Ubuntu :: Install Tt Fonts From Cd Into Karmic?

Feb 3, 2010

I have a cd from one of those old computer mags, which has loads of tt fonts on it. How do I get them installed and running in linux.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Fonts Wrong After Installing Truetype Fonts / Why Is So?

Jan 15, 2010

I just finished installing a bunch of truetype fonts. After installing them, firefox is displaying "bradybunch" font when I search google.

The font settings are all serif and sans serif in both the system fonts settings and firefox settings.

I am using ubuntu 9.10.

Any idea why this could be happening?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Fonts In The Fonts Dropdown Menu In Oo Writer

Oct 14, 2010

I would like to use the Adobe Garamond Pro in my text doccument in open office writer. I got a text document where from a friend where it is used so I know that it can. But when I want to edit I cant find it in the fonts dropdown menu.

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Ubuntu :: Over 1500 Fonts - Move Them To My /usr/share/fonts Folder

Jul 3, 2011

I have a folder with over 1500 fonts, I would like to move them to my /usr/share/fonts folder so that they can be used. Some are from Windows, some are just random extras. I've installed the msttcorefonts, but there are quite a few missing that make some wen pages look different.

How can I go about putting the fonts from my folder, into the appropriate /usr/share/fonts folder to be used? And how can I move them all? I can't drag and drop them, and mv FONT_NAME /usr/share/fonts for all of them will take a month or two. Is there a way to elevate my self to be able to just drag and drop them all? And which folder would they need to go into for them to be used in Chrome and Firefox?

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OpenSUSE :: 3.2 Fonts Get Loaded To /usr/local/share/fonts?

Feb 23, 2010

I have just installed openSUSE 11.2 X86_64 on my laptop, I then used KDE to install lots of type 1 fonts for my printer. These get loaded to /usr/local/share/fonts/...These installed fonts are visible to KDE (KWRITE) and GIMP so I assume that the installation was O.K. When I start openOFFICE writer I do not see these fonts. The font selection appears to be the fonts located under /usr/share/fonts. I have not tried other ooo3 components. I assume that they are not going to see the fonts either.

I have searched google and it appears that /usr/local/share/fonts is the correct location for non-packaged fonts. Has anybody any idea what is wrong? I think I could move all the fonts to /usr/share/fonts and ooo3 would work but this seems to break the installation directory structure. I have considered symlinks but I don't like the idea of defining a font twice to Linux and creating the syslinks is more work than reinstalling the fonts if they are lost

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install New Fonts - Copy Over The Contents Of The Cd Into The Folder?

Dec 2, 2010

I have a cd of new fonts that I would like to install into the fonts folder.

How do I copy over the contents of the cd into the fonts folder?

I am using 11.3 Gnome 32bit

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 - How To Install New Fonts

Feb 5, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala on my laptop (dual-booting with XP) and I would like to know if there is a way to install the fonts from XP onto Ubuntu. I have already copied them onto a flash drive, I just don't know how (or if it's even possible) to install them. I have already tried the Synaptic Package Manager thing, which helped get a few more, but I'd still like some of my old ones.

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Fonts In 10:04

May 24, 2010

I would like to find out how to install new fonts in ubuntu 10:04 in 9:10 it was easy (in file system create a new folder named .fonts that was it) in 10:04 that another story cannot create a folder in file system, then what?

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Ubuntu :: How And Where To Install Fonts

Jul 3, 2010

I have downloaded some free fonts, can someone please tell me hot to install them and where they go please?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Install New Fonts In 9.10

Feb 17, 2010

After upgrading to 9.10, the fonts I had placed in my .fonts folder no longer function in any application.I have tried to re-install them by just clicking on the font itself and going through the installation screen. But this doesn't do anything.I have tried to delete and the re-create my .fonts folder in my /home partition. But that also fails.

Did Ubuntu do something different with user-installed fonts in 9.10? Should my fonts be relocated to another folder?How can I install "after market" fonts?

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Ubuntu :: Set All The Fonts To In 11.04 To Make Them Look More Like W7 Fonts?

Jul 3, 2011

1. What do I need to set all the fonts to in 11.04 to make them look more like W7 fonts?2. Is there a way I can improve the graphics in WINE? Some very simple games run slow. Is there a way I can change the cursors in wine.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Microscopic Fonts During Install

Feb 12, 2010

I want to try Opensuse after trying a few different distro's and in a way or another i haven't found what will keep me using it.But there is one thing i find weird,I'm using a Bravia lcd 32� as monitor connected directly via a direct HDMI cable (no adapters) from my ATI Radeon 4890.The problem is that the fonts during install in all the distro's i tried are not just tiny...but microscopic,to the point is unreadable.Think about a 4 words phrase as big as a dot ( "." ).I don't really want to use my old lcd 19� to install and then connect again my TV (as i had to do for all the other distro's).Is there anyway i can fix that without doing all that ?As of now i liked what i saw in this forums and your support and wiki,and found already that there is a solution for problems that were keeping me from staying on those distros (read multimedia problems,lack of support,compatibility and so on) so hopefully this will be the last i try for a while (experimenting is nice

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OpenSUSE Install :: Using Ubuntu 10.10 Default Fonts In 11.3?

Oct 19, 2010

Has anyone tried the cool font that comes default in Ubuntu 10.10 on openSUSE 11.3? Although I hate Ubuntu, I loved the font and the interface is really clean.

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Ubuntu :: Install Fonts For Desktop Themes?

May 27, 2010

Had to download some fonts for the desktop theme Crux. What folder do they go in? fonts? In with the themes?

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Ubuntu :: Install Microsoft Core Fonts?

Jun 24, 2010

I tried looking for it in the Software Center but it doesnt have the install button. It used to work just smoothly in the previous versions of ubuntu. Do i need to download anything before installing it? I need it for compatibility with MS Office

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Ms TrueTrye Fonts / Resolve This?

May 21, 2011

I'm trying to install the ms True type fonts on 11.04.

I typed the command: "sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer"

And, after a short wait the following screen appeared (added as an attachment)

And - I'm stuck. I can scroll up or down through the EULA with my scroll wheel or the arrow keys, but I cannot move on, I can't click on the OK, and no keypress does anything.

I tried to remove the installer with: "sudo apt-get remove ttf-mscorefonts-installer" and with the Ubuntu software center and both operations failed. The terminal advised me to reinstall before removal, which I can't.

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General :: How To Install Ttf Fonts

Jul 8, 2010

I have a CD full of truetype fonts. I've used them on Windows, where it's easy to install them, but I can't find any way to install them on linux.I'm using Linux Mint 9. I expected to find some kind of font management utility built into the operating system, but there doesn't seem to be one.How do I install my fonts into linux?

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Ubuntu :: Install And Remove Fonts (OpenType, TrueType)?

May 28, 2011

I can't manage to find the fonts directory in Ubuntu. The fonts directory is much more conspicuous in Windows OS. Since I am a web designer, I love to experiment with a spectrum of fonts ornately expressed. I have migrated from Windows to Ubuntu because I am very impressed by its organization and functionality (sadly I couldn't download Ubuntu 11 due to internet connection errors. Moreover ShipIt had terminated).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Timesnew Roman Fonts - Install In U11.04?

Aug 4, 2011

How to install times new roman fonts in Ubuntu 11.04 in 64 bit desktop??

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot Karmic And Xp (karmic Installed)?

Jan 21, 2010

What's the right direction or give me step by step on how to do this?

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Debian :: Unable To Install Fonts

Aug 22, 2011

I have just undertaken my first install of debian after a couple years of using ubuntu. I used netinstall and have made a minimal install with wheezy and lxde. I am trying to install the ubuntu-font-family because it is so pretty!

1. I tried downloading the .ttf files, extracting them to a directory and using the program 'font-manager' (which I had used on ubuntu previously,) and it says they are installed but I can not access the font from any program.
2. I tried using fontmatrix, another graphical program. Same thing.
3. I tried installing the .deb package for the fonts after downloading from the ubuntu repos. still cannot use them. (but I can physically see the font files in the folder, same as with above methods.)3. i tried manually installing the fonts via the command fc-cache -f -v (after placing them in /usr/share/fonts, /usr/local/share/fonts, and ~/.fonts [none of which worked.]) After running the command 'fc-cache -f -v,' I run the command 'fc-list' and the fonts are still not in the list.

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Fedora :: Yum Wants To Install Lohit Fonts

Nov 26, 2010

I run Fedora on an IBM T42: Linux #1 SMP Tue Oct 19 04:42:47 UTC 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux.Just ran yum update and what.There's a Java, an SSH and an SElinux update but I get the following font packages to install and update.ENGLISH.... i do not see why I would need " Bengali " font on my Linux. Why is it that with out asking for it.I get font that are foreign to me ?

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Fedora :: How To Install Fixed Fonts In F14?

Mar 24, 2011

I haved "yum install"ed a few fixed fonts, e.g. bitmap-fixed-fonts, but they do not show up in the xlsfonts listing, and hence, I assume, for the same reason "xterm -fn 9x15" complains that the 9x15 font is not found. The fonts are delivered as pcf files. I have followed some directions on the net, but have not been successful at having the pcf font files integrated into the Fedora 14 font system.

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OpenSUSE :: How To Install Fonts On 11.2 Platform

Mar 12, 2010

I'm new with linux. I don't know how to install fonts. In fact I just know how to shut it down. I'm completely new in this, but I want to Know. Step by step. I hope my ignorance don't angry you I'm really excited whit this new OS. win sucks. How can I install new fonts in my new openSuSE 11.2?

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General :: Install Windows Fonts On Mac OS X?

Feb 9, 2011

I've found a font that only comes in Linux and Windows versions, is there any way to install it on Mac OS X using either of these versions?

EDIT: I am open to format converting, but preferably with free software.

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Slackware :: How To Install Khmer Fonts

Jun 17, 2011

FYI for Khmer people trying to use Slackware there is no equivalent to the Debian package ttf-khmeros.To install the Khmeros Fonts

Now you should see lovely Khmer fonts instead of a bunch of squares. I imagine this works for other languages too.For more information about Linux in Cambodia go to KhmerOS at:URL...By the way Kde is the best translated desktop for Khmer and LibreOffice also is translated.

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Debian Configuration :: How To Install Ttf Fonts In 8.0 With XFCE4

Jan 16, 2016

I have problem to install my fonts in my Debian. I used this guide but it not worked for me, i just could right click on the font and install it with font viewer.

Ubuntu Linux searches for fonts in specific locations as listed in the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file.

A look at the contents of /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file indicates the following directories which are searched by Ubuntu Linux for fonts. They are :


So if you want to install new fonts in Ubuntu Linux or Debian for that matter, you can copy the fonts to any one of the 4 directories listed above.

The last directory ~/.fonts is a local hidden directory in every user’s Home folder. If you install the new fonts in this directory, the fonts will be available only for the person logged into that particular user account.

If you want your new fonts to be available system wide, to all users, then you should install them in any one of the first three directories listed above.

Once all your fonts are copied to the specific font directories, you have to make Ubuntu Linux aware of the new fonts so that it can make use of them. This is done by running the following command in the console :

$ sudo fc-cache -f -v


sepanta@dhcppc1:~$ sudo fc-cache -f -v

/usr/share/fonts: caching, new cache contents: 120 fonts, 6 dirs
/usr/share/fonts/X11: caching, new cache contents: 0 fonts, 6 dirs
/usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi: caching, new cache contents: 358 fonts, 0 dirs
/usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi: caching, new cache contents: 358 fonts, 0 dirs
/usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1: caching, new cache contents: 8 fonts, 0 dirs

[Code] ...

Red are my fonts in two different folder.

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Fedora :: Install The Mentioned Form Of Fonts?

Feb 15, 2010

after too long time spent googling and too long time on IRC still haven't given me any directions on how to install the mentioned form of fonts. Older instructions for previous versions won't work as some commands don't exist any longer (e.g. chkfontpath)

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Fedora :: How To Install Micro Soft Fonts In F12

Feb 18, 2010

How to install micro soft fonts in F12, mainly arial in openoffice?

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Fedora :: Massive Amount Of Fonts To Install

Nov 8, 2010

I have read several of the thousands of posts regarding installing of fonts on Fedora. All come to the same conclusion of having to install each font individually.Is there a way to install a massive amount of fonts, ie: over 500 ttf's? And just for kicks in, I need to save it into the folder for all users to have access to, not under my profile.

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