Ubuntu :: Create A Menu.lst File From Scratch?

Feb 6, 2010

i have just installed ubuntu 10.04 dvd version and ho and behold grub error 15 just amazing any way i enter the partition via live cd thinking i edit the menu.lst file and that it but the folder grub it completly empty what is going here and how can i fix this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Starting From Scratch - Need To Create New Partition

Jan 13, 2010

I was a Jaunty user and then updated to Karmic. Wireless went from being sporadic in Karmic to non-existent after I tried the wrong fixes. I've changed so many settings and tried so many fixes that I don't know which way is up with the wireless. I'd like to start from scratch. If I install from CD, will it just write over my current ubuntu partition? Will the contents of home stay intact or will everything disappear? Do I have to create a new partition?

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Ubuntu :: Create And Install A Keyboard Layout From Scratch?

Jun 18, 2010

I was wondering if anyone could provide resources on creating and installing keyboard layouts from scratch. I am a conlanger(I create languages), and I need to be able to map certain unicode characters to certain keys. I could do this via creating a font, however, It would be easier if I could just switch between layouts which is easier than switching between fonts. Especially, when I am using more than one program at once. I'm sorry because I have never used the Ubuntu forums before and I probably posted this in the wrong forum.

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Ubuntu :: Remove The Panel And Start From Scratch But Cannot Find The Menu?

May 5, 2010

I noticed that every time I logged in my network icon always moved to the middle of the top panel. Getting tired of moving it back every time I decided to remove the panel and start from scratch. But I cannot find the me menu or the shutdown/logoff/switch user menu. So I cannot rebuild the panel the way it was. How can I find these items?

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Debian Programming :: Using Glib To Create Menu File

May 12, 2015

I am using GTK and C and on my application I have a Drag and drop feature.

Code: Select allicon_view = gtk_icon_view_new_with_model(create_and_fill_model(pALP));
   g_object_unref(pALP->list_store);      /* destroy model automatically with view */
   gtk_icon_view_set_selection_mode(GTK_ICON_VIEW(icon_view), GTK_SELECTION_SINGLE);
   gtk_icon_view_set_reorderable(GTK_ICON_VIEW(icon_view), TRUE);
   gtk_icon_view_set_text_column(GTK_ICON_VIEW(icon_view), COL_DISPLAY_NAME);

[Code] ....

The drag and drop works fine but when I exit the application and enter again, the changes of the drops are not saved, meaning the new location is not saved. I understand that in order to save the location of the drops I need to create a menu file and write some xml, But how do I do this? it there another way?

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Programming :: Script To Create .menu File (recursively Read Directories)?

Nov 4, 2010

I've found myself in the situation where I need to create a menu in gnome/kde for a directory structure full of documents.The directory structure looks like this:



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Fedora :: Make Nautilus Have A "Create Launcher" Item Under The File Menu?

Jun 12, 2011

Is there anyway to make Nautilus have a "Create Launcher" item under the File menu? Is there some plugin I can install or file I can edit? Launchers are very useful but always having to create them on the desktop first then move them to where I want is pretty annoying.

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Networking :: Build A Network From Scratch That Includes File And Printer Sharing, Intranet?

Apr 17, 2010

I want to learn how to build a Linux network from scratch that includes file and printer sharing, intranet. I have an intermediate-level knowledge of Windows networking. Can anyone suggest a book or online tutorial that I can learn from? Now let me be clear: I am finding no shortage of tutorials on the web. However, too many are old or incomplete.

A little extra info: I am a teacher/network admin for a small private school with about 50 student computers (that I wish to become Linux machines in the future) and about 10 staff computers (mostly Windows laptops--I do not expect the staff to convert to Linux as readily), I currently do not have an intranet implemented.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find The K Menu > System Settings > Advanced Tab > Disk And File Systems Menu

Mar 16, 2010

i found a tutorial to auto-mount ntfs drivers at kubuntu start


but i can't find the K menu > System Settings > Advanced Tab > Disk & File Systems menu.it disappeared in kubuntu 9.10?

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General :: In Nautilus Show Context Menu On Focused File When Press Menu Key?

Apr 11, 2011

In Windows Explorer, if a file is focused, press Menu Key on keyboard, context menu will show on top of the file. But in Nautilus, the same action shows context menu where the mouse cursor is. That's a bit annoying. Is there anyway to make it work like Windows?

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4: File Associations And Menu Itens Missing In Application Menu

Mar 1, 2010

Every applications of KDE 4 menu are missing.


When I try to open some file, including directories, "Open with..." window appears.

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Ubuntu :: Edit The Menu Through The Menu File?

Dec 18, 2010

I have an old computer and recently switched from Kubuntu to Xubuntu so it would run faster. I have noticed that Xubuntu has no menu editor. Is there a graphic interface for editing the menu? If not, could someone please explain to me how to edit the menu through the menu file?

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Ubuntu :: Create Icon Or Menu Item?

Jan 15, 2011

I used the package manager to load qcad. It will run from terminal but there is no icon or menu listing on the desktop. Is there a way to create one?

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Ubuntu :: How To Create Commands For Menu Editor

Apr 17, 2011

Now and then i want to add a command for installed application that hasn't put an icon in the Main Menu. What is missing, that i do not know how to research, are the mysterious pieces of code following the application name in the Command line of the dialog box for making a new Menu entry, invariably including the % sign and letters for options. If i simply write the name, e.g. mc or aiksaurus (magnificent thesaurus), the new entry doesn't work, although it might work through the terminal or Alt+F2.

Needless to say, i will be VERY grateful. I am otherwise installing applications that cannot be used. I love this community and the vision...the love that will replace money and transform this world.

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Ubuntu :: Create A Right Click Menu Like On Fluxbox - Openbox?

Jul 27, 2010

it is possible to create a right click menu like that on fluxbox, openbox,... I am using GNOME. I know how to create entries in nautilus action but i don't know how to create "applications", "places", "system" entries.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Edit And Create Video DVD With Menu?

Feb 26, 2011

Does anyone have a solution that actually works for creating video DVDs from beginning to end? My requirements are pretty simple, I would think. I need to take video from an NTSC DVD (which I made from 8mm analog tape), edit it, create a menu, and burn it. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to work. The total project is a little over 1 hour of video. I have reasonable computer power for this.

That doesn't seem like such a difficult task, but it actually requires using up to four different mutually incompatible programs, each of which has nearly infinite options, a huge number of intermediate file types, and infinite ways to fail. If there are intermediate files to be written, I need to know EXACTLY what files and formats to use, and what packages must be installed to use those formats. I don't care if the programs are KDE or Gnome (even a command line might work if the procedure is clear-cut).

The task consists of four parts:
* Rip or import an ordinary video from DVD. (This was made by a hardware DVD recorder).
* Edit videos. Create clips, cut, past, move, fade.


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Debian :: Create A Shortcut In The Menu?

Apr 3, 2011

I installed the software "Stellarium" from a installer I downloaded, but no shortcut was added to the menu. How can I create one? My desktop environment is LXDE.

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Ubuntu :: Create Network Mount Shorcut In Main Menu?

May 11, 2010

I'm using UNE Remix 10.04 and was wondering if it is possible to create a shortcut in the (GUI) Main Menu for an (SMB) network mount

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OpenSUSE :: Create A Launch Icon In The Menu?

Jun 26, 2011

In these days I was doing some experiments: creating rpms of different programs by compiling directly the source code. Everything went well, every-time I was able to create a rpm and install it correctly, no errors no issues. Unfortunately I was not able to find the way to create in the menu (application tab) any quick launch icon. I was forced always to use the terminal and digit the correspondent command :wxmaxima,gnuplot, etc. I tried to look in the manuals but there wasn't anything useful.

By the way I am using Opensuse 11.3 and KDE 4.4.4.

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Programming :: How To Create A Menu In C Like Bash's Select

May 23, 2011

Im wondering how to create a menu in c like bash's select. I imagine there is already something out but I don't know what it would be. Im a c newb but been scripting for a long time now and trying to pick up a little c.this would be what I am looking to display:


1) option 1
2) option 2
3) option 3

Make a selection:obviously 1,2,3 would be the only valid selection and anything else would say invalid or something like that.

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Programming :: Create A Multi Selection Menu?

Sep 18, 2010

I am creating a program that need menu with multi selection option for shell (CLI).I am using of Bash scripts.something that will look like that:

[ ] option 1
[x] option 2


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OpenSUSE :: Create A Shortcut Either On Desktop Or In The Game Menu?

Mar 11, 2010

newbie here..loving suse...but a question on package management...I have to run the etracer command in a shell to launch the program "extreme tux racer" for my son. it does not show up in a menu anywhere.how do i create a shortcut either on desktop or in the game menu?

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Ubuntu :: Convert A .avi File To A .iso File Using Devede - Choosing No Menu?

Jul 23, 2011

I get an error when trying to convert a .avi file to a .iso file using Devede. If I leave the "Create a menu with the titles" option as is I get no error. But I don't want any slideshow so I untick that option. I then get this error when the process is almost done; Failed to create the DVD tree Maybe you ran out of disk space I do have enough disk space so that can't be the problem. Anyone know what to do about this problem?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome - Create Custom Menu To Open Pdf Files?

Apr 28, 2011

I've moved from WinXP. How can I create custom menu like this to open pdf files?

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General :: Create Multi Bootable (with Menu) Cd / Dvd That Contains Number Of Live Cds?

Mar 4, 2010

How can I create a multi bootable (with menu) cd/dvd that contains a number of live cds? Is there any "easy" way of doing this? Isolinux is the way to go I guess, but is there any tool available for this?

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General :: Create A Menu Box Window Using Dialog In Shell Scripting

Feb 3, 2010

I am using Linux on my system. I don't have gui for my system, only console is there.

I have some task to create a menu box window using dialog in shell scripting.

I have to take input from user & save it in a file.

But this should like html form as e.g.

Name - .....................
email id - ..................
phone - ......................
location - ...................

Submit Cancel

Such window should be displayed on console using dialog & then user will enter his information there as Name,email id, phone,etc & submit it, then it gets saved to a file. Here submit & cancle are buttons. I have to do it in bash shell scripting. Or give me some examples like the above with shell script code.

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Red Hat :: When Right-clicking In The Desktop, The Option At The Top Of The Menu List Is Create Folder?

Jul 13, 2010

I'm now using RHEL5 and I've noticed that when right-clicking in the desktop, the option at the top of the menu list is Create Folder. Is there any way I can change this option to Open Terminal

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Slackware :: Install Didn't Automatically Create Menu Entry For Gdm

Sep 25, 2010

I have just installed KDE3.5.10 on S13.1 and have followed all steps required on the site at 'http://slackware.osuosl.org/unsupported/kde-3.5.10-for-slack13.0/' containing the packages, finishing with:


You'll probably need to log out and back in again for the profile scripts to add the KDE3 stuff to your $PATH and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS. When you log back in, KDE3 should start when you run X. Unlike LXDE, this install didn't automatically create a menu entry for gdm. Everything seems to be right, but I can't get the gdm entries I've tried to work. Could somebody who has also installed 3.5.10 kindly post the correct file contents?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Create Trashing Info File: Read-only File System

Jul 21, 2010

I plugged in my USb drive into my computer yesterday and tried to delete a folder. I was unable to do so and got the following message

Cannot move file to trash, do you want to delete immediately? The file "my file" cannot be moved to the trash. Show Details Unable to create trashing info file: Read-only file system

So when I click on delete I get another error message:

Error while deleting.
There was an error deleting Case Study Database. Show Details Error removing file: Read-only file system

At this point I can only click on Skip, Skip All, or Cancel.

I have not changed anything on the stick recently so I dont know what is causing the problem.

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Ubuntu :: Is There Any Program / Script That Can Create Torrent File For Each File In Directory?

Apr 14, 2010

Is there any program/script that can create a torrent file for each file in a directory? I have been looking all over but can't seem to find anything of the sort. I have 700+ files I REALLY don't want to make my self.

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