Ubuntu :: Force Monitor To Stay Off Untill Boot Is Complete

Mar 18, 2011

This may be a strange request.

I would like to have the monitor say off during boot up until my everything loads including my firefox browser. This it turns on.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: All Goes Well Untill First System Boot?

Apr 28, 2011

I am installing server 10.04 on a amd64 system. two 500gb drives mirrored. I didnt have any problems installing.

md0 = 128mb /boot ext4
md1 = 16gb /swap
md2 = 2gb /tmp ext4
md3 = 30gb / ext4
md4 = the rest /var ext4

when i boot the system halts saying that the file system is corrupt @ /var. I tried running fsck and it said that the partition table may be corrupt and couldnt repair. Ive wiped the drives clean with boot n nuke and tried to re-install with the same thing.

I was using the sata ports in raid mode (single disks) so ive reverted to native IDE and I am attempting to wipe and start over. Im probably going to do a single drive install first and then make the raid arrays after the first boot.

Anyone ever see this before? I was using a nearly identical system for an install a few weeks ago and did not have these problems. The only difference was i was using native IDE mode on the sata ports.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Won't Stay On / Ge That To Work?

Feb 10, 2010

I'm having this problem with a older ibm thinkcentre with some:00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)
video controller in it.

The problem is the monitor connected has to stay on all the time, but something keeps shutting down the video card then the machine has been idle for some time, and the monitor goes "No video signal" until someone touches the mouse or keyboard.

The system is the newst updated 9.10, and ive set "Put monitor to sleep = never" in the power management settings. Ive also disabled the screen saver.

Now, i dont think its Xorg that shut the video card down, i believe its the framebuffer (or kernel console or whatever its called). If i jump to the console with ctrl-alt + F1, log in and turn off Xorg with lets say sudo service gdm stop, the video card still turns off after like 15-20 minutes.

Other things ive tried:
completely disabling framebuffer in the grub configuration (with vga=normal and nofb and even combining both, this however doesn't really disable the high resolution framebuffer at all. Its still on now matter how much i try to disable it..hmm (and the grub settings is used by grub as I'm able to set nosplash witch is effective))

and the last thing I've tried was setterm -powersave off, no luck there.

Before thinking it may be the console doing the video poweroff, I tried disabling DPMS in Xorg config, (and disabling it with xset) this dosent help, although i'm able to turn on the video signal again from a ssh session with xset -dpms -display :0.0 or xset dpms force on -display :0.0. However after some idletime the video signal shutsdown again.

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Fedora :: Monitor Won't Stay Off ?

May 24, 2011

I frequently turn my monitor off (e.g. during downloads). Usually,


works great for this purpose, but on my new Thinkpad W520 with Fedora 15 the monitor won't stay off but come back after a few seconds. This is rather annoying. Does anybody have an idea how I can make it stay turned off? Oh yeah: Pad is deactivated, only trackpoint is active.

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Fedora :: Monitor To Stay On In Run Level 3 ?

Feb 1, 2010

I have a Fedora 11 server that runs at init 3, the monitor goes out after awhile. I would like this to be on permanently. I've searched the net and I'm not able to find the answer.

VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AR [Radeon 9600] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

xorg.conf :


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OpenSUSE :: Monitor To Stay On For Long Periods Of Time?

Dec 1, 2009

I am useing a PC as a simple display and I need the monitor to stay on for long periods of time. I have set the power saving setting to "presentation" mode and it is not supposed to turning the monitor off. Is there somewhere else I need to adjust this??? I am running OpenSUSE 11.1.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Card Wont Stay On Monitor Mode!?

Dec 9, 2010

Running Ubuntu 10.10 on Hp Mini 1030nr My wireless card is a Broadcom BCM4312. I have the b43 driver installed. When I disable networking I can change to monitor mode but then it changes back to manage mode when I enable networking again. I tried using airmonNG but it;s not working.

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Hardware :: Can't Find Where To Get Monitor Display To Stay On So It Doesn't Go Black After 2 Min's

Feb 28, 2010

I could easily go to ms system monitor display by clicking on background of desktop and finding it through there to change settings related to desktop. I want to be able to watch a movie without the desktop screen saver thing going off. where can extend it to longer than 2-3 minutes on linux mint?

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Ubuntu :: CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor Won't Stay At 800mhz After Reboot Or A Certain Period Of Time

Oct 26, 2010

The CPU frequency scaling monitor won't stay at 800mhz after reboot or a certain period of time. My goal is to always have my dual core CPU locked at 800mhz to have it run cooler. I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on my toshiba u300 laptop.

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Ubuntu :: Force An Application Window To A Certain Monitor

Dec 14, 2010

I have my desktop displayed on two monitors. I have a chat application that opens a separate dialog window when I click on a contact.But this new window does not open on the same monitor as the contact list window.Is there a way to force all child windows to open on the same monitor as their parent?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Force Monitor Resolution At Startup?

May 4, 2011

I started using Ubuntu 11.04 today.
Everything works fine with my monitor directly connected to the computer. I get a default screen resoluton of 1600 x 1280, which is just fine.

However, when I connect the screen through a video splitter to be able to use a beamer, the screen resolution defaults to 1024x768. Moreover, Ubuntu then detects an unknown monitor.

I recall that I have solved this problem before with an older version of Ubuntu.
Now it seems that there is no xorg.conf anymore so I don't know what to do.

How can I force Ubuntu 11.04 to start with a screen resololution of 1600 x 1280.

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Ubuntu :: Power Saving Mode (monitor Off) Complete System Freeze?

Nov 21, 2010

when my monitor turns off after 30 minutes, I cannot do anything after. We're talking complete lock down of Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit. Not even alt+printscreen+REISUB reboots the machine; I have to do a hard reboot (which sucks and is hard on hardware).

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Ubuntu :: Force Console Video Mode With Grub2 - No Monitor

Mar 25, 2010

I run a number of Ubuntu 9.10 boxes attached to multiple daisy-chained KVMs. None of the PCs are using any GUIs - they all run in console mode. I often reboot them remotely via an SSH session, etc. If a monitor isn't actually active on the PC when it reboots, Grub2 uses a low-res video mode, despite having a higher-res video mode set correctly in Grub2's configuration. If I reboot WHILE THE MONITOR is attached to the Ubuntu PC via the KVM, the video mode is set correctly as configured in Grub2's config files. If I reboot WITH NO MONITOR attached, the video mode is ignored and I'm stuck in a low-res mode next time I attach to the PC via the KVM. How can I force Grub2 to honor the configured graphics setting, despite not having a monitor present at the time it boots?

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General :: Force Gdm Login Screen To The Primary Monitor?

May 27, 2010

I have two monitors attached to my video card. Primary monitor has a resolution equal to 1280x1024 and second has 1920x1200. My gdm login screen always appears on the second monitor even if it is switched off. My question is how to force gdm to show login screen always on primary monitor with resolution 1280x1024? I use Ubuntu 10.04.Now I'm ready to modify gdm sources if there is no such option in configuration files.

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General :: Need To Run A Shell Script In Background Untill I Kill It

Nov 25, 2010

How to run a run a shell script in background even if i exit the terminal or logout,

the process end only when i kill with command kill

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General :: Creating Mounts And Having Them Stay On Boot Up

Feb 10, 2011

How would i use LVM to add these mounts for example?

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General :: Application On Server To Allow Network Boot Of Windows Pc's Force Boot Img Load

Apr 6, 2011

A colleague of mine was studying at the University of Vienna and saw an application which was based on linux whereby other pc's booted from it and if on the server they had set it to force a clean install on that PC it would download and install a windows image. Does anyone know of the app or could point me in the direction of a similar app.

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Ubuntu :: Failure To Complete Boot?

Feb 3, 2010

whenever I try and boot the computer begins to load correctly, but after the scrolling ubuntu splash, I just get a black screen.

64bit Ubuntu 9.10

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Doesn't Complete Boot ?

Aug 23, 2010

Some days ago I had Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04, obtained by upgrading from 9.10, installed on dual boot (same HD).

However, I had some issues with Ubuntu's boot: after its selection in GRUB, the login panel would not display and the screen would remain black.

I was told that upgrading might lead to problems, so I uninstalled Ubuntu 10.04 and installed it by CD.

Now I have Windows Vista and Ubuntu 10.04 (this time the CD-installed version) on dual boot, but Ubuntu after 4-5 uses doesn't boot anymore!I've also tried to boot in recovery mode, but that was no use(the recovery panel does not show up).

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Ubuntu :: How To Force Into Low Graphics At Boot

May 2, 2010

Have just moved into my gf's place from a shared accomodation and have taken my mythbuntu (8.04) box with me. Have plugged it into her Sony tv and initially it looks promising, bios screen shows and so does the mythbuntu splash. But after that the tv just sits there with a message saying "out of range". Anyone got any ideas how I can force it into a low graphics mode or similar so at the very least I can access the desktop.

Oh and to make things worse my gf has no Internet access (writing this on my phone) and I don't have a livecd to hand

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Ubuntu :: Boot Failure After Complete Shutdown Or Sleep

Jan 15, 2010

I have installed ubuntu 9.10 with karmic kernel and GNOME, on toshiba 512 MB RAm laptop. it worked fine but some times after complete shut down or sleep, it wont boot again. Laptop is completely dead and silent. I had to power it off, battery taken out and inserted again to get it started again. Then it worked all normal and fine. Why it happens and what i shud do next?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Doesn't Complete Boot Up....makes Me Use Startx

Jul 3, 2011

I must have deleted a file or done something wrong because now when I start ubuntu11.04, my startup stalls at the blackscreen where it lists the output of current operations. Mine seems to stall at checking pulseaduio or stall at checking cron. I am not totally certain of the phrases but anyway, my only way to log in is to ctrl+alt F1 and sign in that way followed by startx. I copied some exact info down and here is where my computer usually stalls:

Screen says, Starting CUPS printing spooler/server [ok]
Checking battery state... [ok]
Stopping System V runlevel compatibility [ok]

This is the usual stopping stop for my computer.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Migrating From LVM To Normal Partitions - Boot Not Complete

Feb 20, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 9.10/64 Server configured with LVM in a 1Tb sata disk in my home server. For a simple server, LVM adds complexity if you need to recover your system, so I decided to migrate from LVM to normal partitions. I have another 1Tb disk to copy my system disk. In the backup disk, i have created same size partitions and trasfered files from /boot and root volumes with rsync, presenving perms etc... and excluding /dev /proc /sys etc... I have then modified /etc/fstab to mount new UUID's and reinstaled grub via live CD and chroot.

At this point, when I replace my system disk with backup one, the boot process start as usual, but when it starts loading services the boot process does not continue. The system is not "frozen". If I press intro, there is a line feed on screen. If I mount the backup disk in another system, there is nothing writed to /var/log/syslog or dmesg files during the boot process. I can change terminal with <alt>F2 but there is no login. In console, with backup disk I get:

....type 1505 audit.... operation="profile_load".....
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda1: clean ......
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda5: clean ......
* Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC
* Loading LIRC modules
lircd-0.8.6[1057]: lircd(default) ready, using /var/run/lirc/litcd
* could not access PID file for nmbd

And with original system disk:
....type 1505 audit.... operation="profile_load".....
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda5: clean ......
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
* Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC
* Loading LIRC modules
lircd-0.8.6[1057]: lircd(default) ready, using /var/run/lirc/litcd
/dev/mapper/coll-root: clean ......
* could not access PID file for nmbd
* Setting preliminary keumap...
Ubuntu 9.10 coll tty1
coll login:

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Ubuntu Installation :: What Exactly To Delete In The Boot File To Complete Uninstallation

Mar 27, 2010

Uninstalled wubi (though I enjoyed Ubuntu I want to do a clean install instead of the wubi/windows piggy-back). However, I still get an option to choose ubuntu when rebooting. I know that there's something I need to delete in the boot.ini file, but all I read is "delete mentions of ubuntu" or "delete the ubuntu line".

I hope I'm understandably wary of just waltzing into the boot file and deleting something like this, so what exactly do I delete from the boot.ini file to complete the uninstallation?

This is what I have in the boot file:


So all I delete is the "C:wubildr" line? Or does all that do is remove the mention of ubuntu from the startup menu but I still need to choose XP as the OS I want to boot into during startup?

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Ubuntu :: Machine Will Come To A Complete Stop About Half Way Into The Boot Process

Aug 11, 2010

I'm having small boot issue with my present Linux box, which is presently running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. When booting from a Live CD, Ubuntu 9.xx+ or any other linux variant I have, the machine will come to a complete stop about half way into the boot process. I think this may have something to do with the WiFi card that I have installed. Are there any suggestions that could help me remedy this problem short of removing the card itself?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Complete The Boot Process Even In Recovery Mode

Sep 20, 2010

I installed ubuntu 10.04 by wubi. It works perfect until I installed and ran "startupmanager". I find that I can't enter ubuntu, even in recovery mode. The screen keeps showing "rstslog main process ended, respawning [fail]" and other text

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Ubuntu Installation :: Complete Lockup During Boot From Encrypted Volume

Aug 1, 2011

I've installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a Fujitsu Esprimo E900. During installation, I've used the guided encryption setting because neither GRUB nor LILO would ever install on the LVM configurations I created myself. So after installing Ubuntu 11.04, when I boot regularly, the computer freezes completely. When I try to launch the recovery mode kernel, I get this far and then the computer locks up, too. Ubuntu lockup during boot by germanium, on Flickr

You can see the label is sdb5_crypt which is a bit odd since the partition is on /dev/sda. However, I already tried changing grub.cfg to /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb but that didn't do anything. This is all a bit odd to be. The funny thing is I've been trying to set this computer up for a month and I'm a professional programmer (Java, JavaScript, Groovy) with 20 years of programming experience and I never thought Ubuntu would be this hard to install on a more-or-less stock Intel box.

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General :: SuSe 9.3 Installation - Boot Does Not Complete

Apr 27, 2010

I am trying to install SuSe 9.3 from a Live CD onto an old laptop, and the base installation completes but the boot does not finish. It stops at the following:

Waiting for device /dev/hdc5 to appear: ......resume device /dev/hdc5 not found (ignoring)
Loading kernel/fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.ko
Waiting for device /dev/hdc1 to appear: ...... not found -- exiting to /bin/sh
sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
Hardware is: Sony Vaio PCG FX205K, 128Mb RAM, 850MhZ, 20G Hard drive.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Force Boot After Improper Shutdown?

Mar 12, 2010

I've installed xUbuntu on a machine I will be using as a file server. Everything is fine except one thing. If the server suffers an improper shutdown such as a loss of power the next time the machine boots it gets to the GRUB2 boot menu and then waits for a keyboard input.As this machine runs headless with nothing connected other than a network cable and power lead and is tucked away under the stairs it's quite an inconvienience to go to the machine and plug in a keyboard so I can press enter.Is there some way I could force the machine to boot as normal without stopping at the menu ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Force Boot Users Off Router?

Jun 27, 2011

How can I boot someone off of my router without having to use the admin settings/screens on the router ip?

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