Ubuntu :: Delete Current Partition To Install The New Version?

Apr 29, 2011

I am currently dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu linux 10.04. So I downloaded the new 11.04 version of linux onto CD and am trying to install it. How do I delete my current linux partition to install the new version? And for some reason I couldn't upgrade thought the update manager so I have to install by the CD.

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Ubuntu :: Install Over The Current Version Or Will It Install A Separate Version?

Feb 24, 2010

When a new version of open box comes out. If compile a newer version of open box will it install over the current version or will it install a separate version?

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General :: Possible To Install Back Version Of GCC With Current One

Apr 28, 2010

I have Fedora 11 on my machine. It comes with gcc 4.5. However, I am trying to compile code that require gcc 4.1. How do I install gcc 4.1 on my machine and still have 4.5 there as well? and how do I uninstall 4.5 gcc if I need. I was trying to use yum, but it did not work. Not sure what package I need.

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Ubuntu :: Install A New Version Or Distro In The Partitions Where A Current One Resides?

Jun 15, 2011

Is there a simple way to delete an existing Linux Distro install so you can install a new version or distro in the partitions where a current one resides? We have several laptops, all of which are at least dual boot with Windows and with a Linux Distro. A few have Windows and two Linux Distros.

What we want and need to do, without disturbing the Windows install is simply remove a current Linux install and replace it with another install, a simple way. We cannot find a simple Partition command of eliminate install or install over existing install. Since the movement in Linux community for four years now is "easy", "simple", and "user friendly" you would think Ubuntu project would by now have a simple, low risk way of doing this. The delete and expand specific partitions method is very risky (to the O/S installs one wished to keep intact) and requires more partition study than all but a few people have interest or time to invest in.

Anyone know of a simple way to replace an install. What puzzles us is why Ubuntu has not come up with a simple command that allows users to replace one Ubuntu version with another, or at least uninstall back to a previous install when a user finds the new version tanks his system and requires hours of study to figure out how to get his basic hardware up and running.

I realize that Linux community members tend to accept criticism about as gracefully as a Republican or a Democrat but progress cannot happen without constructive or well meaning criticism. For those so tempted, please spare me the "stupid", "its easy idiot", "Works fine on my PC" or "this is the best of all possible worlds" replies.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Install Current Version Of Bison Flexzlib?

Mar 25, 2010

i need to find the current version of bison flexzlib make if they are not installed in ubuntu or their version are outdated i need to install things.i hope i have posted the query at the right place if not please redirect it to the relevant thread adn let me know the path

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Ubuntu :: Delete (the Newest Version, The Only One OS On PC) And Install XP After That?

Sep 1, 2011

I tried to delete Ubuntu (the newest version, the only one OS on my PC) and install XP after that. I booted from USB and deleted one partition that contained Linux (formated it to ntfs) files using gparted. When I wanted to boot from Windows installation CD, i got the following message:Unknown file system:Grub rescue> I dont know how to proced with installation of XP, it seems it can not boot from my CD.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Current Daily Build Of 10.10 - Burn Newer Version?

Oct 3, 2010

If I were to install the current daily build of 10.10 (cd) will there be a live update that can be installed on Oct 10? Or do I need to burn the newer 10.10 version on that day and install again by cd?

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Ubuntu Security :: Check For Updates To The Current Version Of Rkhunter And Upgrade To A New Version?

Sep 18, 2010

How do i check for updates to the current version of rkhunter and if possible upgrade to a new version?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Install The Extras Of Anjuta 2.3.2 But The Current Version Supported From Synaptic Packet Manager Is Only 2.3.0?

Oct 5, 2010

i am trying to install the extras of anjuta which are v.2.3.2 but the current version supported from synaptic packet manager is only 2.3.0.. what can i do ? Is there a repository that has anjuta 2.3.2 for ubuntu ? Or anywhere i can find the extras for 2.3.0? if yes then give me the complete link to add to sources.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Delete The Windows Partition?

Aug 4, 2010

After having successfully downloaded and burned 11.3 ISO to DVD, i'm off to doing dangerous things: trying to install this on my work laptop which has Win XP SP3. when the partitioning stuff comes up, it suggests deleting the windows partition.
i have tried various options in terms of editing/resizing existing partitions and have always gotten errors. Just want to confirm: if I delete the windows partition, i'll lose my Win XP and all the data i have. Is that right?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 Wants To Delete WinXP Partition?

Mar 6, 2011

I am attempting to make my HP DV6000 laptop dual boot with WinXP and OpenSuse 11.3. I've upgraded the hard drive in this system to 500GB and have WinXP in a 100GB primary partition. There is also a 12GB system recovery logical partition. In preparation for Linux, I used the Windows disk manager to create a 50GB primary partition. I've defragged and run check disk on both of the primary partitions and found no problems.

For the Linux install, I downloaded the OpenSuse 11.3 DVD image using metalink and DownLoadThemAll so I'm pretty confident I got a good image. I burned it to a DVD, verified that, then verified the install image using the openSuse installer. Everything looks good. When I attempt to do the install of Linux however, the suggested partitioning says that it wants to delete partitions /dev/sda1 (99.06GB), /dev/sda2 (48.83GB) and /dev/sda3 (11.72GB). In each case, it says resize is impossible due to inconsistent fs, Try checking under windows.

It then says that it wants to create three new volumes for /dev/sda1 (2.01 GB), /dev/sda2 (20.00GB) and /dev/sda3 (443.75 GB). In other words, it wants to devote the entire disk to Linux.

I thought that I would be able to tell it to install Linux in the 50GB partition that I had created for it and that it would subdivide that into volumes as appropriate. If it wanted to delete that partition and create a new one that would be fine too, but I don't understand why it thinks that it needs to delete the WinXP and recovery partitions.

Is there a way I can work around this by using either the Create Partition Setup or Edit Partition Setup options available in the installer? Or better yet, is there something I can do via windows partitioning before I install that will prevent it from wanting to delete my windows partitions in the first place?

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Software :: Mono 1.1.12 - Install Older Mono To Co-exist With Current Version

Feb 28, 2010

I would like to know if anyone has run more than one version of mono concurrently. I want to host a Battlefield 2 server with bf2ccd that requires mono 1.1.12. CentOS 5.3 repos provide mono 1.2.4 which is neither new enough nor old enough to support bf2ccd. I have considered compiling a newer version or an older version to accommodate this but I think that the only fully supported version is the 1.1.12 and I want to have the newer mono for other projects. I have used Slackware exclusively up to now and am not familiar with CentOS yet so I would like to avoid compiling if I can. The server is an unmanaged dedicated server so I'm not certain of all of the details. AFAIK it is a standard CentOS 5.3 install.

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Ubuntu :: Delete The Old Build Without Affecting The Current One Using?

Dec 22, 2010

Since updating my ubuntu a little while ago, i have more than one linux build on my grub menu.

Is it possible to delete the old build without affecting the current one i'm using?

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Ubuntu :: Delete Snow Leopard Partition - Format Swap Disk Partition To Something Else

Feb 23, 2011

I had a drive with a partition layout like so:

~50gig Windows 7 - NTFS
~100gig Ubuntu - EXT3
~100gig Snow Leopard - HFS+
~100gig Extended Partition
-- ~100gig Swap Disk - exFat

I wanted to delete the Snow Leopard partition and format the Swap Disk partition to something else. exFat was causing major file size bloat on small files. QT sdk bloated to like 11 gigs or something ridiculous like that. Anyways, I loaded up an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS live cd and gparted then deleted the Snow Leopard partition. Gparted said "Mission Accomplished" and tried to rescan the drive, but never found it. At this point I restarted the computer, a dell laptop, which didn't boot with an unable to find a bootable device error. The ubuntu live cd doesn't see the drive anymore. gparted scans for drives indefinitely and fdisk -l has no output.

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Ubuntu :: NetworkManager 0.7 For The Current Version?

Jun 10, 2010

Is this NetworkManager 0.7 for the current version of Ubuntu? [URL]

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Install Version On Partition Of One Of Internal Hard Drives / Using Option Key At Power-up Time?

Jan 17, 2011

I am running OSX Tiger (10.4.11) here on my trusty old G4 MDD with a "giga" 1.4gig CPU accelerator and doing quite well with it actually.I have discovered Gimp and Inkscape and love the open source concept.I registered only a few days ago, and have been lurking around to see if I can get a look at Ubuntu in action.Would it be possible to install some version of Ubuntu on a partition of one of my internal hard drives and be able to boot it, using the option key at power-up time?I guess this would be called a "dual-boot" situation.If so, can someone provide a link as to what to download.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Version 9.04 To The Current?

Dec 1, 2010

i have a live cd i had sent to my address a while back but now i am outdated and would like to upgrade to the current version. is there any commands i can run to upgrade? or will i need to order another live cd

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General :: Upgrade From Ubuntu 8.04 To The Current Version?

Oct 1, 2010

A friend installed Ubuntu 8.4 for me. I tried to upgrade to the current new version but it will stop at one point and say," Failed to fetch compiz-plugins_0.8.4-0ubuntu15_i386.deb. Hash Sum mismatch" and stop. I can separately download that very same file but it won't do it by itself.

how do I get it to work? I am just a windows user trying to learn to get away from Windows. This has been bothering me for the past ten days and each attempt ends at the same point.

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OpenSUSE :: Delete Files On Data Partition Slow Because Trash Is Located On Home Partition?

Aug 18, 2011

KDE 4.6 - opensuse 11.4.

I have a separate ext4 partition which contains all my data (music, movies, etc). When I delete files from this partition it is very slow because it copies files from my data partition to the Trash folder in my home partition. How can I avoid this? Can't the trash be configured so that it uses a trash folder in each partition instead of copying files to another partition (which is slow).

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Hardware :: Delete Windows Partition And Reinstall Without Affecting Partition?

Jul 24, 2010

I want to wipe out my Windows partition and reinstall due to sluggishness. I plan to use Windows instructions as if it was on a hard drive by itself. Will this affect the multi-boot capability or the Linux partition in any way? Would it be easier to reformat and partition the entire hard drive and re-install both OSes? I use OpenSuse 11.2 and Windows XP.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can I Upgrade Current Version Of FF (3.5.7) To 3.6 Without Uninstalling It First

Jan 30, 2010

Can I upgrade my current version of FF (3.5.7) to FF 3.6 without uninstalling it first?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update From 8.04 Directly To The Current Version?

Mar 12, 2010

Is there was a way to update from 8.04 directly to the current version without going through all the others (8.10, 9.04, etc..)?

or ...

Will it be easier with the next LTS (10.04)?

about this ....!

Will it be possible to migrate directly from 8.04 to 10.04, one LTS to another?

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Ubuntu :: Add The Repository For A Current Version Of Firefox 3.0 Or Opera?

Mar 17, 2010

Just a reminder, Firefox 3.0 will reach End of Life status with the upcoming release of Firefox 3.0.19. This may concern you if you are still on Jaunty (like me). You may want to search the forum on how to add the repository for a current version of Firefox or Opera. Anybody who knows what Canonical will do in such a situation if a critical bug shows up after Firefox 3.0 will no longer be supported, but Jaunty still is supported?

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Ubuntu :: Wine - Mouse Disappearing In Current Version 1.1.42

May 11, 2010

(There seems to be a problem with the mouse disappearing in my current version 1.1.42. So upgrading to 1.1.44

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Ubuntu Servers :: Get The Newer Version 1.4.5 Using Apt-get On Current Server?

Feb 9, 2011

I have Ubuntu Server 10.04 Lucid (LTS) installed on my server (EC2 instance). I'd like to install Memcached on it. When I type "sudo apt-get install memcached" I get version 1.4.2-1ubuntu3 installed.

I know there's a newer version 1.4.5 and looking at [URL]..I found it's available in the newer version of Ubuntu (Maverick). Question: is it possible to get the newer version 1.4.5 using apt-get on my current server?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade To Current Version From 9.04 But Keep Wireless Driver The Same?

Feb 24, 2011

Xubuntu 9.04 installs the drivers for my wireless pci card on my desktop perfectly. Whenever I update to a newer version, the wireless disappears. I would like to use 10.10 but obviously internet is very important.

Can I tell it to keep the same driver? I actually don't really know what the specific driver it is.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade To Current Version Of Rkhunter?

Sep 1, 2011

Today I installed rkhunter, but an old version got installed:

From the terminal
sudo apt-get install rkhunter
sudo rkhunter --versioncheck
[ Rootkit Hunter version 1.3.6 ]
Checking rkhunter version.


Should this thread have be posted on "Security Discussions"?

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Ubuntu :: Installing Firefox 4 Beta In Parallel To Current Version?

Jan 2, 2011

can someone guide me in the installation of firefox 4 beta on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in parallel with my current ff 3.6.13 ??? if its anyway possible?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can Simply Upgrade From Current Version To Oneiric?

Jun 8, 2011

I've got Ubuntu 11.04 here and I am currently downloading oneiric ocelot iso. My question is: can I simply upgrade from my current Ubuntu version to oneiric? I've got some pretty important files on my current Ubuntu and I don't want to loose them and yet very much interested to see what oneiric ocelot.

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Fedora :: Current Stable Version Of Kernel In F10?

Aug 26, 2009

Which is the current stable version of kernel in fedora 10 and how can I installed because right now I have unstable kernel:
uname -a
Linux blind #1 SMP Sat May 9 04:18:14 EDT 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I just want to get back to latest stable kernel of fedora 10. I'm not able from the grub to choose an older because there are only kernels for fedora 9. The problem was that previously I used fedora 9 however I upgrade it but it was still with kernel of fedora 9 so I pick it the unstable of fedora 10 and I installed it. Right now I just want to get back to current version of kernel in fedora 10 so I can upgrade it to fedora 11.

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