Ubuntu :: Add A Partition And Backup (permissions)?

Mar 26, 2010

I have formated a partition on the second hard drive to use for backups. I have been able to create a directory using sudo but I have not succeeded in changing permissions so Bill can use it for backups.sudo chmod a+rw BackUp runs without errors but doesn't change permissions.sudo chmod +666 Backup just brings up the see man message

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Software :: Create Backup Partition With Dd And Save Backup On NTFS Partition?

Oct 24, 2010

I create Backup partition with dd and save my backup on NTFS partition. i want recover this backup,what should i do? can i use boot cd and use dd command for recover it?

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General :: Mount Point For Backup Drive - Partition To Backup The Important Files On My Main HDD

May 21, 2011

I'm just setting up a partition on a seperate HDD in my system. I plan to use the partition to backup the important files on my main HDD (to guard against HD crash).

The question I have is about where would be the typical location to auto mount this partition? Which would it be normal to go for:

1. /backup/
2. /media/backup/
3. /mnt/backup/
4. /home/chris/backup/

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Ubuntu :: Permissions With Rsync On Backup

Jun 18, 2010

I'm trying to learn how rsync works to backup my system. I tried:
rsync -azvv /home /media/Elements
I get a folder called home on my external hard drive but when I use ls -l to see the permissions they are all wrong.
On my /home folder the permissions for /nathan are
drwxr-xr-x 48 nathan nathan
The permissions on the backup /nathan folder are
drwx------ 1 nathan nathan

I also tried using the long version of -a which is -rlptgoD and that didn't work either. What do the 48 and 1 mean when I used ls -l? When I look in the /nathan folder the permissions are all screwed up too. A lot of the files are backed up as executable and the permissions are all screwed up. I also ran it with sudo, and that didn't work either. The permissions were still screwed up and ownership is messed up too.

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General :: Permissions To Backup Some Directories?

Apr 30, 2010

I need to backup some Directories but
sudo chmod 777 *
Wont include permissions for daughter dirs

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Ubuntu Servers :: Rsync Backup - Transfer Files With Appropriate Permissions

Dec 4, 2010

I wrote a script to wake up my windows machine and do an rsync backup of some of my files. I wanted to make this command a accessible through local bin so I made it executable. However the problem is that when I copies files is copies them with root permissions and i can edit or delete them. How can I set the files so they transfer with the proper permissions for my Ubuntu user?

# Description: This script first wakes up the client machine and syncs the appropriate folders.
# Finally the script shuts down the client if it was off to begin with.
if [ "$(whoami)" != "root" ]; then
echo "Permission Denied"
exit 1
fi .....

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Ubuntu Installation :: Backup Restore - Software Doesn't Start Due To File Permissions

Dec 2, 2010

I re-installed ubuntu 10.04 for prep I did a backup with Simple Backup Config after reinstalling i restored with Simple Backup restore some installed software software now doesn't start and after troubleshooting i think problem is file permissions but i'm not sure which permissions of which files to change and what they should be changed to. has anyone had experience with this and if so is it because it works or because its the right way to do it and it works funny thing.. i can't find any forum posts with info on Simple Backup!

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Fedora :: Backup Drive Listed Twice (Make Auto Set Permissions)

Dec 14, 2009

I have an issue that my BACKUP drive is listed twice. (internal FAT) I am running F12 32b. I have it listed in FSTAB so it will automount & set the permissions. I did this in the earlier versions I upgraded from. I would like to either get rid of the other entry or, if easier, make it auto & set permissions but I don't know where it is.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Permissions On A Partition

Nov 29, 2010

I have just formatted a partition that had contained a windows OS, it is now formatted to ext4 and is dev/sda1 dev/sda2 contains my Ubuntu OS and all files although the empty partition shows up in Nautilus I cannot write to it as it is owned by root.I have done some research on changing the permissions on this, but am none the wiser!!

Enabling the root account is rarely necessary. Almost everything you need to do as administrator of an Ubuntu system can be done via sudo or gksudo. If you really need a persistent root login, the best alternative is to simulate a root login shell using the following command.I cannot find gksudo and do not know what commands to use in the terminal to achieve my goal. I am in totally unfamiliar territory here, and need some fairly simple explanation and guidance to be able to claim my empty partition so I can read from and write to it.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Change The Permissions Of A Second Hd Partition

Mar 11, 2011

my HD is partitioned in 3 volumes. The one witch is Ubuntu installed, I can change the permissions normally. The other ones I try to change the permissions on the properties and on terminal using chmod, but none of those work. They work only in the Ubuntu partition.

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Ubuntu :: Backup To Move To New Partition?

Jun 13, 2010

So I've been trying to solve another problem (disk errors that MIGHT have something to do with ext4). I was wondering if there would be a possible way to backup my 10.04 install and move it to an existing, unused ext3 partition. I'm kinda stuck at the moment with my disk error problem, and figured I could waste some time to see if I could MOVE my install (as to not have to do a fresh install, re-install every application and script, and re-customizeand and move all of my media and files) onto an ext3 and completely remove the ext4.

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Ubuntu :: Use Other Partition As Home + Backup?

Jun 19, 2010

I have a Dell laptop with dual-boot Vista-Ubuntu. I never ever used Vista and am not planning to.I'd like to move from 9.04 to 10.04. I know how to backup and run an update already. But for the sake of simplicity, i'd prefer to erase the data of the current Vista-partition and use it as my /home content.It makes more sense to me, so i don't have to make a backup of everything for ever again and again when installing or updating my OS.

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Ubuntu :: Backup A Partition With Errors Using Dd?

Nov 7, 2010

i use the dd command to regularly backup my windows partition. basically i do:

PHP Code:
sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=./Backupfile.bin bs=100MB 
form a USB HDD..

this works charms for backup and restore even over a remote shell.. i have even been able to remotely repair my system from vacation. now comes the problem: the partition has developed some I/O errors. Windows has notices and just marked some sectors as being broken/bad. But dd being Filesystem independent doesnt know and aborts when trying to read and getting an HArdware IO error.

my question: how can i fix this so i can still backup AND restore the partition? i cant afford a new HD at the time.

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Ubuntu :: How To Backup Entire Partition

Apr 10, 2011

I've searched some older posts and they said to use partimage, but this program doesn't support ext4 file systems. Here's the original post: [URL].. So how would someone backup their entire ext4 partition so the owner can mess around with some graphics drivers

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cant Add Rw Permissions To Fat Partition Using Pysdm?

Jun 20, 2010

Im trying to share a fat partition using samba. The sharing thing is not a problem thanks to samba which works perfectly.The problem is with the partition Im willing to share over my network. Everytime I reboot my machine, I have to go to Places and lect the Fat drive.I have read that I have to modify the fstab file to make it automontable. For this I have used pysdm to admin the fat partition and make it automontable. It works fine but Im unable to give write permisions to everyone to write over this drive. Even my user when using ubuntu has no write permisions on this drive.These are the comand Im using for pysdm

$sudo pysdm
And these are the params Im setting in fstab file with pysdm:
/dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 vfat umask=777,dmask=777,fmask=777 0 0
Ubuntu wont mount the drive with this settings, only with "defaults"

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Access My Home Partition: Lack Permissions?

Oct 11, 2010

How can I set my permissions so I can access my home partition? (I am the sole user.)

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Debian :: NTFS Backup - Create Ever Expanding (to 320Gb) TAR File That Will Retain All Original File Permissions

Sep 20, 2015

I want to back up an entire Linux system on a 3Tb external Western DIgital USB3 drive.

I do not want to reformat it from what it is, apparemtly NTFS.

Is there a utility that can act like a file manager like mc, that will permit me to create an ever expanding (to 320Gb) TAR file that will retain all the original file permissions. I have had nothing but disappointment with Linux backup utils with a FAT32 external drive, and I am concerned if I just try an tar the entire drive at once, with around 3 million files, I might run out of memory.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Access The Backup Partition On The Other Machine

Jan 27, 2011

I have two desktop machines, each with U 10.10. I want to backup data on my main machine to a partition on the other machine. I am going to use luckybackup for that. Problem is, from the main machine, I cannot access the backup partition on the other machine (but I can see it). I get prompts for passwords and when I enter them nothing happens, it seems they're not valid. Bottom line, I can't access that partition.

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General :: Backup Program To Clone The Partition Of Ubuntu?

Mar 9, 2011

I am looking for Backup Program to clone the partition of Ubuntu.

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Hardware :: Partition Table Backup ?

Feb 21, 2011

I have a hard disk with a non standard partition order which is likely to have to have a windows restore done on it. I actually have it the way I want it atm. I am interested in finding out if there is a handy way to back up the partition table, like I can backup the mbr. Where does the partition table hide? 160 Gig Sata hd, btw.

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Ubuntu :: Assign Permissions On A Partition With Ntfs As The File System?

Apr 6, 2010

can assign permissions on a partition with ntfs as the file system. I am aware of editing fstab and setting some basic permissions. What I am clumsily dictating is can you edit permissions of individual folders for specific users in Linux. I have already tried chmod and such

etc something similar to this

[user@computername user]$ sudo chmod 600 directory

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Ubuntu :: Mac - Set Permissions To Copy Files From The Snow Leopard Partition?

Jun 26, 2010

I have a comp with Snow Leopard/Windows/Ubuntu 10.4 on it. What I'm trying to do is set permissions to let me copy files from the Snow Leopard partition. I use to be able to. Now I get Permission denied. What do I need to do to set up permissions to the hfs+ journaled partition?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create Backup Of Laptop Recovery Partition?

Mar 16, 2010

I'm about to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix and my Acer machine has a recovery partition at the beginning of the drive. I've created the eRecovery discs but those will only restore XP - not the actual recovery partition (which I'd like to have in case I sell the laptop later etc).

How can I backup the actual recovery partition, and keep its boot file intact. Then how can I restore this partition at a later time?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Partition Second Hard Disk For Use As Backup Data

Sep 29, 2010

My primary drive is 250GB and has the root, home and var (I'd read it's good to put var on a separate partition for MythTV which I'm planning on doing) on separate partitions. I have a second 1TB drive that I'll be using to backup the 250GB drive and also host less critical data. I've created two partitions on this drive, one 250GB and the other covering the rest of the drive. I'd like to move the Videos directory out of Home on the 250GB onto the 1TB drive but can't find a definitive way of doing this. Should I just follow this guide for moving the home folder to a new partition? Next question is when performing a backup of the 250GB drive how do I make sure it's going to the 250GB partition on the 1TB drive? Can the different partitions be mounted separately?

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Fedora :: Change Permissions On NTFS Partition?

Jan 24, 2011

I have an NTFS partition that I use to swap file back and forth between Vista and F13. I store school files in there, like documents and text files. When I use Nautilus to access the partition, I am always asked for my root password. This is a little annoying. Is there anyway I can keep this from happening?

I have my Windows partition set up to auto mount with fstab. I can access it fine in the command line and launchers that I created with out the root password. I suppose I could do the same for this partition, but I would like to access it directly with Nautilus if it is possible.

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OpenSUSE :: Setting Permissions On NTFS Partition?

May 3, 2010

I've recently installed an OpenSuse 11.2 in what I'd like to be a definitive jump from windows environment.I'm not very confident yet with my linux skills, so at this moment I've yet have both systems installed with a data NTFS partition to store music, movies, documents, and general data that I'd like to use in any of the two systems. The NTFS partition has no writting permissions for anybody except root user, so I can't work anything from my personal user without starting an app like su or login as root. I want to change this by making a group (windowsWriters) where my usual user is included wich I pretend to make the group owner of NTFS partition.

I've created the group and inserted my user into it, but I'm unable to change the owner group nor any permission on NTFS partition or any of it's subdirectories. I've tried to made it through opening dolphin as su (Alt+F2 kdesu dolphin) and through chmod in consolemode logged as root, in both cases the action seems to work correctly and no error is spotted, however when I look again at the partition/folder/file permissions/ownership no changes have been made.

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General :: Unmount The Partition With Exec Permissions?

Aug 9, 2010

My hosting company said: You need to unmount the partition with exec permissions, install memcached and re-mount it with no-exec as a security measure.


[root@server tmp]# pecl install memcache
WARNING: channel "pecl.php.net" has updated its protocols, use "pecl
channel-update pecl.php.net" to update


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Software :: Making *.img To Backup A Windows Partition?

Jul 20, 2009

What exactly allows me to create a custom tailored *.img file to backup the contents of a partition?

This is my problem: My wife wants me to backup some Windows NTFS partitions on her working computer so she can use them on a different computer.

This is my solution attempt:Boot the Gentoo based System Rescue CD. dd the contents of the data partitions into *.img files on an external usb drive. dd the contents of the *.img files onto the new computer.

So far that worked, but there's one annoying problem: one partition on the work computer is 50GB big, but contains only 8GB of data. It would be really nice if I could just dd out those 8GB of "real data" instead of having a 50GB *.img file that is mostly empty. Likewise, it would be cool if there's an easy way to match the contents of the *.img file to the size of the new partition. The new data partition is 100GB big so it would be cool if my backup were automatically scaled to that size so I don't have an 8GB partition and an additional 92GB partition.

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Software :: Clone Partition To Create A Backup?

Jun 28, 2011

i want clone my linux partition for create a backup. i want use dd command but i have some question.my linux partition is 30GB and linux only used 10GB of it if i use dd command for create a image i must have 30GB free space? can i use dd command in X window or i must first exit from linux and use live cd? in fedora i use dd command for create a backup when linux is running but after restore some command like su not work!!!

i use some tools like partimage for make a backup but it show me an error about block 0!!

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Ubuntu :: Permissions - Save A File Into The Partition And Get An Access Denied Error

Oct 10, 2010

I mount a partition to a directory and ls -liah tells me that everyone has read/write/execute permissions on the whole thing, but I try to save a file into the partition and I get an access denied error. First of all this doesn't make sense because ls is telling me I do have access.

Then it gets weirder. I run sudo chown -R me:me directory. The command exits without error, but then when I go and look at the directory again with ls, it still shows up as owned by root and I still have the same problem. This is particularly strange because I am still able to change permissions normally in the operating system filesystem. It just won't work on the mounted partition.

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