Ubuntu :: Video Keeps On Freezing (9.10 And Nvidia 7600GT)

Apr 10, 2010

I've recently installed Ubuntu and most things work except that when I play any video (from dvd, hard drive, ..... etc.) it's very jerky and with ..... for instance, the browser itself freezes up.

I've got an Nvidia 7600GT AGP graphics card and I've tried all the available drivers (versions 96, 175 & 183) but no luck. I did find a similar thread that mentioned installing the Compiz manager and changing some of the settings in that and on the Nvidia control panel, but this didnt work either.

I tried using puppylinux from a live cd and I found that video played fine from this, so I'm guessing that its just some settings that I need to change around.

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Software :: Freezing With An NVIDIA Video Card?

Oct 14, 2010

After seven months of digging I've come to the conclusion that the problem is somewhere between kernel and X server. I've tried contacting several firends with guru-like experience, I tried looking for answers on FedoraForum, I asked a question there, and I even started a bug report where the blame keeps being passed around different components.

I thought the problem might be isolated to my system, as I wasn't able to find any concrete info on this. About a week ago, I finished a new build for a friend. The PC has an NVIDIA card (GTX460). I tried Fedora 13 on that computer and I noticed the problem there as well. Actually, it was more pronounced than on my system. You couldn't use the system (friend's build) for more than two hours.

I'd like to get a little feedback on just how spread this problem is. I'm trying to see if it's a problem with NVIDIA cards in general, with Fedora in particular, if it's confined to 64-bit systems, etc.

Whether or not you have this issue, please post about it. Please also post to indicate that you have no problem if that is the case. I'll start the first "report". Please state all the items in your report.

Video Card: Dual GeForce9800GT

Driver: nvidia (latest akmod-nvidia from rpmfusion) but problem also present with nouveau

Kernel: Noticed problem from 2.6.32 (earliest tested) to 2.6.34 (latest tested). I did not test with earlier kernels

Problem: System randomly freezes. In most cases, keyboard and mouse stop responding (CapsLock does not toggle the light on the keyboard). system stops responding to ssh and ping. A hard reboot is required On rare occasions, the ssh login is possible and restarting the X server usually revives the system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get 9.10 With A NVIDIA 7600gt 512mg And A VIZIO 42" LCD Screen?

Mar 5, 2010

I trying to get my Ubuntu 9.10 with a NVIDIA 7600gt 512mg and a VIZIO 42" LCD screen..Has anyone out there been able to get a 42" screen working with Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Fglrx Freezing During Video?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm running 9.10 x64 version on an Athlon II x4 with 4 gigs of ram and an ATI Radeon HD 4770 card, using the fglrx driver. I'm also using Compiz.

However, I'm having a pretty major problem with video playback. Some time after starting playback, the entire system appears to freeze up. At least the video does, anyway. The audio continues to play, but the mouse is locked in place and the video frame doesn't move. I tried alt-prscr-k, but couldn't kill X. I tried ctrl-alt-f1 and f2 but again, no change. Ctrl-alt-delete had no response either. In the end, I've been having to use alt-prscr-REISUB to restart the machine.

This problem happens at unpredictable times. The other night, I watched about 1 and a half hours of DVD before it happened, and then after restarting I couldn't watch 10 seconds before freezing again. Just now, again, I started watching a video file, and the system locks up a few seconds in to the video, every time (and a different place every time).

I tried both the ati and radeonhd drivers as well, but I couldn't get the results I wanted with my 2-monitor display. I've only been able to get my monitors the way I want them using fglrx. But without being able to watch video, it's pointless anyway.

I'm lost for what to do... I've spend the last 24 hours installing and uninstalling and reinstalling the different ATI drivers over and over, only to come back to this problem. Is there something I'm missing completely?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Old Video Card, Nvidia XFX 7800GT Now Beginning To Fail - Which Way Is Best, ATI Or Nvidia?

May 3, 2010

I have an old video card, Nvidia XFX 7800GT, which is now beginning to fail and I need to upgrade. I am not huge a gamer but I do play/buy games on regular basis. Right now I'm playing Eternal Lands on the Linux side. Looking to spend $100-$150 on a new card.I have a Core2Duo Wolfdale 3.0, with 2ghz ram and run Lucid 32bit. Also run windows Vista64Ultimate on dual boot (rarely).

I would love to buy a new ATI 5770 or 5830, ATI budget cards seem to be much better for the buck over budget Nvidia cards, but I'm concerned with ATI drivers and long term with Ubuntu.On the Nvidia side I'm considering the GTS 250. The only advantage I can find is lower power consumption with Nvidia and Ubuntu has always preferred Nvidia over ATI, as far as working drivers go.As Far as Ubuntu and Lucid is concerned, which way is best, ATI or Nvidia? Has anything changed with ATI support, that could make theor cards more compatible now and in the future?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers For Nvidia 8800 GT Video Card

Apr 3, 2011

I can't figure out how to install the nvidia drivers for my nvidia 8800 GT video card. I've followed some other posts and all the posts seemed either incomplete, or led me down a path of which eventually broke my installation, that I needed to reinstall the entire ubuntu system.Again, it may not have been broken, i just didnt know how to get back in to the gui version of ubuntu, the instructions took me to the console terminal

1.) I've installed the ubuntu 10.10 64bit for i386 in an oracle virtualBox..

2.) downloaded from nvidia.com "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.44.run"

3.) Stuck don't know what to do.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Nvidia Update Caused System Boot Freezing

Jun 14, 2010

I had Ubuntu working perfectly until I installed updates for the proprietary Nvidia drivers.Now Ubuntu freezes at the Ubuntu loading screen. Im using Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.I used to know how to access the terminal at bootup but I no longer remember.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.10 Video Freezing In Fullscreen / Sort It?

Nov 6, 2010

Whenever i wanna watch a video on any site like ....., hulu, or cbs, the video watches fine in the normal minimized view. But when
i turn on fullscreen the video plays for a couple minutes, or seconds, and then freezes for about half a minute, but the sound continues.

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Ubuntu :: Flash Video With Full Screen Freezing

May 19, 2011

This bug is strange because it doesn't happen for me in Ubuntu (Gnome). Whenever I try to watch a Flash video in full screen, the picture always freezes after a few seconds of play, and the only way for me to unfreeze it is to get out of full screen using the escape key. I can put it back into full screen, but it always just freezes up again after a few seconds.

I figured out a strange work around for it though, but it's certainly not ideal. I figured out that if I get the time pop-up (see attachment to see what I mean) to stay up, it doesn't freeze. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome. I was going to try this in Rekonq, but I can't seem to get Flash working in Rekonq.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Freezing Computer After Random Time?

Jun 11, 2010

I have to say I'm really enjoying it. However, when I have been watching videos on ..... and revision3.com after a random amount of time the computer will freeze up and I have to do a hard restart of the computer.I've gone through the multimedia sticky post at the top of these forums with no real luck.Oh just got the computer today as a real budget system.AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9ghzMSI K9N2GM-FD AM2+on board NVIDIA Geforce 82004GB DDR2 memoryI'm using ubuntu 10.04 64bit version.

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Fedora Installation :: NVidia - Desktop Is Freezing For 10-15 Seconds Before Konsole Is Launched

Dec 25, 2009

configuration: $uname -a
Linux perosoft.home.org #1 SMP Wed Dec 9 11:00:30 EST 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
$/sbin/lspci -nn | grep 'VGA|NV'
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS [10de:0422] (rev a1)
$rpm -qa|grep kmod

i have created a shortcut for konsole on desktop, if i click on icon all desktop is freezing for 10-15 seconds before konsole is launched. if i have the same aplication overlapped in taskbar and i click once same thing is happening, desktop is freezing before select menu is appear.

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Debian Multimedia :: VLC Video Playback Random Freezing

Jul 17, 2010

When I play videos in VLC, the video output seems to randomly freeze while playing the video. This does not effect the audio though. The audio output continues, but with the video frozen on a frame. This is happening in windowed and full-screen mode. I have to use "pkill vlc" each time twice then start VLC again. I have had to resort to mplayer for the time being. I am running squeeze. I was not experiencing this problem before though (started within the past week), so it must be due to some recent upgrade. I have tried "aptitude purge vlc && aptitude install vlc", but I am still experiencing the same problem.

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Fedora Hardware :: Video's Keep Freezing Up Machine But Audio Still Plays?

Jun 23, 2010

I'm having a really random intermittent fault with video files... all kinds... and also happens with different media players... they lock up the entire system but when i reboot they'll play fine...could this be the graphics card? it's a Sparkle Nvidia Geforce 9500.... is there any reccomendations for a suitable replacement that doesn't cost the earth... I'm looking at starting 3D animation too, so was looking to upgrade anyway...there was some kind of error that randomly popped up once or twice when it was playing files...

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Debian Multimedia :: MPlayer Video Freezing When Firefox Playing WebM

Aug 7, 2011

i'm using debian wheezy and whenever i'm playing a webm video, typically on videos, totem and mplayer can't play video. the video just freezes. (i assume because they both use gstreamer.) when i try to use vlc when those 2 aren't working, the video does play but there is no sound.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Get Any Video Using Nvidia Geforce GT 240?

Jan 18, 2011

Built a custom pc using a Gigabyte mobo and amd processor. Mobo has onboard video. Ubuntu Maverick installs fine using on board video but when I put in the Nvidia Geforce GT 240 I get either no video or scrambled video. I've tried disabling the on board video and still no luck. I've also tried to install nvidia drivers first, and will get it to work but video is not crisp and will not show all of the screen.

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Ubuntu :: Power Down The Nvidia Video Card?

Feb 8, 2011

i noticed my desktop has the option in its bios to use this since i mainly use it as a server i wanted to be able to power it on remoly once i found out it was possible
lets say for sake of example the mac address on it is 00:11:22:33:44:55 on the dekstop

also wondering if it is possible to power down the nvidia video card i would like to have it complexly ignore the card's existent and cut power to the slot i would like to basically pick server/desktop mode from grub 2 default being server

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Ubuntu :: Install The NVidia Video Drivers?

May 1, 2011

I just installed 11.04 and I knew I would have to install the NVidia video drivers. So it was no surprise when it popped up a warning and dropped me into Gnome Classic view. So I turned on the NVidia drivers and rebooted. In my desktop selection menu on the login screen I have "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu Classic".

Unfortunately they look exactly alike, with the Gnome panel along the top, and the panel with the taskbar, desktops and recylce bin on the bottom. I've gone back-and-forth a few times and nothing has changed. Some changes in one environment is not set in the other, like they really are 2 different environments.

According to the Software Center, Unity (not Unity 2D) *is* installed.So how can I boot into the Unity desktop?

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Ubuntu :: Installing An NVIDIA Video Card ?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu (or Xubuntu) on a PC that has integrated on board video. After that I want to disable the onboard video and use an NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS video card.

I tried it before, and got a lot of resolution problems.

This is what I did:

- First, I put the card in the PCI slot and modified the bios to use it as the default video, and booted from the ubuntu CD. The installation did not go through as I got no screen output (I guess ubuntu did not recognize my video card).

- Second, I restarted and modified the BIOS so that the onboard video was the default. This worked when I booted from the CD and installed, I got screen output and all. I completed the installation and turned off the computer.

- Third, I installed the card on the PCI slot but did not change the BIOS, booted and used the onboard video, downloaded the NVIDIA driver (190.53) from the NVIDIA website, installed it, and turned off the PC.

- Fourth, I modified the BIOS so that the NVIDIA video was the default, plugged the monitor to the NVIDIA VGA output, restarted, and got ubuntu working at a very low resolution of 640*320.

This is where I am stuck. I can't change the resolution to 1024*768 or 1366*768. I only get 640*320.

Is there any way to avoid all this and do a fresh installation of ubuntu 9.10 with the NVIDIA card already in and as default on the BIOS?

I am thinking the resolution problems started because I got video drivers mixed up with intel onboard during installation, then NVIDIA. I guess I should have removed the intel drivers first before installing NVIDIA drivers. If anyone agrees, how do I uninstall Intel video drivers?

If that is not the case, how do I configure the NVIDIA drivers to work properly?

My PC is an older IBM 8303 KKU at 2.26GHz, with 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD, and a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

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Ubuntu :: Set Nvidia X Screen To Play Movie On Tv Via S-video?

Mar 27, 2010

I am trying to set nvidia x screen to play movie on tv via s-video. When switched to tv screen is white in twinview, I can move x server settings window but that is all. In separate x screen monitor goes black, tv does not change. Also have installed Nvtv tv out. I have GeForce4 MX420

Found this article [URL]

Terminal results
craig@craig-desktop:~$ sudo /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[sudo] password for craig:
sudo: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: command not found


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Ubuntu :: NVIDIA Video SUPER Bad Graphics During Games?

Jun 18, 2010

What is causing this graphic distortion?I dropped Vista because this problem would crash the video driver and pop a black screen for a few seconds over and over and over and over.Now that I installed ****ING Ubuntu it's doing this problem, but without the black screens and only messed up graphics show.So what the heck guys, is this a hardware or software problem? And this same type of graphic distortion appears in games like Combat Arms and Halo.I am so SICK of NVIDIA never ever in my whole entire life will I ever buy NVIDIA again! Luckily for nvidia I'm only 17 years old and have 40 years of life left to buy computers without nvidia in them. Until I save up dough for a new computer "without nvidia" I'll keep trying to fix this. P.S this nvidia chip is tied down to my motherboard.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Restart A Video Driver (NVidia)

Sep 21, 2010

I'm using my Ubuntu 10.04 as a server, headless or with HDMI receiver/TV setup. There is a lot's of topics how to make it work headless/VNS. I found the least trouble is to make a fake VGA from old VGA cable and 3 resistors. However, when I start my Ubuntu with Fake VGA it won't switch to HDMI when I turn my Receiver/HDMI on. If I restart X it is fastest way to pick the HDMI Video/7.1 Audio up. I can do it via VNC or ssh and going to do it with 'irexec' so my wife will be able to redetect the HDMI and run XBMC with one button click of the remote.The problem is restarting X kills all my GUI apps (KTorrent, ...). Is there a way to force the video driver to restart or redetect the screens?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Nvidia Video Memory Misreported

Feb 24, 2011

I'm trying to increase my framerate on World of Warcraft, and I'm not sure if this will help but it should in theory. I'm not even sure if I'm right in my assumption that it's currently non-optimal. nvidia-settings reports the full 1024MB of onboard video memory from my 420GT, but lspci reports three separate figures which don't even add up to 256MB:


Now, I don't know which to trust, is all the video memory being detected or just the pittance that lspci reports? To my mind, more graphics memory means you can store more graphical code and data closer to the gpu resulting in faster framerates, right?

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Ubuntu :: Nvidia GT 430 - Black Video When Play Movie

Jul 26, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. I just bought the Zotac Geforce GT 430. I downloaded and installed the driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.21.run. (from nvidia.com)

Everything seems alright except that I can only see black video when I play any kind of movie (avi, mkv, mov, ..) while the sound is still playing.

Previously, I could watch any movie well with the onboard graphic card. My mainboard is Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2V.

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Ubuntu :: Installed NVidia Driver - Lost All Video

Sep 12, 2010

I just installed an nVidia driver for my Dell laptop running the latest flavor of Ubuntu (Lazy Lynx, or whatever it's up to). After it rebooted, the screen came up black. I have no video. How do I get rid of this driver and get my video back?

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Ubuntu :: Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M - Poor Video?

Jan 24, 2011

Like the title says, I have the Quadro NVS 135M in my Dell D630. It's working (well, besides the startup screen issue - Plymoth... not a fan!), but when I watch a movie the image ?flickers? annoyingly. This is something I have never experienced before, with allegedly ?inferior? video cards. It's odd though, isn't it - better video card, inferior output!?!

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Where Has X11-video-nvidia Gone

Jul 28, 2010

I had been running 10.1 or there abouts and decided to move to 11.3. I did an upgrade and all was well. I got my XFi sound card working, I added the nvidia repositry and up came the x11-video-nvidia file which I installed and the graphics card worked. How easy is this I thought.

I then got frustrated with KDE and the need to click a million times whenever you want to load a program and the fact you have to click right then left to find things, (how silly is that). Also I was struggling to get my Nova-T DVB-T card working. So I did a new install. I formatted root (having saved my data) then installed 11.3 with gnome.

When I came to install the nvidia driver it said it could find the G01 and G02 versions but there was no sight of the legacy driver that I need for my Geforce4-4200. (I know I should buy a new machine).

So in desperation I did another new install and this time put KDE back on as my WM. However yast software install is saying the same thing that G01 and G02 are available but the legacy one is not.

Could it just be bad luck that nvidia stopped supporting it last night? I have gone through the one click process but it was again failing to find x11-video-nvidia

I have gone through the posts and done the nomodeset and changed the /etc/modprobe.d/menu.lst, I have added the correct repositries etc. Before I do the run level 3 thing does anyone have an obvious fix.

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Hardware :: Which Video Card Is Better - ATI Or Nvidia?

Apr 8, 2009

Which of these cards is better for linux nvida gforce 2 ultra bladerunner or ati rage128 pro 32mb

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Adding Nvidia GeForce 210 Video Card?

Jan 5, 2010

I have a 64 bit computer with a 64 bit distribution of Ubuntu. The driver for the onboard video card wasn't supported beyond 8.04, so I didn't upgrade. Yesterday, I bought a NVIDIA GeForce 210 video card. I installed it and Ubuntu detected it and worked, but the resolution was limited to 640x480 (I think). I figured this would be corrected by updating, so I updated to 9.04. When I had to restart, the option to select which OS (Linux or Win) came up, I selected 9.04, and the ubuntu symbol came on. The status bar went to the end and the screen turned black, flickered 5 times, turned black and stopped progressing. The xorg.conf file is:

Identifier "Configured Video Device"
Driver "vesa"
Identifier "Configured Monitor"


I tried changing the driver from "vesa" to "nv" without any effect. Does anyone have any idea what I should do to get this to work?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get NVidia Video Card Working In Linuxmint?

Jan 8, 2010

I just bought a new pc. It has plenty of hard drive space and ram with a 2.6GHz processor. I'm trying to run a dual-boot with Windows 7 and Linuxmint. I need some help as to how I go about installing my video driver. I have tried combinations of the following: -clicking on the taskbar icon that says "restricted drivers are available" and enabling the drivers -going to Software Manager/Drivers and choosing to install "NVidia 3D Drivers"

My efforts so far have only resulted in the following behavior: The screen changes from color into black-and-white and becomes unresponsive except to close it out The screen freezes up completely forcing me open up a terminal to kill the offending process (which turns out to be firefox)

The next thing I would like to try is to just go to the Nvidia website and downloading and installing the driver from there. It's a BIN file with a "run" extension. So I entered the command "chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.53-pkg1.run" followed by the command "./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.53-pkg1.run". But I get an error that says the following:

ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing. WHAT IS AN X SERVER? HOW DO I CLOSE IT?? I've got nothing unusual open. Maybe a web page. I've tried closing out of everything except the terminal and I still get the same message.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Very Choppy Video Playback With Stutter (NVidia)

Jan 21, 2010

currently using nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 185) and a nvidia 8800gt. cpu is an intel c2d e6600, so it's quite a fast pc. video playback is extremely choppy to the point of being unwatchable. it affects all applications that i have tried, such as vlc, movie player and flash videos in mozilla firefox. videos on videos seem slow but playable, but when i try to watch them in full screen there's a drop to about 5fps. cpu usage reaches 100%. scrolling is also slow on large webpages. disabling compiz makes no visible difference.

before i installed nvidia's driver, videos played perfectly. videos play fine in windows xp. it seems as if nvidia's driver is using the cpu to 'process' videos, instead of the graphics card. other than that, ubuntu 9.10 is lightning fast... so what's going on here? i have resolved one issue, that is flash player's performance in firefox. followed instructions [here] and videos is now smooth in full screen. other videos, however, are still stuttering and spiking cpu usage. this must be a widespread issue, but the lack of information on the web shows otherwise.

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