Ubuntu :: What Happened To Fireworks Screensaver?

May 2, 2010

I really liked the Karmic fireworks screensaver, which appears MIA in Lucid. Does anyone know how I could acquire and install this feature?

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Free Alternative To Fireworks?

May 22, 2011

Im missing my most favorite program: Fireworks. I could use WINE but I guess I should say good bye to comercially Adobe! So im looking for a good alternative.

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Ubuntu :: Install WINE Screensaver In Gnome-screensaver Possible?

May 19, 2010

There's an OSS screensaver on windows that I love called PixelCity (links:blog post, github). it's pretty cool. and it runs fine on my Ubuntu (Karmic 9.10) with wine.Is there a way I can tell the gnome-screensaver about it so I can use it as one of my screensavers? I'm still fairly new to Gnome and the whole "screensavers as themes" thing is still confusing me.I've found my themesdir and tried to create a .desktop file for it, but obviously I've gotten something wrong as it just doesn't show when I open the screensaver prefs dialog, no error, no message, it's just not there.

Installing the xscreensaver packages added the extra screensavers I was missing, and I'm a pixelcity away from perfection..Of course the perfect solution would be if someone ported the screensaver natively to linux, which shouldn't be too hard as the source is open, it already runs on openGL and tries to confine most windows stuff to a single file. But I don't know C++ or 3D code or win/linux internals so I wouldn't know where to start..

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Ubuntu :: Dreamweaver CS4 / Fireworks CS3 - Use On Ubuntu 9.10?

Feb 19, 2010

How to install Dreamweaver CS4 and Fireworks CS3 on Ubuntu 9.10 It's the first post I make here. I completly switched to Ubuntu some weeks ago and I like it, the only problem untill some minutes ago was Fireworks (I work as web designer from time to time) something that cannot easly be replaced. I post here the solutions I've found and tried:

- Dreamweaver CS4
- Firefox CS3
- Flash....
- Virtual Machine (Get Windows on Ubuntu and then install Macromedia and everything else)

Install Dreamweaver CS4 I looked on Google and I've found this guide works perfectly:[URL]..on my Ubuntu 9.10 (with Dreamweaver CS4 , V10.0 , Built 4117) works very well. I just copy and paste the guide to make things easier Build world-class websites and applications with one of the industry's leading web authoring tools. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software is ideal for web designers, web developers, and visual designers. Manipulate pixel-level designs in Design view, or craft complex code in Code view while working in the real browser environment of Live View. There is no linux version for Dreamweaver, but there are many open source alternative for this product like Kompozer, bluefish


I discovered a nice feature of Virtual Box: you can save the virtual machine on an external harddrive. So now that I've got 1 Terabyte HD, I just moved all my macromedia software and officethe VBOX. For the installation just google "Vbox ubuntu" and you will get the instruction. Just an information: if your external harddrive is FAT 32 or something else I would format it with NTFS fylesystem, otherwise you will get problems with filesize limits!!!

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Ubuntu Security :: What The R^&% Happened

Aug 29, 2010

I moved some video files to a fedora samba server and when I opened one tonight my screen went black and my hard disk went nuts. I saw something about caught unattended installation right before my system rebooted.

I found this under auth.log Aug 29 02:59:39 polkitd(authority=local): Registered Authentication Agent for session /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Session2 (system bus name :1.30 [/$

Did my system just crap out or ?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 9.10 - What Happened To MPC In Audacious

Feb 1, 2010

I used to be able to play MPC (musepack) in Audacious but can't any more. I have the Audacious 2.1.1 package and libmpcdec3 installed, running Ubuntu 9.10

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Ubuntu :: Error Happened When Updating

Mar 31, 2011

When I tried to update my computer, I got the following error back.

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Ubuntu Installation :: What Happened To Unity?

Jun 12, 2011

I just burned the live CD to check out the unity desktop before installing and its Gnome 2. Did I download the wrong iso?

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Ubuntu :: 'Something Wicked Happened And Can't Connect To The Repository'

Jul 21, 2010

It won't let me update to 10.10 it says 'Something wicked happened and can't connect to the repository' Is this normal? Say what you want about Windows, but at least Windows updated successfully.

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Ubuntu :: Flash Player Not Working / What Might Have Happened?

Mar 18, 2011

For some reason, a while a go my flash player (Adobe, ubuntu software center install) doesn't seem to like ...... Whenever I try to watch video's on ..... I get the error that Shockwave flash player has crashed. This also occurs when I try to maximize videos on hulu. It crashes in both chrome and firefox, and the funny thing is I can watch ..... videos that are embedded in other sites, just not on ......com. Does anybody know what might have happened?

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Ubuntu :: What Happened To Enhanced Desktop Effects

Jul 28, 2011

I've read a few threads, but I'm not sure that I have found the answer. I have a Dell E4310 laptop (company issued). It comes with the Intel HD Grpahics chipset. I've read people giving it great reviews so I am hopeful.I am running Natty. My first mystery was "what happened to the enhanced desktop effects", but I found a post saying they were removed in 11.04 -- apparently they just work if your video supports it. I've installed all the compiz packages including the enhancements. I am able to go into the Compiz Settings Manager and see all the modules. I am able to turn them on and off and change the settings, but anytime I try to use any of the keyboard shortcuts nothing happens.

I'm still relatively new to the world of Linux. Can someone tell me how I figure out whether or not my graphics card can support Compiz in 11.04?

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Fedora :: What Happened To '-F' In Shutdown?

Aug 26, 2011

In FC 15 x64, I can no longer issue "shutdown -rF now". I get tagged on the "-F" option."-F" seems to have disappeared from the man page as well. The "-F" option was to force a "fsck" on my next boot.What happened to the "-F" option? Has fsck disappeared when we went from ext3 to ext4?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Pictures

Dec 13, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10. All things have been working well and as expected until tonight. I was updating some flac files using easyTAG (AAC), adding pictures and changing things a little, then dropping them into a Sansa Fuze+. All things I've done with this setup before and with no problems. I close easyTAG and try to open: Places/ Pictures. Instead of the normal brouser up pops easytag at the pictures directory.

I test all other Places. For each Place selected easyTAG opens instead of the usual brouser. I go to synaptic and remove easyTAG and then restart the system. All is now normal again (except that easyTAG is missing). I reload easyTAG and once again it has put itself as the preferred tool to view directories. How do I restore things to normal and what have I done?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Want To Avoid Disaster That Happened To Kostolnik

Jul 19, 2011

According to this scary wi-fie hacking article:
- http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/web/07/...ntenced.wired/

A neighbor was sent to jail for 18 years for seriously hacking his neighbor:
- http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/th...encingmemo.pdf

What can we install on Ubuntu to forestall such an occurrence at home (given a WRT54G router & 1 Ubuntu computer)?

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Fedora Networking :: Tried To Do: Scp Ttt.txt Jojo@ Nothing Happened?

Nov 2, 2009

I'm using fedora 11 and though ssh works perfectly , scp doesn't work at allwhat i tried to do: scp ttt.txt jojo@ nothing happend so i typed:scp -v ttt.txt jojo@

Executing: program /usr/bin/ssh host, user jojo, command scp -v -t ~
OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k-fips 25 Mar 2009
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config


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Ubuntu :: What Ever Happened To Use The Largest Amount Of Continuous Free Space

Jan 8, 2011

After a terrible problem I had with x-server, I decided to opt for a clean install. So, naturally I poped in the 10.10 LiveCD (from Canonical), deleted the Ubuntu Partiton (ext4) and swap, and entered the installer. I have a 40gb Vista partition, 90gb media partition, and 20gb unallocated free space. Once I get to allocate drive space in the installation, I get three options - Install alongside other operating systems, erase and use the entire disk, or specify partitions manually. If I click install alongside other operation systems, it tries to take space away from my media partition to install ubuntu. I'm not too advanced with Ubuntu, so I don't think I'm going to specify my own. I don't know how much to give swap etc, etc, etc.What ever happened to use the largest amount of continuous free space? I have 20gb free I would love ubuntu to use.

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Fedora :: What Happened To Gnome-volume-properties?

Oct 29, 2009

I'd like to know, what happened to this tool? Till F10 this tool was responsible for automounting Usb drives/Cdrom drives that were connected before I logged into the System via gdm. Since F11, this feature seems to be gone. I recently noticed that my external usb disk stopped to "automagically" appear on the desktop after login. Now I have to powercycle the disk (switch off, switch on) to have it appear on the desktop again. Is there an alternative tool to gnome-volume-properties, or do I really have to play around with hal to get this back? Doesn't really makes to me any sense to remove this feature.

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Fedora :: Can't Find System Log Viewer / What Happened To It?

Mar 9, 2010

In fedora 12 I can't find the system log viewer, I am sure there was one in fedora 11 under the menu applications > system tools >

What happened to the system log viewer in fedora 12?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Black Screen Was Shown And Then Nothing Happened?

Jul 23, 2011

I downloaded the live CD (KDE version) and moved it in a usb flash memory (using ImageWriter). When i restarted, the main menu was shown and i selected the first item (Start live cd. After a few seconds, a black screen was shown and then nothing happened.

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General :: Lost Connection - Cannot Activate Eth0 / What Happened?

Jun 16, 2010

I am running fedora vm under XP host and using NAT connection to the Internet. It usually works fine, but some time the connection is just lost. I went menu System->Admin->Network and see the interface eth0, but I cannot activate or deactivate. The status is inactive. (when the connect works, the status is active). so I try "ifdown eth0" and "ifup eth0" command, and got

"Error: Connection activation failed: Device not managed by NetowrkManger

The menu System->Admin->Network device control show no interface.

I am not sure what happened.

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General :: Stuck On GRUB Command Line / What Happened?

Mar 26, 2011

I am running Natty Alpha 3. I used Update Manager to install something (not sure what it was), then I restarted, but instead of listing all the kernels, it gave me a command line. I don't know what happened and how to use it.

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Fedora :: What Happened To Danger Mouse's Fedoraplus (autoten) Thread

Jun 1, 2011

Does anyone know what happened to Danger mouse's Fedoraplus (autoten) thread?I note his site is down for maintenance.

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General :: Kubuntu: After KWin Crashed - Something Happened To Docky - Screenlets And Others

Jul 3, 2011

for instance, it said that "docky needs proper composition to work properly" when it was working properly before. after having too many flash applications open, after clicking on a link to a videos video, everything crashed, and it said that *for the 20th time now in a week* that kwin has crashed. then i tried to log out and log back in since that normally fixed everything, but i couldn't log out, instead i had to killall xorg but all that showed next was a black screen instead of what it should have shown, the login screen. i had reboot from the terminal and the login screen was normal, but when i booted in to kde, everything that needed opengl and composition crashed. docky doesn't have a black box around it, but it won't intellihide like it should *and i tried to set it back to that setting but it didn't give me the option to*

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Server :: Changes Happened In /etc/shadow File, When User Changing Password?

Jan 24, 2011

I want to know, how does changes happened in the encrypted password in /etc/shadow file , when user changing password . because user doesnot have access on that file

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Ubuntu :: Unity + Gnome - Shell - Movements With The Curser Was Extremely Slow And Happened With A Delay

Oct 27, 2010

However when i logged into it, i noticed that the movements with the curser was extremely slow and happened with a delay, but this only happens when i have an window open, its fine when its just the desktop Same thing happened with Gnome-Shell i think it must be mutter because its fine with normal Ubuntu Is there any solution to this at all?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Authentication Failed \ After Doing All The Configuration Rebooted And Tried To Login.Nothing Happened?

Jun 22, 2011

Now i will try to explain my problem.I just installed fresh 11.04 openSuSe 64bit.After doing all the configuration I rebooted and tried to login.Nothing happened.Googled some things, tried ctrl alt f1 and login as root, also tried to login as root, even changed my root password to be sure.Still, nothing happens, except for the thing that everytime I try to login as root it says authentication failed, but if i type my password bad it says bad password.

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Ubuntu Installation :: When Double-clicked "Install 10.10" - Nothing Happened

Nov 15, 2010

I downloaded and burned the Ubuntu 10.10 ISO today, and booted it on a PC I wanted to install Ubuntu on. The CD booted successfully, and the desktop came up, but when I double-clicked "Install Ubuntu 10.10", nothing happened. I clicked it a few more times, but still nothing. I then tried rebooting, and clicking the Install icon again. Still, nothing. Any ideas as to what is causing this?

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General :: Install "gcc-4.4.3.tar.gz" But Nothing Happened?

Jan 28, 2010

I have downloaded "gcc-4.4.3.tar.gz" and it is about 80Mb. And I want to install it on my Ubuntu Linux. When I type "./configure" some process starts and then when I type "make" nothing happens.

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Ubuntu :: Screensaver Does Not Go Away?

Jun 7, 2010

I have recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04, and I have the following problem.My computer is set up to start the screensaver and lock the screen after 5 minutes of inactivity and to use a blank screen after 15. Whenever I come back after some moments of inactivity and move the mouse, the screensaver doesn't go away. Instead of having a box whereinput a password, I'm left with a still image of one frame of the screensaver. I can still input the password and press enter to unlock the screen, but it is a bit annoying nevertheless. Moreover this does not happen if the screen is blank: in that case I see the expected box.

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Ubuntu :: What Happened To The "Do Nothing" Option For "When The Suspend Button Is Pressed" In Lynx

Apr 30, 2010

What happened to the "Do nothing" option for "When the suspend button is pressed" in Lynx? It would also be useful to have a "Do nothing" option for "When the power button is pressed".

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