Ubuntu :: Hung Up Restarting After An Update - Running Fsck Off Live CD

Dec 23, 2010

My computer got hung up restarting after an update yesterday so I switched it off and back on, which led to the error message "No init found. Try passing init= bootrag", looking that up I found a thread that recommended running fsck to fix the errors.

I first went to disk utility and did the check filesystem and repair button but that just had a pop-up that said "File system is NOT clean." So I went and tried fsck on the drive which gave me the error message "fsck.ext4: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/sda1 Filesystem mounted or opened exclusively by another program?"

Figuring this may have been caused by the disk utility I restarted and tried fsck again without opening any other program, and I still get the same error message. What is causing this? Swap? What can I do to get fsck running to fix the original problem?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get Beyond Grub As It Has Hung Up There After Trying To Update Samsung Netbook From 10.04 To 10.10

Apr 5, 2011

I am attempting to get beyond my grub> as it has hung up there after trying to update my Samsung netbook from 10.04 to 10.10. I have found some answers but a basic question is where do I load grub from a livecd to the mount point where I have already installed my Ubuntu I have attached a screen shot of my partitions on my 160 gb hd and hope it can be opened?

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General :: Live CD With A Fsck.jfs On It

May 18, 2010

my root partition was corrupted after loss of power, so now my gentoo system won't boot. I need a Live CD that can fsck it back up, but ubuntu never boots on my machine.

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Slackware :: No FSCK When Booting 13.0 As Live DVD?

Mar 7, 2010

Well, I noticed this by accident while trying to use dash for the rc.d scripts. I messed up and forgot to link it to /bin, and as such, the system failed to boot properly and would not respond. I rebooted (forcefully), but this messed up the filesystem. I booted the sw64 install DVD and tried to mount it, and it would not mount.

I tried to run fsck on it, but it said that fsck.jfs in NOT available. Eventually I booted my old slamd64 12.1 DVD and it had fsck.jfs. Any reason why this rather useful program was removed ? Or is it a bug, or is my DVD messed up? I guess I should just keep around another live CD, I do keep knoppix, but it boots so slow and I don't understand it at all, it's so hard to do anything with it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Display Went Off After Restarting But Kernel Is Still Running

Mar 14, 2011

I am having acer aspire 4736 laptop, i installed opensuse 11.4 64bit after installation completes system restarted and icompleted post-install configuration . then when i restarted again and selected to boot from opensuse first splash screen comes but within a second it went off again it comes only for a moment & went off but system is still running there is no display for all text as well as graphics modes(alt+ctrl+f1......f7). i restarted my system again and again it started well only once or twice for lots of time .

I checked in failsafe mode also there in display properties it is not able to detect moniter. i selected default settings it is showing some x11 org not found like that error.

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Ubuntu :: PC Not Restarting After Update - Unable To Login

Feb 20, 2011

I got a prompt for an update so I went thru with it. I restarted my PC but it wont boot up. I keep getting a black terminal screen which asks me for my log in. But when I put it in, nothing happens. I tried to reinstall gdm but it says its already installed.

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Ubuntu :: Grub Rescue Error Unknown Filesystem - Fsck From A Live CD But It Doesn't Work

Sep 16, 2010

Yesterday my computer froze using ubuntu 10.1 so i turned the power off, then back on, now i get this message when trying to boot: error unknown file system Grub Rescue>

I tried fsck from a live CD but it doesn't work.

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Fedora :: See On Computer Screen That Fsck Is Running?

Sep 4, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for a couple of years, and I had some problems that nobody could fix, so I thought I would try Fedora.

If I want to automatically fix errors in Fedora (or Ubuntu) on the next boot the normal method is to type [code] sudo touch /forcefsck at a terminal prompt. In Ubuntu after I boot it up I can see on my computer screen that fsck is running, but with Fedora there is no indication on the screen that fsck is running.

Since I can't see it, how do I know that Fedora is actually running fsck?

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General :: Wireless Disabled After Installing Update And Restarting (dual Boot Ubuntu/win7)

Jun 21, 2011

the only issue that i have: the wireless is always disabled.

when i install new updates, the wireless comes back enabled and everything is fine but when i restart ubuntu its disabled again !!

i have a DELL studio 1537 laptop (broadcomm wifi card)with a win7 service pack 1/linux ubuntu 10.04 LTS dual boot.

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General :: Boot Up Misbehavior After An Update During Fsck

Jun 25, 2011

Today I did an update on my Debian 6.0.0 installation, which included a kernel update. I also did an Nvidia driver update, afterward. All well, until upon a third boot up an fsck check was forced (34 mounts). Some odd behavior ensued. At about 19% it exited the check, printed what appeared to be a load of inode numbers with error messages, and "froze" with the caps lock and num lock lights on the keyboard flashing.I did a couple of grub recovery modes, each which advanced a little further, and all is well again. However, it concerned me. Where in var/log do I find the file of that particular fsck activity?

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General :: Post Update: Fsck.ext3 : No Such File Or Directory While Trying To Open /dev/dm-2

Mar 18, 2010

After a massive update including grub (not the problem) I cannot mount and boot because of the dubject error message. /root (dm-0) and swap (dm-1) are ok its just /home (dm-2) that appears broken.

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CentOS 5 :: FSCK: Generate Log File For A Forced Fsck?

Sep 25, 2009

When I do a forced fsck, I would like to have a log file to look at after boot.

When I check /var/log/ there are no files there with fsck output

I've run force fsck in these ways:

shutdown -rF now


touch /forcefsck

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Fedora Installation :: F14 Installation Hung On "running Post-installation Scripts" For 90 Minutes

Jun 22, 2011

I'm trying to perform an install of F14 (fresh install over F13), and it has been showing "running post-installation scripts" for 1 1/2 hours now. I am wondering if this is unusual and what the implications might be of power-cycling and rebooting. I'd note this is a fairly fast machine with 2 quad-core Xeons (I forget their model number).

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General :: Types Of Fsck Errors - Fsck Errors Are Found On A System?

Jul 22, 2010

Can anybody tell me what kind of fsck errors are found on a system?

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CentOS 5 :: Segmentation Fault Error When Trying 'yum Update' Or 'yum Check-update' After Running 'yum Clean'

Jul 26, 2011

On two Centos5 servers, yum gives a segmentation fault error when trying 'yum update' or 'yum check-update' after running 'yum clean' :


The error is the same for the other computer except while attempting to update the rpmforge repository. Nothing has really changed on the servers in some time and 'yum update' worked fine on each yesterday and I have no idea why they would both suddenly fail!

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Live CD Failure - Goes To The "Log In" Page And Not The Live CD Page On Running

Aug 22, 2010

Just got back to attempting to play with 10.04 using its Live CD. It consistently goes to the "Log In" page and not the Live CD page on running. I saw a Post specifying a F key to be pressed on boot-up to get to the desired starting point some time ago, but did not write it down. Some advice did say press Any Key but this does not seem to do the job. Tried to use the search function here but no joy. Can anyone remember which F key? Note that as a check, I tried to use 9.10 Live CD and this worked fine, so it is not a machine problem.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Running An App From Live CD/USB?

Jan 15, 2011

I'm going to create either a live CD or USB to demo Ubuntu on my Intel Mac Mini. I'd be doing this only to test one piece of software under Linux.

Is it possible to run the software from my live CD or USB just as I would running Linux (thus, without the need for the software to be installed on a HD)? If so, where do I need to save the software file(s) when creating my live CD or USB?

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Ubuntu :: LIVE CD For Running Hardware Diagnostics?

Mar 26, 2010

What's the best LIVE CD for running hardware diagnostics?

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General :: Running Ubuntu Live Cd On Vista

Oct 7, 2009

HSo basically i'm trying to run the ubuntu live cd from vista and it doesn't boot up when i restart my computer like it says it should. So i tried finding it in the boot list before windows starts and i only find windows there, no CD. I then tried installing the software that comes on the disk to help if the cd won't boot, and that fails when nearly done giving me some "invalid argument" notice..

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General :: Running Live Cd

Dec 5, 2009

I have burned the Linux Mint 8 "Helena" iso image to a CD no problem but when i try to run the "Live CD" a login box appears and no matter what i do i keep getting "Authentication Failure"?So i can't proceed running the "Live CD".Could someone help me out here please and tell me what i am doing wrong. I just want to run the "Live CD" before i decide whether to install the OS to the hard drive.

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Ubuntu :: Mount Windows Drive When Running Live CD?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a friend of mines computer that is hosed and gets the BSOD. He has pictures of his grandson on there that her really needs before I fix it. Is there a way to mount the main windows partition while running the Live CD? I have tried it and get an error but I am not able to get it working.

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Ubuntu :: Win7 Freezes After Running Any Distro Live Cd/usb?

Mar 24, 2011

No matter what distro I have used, when I run a live cd/usb installer... even without installing the OS or accessing the OS hard drive, Windows 7 freezes after logging in. Running this on an Asus G73-JH, I've seen similar problems from other people with Asus notebooks, but they have actually installed the linux OS. Running Windows home premium x64

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash 64 Bit Install Running Live Usb?

Jun 20, 2011

Dell 64 bit laptop with no hard drive, I'm running 10.04.2 from a 4 gb flash drive in persistence mode (Linux Live USB), and I'm trying to get ..... to work. I've tried everything on Adobe's site, and several methods from the forums. what's the trick to installing flash in either Firefox or 64 bit Chrome on a 64 bit system? The last method I tried was here, and the terminal said 404 not found after the download command.

I can usually find this stuff myself, but my eyes are getting watery, and my throat tight, and (sniff) I think

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Ubuntu :: Can Running E2fsck On Live System Cause Errors ?

Jun 29, 2011

We have an old server running, and I decided to run fsck.ext3 -n on the disk to check it (while it was running). Turns out it reports lots of errors - not a good thing.

The weird thing is that when booting up a rescue cd and running fsck.ext3 on it, it says there are no problems with it. The filesystem is marked clean. Forcing a check with -f turns up nothing.

Now, when booting it from disk, fsck complains about an unclean file system that has not been checked for like 50000 days (obviously an error). Running e2fsck -n /dev/sda2 turns up errors again - not necessarily the same ones as the last time.

This makes me wonder: Can running e2fsck on a mounted file system cause errors? I ran with -n which is not supposed to do anything, just doing a read-only check. On the other hand, I heard checking a live file system might throw erros since the files being checked might change while bign checked, thus causing false positives.

Can the old version of e2fstools (1.38, approx 2005) mean non-existing errors are shown? Both the rescue cd and the system use this version.

In any case - why would the file system report errors on boot-up when the rescue cd just said it was ok? It should have been marked clean by now.

For laughs, I shut down the system and booted Knoppix which has a quite recent version (1.41.12, May 2010) of e2fstools. It showed no errors on the file system.

What do you think - are there errors or not on the file system?

The system is actually running Suse, but this is not about Suse specific things - just general Linux tools. And I use Ubuntu personally.

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Software :: Uninstall Grub Currently Running Ubuntu Live Cd

Feb 3, 2010

I want to uninstall Grub from my machine. I am currently using Unbuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalop 's Live CD. Please help me with these. I can't make use of windows recovery console as right now i don't have any os installed on my machine. Please help!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update 10.10 - Error "unable To Update Because There Is More Than One Synaptic Manager Running"

Mar 13, 2011

after initating the update and i enter my pass word, update stops and an error box comes up stating that it is unable to update because there is more than one synaptic manager running, i have restarted and get the same results, and to my knowledge there is nothing else running in the background.

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Debian :: Running Live-CD From Fixed HDD?

Nov 18, 2010

I've been asked to create a Linux build which will contain open source vmview. Simple enough, but I would like to have this deployed onto different desktops from an imaging server using multicasting, we use Symantec Solution Suite 2.5 therefore the smaller the image the better for us. I would also like the image to be fully manageable i.e log in and add / remove apps etc but all it will need is a user account, a root account, web browser, rdesktop and vmware view open client.

I have gone down two routes:

1. There are Live-CD's out there that can do the important things that I want which is to use vmware view and I do like the fact that it is compatible with all our current hardware so I am happy to use this for the time being but I hate the fact that we have to boot it from CD as we have quite a few PCs in the room. I would like to convert the distro to boot from HDD exactly as you would from a CD but cannot seem to find a solution to this.

2. I have created a Debian and a OpenSuse build which does exactly what I want albeit taking a bit more disk space than I would like, but my issue is how do I capture and deploy this to different hardware as our imaging server only does cloning.

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Ubuntu :: Wifi Crashes While Live Stream Video Is Running On 10.04?

May 9, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 running Windows 7 64bits and Ubuntu 10.04 64bits. My problem is that when I'm connected to my wireless router the connection crashes when I watch a live stream video such ..... or something else. It does not happen when I'm connected via cable to the router nor in Windows 7 when I'm connected via wifi.

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Ubuntu :: Identify Whether The Current System Is Running In Live Mode Or Not?

Aug 25, 2010

Is there any sure-fire way to identify whether the current Ubuntu system is running in Live mode or not? I want to distinguish between Live mode and running from installed HD, and do some processing in boot up script. FYI, in grml, the /etc/grml_cd file only exit in Live mode file system; no such file if running from installed HD.

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General :: Running OpenSUSE Live From Second Partition Of USB?

Mar 26, 2011

I am trying to run the openSUSE live cd from the second partition of a 16 G USB stick. The reason for doing this is so that I can use the first 13G as a windows file system that Windows can read. Does anyone know how to do this?

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