Ubuntu :: Virtualbox Incredibly Slow - Scratchy And Unresponsive

Mar 18, 2010

Has anyone had any issues when they freshly install Windows XP in VirtualBox?

I just created a system in vBox with an AMD x4 925 2.8Ghz Quadcore Processor (with AMD Virtualization on). I gave the system 3 cores, 3GB of RAM, 128mb video memory, turned off all acceleration and gave it a 60GB virtual drive.

Following installation I have noticed the vbox is unusable. I click on the start menu for example and it takes 3-4 seconds to show up. Furthermore, just moving the mouse shows a frame rate at, what I would guess, around 5 frames/sec.

This is strange as I have given this machine very good specs.

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Ubuntu :: Internet Working Incredibly Slow?

Jun 18, 2011

I have been noticing recently that my net speed has been getting slower and slower. I have disabled IPV6, cleared all caches and cookies but am not seeing any great difference. Last week I installed Knoppix 6.4.4 to have a look at it, and was amazed at the speed of the net -- one major difference was a 10 Mb pdf I was trying to download. In maverick using Firefox the download failed 10 times at between 1.2 and 1.4 megs. In Knoppix it completed first time in about 4 minutes. I have compared page loading speed and pages load on average 6-8 times faster than in Ubuntu. I have not altered any other settings.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Download Speed Incredibly Slow ?

Jul 30, 2011

So i am very new to linux based OS. Just started getting used to the terminal. but my problem is i am trying to install a game on steam and it is downloading very slow. i am used to getting close to 700 kb/s on windows 7 but on ubuntu 11.04 i am only getting 170-180 max. now i have searched all over and tried to fix it on my own but i just cant figure it out and am getting very frustrated. so if anybody has an idea as to how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. (have looked through the forum by the way but as i said im new to linux and im not actually sure if im looking at the right things) but im using a wired connection. it says im connected to something called auto etho. and there is something called a loopback connection or something like that.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Desktop Edition - System Running Incredibly Slow

Jun 18, 2011

I have just installed 11.04 desktop edition on a freshly built machine with a 3GHz processor and 8GB ram. It has 8GB swap space and a 250GB partition which runs along side a 750GB Windows partition. The problem is it is running incredibly slowly. The interface freezes up every few minutes and stuff takes ages to load. I have run Ubuntu on computers with less than a 1GHz processor before and it has been fine. Should I just reinstall?

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Fedora :: Kernel - Scrolling The Browser Window Incredibly Slow

Apr 15, 2011

Is anyone else seeing high CPU usage with this new kernel while using Firefox 4? I didn't have this problem before this update. If I boot into the previous kernel there is no problem surfing the web with Firefox 4

This kernel update has made browsing the web very slow and scrolling the browser window incredibly slow to the point of frustration.

Should this be reported as a bug or an issue with the new kernel or has anyone already reported this issue?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 - Incredibly Slow HDD And Boot Time Increased

Mar 30, 2011

My hardware:
AMD Athlon X2 4800+ (2,5 GHz) + 2 GB DDR2 memory
MSI K9N V2 (nforce 520)

I'm using OpenSUSE 11.2 with all the released updates are installed. I've got an Windows Xp SP3 on the same hard drive and it's works fine. S.M.A.R.T. says the hdd is 100%. A few days ago I realized that the boot time increased and the hard drive operations takes way too much time. So currently the boot sequence takes 11-14 minutes.

I've already tried to solve this problem but no effect:
1.) cleaned up the root directory to create more free space
2.) plugged the sata cable to another port
3.) changed from AHCI to IDE and reverse in BIOS settings
4.) added ahci, sata_nv into the /etc/sysconfig/kernel file and created a new initrd
5.) searched for problems in the syslog
Just to imagine how slow is currently the system/hdd:

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Ubuntu Networking :: Lucid - Accessing Samba Shares Incredibly Slow From Win7

May 16, 2010

Since "upgrading" (ha!) to lucid I have had a number of problems that I am working my way through. The latest is accessing samba shares from a Win7 PC. It takes minutes to open the requested share from the Windows 7 PC. File transfers, once the directory is accessed, can be measured in bytes. It is an absolute trickle.

AFAIK the smb.conf is unchanged and, in any case, there is no problem accessing the shares from another linux PC.

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Debian Configuration :: Incredibly Slow Shutdown (System Taking 3 - 5 Minutes)

Aug 21, 2015

I am using Debian sid 4.1.3-1 and when i shutdown the system it takes 3 - 5 minutes before actually shutdown, there is only a black screen until the hdd led start flashing and after that the system finally shutdown. The weird part is that sometimes it happen in less than 30 seconds , how can i figure out where the problem is ?

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Ubuntu :: Slow Unresponsive Terminal ?

Apr 4, 2010

For some strange reason my gnome-terminal has become really slow and unresponsive.If I type anything on the terminal I have to wait a few seconds before anything appears on the terminal.Memory or cpu is not the problem. Currently I am using only about 20% of my CPU:s and 15% of my RAM..Booting didn't help.Lucky this doesnt happen in openoffice, firefox or gedit. (which I need most)and I am running 9.10, which has last been updated about a week ago.

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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu Suddenly Slow And Unresponsive?

Aug 22, 2011

I have a dell dimension 4600. I just recently installed kubuntu 11.04. It was working fine for about an hour or so, and then it suddenly became slow and unresponsive.

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Networking :: Installed Ubuntu 10.04 And Networking Is Incredibly Slow

Aug 25, 2010

I have been a Linux user in the past for a good couple of years but I got back into gaming and left Linux for a while. Now after coming back to it, I have just installed Ubuntu 10.4 and all networking just seems incredibly slow.

I've browsed the internet as much as I can and found those Firefox pipelining tweaks all over the place; trying them makes no difference whatsoever so I decided to take a temporary solution and resort to OpenDNS but even this feels obviously too slow for the broadband I have.

Not only with loading web pages in Firefox, I have also tried downloading files from the internet and trying Google Chrome. But neither of these were right either.

I'm almost 90% sure it's not my BTHomeHub that's causing the problems because when using Windows, it works just fine and internet speeds are perfectly normal. The only OS I'm having this speed problem with is Ubuntu.

I'm unsure as to what evidence/help I can post, pings, IPv4/IPv6 information or WiFi configurations?

Just wondering though, this seems to be a big problem with Ubuntu 10.04 so has anyone had and solved this problem before and returned their internet speeds to what they should be?

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Ubuntu :: WindowsXP Running Slow In VirtualBox

Apr 1, 2011

I have WindowsXP installed under VirtualBox. Most of the time this works fine, but sometimes when I boot it up, it runs so incredibly slowly that it is unusable. My only solution to this has been to copy out the important data, restore the vdi file from backup and reboot. This usually solves the problem until next time. "top" shows that vbox is taking 35% of the memory (which is the amount I have allocated) and about 102% of my dual core's CPU. Everything else is running OK at the time.

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Ubuntu :: USB HID Core Driver (slow After Trying Virtualbox 4)?

Sep 1, 2011

using 10.04.3 i have removed virtualbox 4 and return 3.1.6 it seems to have added ~5 seconds to my boot time (at least at the ubuntui plymouth splash screen) and i had it down to ~9 seconds before as a perfectionist it is getting under my nerves my guess it it left something to enable usb support in virtualbox here is part of my dmesg

[ 3.712963] sd 6:0:0:2: [sde] Attached SCSI removable disk
[ 3.714460] sd 6:0:0:3: [sdf] Attached SCSI removable disk
[ 3.719702] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk
[ 3.722055] usbcore: registered new interface driver hiddev


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Ubuntu :: Extremely Slow Terminals In Virtualbox?

Mar 18, 2010

I'm running windows 7 on my laptop at work (I know, I know, but I have good reasons). In order to at least some of the benefit of Linux, I run Ubuntu in virtualbox. Things pretty much work great, except more often than not, gnome terminal is really sluggish. It seems like a simple program - I can get videos to play fine, why can't I type text. I installed xterm, and it has the same problem.

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General :: Windows XP Running As Guest On VirtualBox Is Very Slow

Aug 9, 2011

We had an old Windows XP server running a Filemaker database on a 2.6 GHz Intel CPU, but that server died. It's been replaced by a box with two 2.4 GHz Xeon CPUs and 5 GB of RAM that's running Ubuntu 11.04 natively, and Windows is running as a VirtualBox guest. 2GB of RAM has been dedicated to the Windows guest.Of course, these old Xeon CPUs don't have the VT-x extensions, so I wouldn't expect to be able to add CPUs to the VirtualBox guest, but the Filemaker database is running at least 2-3x slower than it did on the old server. I would expect that utilizing one 2.4GHz CPU out of four available shouldn't result in such an astounding difference.

I would also like to be able to continue using this setup, since it would also mean we'd be able to remove our Linux server from the rack, which is running on even slower hardware (not that the system requirements are high for its job though).So my question is: Why is this so slow? Is there anything I can do to change the situation? Or should I just give up now and find more suitable hardware?I understand that the "new" machine should be about 1% slower in theory, so please don't tell me this "should" be fine. I need more concrete answers (as in, "I've tried this before and you should do X") since in the real world, it appears to be about 50% slower. I'm about to blame "virtual" CPUs to multithreading on single core processors, and possibly the difference in CPU architecture between Xeon and Pentium 4 CPUs.

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Ubuntu :: Slow Boot Time After Creating Virtual Disk For Virtualbox Guest

Jun 4, 2010

My laptop boot up time increased considerably (10 seconds) after allocating a virtual drive for virtualbox guest. The guest installation did not work so i removed it along with the virtual disk. Now everytime when i boot to ubuntu, after inputting my password in the login screen, it takes much longer to load the system. And during the loading time the disk activity indicator light blinks indicating the harddisk is actually busy loading the system.

I decided to search around for a possible answer and force reprofiling ureadahead does the trick Now boot time is back to what it used to be

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Is Intermittently Scratchy Or Crackling During Games?

Apr 13, 2010

It seems like it's mostly an issue with playing games. When I play certain 3D games, the audio may work for a little while, but will start getting scratching or full of static. Some times it's a lot, and other times it's just a little bit. Most times, the sound in the game will stop working after a short moment of static/scratchy sound. Then I am left with complete silence.I've seen on other posts that PCM volume may be turned up all the way. I wasn't sure what PCM was, but in the volume controls, I saw that you could adjust each individual application's volume. I assumed that this was PCM, as the game's volume was all the way up.I turned it down some, and I still got some static in the sound, and the sound still disappeared completely after a short time.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: GA-770TA-UD3 With ALC888 - Scratchy Sound In Games?

May 27, 2010

I am using 10.04 64-bit on a GA-770TA-UD3 motherboard with onboard Realtek ALC888 audio chip. I'm having scratchy sound with games like World of goo and Penumbra. I solved the problem for Penumbra by selecting OSS option instead of ALSA from the settings menu but I'dont have that option in World of goo (and many other games).I have no problem with video or audio files. The board is [URL]..

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Fedora :: Sound In F14 Very Scratchy And Can't Get Volume - Clearness / Fix It?

Jan 19, 2011

I've recently changed motherboards from a gigabyte ma785gmt-ud2h to an ASUS M488T-M/USB3. For comparative purposes, I have done a fresh install of both Win 7 and Fedora 14 - everything works well except that the sound in Fedora is very scratchy and I cannot get the volume or clearness I was used to with the previous board.

Is there a driver which will fix this problem, or is this a quirk peculiar to ASUS boards? (The sound in Win 7 is crystal clear, by the way - I'm starting to think that the board was designed with Win 7 in mind.)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Updated NVidia Drivers Cause - Sound Got All Fuzzy/scratchy

Jun 2, 2010

I just installed 10.04 (64 bit, in case that matters) last night. I have onboard sound and video, and they working fine until I installed the proprietary drivers for my video card. When this happened, my sound got all fuzzy/scratchy. I can go back into the Hardware Drivers and remove the proprietary ones and then the sound is fine. My problem is that I want to use better drivers for my video, but not at the sacrifice of sound quality. I went to the nVidia site, and they have drivers from April 24, 2010 on there, but there's a couple problems with that. I don't know if they are any different than the ones I already installed through Ubuntu, and I don't know if they will cause the same issue. Since I'm fairly new to linux, installing the drivers from the .run file seems like more of an undertaking than I want to do right now, and I don't want to mess anything up and not be able to revert my changes. With the Hardware Drivers utility, I can easily remove the drivers and the sound works, but I don't know if that will be the case.

I have an ECS GeForce7050M-M motherboard. I can't really find specifics for chipsets, but the nVidia site detected a GeForce GTX 480 for video. If I recall correctly, my audio is some Realtek HD thing. I had this same problem when I tried 9.04, but I didn't narrow it down to the nVidia drivers at the time.

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Ubuntu :: Choppy/Scratchy Playback -Totem Movie Player Mint 7

Aug 9, 2010

i have reinstalled my mint 7 and whenever i play downloaded/saved videos from ....., i get a choppy/scratchy audio & video in playback. this was not the case before i reinstalled. videos videos played directly and other dvds played from cdrom and mp3s played from hd are however working fine.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: TVTIME Bad (scratchy) Sound - Isn't Clear

Apr 20, 2010

I have an issue with TVTIME's sound, its scratchy , the sound isn't clear. i can hear the sound & even understand, but there is a scratchy noise along with it,I didn't used to get it in ubuntu9.10 & 9.04,i don't have any issues with windows xp even,the tv tuner card is pinnacle PCTV version 5.

INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE 2.5GHz,(1GB)EACH 2 RAMS,ASUS INTEL G31 CHIPSET MOTHERBOARD, I have dual boot with WIN XP on another hard drive, xp doesn't give me problems regarding the TV tuner card, i have used UBUNTU 9.04 & 9.10 , they never gave me problems. I switched to openSUSE 11.2 because the internet used to be slow on UBUNTU 9.10. INTERNET on openSUSE 11.2 is working like wonders for me as i use 3G internet from a NOKIA N73 MOBILE.ubuntu was was a touch slower on the internet side. i don't want to shift back to ubuntu ,UBUNTU 10.04 release is just 9 days away. FYI - xine,amarok,vlc,mplayer,smplayer all work fine without any issues,

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Software :: Audacity And Audigy SE - Scratchy Recording Sound

May 25, 2010

I just bought an Audigy SE sound card. It sounds fine for regular playback, but, for recording through Audacity, all I hear is this scratchy/distorted sound like it's turned all the way up. I tried lowering the volumes in alsamixer, but, that didn't work. Wanted to know if anyone had a solution before I send it back.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Started Running Incredibly Slowly?

Feb 11, 2010

Has anyone else noticed that Firefox started running incredibly slowly?It just happened on two of my computers (one 9.10, the other 8.04 LTS).After starting firefox, it just sits and sits while trying to load a page. Even a local page (my router's config page). It literally takes about 5 minutes to load URL...Other internet apps are working fine, including Opera, which is how I'm writing this.

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CentOS 5 :: Incredibly Slowed Down After 5.3 Update ?

Apr 12, 2009

I was using Compaq nx6310 Laptop with Centos 5.2 for some time and I ran into no problems. However every software installed on my Laptop incredibly slowed down after update to 5.3, It took me 8 mins to open firefox, log into and post to this forum. I don't know if related but I have strange values in system monitor, and the cpu usage is 60% to 80% most of the time even if there is no software running in the foreground.

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General :: Camangi WebStation - Incredibly Poor Wifi Connectivity - No WPA Not Even WEP Full Support

Nov 11, 2010

Camangi WebStation (android pen tablet)

Incredibly poor Wifi connectivity (No WPA, not even WEP full support), missing ether plug. Easy to freeze. Poor input method. Considerable pricing. poor applications. (not android-market compatible) not well organized web pages.

My impression: You have a right to buy. It is up to you, if you want to. It is your responsibility.

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Ubuntu :: Scratchy Screen In Ubuntu 10.04?

Oct 6, 2010

My computer was fine in Ubuntu 9.10 but when I upgraded to 10.04 it is very scratchy. Like static all over the screen.I have an intel core 2 T5500 1.66Ghz and 2.9gb Ram 4gb in actual computer. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit (Lucid)2.6.32-25 Generic GNOME 2.30.2

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Debian :: VirtualBox Error - 'install Virtualbox-ose-modules Package For Kernel And Execute 'modprobe Vboxdrv'

Apr 27, 2010

my error when trying to run a VB (Virtualbox). Error as copied from error box. install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel and execute 'modprobe vboxdrv' as root. VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).


I get this when trying to launch a VB after making one with wizzard.

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OpenSUSE :: Data Corruption In VirtualBox 4.0.4 From Virtualbox.org?

Mar 7, 2011

Observed on two host systems both with openSUSE 11.3 32 bit using ext4: When a big files, in this case a 1.2 GB and a 1.7 GB is copied from DVD, usb harddrive or shared folder into a Windows 7 32 bit guest system, the copied file is corrupted. The md5sum has changed and until the guest system has been rebooted successive md5sum tests on the same file comes up with various results... After a reboot md5sum tests show consistent results, but a sum different from the original file.

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Ubuntu :: Unity Is 100% Unresponsive?

Jan 29, 2011

I installed the Unity Desktop Env. to play around with it on my wubi installation of Ubuntu 10.10. I have the log in screen disabled as well as the grub menu so it launches right into Ubuntu. I logged out and logged back in under Unity and could move the mouse but nothing would happen. I have gnome-panels disabled as well so alt f2 wont work even in my gnome DE. By disabling the log in screen and the grub menu have I painted myself into a corner so to speak and made this installation completely unrecoverable?

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