Ubuntu :: Install The Download File Which Is A Windows Xp Dos Executable File Of 8mbs

Sep 19, 2010

I have NDISWRAPPER installed on my laptop, but when I try to install the download file which is a Windows Xp dos executable file of 8mbs I have tried every thing but without success I can see my Iomega 250 Zip drive when I go into system>administration>disk utilities and acess properties but cannot make it run,

Dell inspiron 6400
OS: Ubuntu 10.04LTS
HDD: 250gb

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OpenSUSE Install :: Get A Download Popup Which Specifies That The File Is 49.0MB File?

Aug 2, 2010

Asked this on Jul 21, and didn't get any satisfactory answers. Thought i'd ask again before i switch to Ubuntu or go back to Fedora: Has anyone gone to software.opensuse.org: Download openSUSE 11.3 and actually chosen "Installation Medium" as "4.7G DVD", "Direct Link", "32 bit PC", hit the "Download DVD" button and gotten the file "openSUSE-11.3-DVD-i586.iso" which is not 49.0MB?

I mean, the steps above are not rocket science, and not much chance of making mistakes, so i'm not sure how i can get a download popup which specifies that the file is 49.0MB file, if it's not actually that size?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Open An Executable File Because Of Executable Bit?

Jun 20, 2010

I am running into a snag on .exe files in Lucid. I have Wine installed, but I can not open the file as it is blocked from executing with a window popping up telling me that this file was blocked due to security reasons. I go into the files properties and try to change the permission but that does not help. Is there a way to get around this? Possibly in the terminal as root?

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Programming :: Convert An Arbitrary Binary File Into A Executable File?

Feb 18, 2010

In a project I'm working on with a few other people, I got the task of writing an assembler. The last thing I do is convert the commands into a binary representation, and jam it into a file. Now one of my teammates said he'd like to be able to "reference" the code within another program. He said he'd be able to do this if the file I output is a Linux object file. I'm thinking it'd also work as an executable. Anyway, he said he'd like to be able to grab the file and reference the binary by address. I'm still fuzzy on this, and if you're confused with what I said here, please tell me so I can ask him for better details.Anyway, I'm aware that gcc can compile files to ".o", but that's only for C/C++, and my file is just binary. I'm also aware of "ld", but I haven't seen any use of it to help me. I'm happy to hear suggestions as to what I can do. If anything, I think I'll implement a few functions to grab the bits and hand them to him in an array or something.

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General :: Executable File Contains The Precise Path To SO File?

Aug 13, 2010

Does executable file contains the precise path to SO file? Should it be compiled with precise knowing of SO file location?

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General :: Unable To Install Crclient Which Is An Executable File For System / Sort It?

May 2, 2010

I'm new to Linux world. I'm using Ubuntu 9.04. I'm unable to go online using Ubuntu because I'm unable to run an executable client application provided by my ISP. I called them and they are not able to help me instlling this client applicatoin for me on my Ubuntu. "I cannot go online untill I install this ISP client application on my Ubuntu." I'm entering my ISPs weblink in this blogpost so that it would be easy for you guys to help me resolving this issue. http://www.spacenetindia.net/download.php This is the weblink where I downloaded that ISP client application from. I clicked on this link and clicked on 24online clients.exe tab located on the left and downloaded linuxclient.gz. Please help me if you find any resolution for this issue. Though I tried downloading Wine but I could not as I cannot go onlnie in Ubuntu. In windows I don't know how to install wine to make it work offline in ubuntu.b

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Fedora :: Internet Speed - Download A File In Windows

Nov 10, 2010

I have a problem with internet speed, when I download a file in "windows" the transfer rate is 250K/s but when I want to download in fedora I can't get more than 50K/s and this makes me sad.

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General :: Split A Large File To Download On A Windows Machine?

Apr 16, 2011

I am removing some old graphics from my server and one of the gallery programs have created two enormous directories that I cannot even open with FTP.

I tried to tar each directory and the first came out to about 37gb and the second keeps failing (its bigger one would assume).

How can I archive and split these into smaller files?

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Ubuntu :: How To Get Password To Download And Install File

Oct 27, 2010

I have taken the plunge of trying Ubuntu after thinking about it for a while and I have to say I like what I see so far, it is fast and runs smooth. One thing I am having trouble with is updating drivers or software, I tried to run an app on facebook and I was told I would have to install flash. I have look and found a place to get the driver but I am having trouble downloading it. when click on the link at Adobe I get the following Adobe flash plugin Available from "maverick.partner" source Click on to use the source (which I did) and I am asked for a password? How do I get the password to download and install this file?

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Software :: Wine Software To Install Source Insight Executable File

Jul 1, 2011

I am using wine softwear to install source insight executable file.But the problem occurs after installing source insight with wine later one message appeard on to the screen with close button. If i was click on that close button total set up has gone.I do not know what is going to be happend there.

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OpenSUSE Install :: What If Do Not Want To Download ISO File

May 6, 2011

I do not have a DVD and the number of CD's it would take to d/l SUSE 11.4 is silly. Is there anyway to download the stuff to mky hard drive and run it from there?

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General :: Install Tar.gz File In Download Folder?

Aug 24, 2010

I have a voip program downloaded. It is in tar.gz format. It is in my home/download folder. How to install that?

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Ubuntu :: How To Run Executable File

Apr 13, 2010

I am fairly new to Linux systems but I have a code that I just compiled and it produced an executable file that I need to run but I have no idea how to run that file. Is there a certain command to type to do it?

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Ubuntu :: If Download A File Does It Store The File In The Ram

Oct 13, 2010

How does ubuntu live cd work? 1) If download a file does ubuntu store the file in the ram?2) How abt installing software in the live cd?

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Debian :: Flash Player Appropriate File Download To Install?

Mar 29, 2011

I'm using debian lenny. How can I install flash player? When I'm downloading it from adobe I have multiple selections
YUM for Linux
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
APT for Ubuntu 9.04+
Which one must be downloaded and how to install it.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Updating / Install From File Download

Jan 29, 2010

I have downloaded the firefox 3.7a which was a tar.bz2 file. After downloading extracted the tar.bz2 into a download folder. Now I can figure out to do from there. How can update using this firefox update. All the zypper/yast ect. only use my repositories that dont have 3.7a and I can not figure out what else to do. Google searches all just say use package manager. But how do you use a package manager for a file on your hard drive?

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Ubuntu :: Making A File Executable?

Sep 11, 2010

i installed "littler" from Synaptic. it's a front end for R, for those curious. it's not in my start menu. i searched for the app and don't know where it is. assuming i can find it, how do i set things up so that i can run it from a listing in the start menu? sorry to be so basic, but i mean from locating this app to getting it to start to making it available in the start menu, how would i do this

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Ubuntu :: How To Make A File Executable

Jan 23, 2011

I use wine to execute my games. Now it says all the exes are unexecutable.I'm not very use to ubuntu

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Make The File Executable?

Mar 22, 2011

It so happens that some files that I am trying to make executable by chmod +x <filename> or otherwise are not becoming executables, rather the tick mark on the option is removed the very instant I put it on . Is there any thread of virus or any other reason for this.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Make A File Executable?

Jun 16, 2011

I downloaded eclipse from the eclipse site..i had to make the main eclipse file executable..but i cant do that..when i click on "Allow executing file as program"..the tick disappears in a second..

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Programming :: Cannot Run C++ Executable File From Ubuntu GUI?

Apr 17, 2011

I have written C++ programs on Windows. I am now learning Linux to ensure my software is portable. I can compile and run C++ programs from the bash shell, but I cannot run my executable programs from the GUI.Here is my sample program:

Code: #include <iostream>
int main()


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General :: How To Use A Executable File

Oct 21, 2009

some of the programs that i downloaded are launched with a linux executible file and i don't know how to make it work, how do i execute it double clicking doesn't help it just asks me which program i would like toopen the file with

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Ubuntu :: Convert Bash Into Executable File?

Jan 19, 2010

SO I'm not talking about changing the file permissions, The only thing I could find on google was this [URL]Basically can you convert your bash script into a executable file, One that you can't open in text editor?

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Ubuntu :: Executable Text File Prompt?

Jan 20, 2010

I created a bash script to help me mount my network shares.However when I link the file to the desktop and dbl click on the link it asks me if I want toCode:RUN IN TERMINAL - DISPLAY - CANCEL - RUNHow can I get it to RUN IN TERMINAL each time I dbl click it?

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Ubuntu :: Text File Become Executable Once Created?

Jun 3, 2010

when I create a new text file in my pendrive, it become executable automatically. The text file name append with asterisk(*). However when I create a text file in Desktop, the created text file is normal and is not executable.

Another thing is when I copy a PDF file to my pendrive, it become executable file with asterisk (*) append after the PDF name. I've try copy whatever to pendrive but all end up with executable file.

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Ubuntu :: Make Installation File Executable?

Jul 3, 2010

I have downloaded the file "bitnami-wordpress-3.0-0-linux-installer.bin", it's a Wordpress stack, with PHP and apache and whatnot.. I am asked to make it executable using "chmod a+x <installer file>"what do i do? cd to where it is, and "chmod a+x <bitnami-wordpress-3.0-0-linux-installer.bin>"?and if yes, i just double click on it afterat to run the installation?

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Ubuntu :: Where Is Located The 'exit' Executable File

Jul 17, 2010

When you press exit the gnome-terminal exits.. where is the exit file located? (It isn't at /bin or /sbin or /usr/bin or/usr/sbin )

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Ubuntu :: Get A Box Stating That The File Is Not Marked As An Executable?

Aug 5, 2010

So I'm following the online tutorials I've found to install sketchup, and I've run into a snag right off the bat. The instructions I've found say to open the Sketchup exe file by right clicking and selecting open with Wine I do this and I get a box stating that the file is not marked as an executable. How do I fix that? Step by step instructions would be best since I only just installed ubuntu for the first time two days ago

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OpenSUSE :: Executable File In Bin Folder?

Jan 4, 2011

In linux if we put the executable file in bin folder, we can run this file with out specifying its path. Could anyone please tell the similar option in Windows OS.

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Applications :: OpenOffice.org - Where Is The Executable File

Jan 14, 2011

I have recently installed OpenOffice.org and I can't find any executable file that actually starts up OpenOffice.

What is the equivalent to the old "soffice" executable which previously would start up OpenOffice?

I installed by executing the "setup" program after extracting the archive, I selected pretty much all of the items to be installed (at least the essential ones) and then let it install -- I didn't get to choose the path to install to, but I saw it stated that this would be installed under /opt.

I see two directories:

Neither of which contains any readily identifiable file that is the main program. What file should I execute?

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