Ubuntu :: Customization Kit Refuses To Install - Error: Dependancy Not Satisfyable: Python

Jul 17, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu customization kit on 8.04. However whenever I try to install it from the .deb file (it's not in the repos) it returns "Error: Dependancy not satisfyable: Python" I tried sudo apt-get install update, sudo apt-get install python and installing python through synaptic but it says it's the latest version of python already.

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Software :: Fedora - Every Yum Install Comand Gives Dependancy Error

Sep 25, 2010

I was trying to convert a video from avi to mpeg2 using ffmpeg, but I encountered an error saying , unable to load filters, in reply to this issue, I read, I would need to have a complete mplayer setup on my system.

So i tried yum update mplayer but it gave me a dependency error regarding some vlc libs, so i tried to update vlc but still the same problem. I removed them, thinking of a reinstall, but it gives me the same errors on trying their fresh installs.

Then I thought of updating gnome by yum update @gnome-desktop, so what ever I try to install or update from the terminal gives me this error:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: HIDPoint - Refuses To Install Properly In 10.04 - Error While Loading Shared Libraries

May 18, 2010

Bought a lovely new Logitech MX3200 keyboard recently, didn't expect to be able to use all the media keys on it. I was surprised, then, when I discovered HIDPoint, some software for configuring the hotkeys on many Logitech keyboards, and more surprised when I saw that mine was on the supported devices list. Anyway, HIDPoint is only available for up to Ubuntu 9.10, and refuses to install properly in 10.04.Here is the output when I try to run the installer:


error while loading shared libraries: libpng.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I can't find libpng.so.3 in Synaptic, so what should I do to get this program to install?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Skype - Installation - Error: Dependancy Is Not Satisfiable

Feb 6, 2010

I have an old version of skype running.

I downloaded the latest version for my ubuntu installation.


On running Gdebi package installer i get the following message:

Error: Dependancy is not satisfiable : libasound2

Ichecked and libasound 2 is installed and i re-installed it from synaptic manager.

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Ubuntu :: LiveCD Customization Error Warning: Could Not Determine Root Device From /etc/fstab?

Jul 31, 2011

I'm having a problem trying to customize Ubuntu 11.04 LiveCD.Everything went well until I tried to run the system updates on the LiveCD.This is the error message output:

root@lkjoel-desktop:/# sudo apt-get -f install
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:

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Fedora :: Post-install F Customization Script?

May 1, 2011

Anyone know of a script to do the usual stuff to Fedora that you may want to do following a fresh installation? Such as... install rpmfusion, install the real adobe flash, install sun's java, etc etc. There's plenty of guides/howto's out there, but I'm about to start working on something like 'winetricks', but for fedora. Thought I'd ask to see if anyone has seen something like that first.

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General :: Get Apt-get To Install Python Packages For A Different Version Of Python?

Oct 27, 2010

in ubuntu 10.10, I have installed python 2.7. I would like to use apt-get to install packages to this version of python but I haven't been able to figure out howThings I have tried without success:changing the symlink at /usr/bin/python to point to /usr/bin/python2.7 - even after doing this apt-get still installs stuff to python2.6.Set up python2.7 as the primary alternative using update-alternatives - doesn't work

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04.1 Refuses To Add Vlc 1.1.0 Ppa - Getting Error

Aug 23, 2010

I have the new Ubuntu 10.04.1 and I heard that the new VLC was released. I found out that I had to add a PPA to the repository, so I added it but I keep getting this error.


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Ubuntu :: Laptop Refuses To Boot From HDD - Error 15: File Not Found

Jan 20, 2011

When I boot my computer (emachines E528 laptop), it gets to the BIOS loading screen (the one where you have the option to press a function key to get to the BIOS settings), then it goes to a black screen and looks like it is going to load GRUB, but instead of loading GRUB, the computer reboots. It does this endlessly, unless I insert a LiveCD. So, it's not the BIOS. That's good. When the Mint GUI (Linux Mint was the LiveCD I was originally using as I just happened to have it on hand) loaded for the first time, I checked all of the hard drive partitions and they all seemed to load fine. So, it's not a mechanical problem with the HDD. That's good.

At this point, I figured the MBR had become corrupted somehow. Now I wasn't really sure exactly where the MBR was, or how it all worked, but I was pretty sure that if I just reinstalled GRUB, everything would be hunky dorey. Unfortunately, I hit a road block when trying to install GRUB. That's not good. I am trying to follow the instructions in this thread, but I get the following error:


grub> find /boot/grub/stage1
Error 15: File not found

So then I tried following the instructions here, but I don't know how to tell which drive is sda1, sda2, etc. I'm guessing there's some terminal command to figure it out, but I don't know it and Google was less than helpful. I feel like something that basic should be easy to find, but I digress.i am getting very close to backing up everything and reinstalling everything. Only problem with that is that I am not sure how to access the files on my Ubuntu partition as they are encrypted (I wrote down the key when I started it up, I just don't know how to bring up a prompt that will let me enter the key). I really don't want to reinstall and set everything back up, but if I have to I will. how to tell which partition is associated with which sda#, or how to access the files in my encrypted Ubuntu home folder. How do I tell which partition is associated to which sda#? How do I open my encrypted home folder from my Ubuntu partition?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Getting Error Message - Pc Refuses To Allow Remote Connection

Sep 5, 2011

I have local and remote networks that have various printers. I can add any printer (local or remote) to any PC, except for one PC that's refusing to allow remote connection (it used to, but doesn't now!). The problem PC has two printers connected and work OK as a local printer, but both display same problem when attempting to connect from any remote PC via YaST. Using 'Connection Wizard> CUPS Server' connection method requires IP address of remote PC and printer name. But if I correctly select either of the two printers I get an error message:

"PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.12 ms

Both printers are set to 'Accept Print Jobs' and 'Share Printers> Allow remote access' permits all networks to connect. why this PC is requiring the root password?

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Fedora Installation :: Fed 7 To 8 Upgrd, Hangs At Dependancy Checking?

Feb 6, 2009

Whenever I get to the dependancy check, it gets up to 99% and appears hung. I am in text, not GUI. Any idea why or if I just need to wait longer? I waited about 1/2 hour. Also, on newer versions, there seems to be no text install option. I saw in the stickies there is this option, and I was wondering how to get to it? I hit the function keys to get different menus while installing fedora 10 on my laptops but just can find a place to type text. I'm no guru, but I've been around the block and I'm just faster at the old text way. Old fart you might

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Fedora Installation :: Dependancy Resolution Failed - Software Update?

Sep 25, 2009

im a long time Ubuntu user that is giving Fedora a spin using Virtualbox on my Win7 machine. I have managed to get it up and running and guest additions working but have run into a problem with a few of the updates available in the Software Updates section.

It originally had around 75+ updates to install and seemed to do this fine. Unfortunately after a reboot and new check it comes up with 11 new updates. When I run install updates it gives me an error (see this post title) along with this bit of gibberish:

PackageKit = 0.4.6-8.fc11 is needed by package PackageKit-glib-0.4.6-8.fc11.i586
sane-backends = 1.0.19-15.fc11 is needed by package sane-backends-libs-1.0.19-15.fc11.i586
perl = 4:5.10.0-68.fc11 is needed by package 1:perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-68.fc11.i586
gnome-media = 2.26.0-6.fc11 is needed by package gnome-media-libs-2.26.0-6.fc11.i586 : Success - empty transaction I have searched around on google and came across similar issues for folks but in most cases they were trying to do a system update that caused the issue. I am not (this is a fresh install tonight of 11). Most other cases also didnt seem to have quite so many items listed.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Refuses To Appear After XP Install?

Jan 17, 2011

I've been running Maverick for a while now, and I decided to use the extra (unallocated, don't worry) space on my hd to install XP. After I installed XP I realized that I didn't get GRUB, so I couldn't boot Ubuntu. I tried fixing it using this, but to no avail. The only thing that happens now is that my computer boots up normally, but where GRUB would usually be, I now see a black screen. This is getting to be VERY aggravating.

Also, which partition should be flagged as boot? currently I have my Maverick partition flagged as boot because it has a boot directory. Should I not have any partition flagged as boot?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Apt-get Refuses To Install Dependencies?

Oct 15, 2010

I'm running Kubuntu 10.10 and am trying to change my bootscreen so I installed StartUp-Manager and then I tried to install usplash, but I get this error which makes me slightly confused:

sudo apt-get install usplash
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done


Previously apt-get has been happy to install dependencies. I'm new to Linux so if you need any more information just shout and I'll edit that in.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Refuses To Install On Partition

Jan 29, 2010

I have messed up my partitions really bad and grub refuses to install. Here's how it looks:
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sda1 * 1 13 104391 83 Linux
/dev/sda2 14 2432 19430617+ 83 Linux
/dev/sda3 2433 60801 468848992+ 5 Extended
/dev/sda5 2433 2930 4000153+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/sda6 2931 53535 406484631 83 Linux
/dev/sda7 53536 60801 58364113+ 7 HPFS/NTFS

Initially there was only Linux (Karmic) on this hdd, on what is now sda2 to sda6, current sda2 being the boot partition. Now, I decided to install Windows XP and using GParted I created an NTFS partition at the end, sda7. But it wanted to have his loader on the first one, so (now this is probably stupid what I did) I cut 100MB from Linux root and put it as NTFS at the beginning, making it sda1, boot and letting windows install it's loader there. I figured I can just reinstall grub on it later (think I have missed some tutorials). As you can probably guess, it won't. I formatted sda1 to ext4 now. What I do is run the Live CD (9.10), use terminal, then do

sudo -i
mkdir /media/boot
mount /dev/sda1 /media/boot
grub-install --recheck --root-directory=/media/boot /dev/sda1
and it goes

grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR. This is a BAD idea.
grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible. GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists. However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and its use is discouraged.
grub-setup: error: Cannot read `/grub/core.img' correctly
also, when I do update-grub it says "grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /."
I tried installing grub on sda2 and flagging it as a boot and still no-go.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Samsung Scx-4521 Refuses To Install?

Sep 13, 2010

I've been trying for days to get this printer to be recognized by 10.04. I've tried seemingly every possible combination of methods from "HOWTO Install Samsung Unified Printer Driver" to no avail (though I have learned a good bit during the process). Presently, the (partial) output of the printer error log file is as follows:

************************************************** *****************
D [10/Sep/2010:13:42:29 -0600] [cups-deviced] Found device "usb://Samsung/SCX-4x21%20Series"...
D [10/Sep/2010:13:42:29 -0600] [cups-deviced] PID 1824 (usb) exited with no errors.


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Ubuntu :: Python Error After Update To 11.04?

May 10, 2011

i update my ubuntu(10.10) to 11.04 when it update i got one error that say can not install python or upgrade . the installation finsh and i reboot my pc then ubuntu wont start i try to use

sudo dpkg --configure -a --force-all

my system repair but i still Have problem with python

the real issue is that when i install a package that require python the package wont install and say error:

Package python is not configured yet

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Installation :: D820 Refuses To Install System / Fedora - Fix This?

Jun 3, 2011

I am a new to linux. I recently purchased a used dell d820. It has 2 gigabites of ram, and has centrino duo. The hard drive is 80 gigabites. I used boot and nuke to erase windows xp, in order to install linux. (I was quite unhappy with the screen, codec, and other problems I was having with windows.)

However, each time I try to install Fedora, or any other version of linux to the hard drive, the computer shuts down ENTIRELY.

Is there a way to fix this? I seems like my machine just doesn't like linux?

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OpenSUSE :: SUSE Studio Preload ISO Refuses To Install (most Of The Time)?

Jul 18, 2011

Whenever I try to use a preload ISO from susestudio.com, it takes me about 5 tries to actually get it to install. I load it up in VirtualBox, and on the screen that warns "you are about to erase all data on /dev/sda, continue?", selecting "yes" will 80% of the time cause it to think you cancelled and waits 30 seconds before rebooting. Every now and then it decides to work, but sadly that's the exception and not the rule. If it makes any difference, the appliance I'm downloading is a custom one based on openSUSE 11.4 Minimal X with GNOME 3 installed on top of it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: User Account Refuses Keyboard Input?

Dec 18, 2009

openSuse v11.1
Linux x86_64
VirtualBox v3.1.0

One user account completely ignores all keyboard input. No other account demonstrates this bizarre behavior. The faulty account has had occasional keyboard difficulty but it has always been related to the Virtual Machines (VirtualBox); the hosting account always functioned correctly.

Then the ban on keyboard input. Poof! "Keyboard? What keyboard? I don't see no stinking keyboard!"

It is not the physical keyboard. Three different hardware exhibit the same fault. It is not the motherboard; two mb's show the same fault. It is only that one account. And I even took the Windows route of re-installing the OS (what a waste of time that was).

If something changed, I am not aware of it (although something must have).

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Ubuntu :: LiveCD Customization On A Mac?

Jan 24, 2011

I can change the bootup screens, but is it possible to unsquash the filesystem on a Mac?

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Ubuntu :: 9.1.0 & 9.0.4 Customization Required?

Nov 8, 2010

how i can customize Ubuntu 9.1.0 or 9.0.4. Coz during installation it did not give any "Customize Now" Option ? Or if suitable then guide me pls to some other version of Ubuntu that offer me to Customized at installation time

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Ubuntu :: Error While Installing Software Written In Python

Jul 1, 2010

For example, I want to install a texteditor called Editra, i done it like the following

First, I install the Editra
sudo apt-get install Editra - success ,its version is 0.5.30

Second, I run it in Terminal
Editra - it can work,but with the error infos "(python:1682): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed"

Third, I used command line "dpkg -L Editra", and found that the Editra is installed under /usr/share/pyshared/Editra,so i created the .desktop like this
sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Editra.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=the Best TextEditor

It showed, and I clicked it for running, but it told me error infos
Could not launch 'Editra'
Failed to execute child process "/usr/share/pyshared/Editra" (Permission denied)
Not just Editra, so many software that written in python have the same question, such as tortoisehg...

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Fedora Installation :: Cloned F11 Install Refuses To Boot (kernel Hang)?

Jun 17, 2009

I installed F11 x86 from the DVD onto one of my machines using a total of 4 partitions:

1. /boot
2. /
3. /home
4. swap

I then created an image of the first 3 partitions with fsarchiver and restored it onto a second machine (with different hardware). Grub was loaded onto the second machine as well without a problem. The new cloned install will get past grub fine but the kernel hangs. After removing 'rhgb quiet' from the boot options, I can see that the last message outputted to the console is something about the PS/2 mouse - this doesn't make sense as the mouse is working perfectly fine.

Additionally, I can still reboot using ctrl-alt-delete so the kernel/CPU must still be responsive. I have tried troubleshooting the various pieces of hardware, so I'm guessing it's something with the clone. All the cloned filesystems appear to be fully intact; the partition UUID's are all the same. I've even tried changing the UUID's both in grub and /etc/fstab to hardcoded /dev/sdaX , but this does not fix anything.

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OpenSUSE :: Kpackagekit Updates Refuses To Install Flash Player Update?

Jun 12, 2011

I've found the following irritating problem with the default update applet in 11.4 (the one available in 'Software Management' in the KDE system settings):

Applet prompts to update the system, click Apply updates
Accept licence agreement for flash player update

The applet goes back to listing the available updates - ie. it doesn't run the update The workaround is to untick the flash player update, run the other updates and then do the flash player update by itself.

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Ubuntu :: Saving Python Programs - Error Permission Denied

Apr 11, 2010

I wanted to save a python program because I am reading byte of python and I went to save in !/usr/bin. When I try to save in this folder I get this error "[Errno 13] Permission denied: 'usr/bin/helloworld.py'.

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Ubuntu Installation :: When Trying To Run 'python Setup.py Build' Get An Error (Shown At The End)?

May 5, 2010

I would like to install pymedia on my ubuntu 9.10 karmic distribution, but I am having a bit of a hard time doing that.I managed to install all the libraries (lame, libogg, libvorbis etc.) but when trying to run 'python setup.py build' I get an error (Shown at the end).I found on the interwebs that it may have to do with the version of gcc c++ compiler running (currently gcc-4.4) and that it only works with gcc-3.x. Therefore I downloaded gcc-3.4 (from the old jaunty archive), and with this one still no joy.NebelhomP.S. I am not a complete newcomer to linux and python but I am not an expert so it may happen that I ask questions with a very obvious answer.

nebelhom@nebelhom-desktop:~/pymedia-$ python setup.py build
Using UNIX configuration...


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Ubuntu :: 9.10 - Customization - Turn Certain Features On Or Off

Mar 20, 2010

I'm currently running 9.10 and I'm wondering if it isn't possible to turn certain features on or off. For example the dock that appears at the bottom of the screen, I don't dig it but it isn't under System ---> Preferences ---> Startup applications. Also when I connect/disconnect my modem, can I change the size of the notification window and how long it stays on the screen? Another is how to stop everything I plug in appearing on the desktop. I prefer an uncluttered desktop and would like to open plug-in devices through Places.

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Ubuntu :: Docky And Gnome Do UI Customization

Jul 22, 2010

This year in college I've had the liberty to be learning about Linux. This was mostly in the shell so a lot of GUI applications we didn't use. The fun part of this all is that once you know how to work in Bash. Linux isn't all so frightening and confusing anymore ! So I've decided to finally take the shot on switching from Windows to Ubuntu Desktop and I must say I'm quite amazed with the customization you can do in Ubuntu.I just installed Docky and I installed Gnome Do. Now it has come to my attention that Gnome Do can integrate with Docky however I do have a small question concerning the customization of the Dock bar. In Gnome Do I would really like to have the panel look from Docky and I was wondering if this is possible. To me it seems that it's only possible to use the 3D look which looks a lot like Mac OSx. I'm aiming for a bit of a Windows 7 interface however.

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Ubuntu :: Panel Customization In The Gnome?

Aug 19, 2010

I have ubuntu 10.4 with compiz fusion and emerald themer, and I would like to know if there's any good way to download themes not only for the window decorations but also for the panels. I use cairo dock opengl on the bottom but I do use the top panel and I would like to be able to download some cool themes for it and not just the limited customization found on the panel properties

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