Ubuntu :: Copy The File Via SSH \ Save The File Via SSH To This Server?

Mar 22, 2011

Now i install the Ubuntu 10.4 64 bit on Sunfire X4170I want to save the file via SSH to this server.But i m not sure how to configure.

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Ubuntu :: Copy Folder Location And Save In Text File?

May 17, 2010

I want to copy location of every .avi , .jpg file present in a folder or in subfolder present in a direcotry and save in a textfile how to doex : /home/username/Desktop/bookofeli/video/book.aviit should give full locaiton of path how to do

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Copy / Save File In Extended Partition

Feb 3, 2010

I recently installed Jaunty in my departmental machine which is having 70 GB harddisk and 512 MB RAM. Before installing I partitioned the Hard disk by using Gparted of Live CD into Four compartments namely

1. Primary partition of 30 GB of file type ext3
2. Extended partition of 39 GB which I divided again into two logical Partition of 20 GB and 19 GB. Labelled it as D and E
3. 1 GB of swap partition

I installed the Jaunty in primary partition, gave the mount point as /The problem is I am not able to copy or save file in the extended partition namely D and E

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Server :: Firefox "Save File" Dialog For .otf Font File On 1 Server And Not On Another

May 25, 2010

I have 2 Linux servers, both Red Hat Enterprise 4.

If I visit a page with links to .otf (Opentype Font) files on a Linux server (prod) and I click on one of them, Firefox renders the font. If I visit the same page on a different Linux server (dev), I get a "Save File" prompt in Firefox.

In Internet Explorer, I get the File Save prompt from either server.

It's probably a package that the prod server has that the dev server doesn't? I'm not sure where to start looking or what to look for.

I do want the Save prompt.

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Programming :: Sed - Save Output To File With Filename From Content Of Another File?

Feb 28, 2011

My employer issues pdf files with everyones work schedules. I copy the content and save it as plain text in a file called unformatted (hope to be able to automate this step someday). Im working on a SED script that reduces unformatted to only display what I want to see and saves the result in a file Ive named formatted. After that I have to manually copy formatted and save it with that days date as a filename e.g. 2011-02-25 or whatever day is scheduled in the pdf, for use on a mobile device (Nokia N900). I noticed that the date occurs on certain lines in the file so I added a line like:

sed -n 's/^Date: (201[1-9])/([0-1][0-9])/([0-3][0-9]).*/1-2-3/p' < unformatted >theDate
That creates a file theDate with the date in it that I wish to use as the filename for this particular instance. So I would like to skip the file formatted all together and have the sed- script write to a new file using the content of the Date as a filename, but how do I make that happen? And of course it would be more elegant if I could skip the intermediate theDate file as well.

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Copy File From Server

Jun 10, 2010

Being fairly new to navigating around Linux in a server environment, I simply want to copy a file from the server to a file in my home directory on my laptop. I connected successfully using vpnc and then used ssh to connect to the server. Now, all I want to do is copy a file that I see on the server's home directory to my home directory on my laptop.However, I don't want to use these commands unless I am comfortable with them because the file that I am copying is a big file and I don't want to lose it.

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General :: Copy File From Server(OS:ubuntu 10.04) To PC(OS:windows 7)?

Sep 2, 2010

How i can copy file from server(OS:ubuntu 10.04) to local HDD in my PC(OS:windows 7)

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Server :: ISDN Fax Receiving / Save Fax As A Picture To File And Somehow Retain Telephone Number?

Jun 28, 2010

I have an old Brooktrout ISDN fax card on BRI used mostly for receiving faxes. It works with windows fax server software which sends faxes to different e-mail boxes according to telephone number on which fax was send.

Since card is getting rather old and I don particulary like server software I wonder has anyone got any practice with linux fax servers. What I need is ISDN fax card and software which is able to save fax as a picture to file and somehow retain telephone number (filename or directory name). Sending picture by email is than trivial task.

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General :: Copy Certain File Types Recursively While Maintaining File Structure On Destination?

Jun 14, 2011

I have just been bothered by a fairly small issue for some time now. I am trying to search (using find -name) for some .jpg files recursively. This is a Redhat environment with bash.

I get this job done though I need to copy ALL of them and put them in a separate folder BUT I also need to keep the order intact after copying.

For e.g - If I get a JPG file under /home/usr/new/1/ then the destination also needs to be /test/old/new/1/.

At the moment, I am simply putting all files under /test/old/ and I can't somehow get the later /new/1/ folder path created under /test/old/

I understand this could well be done using while OR if else loop, though if someone can just guide me with a hint, I would be really grateful.

I will complete the rest of the steps and was asking here since I am still not comfortable with the shell/bash scripts yet and planning to be really good at it over the next couple of months.

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Programming :: Script To Copy Paste Text From One File To Another (overwriting Part Of The File)?

Apr 19, 2011

I have a .txt-file with ~50.000 lines of numbers, generated by a mathematics program. From this file, I need line ~ 1.100 to line ~16.000 (these lines are always the same btw, this may make the solution easier, dunno) to be copy/pasted to another file, where the lines ~500 to ~15.000 (also, every time the same) should be overwritten by the aforementioned lines...I haven't found or come up with anything that works yet, mostly I find solutions to copy everything from one file to another but I can't find something to specifically overwrite a part of a file with part of another.

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Debian Configuration :: Can't Copy A File From SMB Share To The Local File System

Aug 17, 2015

There is this bug in the latest version of Ubuntu, which is also Jessie, which is:

Can't copy a file from SMB share to the local file system: Software caused connection abort

The problem, apparently, is that newer versions of Samba hit servers with multiple requests at the same time, and for some reason the Zyxel and Iomega boxes can't handle this. The best solution they've come up with is to modify the smb.conf file on your server to include this setting: "max mux = 1".

Here is the reference material on this bug: [URL] ....

People who develop samba have fixed it in the latest version but neither the ubuntu nor Debian have released the fixed version of nautilus, as of yet. Here, is the reference: [URL] ....

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General :: Copy File Whose Source Path Is Mentioned In File To Specified Destination

Jun 3, 2010

I had a situation in which the the path of the file to be copied is written in other file and I had to copy it using shell script..I can use cp $(cat /home/robert/location.txt) /media/sda1 on normal linux shell...But I am using buildroot script where $(cat /home/robert/location.txt) evaluate to nothing..is just blank..

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OpenSUSE :: Cannot Copy File In Server Windows Using Dolphi

Jul 29, 2010

I update my system to 11.3 and cannot copy file(s) to Windows Server 2003 by Dolphi (smb://user@server/shared). After error inform for dialog box, I click on Cancel Button and see the file, or better, part of file (32.0 KiB) try copy. I can create folder, create file empty, but not copy file or files. The problem isn't permission, because I inform my credentials correctly.

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Server :: Server File Copy Through SCP Or Wget?

Dec 19, 2010

I am trying to copy a directory and everything in it from one server to another.No matter what I type into SCP, it just gives me back:

usage: scp [-1246BCpqrv] [-c cipher] [-F ssh_config] [-i identity_file]
[-l limit] [-o ssh_option] [-P port] [-S program]

I tried:scp -r -P 1133 root@XX.XX.XX.XX:/home/imagesShouldn't that recursively copy /home/images from the server XX.XX.XX.XX through SSH on port 1133?Btw - I know you can do it with a tar or just a regular FTP program. The folderI am trying to copy is 40 gig, there isn't enough free space to make a tar (if the server would even do it)

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Programming :: Copy One File Content To Multiple File

May 28, 2010

I wanted to copy one file to multiple new files. I have an idea to write a script and do the operation. But here i m looking for any particular command to do this operation.

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General :: When Copy File And Then Power Off / On Copied File Is Gone

Nov 16, 2010

I have an embedded linux system (Debian 'Lenny') which booting from a microSD flash. If I make a copy of a file on the flash file system (cp test test1) and then power off (disconnect power spontanious). Connects power again and the system come up, but the file test1 is gone. How can I secure that test1 is NOT disappear if the power get lost?If I copy file and then restart system with reboot command, the file test1 does not disappear.

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General :: Copy Some Text In One File And Paste It To Another File?

Sep 19, 2009

favor and let me know how can I copy some text in one file and paste it to another file ,when both of the files are being opened by vi text editor ?

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General :: Wrong File Permission / When Copy File

Oct 18, 2010

I have a C-function that create a file and then make a copy in the same directory, but somethin is wrong with permission or owners.The program starts as root user.The file creates by the program:

-rwxrwxrwx 1 root staff 199680 Oct 18 10:58 test

Ok, but after copying the permission is not the same.The file after copying (with new name) by the program:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 199680 Oct 18 10:58 test_copy

I want to have full permission of the copy, how to do??

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Server :: Cygwin Scp File Copy Counters Stop Increment / Decrement

May 31, 2011

I'm running cygwin 1.7.7 on a win2k3R2 Standard edition server. I have a RHEL 4.7 linux host I'm scp'ing files from to the windows system using a simple cygwin scp command from what appears to be OpenSSH_5.5p1 on the cygwin host. When I run the simple scp command on the cygwin host, the counters initially display and increment/decrement, albeit what is at a much slower rate than is actually taking place. After the percent complete reaches a little less than 10%, all the counters from the cygwin console window cease to increment/decrement.

However, when I cd to the directory on the cygwin host where the file is being scp'ed to, the file is continuing to be transferred and a much higher rate than the counters seem to show. Finally, when the file transfer is complete by directly seeing the byte count as equal between the hosts, the scp counters will suddenly jump to 100% complete. This is not the case with my linux to linux scp's. The counters increment/decrement as expected and transfers are about what I'd expect over the same network infrastructure. This appears to be a cygwin ssh/scp implementation issue. I've posited this question to cygwin with no response as yet. The only reference I've been able to find on the 'net refers to buffering causing file transfers to appear to complete later than the transfer really does..........

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Server :: Error: Message Reported From The File System: FTP Copy Not Supported

Feb 24, 2010

There is a centralized FTP server which are accessed by clients to develop some web development project and to achieve this the clients are using ftp service. The problem is when they are trying to copy any files and directories they are getting the following error: "Message reported from the file system: FTP copy not supported,use move instead"
I've checked all the permissions and they are all OK. I don't know why this is happening. they can create and move files and folders but can't copy files and folders.

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Server :: Copy A File Preserving Its Original Modification Time Using The Command?

Jun 8, 2010

It seems to be simple one, but couldn't figure out exactly. Say I copy a file preserving its original modification time using the command

cp -p file1 file2
Now later, I want to know when file2 was copied... How do I find it ?

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Server :: Amanda Unable To Copy Backup File From Holding Disk To Tapes

May 14, 2010

I have some issue with my amanda backup server, which is connecting with Scalar Quantum i500 via FC. I got the error as below 3 days ago.
These dumps were to tape 000289.
*** A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No more writable valid tape found].

Normally I will load the proper tapes and run the amflush to push stuff from the holding disk to tapes manually. However this time amflush in this case did not help, Amanda immediately responded with an out of tape error again.

Meanwhile I got some errors from dmesg as well
st3: Error 18 (sugg. bt 0x0, driver bt 0x0, host bt 0x0).
scsi1 (0,3,0) : reservation conflict

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Ubuntu Servers :: "force" Users To Save To A File Server?

Apr 18, 2011

If there are users in a network who have desktop Linux (any variety), is there a way to configure their computers to "require" them to save documents to the network? Like for example, redirecting their /Home folders to a network file server or not allowing them to save files to their local hard drives?

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General :: Copy A Read-Only File And Make The Copy Writable With A Single Cp Command?

Mar 1, 2011

How to copy a Read-Only file in Linux and make the copy writable with a single cp command in Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)? The --no-preserve and --preserve seemed to be good candidates, except that they should "and" the mode flags, while what I am looking for is something that will "or" them (add +w mode).

More details: I have to import a repository from GIT to Perforce. I want that all Perforce depot files are Read-Only (that is how Perforce was designed), while all other files that were derived/copied from depot files are writable. Currently if a Makefile tries to copy a Read-Only file then the derived file will also be Read-only. This leads to build-errors when cp tries to overwrite Read-Only file second time. Of course the --force is a workaround here but then the derived file is also Read-Only. Also I do not want to mess with "chmod" after each "cp" command - I will do that only as the last resort.

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Ubuntu :: "Error Splicing File: File Too Large" - Copy To A 500G USB Drive?

Sep 10, 2010

I have seen this 3 times now - it's an updated Lucid with EXT4, trying to copy to a 500G USB drive?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Copy File/directory Path Should Not Put "file://" Prefix

Dec 27, 2010

I really missed the old Ubuntu file/dir. copying feature. When I copied in nautilus file explorer and paste into a terminal or text editor, I got the exact path (eg. /home/user/abc.txt), but when coming the Ubuntu 10.04, it added some "file://" prefix to the actual path (eg. file:///home/user/abc.txt), and I always had to manually delete the "file://" prefix. I don't see clearly that we need to place "file://" in front of the actual path (maybe just in the case we want to put the path in an Internet browser?). Wish this reversed back.

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General :: Get Socket.h Header File / Copy Pasting This Header File In 'incl' Directory Allow To Use It In The Program?

Apr 22, 2011

where can i get socket.h header file? will copy pasting this header file in 'incl' directory allow me to use it in the my program?

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General :: Copy One File To Different File

Jan 18, 2011

I have a sample.log file which contains 100 lines. I need to copy last 50 lines from this file to a new text file. how can I do this.

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Software :: Get First File Of Directory Then Copy To Other Directory Andd Rename The File?

Jan 30, 2011

I want to do the following.

1. have a directory full of subdirectory

2. Pick the first file from every sub and copy that to the main directory and also rename that file to the same name as the subdirectory's name

3. need to work in commandline best is a simple script.

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Ubuntu :: File Will Not Save Under Name Want To Use?

May 1, 2011

I am have problems with: gedit, abiword, mv, cp, touch, and rename.The text file was created with 'gedit' and save out of frustration with the title of 'Unsaved Document 1'.I now wish to give it a name and save it.'gedit' and 'abiword' will not save it with the name "Annie Street Arts Collective Play List 5/11", they will save it as 'Unsaved Document 1'. gedit' has work flawlessly for me up until this incident.I've never run into this before, I don't know what to start looking for. What do I look for to fix what is broken?

dave@dave:/media/seagate_/AnnieStreet$ id
uid=1000(dave) gid=1000(dave) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),44(video),46(p lugdev),104(lpadmin),115(admin),120(sambashare),10 00(dave)


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