Ubuntu :: Add A Power Button And Tray To Gnome Panels?

Jun 19, 2010

I accidentally deleted both my Power button and my System Tray from my Gnome Panels and I can't get them back! They aren't listed in the "Add To Panel" dialog.EDIT:Oh wait, the System Tray is actually called the Notification Area.Oh wait again, I still have a Notification Area. I don't know the name of the thing I deleted

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General :: Ubuntu Gnome Applet Panel Power Button Won't Shutdown Machine

Nov 3, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.10 on e-machine T-1221 I can shut down the machine using :

sudo shutdown -h from terminal

I can shutdown using powerbutton on case. I can't use the applet indicator powerbutton in root account, but, I can use the command under "System-->-Shutdown" in root account, but I don't see "System-->-Shutdown" in users account. Is there a way to add it ? I installed Debian 6.0 Squeeze on my Acer Aspire 3620 Laptop it works just fine and has the same Gnome Desktop. The only thing different is that there is no powerbutton available thru Gnome applets, only the command on menu under" Sytem-->-Shutdown", which I'm fine with on this machine.

These are the things I tried on emachine T-1221

I tried "acpi=force"
I tried "noacpi"
I tried "noacpi nolapic"

I read the bug reports it stated that on live-cd there was only suspend and hibernate. There is no shutdown or reboot. I tried: "#start acpi", it closed with errors. It said that Ubuntu uses upstart. Is there a script which you can add to power button to add the shutdown.? Really I don't necessarily need powerbutton, I think the work around would be adding the command to "System-->-Menu.

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General :: Detecting Then Assigning Laptop's Start Button To Power Key In GNOME

Sep 4, 2010

How would I do this? First part of the thread title is because I'm not sure if the install of Debian Squeeze would even detect the Start key. (Btw, is there a small enough sticker of the GNOME logo I could buy and put over the Windows logo? )

I read this thread: [URL] but I'm confused about what linmix is saying. Is there a way to get the power key to do the equivalent of what it would in Windows?

I don't find this an essential task, but it would make life a lot easier.

Edit: I mean Super Key not Power.

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Ubuntu :: Open Terminal And Run Killall Gnome-panels In Order To Have Panels Shown Again?

Sep 22, 2010

Whenever I log in, restart, etc... There are no panels shown, I have to alt+F2, open terminal and run killall gnome-panels in order to have panels shown again. Is there a way to fix this?

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Debian Multimedia :: Xfce4-power-manager Doesn't React To Power Button / Fix It?

Jun 4, 2010

I use Squeeze with Xfce. My problem is that recently (after the xfce updates) the xfce power manager doesnt react to the power button - it is set to suspend. I dont have gnome-power manager or anything like it running.
If i reboot the computer, the power button will work but if i suspend and resume, it doesnt work again.
The computer is built on an Asus M3N78-VM mobo (2GB RAM/Athlon3200+ single core).

acpi_listen detects the button press.

Any thoughts?

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Hardware :: No Power To Power Button?

Jun 18, 2010

My problem arises two days ago. Power button of my keyboard has stopped working,why?It works well when I use windows.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Rhythmbox Doesn't Minimize To System Tray Or Sound Button

Oct 17, 2010

Whenever I click minimize in rhythm box, it just goes to its own box in the bottom bar like most programs. But when i click the X while music is playing, it keeps playing, but it just disappears. The sound button has no options other than volume, and the only way to bring rhythmbox back up is starting it back up. Why doesn't it minimize to the sound button like its supposed to?

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Ubuntu :: How To Restore Missing Volume Button To System Tray After Upgrade

Jan 2, 2011

I'am Using UBUNTU 10.10 version i upgraded my os then the volume control button on system tray and the previous "Indicator Applet" were gone. Now i added the volume control button by adding "Indicator Applet" from Add to Panel option at tray. But i also tried the following:

"Use Alt+F2 to open the Run Application app, paste gnome-volume-control-applet into the text field, and click the Run button" Then i had two volume control buttons after that i tried to remove the volume button which is came by the command line Not from the Indicator Applet Next i tried the following code in terminal to remove the volume button which was came from command line:

"sudo apt-get purge indicator-sound"

But the wrong thing is the volume button on Indicator Applet was gone I also add the indicator applet but the volume button doesn't coming back with the applet Now i want the Original Volume button along with the applet Not the other button.

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Does Not Shut Down?

Jun 25, 2010

We are planning the migration fro Karmic to Lucid for our systems, these systems are custom Ubuntu installations, we create them using debootstrap and then running a script that installs desired packages, mainly X server and (optionally) fluxbox.

I've set up a hard drive with our current scripts (the only modifications were the change of lucid instead of karmic for update servers and removing usplash from our scripts), but I've found that pushing the power button would not shut down the system (we have no GDM or similar), the system does not respond to this event as used to do under Karmic.

Do you know where I can check/enable the system to shutdown when pushing the power button?

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Ubuntu :: Power Off Button Missing?

Dec 6, 2010

Occasionally, the power off button on the panel goes missing on Ubuntu 10.10 installation. I can't seem to notice any pattern to it. I can shut down from the command line just fine, but how can I get the button back?

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Disappeared?

Apr 28, 2011

so im not sure what just happened but my power button at the top right just disappeared. thought it ok ill just add it back to the panel but the only thing is a power button that dose not give the option to log off or switch user. there is something for that but nether can be put back at the top right.now I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and I saw that 11.04 is out so then I thought that ill just update. but I this is my first update, and I dont know how it works. will all the stuff that I have done to this computer to make it work go away and I will have to do all that again. or will it be like the small updates where it just fixes things

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Ubuntu :: Locked Screen And Power Button?

Jun 27, 2010

In Ubuntu 10.04: if the screen has been locked (automatically by the screensaver or user-activated using the top-right menu) pressing the power button doesn't initiate shutdown. Is this a bug or is it a configurable option?I would expect to either get the usual 60 second shutdown delay or a graceful shutdown right away.

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Not Working In Lubuntu?

Sep 25, 2010

Recently i've switched from ubuntu 8.04 to Lubuntu 10.04, since that time the powerbutton does not work anymore.I've tried to find out how powermanagement is implemented in ubuntu to be able to debug this problem. But most documentation about this topic seems dated.I've already tried a few thing, most important stuff I did is:

- tested the scripts in /etc/acpi/ and added a line to write something to a textfile when its called. But this file is not called when pressing the powerbutton.

- checked bios settings, seems alright (and these settings worked on 8.04 to).

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Missing In Lucid?

Jan 11, 2011

I've installed lucid on two computers now and have been using or a few months.Overall, it's pretty good and everything just works. However, every now and then (seemingly random), the power button in the indicator appletsion panel widget randomly disappears, so I'm unable to shut down my computer without re-adding the widget, or using the command line to shutdown the computer. Now this is acceptable for me, an advanced user. However, this is not acceptable for my parents and family, who also use ubuntu computers. Today, my mother called me to ask why she couldn't turn off her computer. I was dumbfounded, and had to walk her through turning it off "by hand."

Now this is not me accidentally removing the indicator applet session panel item. No, I can still see the user name bubble with availability information and I can still switch users. It's just that the power button is completely missing (sometimes the place where it used to be is occupied by a corrupt graphic). Additionally, if I login later, the power button magically returns without me having to do anything with regards to the panel. This is disappointing indeed.

Honestly, this is why ubuntu and linux in general still have the reputation they do of being non-user-friendly. At least in windows or mac, when I get fed-up I can turn it off. But not so in ubuntu. No ubuntu tortures me continuously and I marvel that such a simple thing has escaped the minds of such advanced programmers. I wish Canonical would focus on letting us TURN OFF the computer instead of adding crazy features that I'm not going to use. I mean how can a real operating system fail at such a simple task

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Ubuntu :: Use PC's Power Button While Screen Is Locked

Jan 18, 2011

I am building a small Ubuntu box made for our clients to listen to an audio stream. At startup, I have scripts that start the audio stream, then locks the screen so clients can't change any settings. It works flawlessly.

However, if a client has to shut down the box, they can't. Note this is a headless unit, no monitor, keyboard, or mouse. It will ONLY be used to play streaming audio. I need for the client to be able to safely shutdown the unit by pressing the power button. But, when the power button is pressed, ubuntu asks for the user password. Is there a way to just make the system shutdown without entering a password?

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Does Not Work In XBMC?

Sep 1, 2011

The power button does not work when i'm running XBMC.t works when I'm in the XFCE desktop! I push the button and the computer shut's down. What's the problem? Why does it not work in XBMC?

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Ubuntu :: Navigation Bar Gone - Sometimes Power Off Button Missing Too?

Nov 16, 2010

The menus at the tops of 10.10 have gone? All ive done is update. Sometimes my power off button is missing too?

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Fedora :: Remap The Power Button?

Oct 20, 2009

I've got a F10 machine set up as a media center (with mythtv...mythdora to be precise) and I love that it's based on fedora since I'm most familiar with it..I would like to map the power button press to a command "pkill X" since sometimes the frontend freezes and running this command kills X (I'm running ratpoison for the speed and simplicity...it just gets the job done and doesn't get in the way).Any help in mapping a single button press to "pkill X" would be greatly appreciated. I also need some help adding this command to the sudo list so the regular "mythtv" user will be able to run it...no password can be entered since the machine has no keyboard. Currently I log in via ssh to get this done but it would be nice to not have to boot up a laptop just to do this.

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Server :: Use Power Off Button In Terminal?

Mar 25, 2011

I built this small server for a coworker that by nature of its purpose will get turned off and on often. I want it setup so that he can just press the power button to have it power off normally. Normally I can set that up in Gnome, but in this case I don't want to install a GUI. Is there software that can tie the button and the the poweroff/shutdown cmd together without needing a desktop environment

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Ubuntu :: Panel Overlapped Power Button Missing?

May 5, 2010

I've just installed 10.04 and every so often the date overlaps/duplicates in the gnome panel and the power button gets pushed off the side. Checkout the attached screenshot.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Date /Time And Power On Button

Apr 11, 2011

May I know why my Date, Time and Power on button missing?

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Physical Power Button Doesn't Work?

Oct 19, 2010

I previously had Ubuntu server 9.04, 9.10 and 10.04. I use it as a headless server and the power button had always worked.at first, I updated from 10.04 to 10.10 and everything was working great but I decided to reinstall the os on a new HDD. then when I want to shutdown the server, I need to login with ssh and shutdown it with "halt -p", the power button doesn't do anything. I connected a monitor to the server to see what's happen on the screen but nothing... no message. nothing in the error log.I tried to add apm force_off=1 in the /etc/modules but still not working.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Panels On Two Monitors?

Feb 27, 2010

My graphics card is nvidia geforce 7900 GS. It has two DVI outputs, and I have one monitor plugged into each output. I am running proprietary drivers from nvidia, thus also the `nvidia-settings' tool.

I'm running with the TwinView setting, enabling nice dragging and dropping of windows between the two monitors, but here's the problem:

Only one of my two monitors have the gnome panels at the top and bottom of the screen. I would like the panels to show up on both screens.

how would I go about enabling this?

Bonus Question: Once this is enabled, if possible, would I then somehow also be able to have different virtual desktops be active on each monitor? If so, how?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Panels Not Movable In 10.04

May 12, 2010

I've done a fresh install of 10.04 (amd64) on a computer with two screens and twinview configured and I don't see how to move the Gnome panels to the second screen.Left-clicking and dragging them to the desired position (something that worked fine in 8.04) doesn't seem to work. Needless to say that the position picker in properties does not contain any "second screen" options.

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Ubuntu :: GNOME Won't Let Me Remove All Panels

Jun 25, 2010

Is there any way to take down all panels in GNOME? I'm using the newest AWN, and have no need for the panels. Any way to get rid of the eyesore last one?

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Debian :: Power Button On Keyboard Not Functioning

Jun 27, 2015

I recently upgraded to Jessie and am using the LXDE desktop. I like using the keyboard power button to shutdown the system but it does not work. I looked at /etc/acpi and everything appears okay to my untrained eyes, but there is obviously something not working correctly. Do I need to edit some config file or install some code in order to use the power button for shutdown ? When I look at Services Settings I see that acpid power management is selected.

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Fedora :: Using F12 With LXDE - Power Button Not Working

Nov 19, 2009

I'm using Fedora 12 with LXDE (sudo yum groupinstall LXDE if you want to try it), and while using LXDE rather than GNOME, the power button doesn't do anything. I found a possible solution here: [URL] but I have no /etc/acpi/ folder. Why is that? Package acpid is needed.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Power Off 11.1 From Case Button?

Jul 8, 2010

how to configure openSuSE 11.1 to automatically power off when I push the power button on the case? I have no monitor, so I need the system to power off normally when I push that button.

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General :: Turn The Power Button Into A Key Press?

Apr 20, 2011

Is it possible to have the power button emulate the press of a key? On my media centre I have XBMC running and it doesn't recognise me pressing the power button. If I press S (on the keyboard) the shutdown menu pops up.

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Hardware :: Old Emachines Does Nothing Except When The Power Button Is Pressed?

Jul 1, 2011

A friend of mine has an old emachines with XP on it and at first it would complain it had to test the disk and turn off in less then a minute. Now it won't do anything except run the power supply and cpu fans while the start button is pressed. I checked for power on the blue , purple ,red and orange wires while 14 and 15 were jumped on the power supply. There are no lEDs on the board and no beeps. I disconnected all the peripherals also

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