Ubuntu :: How To Use The 11.04 Classic And AWN

May 8, 2011

I have been running Ubuntu 10.04 & 10.10 nicely over the last year and recently I found the avant-window-navigator, which I now use instead of gnome-panel.It's easy to make the changes in previous versions, I just had to go into gconf-editor, navigate to /desktop/gnome/required_components and change the "panel" key from gnome-panel to avant-window-navigator.

Now I am one of the many who despises Unity and put off the upgrade to 11.04, until I read that you can select Ubuntu Classic when logging in and not use Unity.No problem,I thought.I will just use Ubuntu Classic, make the same changes as before and not use Unity.But, this doesn't seem to work. The same keys are not present in gconf-editor and even if I add them they have no effect.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Log In To Classic In 11.04

May 20, 2011

I followed this guide. [URL]

Log out and log in as Ubuntu classic, but still i get an Unity-desktop. I have also installed Unity-2d from synaptic. How do I know if the system has unity-2d or unity-3d? I have only an eeepc 900, so 3d get really slow

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Ubuntu :: Get A Classic Desktop In UNR 10.04?

Apr 30, 2010

how can I get rid of all this horrible maximus/netbook launcher stuff and just get a classic desktop in UNR 10.04?

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Ubuntu :: Classic Unusable In 11.04?

May 1, 2011

So if we don't like Unity or the way it crashes with alarming regularity, the fact that it requires multiple mouse clicks to do things we used to do with a couple and the fact that the launcher is not configurable in any meaningful way, we can always go back to Ubuntu Classic, right? Wrong!

Trying to enable desktop effects in Classic under amd64 and NVidia proves something of a nightmare.

1. There is no 'Desktop Effects' tab anymore. We are told that this is no longer necessary as Compiz is running by default.

2. Jockey reports that the NVidia driver is installed and that the driver is activated but 'not currently in use'. This is a bug and has been reported. However, this could tempt people to uninstall and re-install the driver (I am one of these) with disastrous results.

3. Trying to enable things like the Cube and Cube rotation break Compiz and remove *all* the settings in CCSM. Window menus and borders disappear and have to be restored by resetting the Window Manager to Metacity.

4. Getting applications like Radio Tray or Shutter to show in the System Tray involves circuitous circumventing of a 'Whitelist' (which is there for our protection because we shouldn't really want to use applications which put icons in the tray!) is really going to put off people installing applications which then apparently don't work. (They do work, they just become unusable because you cant see them or do anything with them!)

5. Skype will sometimes load and sometimes won't. Sometimes the sound is corrupted and sometimes not. Despite the fact that Skype is proprietary software, many people need to use it. If it becomes unreliable many people will look elsewhere or go back to Wingedows.

6. In both Unity and Classic the task bar will randomly freeze and become unresponsive, requiring a reboot.

Natty Narwhal? More like Natty Dread at the moment. I dread turning it on and it is dreadful. I'll try Gnome 3 or go back to 10.10. I can no longer recommend Ubuntu as a viable alternative to Windows to my customers.

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Ubuntu :: Get Classic Scrollbars On 11.04?

May 30, 2011

Is it possible to get the gnome style scrollbars on the classic desktop on 11.04? The new disappearing slider is bugging me. In particular I like clicking on the scrollbar below the slider to advance.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Get In Classic Mode ?

Jun 1, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu 11.04, to find that I don't like Unity. I want to get back to normal Gnome, but on the login screen, when I select "Classic mode", it gets into Unity anyway.

I also tried to un-check Unity Plugin in Compiz Settings, without success. "Classic mode (no effects)" works great, but like it says, there is no effects at all...

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Ubuntu :: No Option To Log Into Classic In 11.04?

Jun 12, 2011

Hey all, I recently did a fresh install of 11.04 and decided to poke around with GNOME 3. Long story short it wasn't my cup of tea so I reverted with ppa-purge. Now, Unity isn't my cup of tea either so I like to use Gnome Classic but for some reason now I only have the options of Unity (Ubuntu) and Ubuntu Classic (No effects). Before I installed GNOME 3 I was able to log into Ubuntu Classic (with effects) just fine. I'm an average linux user, not pro but not completely nub so I would prefer to find a way of fixing this without re-installing Ubuntu if possible.

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Ubuntu :: Using An Ipod Classic On Lucid ?

Jul 7, 2010

'm about to order an iPod 160gb classic and I was wondering if it plays nice with Iucid lynx and which song management app your using. I made use of the search functions and most posts that deal with the classic are a few years old. Just wanted to see if syncing the classic has been made easier in the past few years.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 + Gnome Classic + 4 LCD Monitors?

Apr 29, 2011

I've installed this new Ubuntu 11.04 and I must say its horrible. Not because of the "Unity", but lack of support for multiple monitors. They work in "Gnome Classic", but the problem is there is many bugs. First bug is that any windows I open do not have borders or title bars, and only open in top left corner of the screen. On top of that, I can't type anything in those opened screens like when I open terminal for example. Second bug is that I can't add any new items to panels on other separate screens. As soon as I try to add anything, I get the following errors. "Indicator Applet Complete" has quit unexpectedly. So 11.04 failed for me I'm afraid. At this point I can't use it. This is very said because I was looking forward in running new version of Ubuntu. Its very strange that Ubuntu programmers don't have multiple screens by now to test ubuntu properly. As for Unity, nothing to talk about there. Its pure "Vista" style like screw up. It only works well on laptop or single monitor. I guess all I can do now, is wait again for 11.10 and hope all bugs will be fixed by then to support multiple monitors like 10.10 does now. Also, this will teach me installing new ubuntu version every six months LOL With all the bugs new ubuntu version comes out .04 releases is not worth it. Better wait at least in till .04.1 comes or even .10 versions. fix "Gnome Classic" so it will support multiple screens again. I think its something to do with Compiz, because windows decorations is not working on separate screens.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Classic Window Decorator

May 1, 2011

Gave unity a try, did not like it, switched to classic. I had pretty much figured out eye candy in previous versions, but I can't change the window border in 11.04. If I enable emerald as the window decorator under compiz settings, I get a blank window border, regardless of which emerald theme I select. If I click the default under compiz settings and use compiz-decorator, I also get a blank window border. If I use gtk-window-decorator, I then have a proper window border, but I have no way to change it. With it, I can use appearance preferences and change themes, colors, icons, etc., but selecting different window borders under customize has no effect at all. I don't like the window border I'm stuck with, anybody know how to switch these in 11.04?

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Ubuntu :: Completely Disable 3d With Classic?

May 24, 2011

I have upgraded to version 11.04 and I only use Ubuntu classic - do not like Unity at all.

I think in previous version there was an option in one of the System->Preferences->Appearance dialogs to enable 3D effects partly fully or not at all for GNOME 2. However, I cannot find this dialog any more in version 11.04. Where has it gone?

I would like to make sure that all 3D mumbo-jumbo is completely disabled with ubuntu classic.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Stuck In Classic Mode

Jul 1, 2011

Ok not sure what is up or how to get it back, the desktop is stuck in classic mode. I want to continue testing with Unity, i think the classic mode is like gnome.i was/am considering switching all my home systems to Ubuntu and want to see if the wife can get accustom to Linux.New user btw, so please bare with me.FYI I think the wife can get used to Unity since it reminds her of an Android

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Get 9.10 To Play Well With IPod Classic?

Jan 24, 2010

this noob is generally *very* satisfied with Karmic since switching over from XP after a horrendous virus wiped out my laptop. My only problems have been with hardware devices. I'm so far unable to get Ubuntu 9.10 to play well with my iPod Classic. I *do* get an iPod icon on the desktop and can move files to it, but gtkpod will not mount it. Rythmbox sees it, but doesn't move files or playlists to it. The gtkpod 'howto' file says I should have the hotplug pkg installed, and I don't see it listed as installed OR available from Synaptic manager, and my web searches for it usually lead to a deadend 'not avail'. Sorry for the verbage. what I need to know is what files / pkgs need to be installed, how do I know if they are on my system, and where do I find them if they are not? I'm assuming my iPod is not mounted correctly but it could be another issue of course.

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Ubuntu :: Get Classic Menu For 10.04 Lucid System?

Jun 13, 2010

I've installed Lucide Lynx notebook remix on my laptop. But, I don't like the panel that covers the full desktop.

Hence, I would like to see the classic drop-down menu?

How can I get it?

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Ubuntu :: Panel Continually Resetting To Classic?

Apr 1, 2011

i recently installed ubuntu 10.10 64-bit on my laptop and installed all the drivers and updates i saw. When i first started it up my top panel was a solid gray and had a classic look, i saw online that i had to do Alt-F2, type gconf-editor then go to apps,panel,global click locked down, then i log out, log back in and it is fixed with my system theme. after i restart my computer it has the same classic look, and i have to go back to gconf, log out, relog, log out, relog and it finally works. why is it doing this?

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Ubuntu :: Really Slow Since Switched To Classic Mode

Apr 28, 2011

i just installed ubuntu 11.04 (not beta) and switched to classic mode since it is really slow for some reason.i tried to go in update manager to see if it might fix it,but there arent any new updates.i also checked additional drivers which showed up nothing.when i had 10.10 it was quick and responsive,but 11.04 just makes me want to go back to the old version.can this be a video driver problem that its going slow?

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Ubuntu :: How To Start Unity - Running Classic

Apr 29, 2011

I upgraded to NN I am running Nvidia 270 driver The driver works. As you can see, it is running classic. At login I select ubuntu not classic

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Classic (Gnome) Settings Remain Same After 11.04

Apr 29, 2011

I am wondering if my 10.10 Gnome settings, preferences, color schemes, themes and so on will remain after installing 11.04 and selecting Classic as the default? These live in a separate /home partition, which I obviously will not be formatting.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Using Glipper And Trying To Use ClipIt In Classic

May 6, 2011

After installing 11.04 and settling on Ubuntu Classic, I used Synaptic Package Manager to add Glipper, my long-favorite clipboard manager. After some difficulty, I discovered that in 11.04, Glipper is activated by opening the Terminal and issuing the CLI "glipper". This initiates several steps in the Terminal, which for me always failed to conclude. However, after giving up, exiting the Terminal, and doing a number of other things, I had occasion to restart. Following the restart, the Glipper icon was in the panel, and Glipper was working just fine.

FWIW, the difficulties I mentioned above included making several tries at installing ClipIt. In every case, any attempt on my part to actually use ClipIt resulted in a complete freeze. I could recover from these freezes only by cutting off the power to my desktop and then re-powering and re-booting. (Needless to say, ClipIt is no longer installed on my desktop.)

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Ubuntu :: Window Titles Don't Update In 11.04 Classic?

May 7, 2011

When I switch tabs in Firefox or Gedit the window title doesn't update, though the task bar title does, and if I minimize and then restore it updates to the correct value until I switch tabs again. Are there any workarounds? What sort of debug info do I need to post?

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Ubuntu :: Use Gnome Classic Menu With Unity

May 7, 2011

I'd give this unity thing a chance if I didn't have to keep wasting clicks "opening up" the darned menu!!

Q: Can I use the classic gnome start menu with unity?

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Ubuntu :: Remove Top Panel Classic Natty?

May 14, 2011

Since upgrading to 11.04 I've been trying to remove the top panel in classic in the same manner as I did with 10.10.

gconf-editor -> desktop -> gnome -> session -> remove "gnome-panel" value.

This does not remove the top panel anymore. Relog and restart has been tried. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove it? I'm using AWN, so the top panel isn't useful for me

Solved: So I just randomly thought of changing my login session to user defined, and voila! Panel gone Guessing logging into classic just won't let you log on without it.

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Ubuntu :: Replace Gnome Panel In Classic (11.04)

May 19, 2011

In previous releases of Ubuntu it was possible to replace the gnome panel (with AWN for example) by going into gconf-editor and replacing gnome-panel with the panel of my choice (see screen)Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have an affect on Ubuntu Classic desktop.how to do it with Natty (replace gnome-panel with AWN)?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Installed And Unity Does Not Show Up Only Classic

May 26, 2011

I installed ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop and everything worked just fine. When I helped a friend to install it on his laptop unity did not work, only ubuntu classic. On the login screen I choose "ubuntu" and when I log in I get "ubuntu classic" I went back to the login screen and chose "ubuntu classic" and it did the same thing so my question is:

where did unity go?

has anyone else had this issue, I have installed the recommended nvidia drivers and I still don't see unity, I don't know what to do next!

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Use Classic Theme After Upgrade To 11.04

May 28, 2011

i just upgraded to 11.04 and i got a message that tells me that my hardware doesn't meet the requirements for the new desktop program thing ,gnome? and i have to use Ubuntu classic theme that looks like windows 95 (yuck. get the older version of gnome that looks good from 10.10?(all windows are in the usual black bar orange buttons way) but the top and bottom bar on the desktop are all gray.

2ghz amd athlon
32mb S3 prosavage 8 graphics card (onboard)
Ubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Classic Interface Is Worse Than Old Gnome 2

Jun 6, 2011

I have recently upgraded to 11.04 and am running the Classic interface as I don't like Unity.However, I have noticed so far two areas where this Classic version has gone backwards from the default Gnome in 10.10 and earlier.I can't rearrange window buttons on the Window list, nor can I drag-and-drop say FLAC files onto the button for "Movie Player" any more -they end up pinned on the panel!How can I get back the ability to drag window buttons around and and turn off the annoying pinning feature and get drag-and-drop back?

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Ubuntu :: Launch Compiz With Classic Desktop?

Jun 20, 2011

My machine ran Compiz perfectly on 9.04. it's too old to run Unity.

I've switched back to Classic Desktop - how do I get Compiz to run automatically? At the moment, I'm opening a terminal and running

compiz --replace

When I go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance, I don't see the "Enable Desktop Effects" option that I used to. Is there any way I can get this back?

I'm using the NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173)

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Classic Borders Are Missing?

Jul 4, 2011

I am using 11.04. The Unity and Ubuntu Classic (no effects) are working as designed. The Ubuntu Classic DE has no window borders. I have searched and tried several solutions for similar issues but those have not worked. More info can be provided as requested.This problem began after installing Lubuntu as an alternative DE and I have since removed it but the problem remains. I could have, in the time that I have been searching, re-installed Ubuntu but wanted to resolve this problem. The OS is on my laptop and I do not have any data that would be lost. The system has been setup with a separate /home partition so necessary/needed data will not be lost.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Just Not Working In 11.04 Classic Desktop

Jul 8, 2011

I have compiz installed, and ccsm. Currently the only window manager I can get to work is metacity.

KDE works fine with compiz.

If I even enable "desktop cube" in ccsm, my window manager dies and the proper one does not start up. Running Code:

In a terminal also bombs out.

Unity seems to work fine as far as this is concerned, but I hate unity. It isn't even remotely ready to use in my opinion.

I see alot of other people posting about this with no solid answers.

I moved all the following out of the way from my old 10.10 $HOME, so this should essentially be a clean home dir. as far as compiz and GNOME are concerned:


I created a brand new user and tried to enable compiz in classic desktop. Same thing.

What I have installed wrt to compiz:


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Ubuntu :: Classic With No Effects Even After Fresh Restart

Jul 25, 2011

I tried to enable the desktop cube but it had some issues with unity and I told CCSM to resolve all the issues and now none of my unity stuff works. No side bar, no top bar, nothing. When I boot into Ubuntu all I get is my back ground. I can switch between screens, and log out using key bindings, but I can't do anything else. I can only get into Ubuntu classic with no effects if I do a fresh restart. How do I get CCSM to cooperate again? I've disabled everything, re-enabled everything, using all three options, restarted.

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