avoid strange behavior and outright broken functionality).

All of which makes updating more annoying and time-consuming. Why are opensuse packages so different anyway? Anyway, the last thing that I have noticed to fix is Konsole. For some really bizarre reason ctrl+z and ctrl+c do not work without a third keystroke: enter.Maybe this is something new with the KDE team, since they seem bent on making simple things that already work more complex, but given my experience with crappy packages in the suse repos, I am thinking this is the problem. I have looked over all the config settings that I can find and nothing fixes this affront to productivity.

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OpenSUSE :: Konqueror Can't Cut'n'paste With Ctrl C, Ctrl V?

Mar 7, 2010

I've been using Kaggregator in KDE-PIM, which uses Konqueror as the browserto go to links from Kaggregator.Unfortunately, Konqueror no longer seems tobe able to Copy highlighted material with Ctrl C, the way we've done it forever.Is this a setting I've missed? Or is this a new "feature" in Konqueror?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Writing Init Script - Signals To Kill The Process (Ctrl-C) From A Bash Script And Exit Dtach (Ctrl-`)

Dec 5, 2010

I'm trying to write a init.d script to daemonise a sagemath notebook server. Here's what I've done so far, I've copied /etc/init.d/single for the structure, and tried to use dtach to provide a handle to access the process. However, my main problem is issuing the signals to kill the process (Ctrl-C) from a bash script and exit dtach (Ctrl-`)


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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Layout Won't Register Ctrl Input?

Mar 31, 2010

Been a long time since I was on ubuntu again. Saw the new 9.10 version and decided I should take it up again. Only problem is, and I've come across it quite alot, (but never a working solution). That my ctrl key isn't doing anything at all, therefor making every keyboard shortcut (copy/paste/new tab in firefox...etc) not working. It's not compiz his fault, i've had the same issue before i installed it.

Also i tried switching keyboard layouts, when i key press i don't see the ctrl key light up on screen, BUT when i press shift+ctrl, it does Anyone got a clue in how to revive my loving and overused ctrl button again ?

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Debian Multimedia :: Dvorak Layout Not Always Working With Ctrl Key

Jun 23, 2010

I use programmers' dvorak. All the keys are correct when typing normally. However, the ctrl+(key) shortcuts do not always work correctly.My shortcut for opening a new terminal is ctrl+alt+t. Sometimes this works correctly, but at other times, it reverts to the qwerty. The change only seems to happen at reboot.

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Ubuntu :: How To Use The Ctrl-Alt-F2

Aug 16, 2011

after you hit ctrl+alt+F2 it says < [username]login: > i've tried a thousand different lines here and everytime it asks for password then says wrong login. what am I missing?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Exit TTY Even With Ctrl+Alt+F7 On 10.10

Nov 29, 2010

Here I was, having problems with the resolution then I stopped the X server as was instructed at the tutorial. I followed it all then rebooted. But I found that even after reboot, I'm still stuck with TTY. I clicked Ctrl Alt F7 but still it's a terminal and it did not return to the GUI or the normal desktop. What will I do to exit it? It's a good thing I have windows vista along with it or else I'll now have a computer that I can't use outside the terminal.

As nothingspecial said, I should place the link of the tutorial I was following: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Key Ctrl-Alt-R Doesn't Do Anything?

Jun 5, 2011

I've just done a fresh install of Natty. The key Ctr-Alt-R doesn't do anything. I've checked in both Unity and Gnome. Using the Keyboard Layout GUI when I press Ctrl and then Alt and then R, the Ctr and Alt keys light up but the R key doesn't. Ctr-Alt-S works (and so do the other keys I've tried). kev shows a keynotify event for Ctrl-Alt-R, not a keypress event. I've checked my Keyboard Shortcuts to make sure it isn't listed there, but since the Keyboard Layout doesn't show the R key being pressed I don't think it's a shortcut issue.

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CentOS 5 :: Alt-Ctrl-F1 Won't Available?

Dec 14, 2009

I switch from Gnome environmnet to text environmnet by ALT+CTRL+F1, but get this picture, anyone could tell me what's problem with it and how to solve it?

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Ubuntu :: Get A Higher Resolution When Use Ctrl+Alt+F2?

Jan 8, 2010

I'm trying to make get a higher resolution when I use Ctrl+Alt+F2, I've looked up in other forums but apparently 9.10 changed its methods to fixing your desired resolution. I've tried other ways of changing it but I get an error when I boot in to the system, I have Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, a GeForce 8800m GTS, the highest my screen can go is 1440x900.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Get Out Of The Crash With Ctrl-alt-backspace?

Feb 8, 2010

I am an Ubuntu/Linux noob, I installed Ubuntu a few weeks ago, and it sometimes gets extremely slow and crashes. I can't get out of the crash with ctrl-alt-backspace and I have even tried the key combinations suggested here to no avail.

Ubuntu 9.10
mem 500 MiB
Intel Pentium 1.70GHz

The crashes usually involve Firefox being open + another program ( could be pdf reader, calibre, or something similar). I try to keep the amount of open Firefox tabs below 5 as it gets very, very slow (that was one of the reasons why I decided to install Ubuntu, in the old windows XP installation Firefox was also excruciatingly slow).

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Ubuntu :: Why Won't CTRL-V Work In Terminal

Apr 30, 2010

For some reason since 9.10 CTRL-V doesn't seem to work in my terminal. Used to work just fine, but now I have to Rightclick Paste any commands.I cut my teeth on commandline inputs and this is a bit like having a dog and doing the barking myself

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Ubuntu :: Pasting With Ctrl+V In Gnome?

May 5, 2010

Every time I do Ctrl+C/X and want to paste something with Ctrl+V my browser opens up trying to go to [URL] I looked in the forums and they explained that, if I understand correctly, ubuntu or gnome doesn't have a clipboard manager (I'm probably wrong)... so installed Parcelite and I have it running but it doesn't solve the problem. I'm really used to using shortcuts. At school we use Fedora and there's no problem using Ctrl+V How can I fix this problem?

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Use Ctrl- ( 1 / 2 / 3 ) To Switch Tabs

May 22, 2010

Since I still want to do all my programming on Win32 platform, VirtualBox should be fine there, but would VirtualBox be able to manage games ( BF2, CSS )?If so then well I'm going to Ubuntu permenatly, if not, I'll just Dual boot between Windows & Ubuntu, Ubuntu for everything ( VirtualBox for programming ), and Windows os for Gaming.

My only problem there, is having to restart every time I want to play a game, that's why I was hoping VirtualBox could manage, wouldn't have to be any, fancy resolution.Also, with Firefox on linux, is it possible to use Ctrl- ( 1, 2, 3, etc... ) to switch tabs, on windows this is possible, and an a feature I love.

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Ubuntu :: CTRL-C Not Working In Emacs23?

Jun 4, 2010

Today I did a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04 server (64bit) on my machine and found that CTRL-c (i.e., control key plus c) does not work in emacs 23.1 (from emacs23 package), which means I cannot quit the emacs by "CTRL-x CTRL-c" any longer.

Whenever I type CTRL-C, the emacs says "<cancel> is undefined". The "describe key (i.e., CTRL-h k)" command for CTRL-c leaves the following message in the message buffer: "<cancel> (translated from C-c) is undefined".

Until 9.10, I have never had such problems and wonder whether this has been introduced by 10.04.

In fact, I found that the behavior of CTRL-c has been slightly changed in a terminal (e.g., putty session) as well, and googling gives the following: [URL]

But I'm not sure the above has something to do with the said issue with emacs.

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Ubuntu :: Ctrl + Shift Not Working

Aug 12, 2010

For some strange reason I am not able to highlight/select words using Ctrl , Shift and the arrow keys together. Each of them work individually with the arrow keys but. Is there anyway I can find out if I have assigned a shortcut to that particular combination ? (Nothing is listed in keyboard shortcuts)

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Ubuntu :: CTRL-ALT-F7 Fails To Return To X11?

Aug 13, 2010

This is a problem which has been plaguing me ever since the upgrade from Karmic to Lucid.

I used to be able to log into any one of the seven TTYs.

CTRL-ALT F1-six all work fine. Problem is if I log into one I can't get back to the GUI.

Immediately after the upgrade, I was told by some people that this was deprecated along with startx and I should use sudo gdm service start instead.

This doesn't work for me If I have to open a terminal when a nasty game freezes and I have to kill it from a terminal.

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Ubuntu :: Switch Between Terminals With Ctrl + Alt +fX And Alt+fX?

Aug 27, 2010

after karmic to lucid upgrade i ve got problem with "alt + f4" key combination. This should only close window, but it closes window and switch to tty4 (text mode) like ctrl + alt + f4 so i can switch between terminals with ctrl + alt +fX and alt+fX. I've looked at System - Preferences - Shortcuts and there everything is ok. What i've to do to fix this ?

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Ubuntu :: Ctrl+Alt+F7 Freezes The System?

Sep 2, 2010

Ever since I made the switch to Ubuntu I have had a problem getting back to the X Windows environment from Virtual Terminals. Control+Alt+F1~6 work fine but when I try Control+Alt+F7 my screen freezes.

I have been trying to find a solution to this problem but it doesn't seem to be affecting many other users. Not sure if it matters, but I'm running 64-bit Lucid Lynx.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Switch To Shell With Ctrl+alt+F1

Sep 18, 2010

I can't switch to shell with ctrl+alt+F1. The screen gets completely blank and nothing happens - though I can switch back to the GUI by pushing ctrl+alt+F7 again.I really miss having this option!

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Ubuntu :: Ctrl + Alt + F4 Doesn't Work?

Oct 9, 2010

I want to use the text mode but when I press Ctrl + Alt + F4, I get the normal screen with strange colors, and nothing else...I have to press Ctrl + Alt + F7 to return to the normal screen (I mean, the same screen with the normal colors). Ubuntu 10.04, 64 bits version. Asus u30j.

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Ubuntu :: Ctrl + Alt + D Stopped Working?

Oct 14, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for many years now and pressing ctrl + alt + d used to minimize all windows and show the desktop, but this stopped working with 10.10. I checked keyboard shortcuts but don't see a way to turn it back on there.

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Ubuntu :: Ctrl Alt F1 - F7 Doesn't Work?

Dec 17, 2010

I tried search for a solution for this from google but couldn't find much that would help me. I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.04 from the live cd, and now I want to install the nvidia drivers. But i'm not able to access the terminal. Ctrl + alt + f1-f7 does nothing. Also, doing sudo service gdm stop, puts me in the black screen where it gets stuck at "Checking Battery state", with a blinking cursor following it. I can type stuff but it doesn't do anything. No terminal, no response.

After that the only thing that works is alt+ctrl+delete , which shows me the ubuntu logo for a few seconds , with a few lines in the black screen before the restart happens. Sorry i'm really new to linux so I'm not sure what files or configs I can show you guys to help with this unless you ask for something specifically.

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