Ubuntu :: Code In Terminal To Reset The Video Drivers?

Sep 18, 2009

Whats the code in terminal to reset the video drivers? when i try to boot this is what happens.

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Ubuntu :: Reset Video Card Drivers To Default?

Jun 24, 2010

I was messing around with Ubuntu trying to make somethings work. Then i rebooted ,and I wasn't able to turn on Visual Effects. So I'm guessing that I must have replaced my video card driver with a non-compatible one or just removed it without knowing. So I was wondering "How Can I Switch Back To The Video Card Driver Ubuntu Came With?" Without reinstalling Ubuntu? Since I was able to at least switch on Visual Effects with it.

And could you also take a look at: [URL]...

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Fedora :: Unable To Reset Using Either The Reset Option In Gnome Shell Or The Command Using A Terminal?

Jun 3, 2011

I'm unable to reset using either the reset option in gnome shell or the command using a terminal. When I select it the shell exits and displays the graphic "exploding" and then it just sits there. Shutdown works fine; just no reset. Any ideas? I've installed from the DVD. I booted the live CD and it resets just fine so I know it's no my hardware

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Fedora Installation :: How To Check Video Card Drivers Installed In Terminal

Feb 16, 2010

How do I check what video driver I have installed in the terminal? Then how do I install or yum install it? I wanna do everything through command line soz.. I have an ATI 4850 I believe.

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Security :: Reset Facebook Password,facebook Send A Code To E-mail,this Code Can Be Sniffed By Sniff Software?

Jul 18, 2010

for reset Facebook password,facebook send a code to e-mail,this code can be sniffed by sniff software?

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Ubuntu :: How To Reset File Enigma_active.so To Source Code

Mar 11, 2011

How to Reset File enigma_active.so to Source Code Is in the compressed file Makefile

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Gives Only List - How To Reset

May 4, 2010

All of a sudden my terminal output changed from the traditional looks to giving only lists(one item per line) as output to "ls" command. Because of this, when there is a large number of files in a directory, I have to scroll up and down to see all files. A link to the screen shot is given below.


I tried "reset" and did not make any difference.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gmail Video Chat With Opensource Video Drivers?

Nov 13, 2010

is this possible? Or does one have to use the binary blobs?

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Hardware :: Install Video Drivers And Sound Drivers

Apr 28, 2009

I have a new dell inspiron 1545 since i am facing problems with vista i wanted to work with linux operating system (fedora 9). I want to install the video drivers and sound drivers for my laptop..When i installed fedora 9 my screen resolution was 1366x768 but suddenly now my resolution is 1024x768. I tried to change the resolution but I am unable to find my laptop resolution. What could be the problem

Here I can see my video card and sound card.. I want to install the drivers for my cards

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Title Reset After Command Execution?

Apr 12, 2010

I'm not quite sure what's up with this, but when I change the title of a terminal away from the default (e.g. to represent which project that terminal is to be used for), it changes back to the default (user@host:path), but only on the task bar at the bottom of the screen, listing the open windows.

If I change tabs in the terminal and then change back, it displays again at the bottom of the screen, but as soon as I execute another command (e.g. ls), then it resets again. That's quite annoying, as I like to have a few terminals open, each with a set of tabs pertaining to a particular project. The fact that I can't see from the title on the taskbar which is which means I have to guess/remember/check them all...

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Terminal Command Or Setting To Reset The Panel?

Sep 3, 2010

I was doing some coding for school and i accidentally hit the button on my laptop to turn off the touchpad and everything started to bog down and slowly crawl or not do anything. So I reset the machine and the panel is completely backwards now. It still works fine but i would like it the original way. Is there a terminal command or setting i need to reset the panel?

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Debian :: How To Reset Video Blindly

May 17, 2010

debian version: 5.0.4 live cdwhile running the above live cd, my lcd display went white. it appears to be a video driver failure.is there a way to blindly reset the video on debian 5.0.4?

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Debian Multimedia :: Gnome-terminal Doesn't Reset Cwd When Opening New Tab

Sep 7, 2015

After a recent Debian 8 update, I notice a new problem with the Gnome-Terminal. When you open a new tab or window, whatever is the cwd of the current tab becomes the cwd of the new tab or window. This always used to reset to ~, which is what I want. Is this a new "feature" and if I can disable it?

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Ubuntu :: Code - Screen Recording Using Terminal Command

Oct 30, 2010

the code when recording a screen using terminal command? it has this code "xllgrab".. that's all i can remember.. i read it somewhere in this forum and it really works but i can't find that thread anymore

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Programming :: Cannot Compile C++ Code In Terminal

Feb 13, 2011

I am unable to compile C++ program in terminal. Whenever I try to add "#include<iostream.h>" it shows an error and thats why I can not use "cout" and "cin" functions. I installed g++ for this but the problem persists.

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Programming :: Write Code To Video From The Net?

Jan 7, 2010

I have source code that plays video stream, and can open a remote video file if provided with a URL. But I have a problem getting video from ...... the URLs I get look like:


and my code expects something like [URL] I need to modify the code, such that it will find the actual file.

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Programming :: Psuedo Terminal - Cannot Add Fflush To Source Code

Feb 22, 2010

I have a problem in programing pseudo terminal. In the book APUE (advanced programing in the unix environment) in chapter 15.4: coprocess gives an example of using pipe to operate another program, that provide its input and read its output: Figure 15.18. Figure 15.19 is filter to add two numbers using standard IO. The author said that you must flush the IO buffer in the program which are operated through pipe by another program, however, we cannot add fflush to the source code and re-compile the whole program if we need to use it in another process. It said that pseudo terminal can solve this problem, but I have tried in fedora12 with forkpty call and fail. Source code as follows:

The main process:
#include "common.h"
#define LINESIZE 256
int main()
int fd[2];
pid_t pid;
if( socketpair(AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM, 0, fd)<0 ) {
perror("create socket error");
int master;
struct termios tm;
if( tcgetattr(STDIN_FILENO, &tm)<0 ) {
perror("tcgetattr error");
struct winsize size;
if( ioctl(STDIN_FILENO, TIOCGWINSZ, (char*)&size)<0 ) {
perror("ioctl error");
setbuf(stdout, NULL);
pid=forkpty(&master, NULL, &tm, &size);
if( pid<0 ) {
perror("create process error");
else if(pid>0) {//parent
char line[LINESIZE];
memset(line, 0, LINESIZE);
while( fgets(line, LINESIZE, stdin)!=NULL ) {
write(fd[0], line, strlen(line));
memset(line, 0, LINESIZE);
int n=read(fd[0], line, LINESIZE);
if(n>=0) line[n]=0;
printf("%s", line);
memset(line, 0, LINESIZE);
} else {//child
if( fd[1]!=STDIN_FILENO ) {
if(dup2(fd[1], STDIN_FILENO)!=STDIN_FILENO) {
perror("dup2 error");
if( fd[1]!=STDOUT_FILENO) {
perror("dup2 error");
if(execl("./add", "add", (char*)0)<0) {
perror("exec error");
return 0;
The add program reads a line and get two numbers and return the sum of them.

#include "common.h"
int main() { int n1, n2;
char line[256];
memset(line, 0, 256);
while( fgets(line, 256, stdin)!=NULL) {
sscanf(line, "%d%d", &n1, &n2);
printf("%d", n1+n2);
fflush(NULL); /*the program does not work without this sentence why?*/
memset(line, 0, 256); } return 0; }

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General :: Keyboard Does Not Work In **Ubuntu Terminal **whilst Writing A Source Code?

Aug 29, 2010

I have installed a Virtual machine.I use Virtual Box for the same. My host OS is Windows XP SP3. I have assigned it 500mb of Ram and it works fine. But my problem is that my Keyboard does not work in Ubuntu terminal whilst writing a source code.

When I use the arrow keys it gives me alphabets A B C D. And also when i press a . it acts as a backspace.I have a cordless Logitech Keyboard.I don't know why my keyboard isn't functioning inside the Terminal (& that to only whilst typing in source codes) I have tried changing the Character Encoding but thats not helping.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Compileing The Source Code In The Terminal - Cannot Open: No Such File Or Directory

Apr 13, 2011

I've tried a couple times to install from a tar.gz file and when i try to compile the source code in the terminal I get this error "tar: bash-4.2.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory" what am I doing wrong? Now when I download the files, I leave themin the down loads folder, do i need to make a new directory? If so how do I do that and how do i call it up when I compile the sopurce?

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General :: Terminal That Supports ANSI Italic Escape Code?

Oct 29, 2010

I would like to replace gvim with vim in the terminal. One of the nice things about gvim is that it is able to display text using italics.

Vim allows setting an ANSI escape code for italics (e[3m), but this does not work in gnome-terminal. Is there a terminal emulator that supports the ANSI escape code for italics?

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Fedora :: Open A File Using Command Line In Terminal And Edit Code Within It?

Jun 10, 2011

How to open a file using command line in terminal and edit the code within it ?code...

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Ubuntu :: Undo Drivers, Terminal Commands?

Jul 10, 2011

While trying to make a Winmodem work, I've installed drivers, done magic incantations in Terminal, etc., without keeping complete records of what I did. Is there a "clean" routine or something that will remove unused drivers, or do a system rollback, or some other way to clean up the mess?

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Ubuntu :: Video Lag Under 10.04 - Using Proprietary Ati Drivers

Oct 3, 2010

I'm experiencing video lag in games. I'm using 10.04 lts 32 bit and the latest version of proprietary drivers. For example I play hon and so and then it freezes for a small period of time which is frustrating.

I don't understand, my specs are:

Under this specs it should run perfectly. What's the matter? Ati drivers have poor support under linux? I tried updating to 10.10 and nothing. I tried contacting customer supporot amd but they can't help me. Nice isn't it?

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Ubuntu :: How To Have 2 Video Drivers Installed

Mar 15, 2011

I have a laptop with 2 graphic cards on it, currently I have the nvidia drivers installed, and I want to install the Intel ones, but when I try to install I am prompted to remove the nvidia ones.

I have a module to turn off the nvidia card, but I still need to get the drivers for the intel card install, how to do it?

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 - Update My Video Drivers ?

Aug 1, 2009

I was trying to update my video drivers, but when I restarted my computer there were a lot of lines across the screen and I couldn't select anything. I can boot to recovery mode, but auto x-fix doesn't fix anything. I have an ATI Radeon 550.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Found Any Drivers For Video Card / Get That?

Mar 5, 2010

I have bought asus notebook with nvidia geforce GT 320m, and installed ubuntu 9.10 notebook remix, and i can't found any drivers for video card, iam new in linux.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How Do I Get Video Drivers Compatible

Jul 6, 2010

My computer is a Dell Dimension 2350 (all factory stuff inside besides RAM cards) with a Intel 845G (I'm almost positive but id have to check windows to see, Factory made also). how do i get my video drivers compatible wiith ubuntu? Oh and my ubuntu version is 10.04.Also does getting your graphics card to be read on ubuntu get you to use Visual Effects (None, Normal, Extra).. And is their a simple fix to the dispearring pointer in 10.04 ?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Server - Installing Video Drivers For KDE?

Jul 25, 2010

I've got an old Gateway desktop machine that a friend gave me, but any time I try to do something in a window-based environment like GNOME or KDE, the system locks up. I'm under the impression that this is a driver issue since the ethernet and video are integrated on the motherboard and neither works appropriately.

I cracked the case and got the number for the motherboard, which is: 4000811. From here I'm not quite sure what to do to make sure I've got the right drivers for the motherboard in place and could use some I'm on 10.04 server and ONLY have access to a command line.

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Ubuntu :: How To Correctly Install Video Drivers

Nov 9, 2010

It seems my video drivers are not correctly installed. However, I'm not sure how to correctly install them.I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, nVidia Geforce Go 7700.

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Ubuntu :: Video Card Drivers Not Recognized - No GUI

Dec 26, 2010

I updated my video card drivers, but when I boot back up, I have no GUI and am given a terminal because it does not recognize the drivers. I have already changed "quiet splash" to "nomodeset" .

Specs:ATI Mobility Radeon 5650
500GB (7200RPM) Hard Drive (SATA)
Intel Core i5-450M processor 2.40GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.66 GHz
4gb of ram
Ubuntu 10.10

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