Ubuntu :: Unity Multimonitor Support For Intel - GMA X4500 - No Detection

Jun 10, 2011

I have a laptop running Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity The graphics card has an HDMI output that I want to use with a second monitor, but when an HDMI output is connected there is no detection what soever. I think I need to install additional drivers to support Xrandr output when 2nd monitor through HDMI is connected:


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Fedora Installation :: Intel Xorg Driver Kills Screen (black) And Keyboard On Intel GMA X4500?

May 12, 2009

I am wondering, what is the status of Intel GMA X4500 driver on Fedora 10.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Use Video Card (intel X4500 )

Aug 22, 2010

i just install ubuntu 10.4 linux 32.bit on my Pc and it's was running fine beside the video card (intel x4500 ) not supported in ubuntu anyway after i update about 251 package in ubuntu ,i restarted the pc after in the grub ...they show me 4 Ubuntu ! 2 for boot ubuntu and 2 for ubuntu recovery and 1 for windows 7 loader !

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Hardware :: Proper Driver For Intel X4500?

Apr 18, 2010

I'm running Sabayon on an Intel X4500-equipped laptop (the x4500 is based on the g43 chipset btw). The video card works, but I get low framerates in games and compiz. I had this working in Ubuntu after upgrading my video driver, but I have been unable to find the driver for Sabayon (or even for ubuntu, I didn't bookmark the link :P). I have the xf86-video-intel-2.9.0 driver installed. Does anyone know how I can speed things up?

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Hardware :: Intel GMA X4500 - Changing Resolution Not Supported

Nov 2, 2010

I have a Lenovo G550. I has a Intel GMA x4500. I use Debian Lenny 5.0.0. Changing resolution is not supported. Actually Graphic card is not installed. I have searched in packages but there is not anything in repos. I have asked my question in a forum, they told me add backports and installed the latest driver. I did, but it didn't work too. I asked abrotman and he told me : Lenny >> squeeze. But I don't want to upgrade my debian to squeeze because squeeze is unstable and I don't want to see crashing! I have googled, but I couldn't find any useful thing.

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Fedora Hardware :: Support Or Detection Of "touchpads" On Laptops

Mar 15, 2010

Fedora is a very mature Linux OS I might have to add but a very annoying thing still with it is the support or detection of fedora of "touchpads" on laptops. Ubuntu does not detect it but Linux Mint excellently detects my touchpad on my HP Laptop.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Use Of Unity Desktop - No 3D Support

Dec 4, 2010

When the live CD is booted up, there is a notice saying Ubuntu is sorry, as there is no 3D support in the laptop. If the Live CD doesn't see the video card etc, then there is a problem. The laptop has NVidia Geforce 310M, meaning it has the 3D support, only Ubuntu doesn't see it on live boot, so what the use of the Unity desktop? The Gnome starts up.

I have seen Gnome, but I'd like to see Unity. How can I do it? I can of course download the NVidia driver. But to activate the driver, I have to restart the laptop, then the Live session would go away. By the way, if Linux to be everybody's OS, I think the "restricted" drivers should be included, as they are allowed by the owners to be downloaded!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unity Doesn't Support ATI Radeon?

Apr 27, 2011

I've just installed 11.04 but can't have unity since it doesn't support ATI Radeon HD 5600 series along other ATI cards. Anyone who knows when ubuntu is planning to solve this problem?

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Ubuntu :: Graphic Options - Message - Your Hardware Does Not Support Unity

May 10, 2011

I had my recently installed Natty Narwhal running Unity. I changed a few simple graphic options for Unity, and the next time I log in, I got the message "your hardware does not support Unity", and then Gnome is running. How has this come to be??

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Ubuntu :: Multimonitor Set Up - Won't Let Set Resolution

May 1, 2011

I have an Acer Aspire 5532 running the latest Ubuntu. I'm trying to set up dual monitors, the laptops screen and an HP 2311x connected via VGA. I installed Ubuntu and was able to set it up just fine, however when I installed the proprietary video drivers from AMD and restart, it forgot my settings and even the name of the monitor, which it detected automatically before the drivers were installed. I tried to set up my HP monitor with the correct resolution, but no mater how I do it, it says it can't because it would exceed the maximum virtual screen size, is there a way to change this or a workaround?

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Ubuntu :: Enable DVI Support With Intel Graphics ?

Nov 7, 2010

I need to use my TV as a monitor via DVI.

Using Meerkat 64. Here's some specs:


Because the Physical ID is 2.1, I'm fairly certain this is the DVI port. Do I need a driver for this to work?

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Hardware :: Add Intel NIC Support To Old Red Hat 9?

Apr 9, 2010

I would like to add support for an Intel NIC to my ancient Red Hat 9.

I'm using RH 9 because I have old books that are specific to it.

The NIC is an Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop Adapter. I have a 3Com NIC that is supported by RH 9, but I'd like to get the other gigabit NIC working under RH 9 for the speed and to learn how to swap out HW when needed.

I believe the driver for the NIC is located here:


I have other, newer distros that I plan on looking at as well that I'm sure support the Intel NIC right at installation, but I thought this would be a great learning opportunity for me because I've had to replace and/or upgrade many NICs over the years in Windows machines, but I have no idea how to do such a simple task like that in Linux.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Dual Monitor Support Working In Unity With NVIDIA?

Jun 21, 2011

I have an NVIDIA 9800 GTX. I have 2 DELL monitors connect to this card, one is a 24" and the other is 21".

I am unable to use Xinerama mode with Unity, because for some reason after logging in, I get no desktop interface, only background wallpaper, and I have to force reboot.

How can I setup dual monitors in Ubuntu using Unity properly? Note that I do NOT want to use TwinView, since this results in dead space around the smaller monitor.

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Ubuntu :: Multimonitor: Win + P Shortcut Like In Windows 7?

Jun 10, 2010

I like a lot the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows 7 for managing windows across multiple screens and would like to replicate them in ubuntu. So far I created shortcuts for moving windows from one screen to another.

WinKey + Left: Move active window to the left screen
wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -e 0,0,-1,-1,-1
WinKey + Right: Move active window to the right screen
wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -e 0,1280,-1,-1,-1

Now when you press WinKey+P in Win7 you get a nice menu where you can select if you want only monitor1, monitor2 or both. I would like to at least create shortcuts to switch between these modes. For example bind WinKey+1 to turn only monitor1 on, WinKey+2 for m2 and something else to have both monitors on.

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General :: I2C Driver Support For Intel QM57?

Nov 3, 2010

Does Linux I2C driver support Intel QM57 chipset?

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CentOS 5 :: 5.4 Support Intel Q45 Graphics Chip?

Nov 18, 2009

Does CentOS 5.4 support Intel Q45 graphics chip? If it does not support, How do I install the driver manually?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Vaapi Support The Intel Gm965 Video Card?

Mar 11, 2011

Does vaapi support the intel gm965 video card?

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Fedora Hardware :: Intel Graphics Card - Don't Have 3D Support

Dec 1, 2009

Is there away to update my driver. In my Xorg.conf all I have under driver is "Intel" I am using an Intel GM45 card and I don't have 3D support.

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Security :: New Intel Chips Support SMS Kill Switch

Dec 25, 2010

New computer processors from Intel Corp, due out in 2011, can be disabled using an SMS "poison pill" message sent over any 3G cellular network, according to published reports.
Complete Article

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Optimus Support Will OpenGL Still Work With Intel Gfx?

Mar 9, 2011

My understanding is that there is no Optimus support for Linux at this time.Will a default CentOS installation work fine with just the integrated graphics.in other words, will Optimus and the discrete graphics be ignored? Will OpenGL still work correctly with the Intel integrated graphics?I am considering an i5-based laptop with Optimus support, where I might go with a dual-boot configuration.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Multimonitor Gnome 3 Converted From KDE4 11.4?

May 9, 2011

Installed Gnome 3 on my OpenSuse 11.4 KDE laptop. Got two monitors, the built in monitor and the external. Under KDE the second monitor works fine, shows up as VGA1 and can be configured to work as an extended monitor, etc. Under the new Gnome 3 install the monitor shows up in the settings dialog but the monitor itself always says 'no signal' regardless of the configuration I use.


Lenovo R500 running OpenSuse 11.4 64-bit (originally with KDE4 desktop)
4 Gigs ram, built-in Intel video card.

Again, configuration under KDE works fine but under Gnome 3 I don't get a signal to my second monitor. Haven't located any other threads covering this kind of behavior but Google searches indicate that early versions of Gnome 3 had multi-monitor problems.

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Fedora Hardware :: Support For Intel Arrandale/Calpella (Core I3/i5) Laptops?

Jan 17, 2010

I was using Fedora 11 on my previous laptop, a Toshiba Centrino 2-powered model, and I was having issues with the CPU fan not starting up unless I put it to sleep and woke it up again. I no longer have it due to circumstances beyond my control (aka getting mugged), and I'm looking into getting one of Dell's Core i5-powered Inspiron laptops.

On the odd chance that some people here have gotten their hands on one, I was wondering if there's any support for Core i3/i5-powered laptops in Fedora 11, or should I wait for Fedora 12 before I get one? I almost burnt up the Centrino 2 one before I remembered about the fan problem, and I want to avoid that if possible.

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Fedora Hardware :: [F12] Does Intel I915 Driver Support The HDMI Interface

Mar 11, 2010

I'm trying to use a monitor on the HDMI port of my Asus laptop which has Intel integrated graphics.

It doesn't detect the monitor using the display utility.

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Fedora Installation :: GNOME 3 Support For Intel Graphics Chips And Nomodest

May 27, 2011

[A word of explanation: initially the post below followed a post by Adam Williamson in another thread devoted to inability to load GNOME 3 in VM; this is why I address Adam in the opening.]

Adam, the situation with the GNOME 3 support for Intel integrated graphics seems to be a little confusing. You are probably among the most competent to clarify it.

Let me tell my own story first.

I was installing earlier today Fedora 15 on an HP dm4-1160US laptop with i5 and Intel graphics, and the anaconda installer hung right after "Waiting for hardware to initialize..." flashed on the screen, before even Media Check screen was reached. I tried a few times, always with the sae result: anaconda hung. Then I decided to add nomodeset to the boot parameters and the anaconda installer went on and I was able to complete the installation without a slightest problem.

I rebooted and without a problem reached the GDM login screen. When logging into GNOME, a pop-up window informed me that the system was unable to load GNOME and that instead I would be logged into the fall back mode. By the way, I haven't experienced the problems that plagued "Classic GNOME" on another laptop of mine where instead of clean install I preupgraded from Fedora 14 (strictly following the guidelines for preupgrading).

Wireless card was recognized and wlan initialized, nearby wireless networks seen, yet I wasn't able to connect to my own wireless network (I tried to do this already in the process of installation, equally unsuccessfully).

I was able to connect via Ethernet cable, and then I proceeded to perform yum update.

The update brought a new kernel. I went into grub.conf and noticed that nomodeset has been automatically added to the boot parameters for each of the two kernels. I decided to perform an experiment: I removed nomodeset from the boot options for the new kernel, and left it in place for the anaconda installed kernel.

I rebooted into the new kernel. Right after the grub menu disappeared, the screen turned pitch black and stayed this way for good 10 seconds. I thought that the former situation repeats itself making impossible to boot without the nomodeset option. Suddenly, the screen lit up and the GDM login screen appeared.

I logged into a shiny GNOME 3 where I am writing these words right now. Ah, and I was also able to connect to the wireless (I made yet another attempt using the network manager applet -- this time it worked).

What does that seem to indicate? That GNOME 3 support is already available for Intel graphics chips? But one may need to play with the nomodeset cheatcode, as I described this above?

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Debian :: Intel Driver For 82G33 / G31 In Squeeze Doesn't Support 3d Rendering

Feb 5, 2011

according to [URL]... glx server only supported in 2.6-32-21-generic. so to get 3d rendering support i need to compile a that kernel version in squeeze or install from sid/experimental?

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CentOS 5 :: Can't Open X Window On GMA X4500 Onboard Graphics System

Jul 14, 2010

Recently i have installed centos 5.3 from a 'CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-DVD.iso' which was downloaded about an year ago.It was conflicting with my graphics card(Intel� Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 integrated graphics subsystem) from the very beginning as i was unable to install it in graphical mode.So i did a text based installation and selected the 'Gnome' mode.But whenever i type 'startx' or Ctrl-alt-F7 ,Linux is unable to open the x-window and show a huge error regarding its inability to detect monitor resolution or graphics card.My hardware's are Intel quad core 2.33Ghz processor,1.96 GB ram,Intel Dg41 rq motherboard and on-board graphics card(X4500).

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Open X Window On GMA X4500 Onboard Graphics System?

Jul 14, 2010

I'm a new user of Linux.Recently i have installed centos 5.3 from a 'CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-DVD.iso' which was downloaded about an year ago.It was conflicting with my graphics card(Intel� Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 integrated graphics subsystem) from the very beginning as i was unable to install it in graphical mode.So i did a text based installation and selected the 'Gnome' mode.But whenever i type 'startx' or Ctrl-alt-F7 ,Linux is unable to open the x-window and show a huge error regarding its inability to detect monitor resolution or graphics card.My hardware are Intel quad core 2.33Ghz processor,1.96 GB ram,Intel Dg41 rq motherboard and on-board graphics card(X4500).What should i do to operate Linux in graphical mode?Considering that I'm a beginner and everything i have to do is in the command mode,'detailed'.

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Ubuntu :: Appearance - Disable The Unity Dock But Not Unity Feature Where Min / Max / Close Go Into The Command Bar?

Jul 17, 2011

1. I didn't like the icon theme and changed it to Ubuntu Mono Light. But is there a way to get the Min/Max/Close buttons to how they are in Radiance when maximized, or is that dependant on something else?

2. Is there a way to disable the Unity dock, but not the Unity feature where the Min/Max/Close go into the command bar?

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Ubuntu :: Unity - Mythtv Or How To Hide Unity Launcher

May 8, 2011

Just moved to Ubuntu 11.04 with unity and only have one problem...For most of my desktop needs I prefer to have the Unity Launcher up all the time (fullscreen apps don't cover it), and have set this option with ccsm.

However, when I watch mythtv, it is also under the launcher (and the top panel as well). How can I force mythtv to cover the launcher?
What I really need is a keyboard shortcut to hide the launcher, but the only shortcut is for "show launcher". (I guess the devs assumed everyone would want it hidden by default).

This, by the way is not my usual way for viewing mythtv. I have a projector attached to the desktop PC and it doesn't get a Unity Launcher by default (in Twinview), so no probs. However, occasionally I want to watch something on my computer screen, and that is when this issue arises.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Intel Wireless Cards Compatible With Non-intel-based Laptops?

Feb 22, 2010

Are Intel wireless cards compatible with non-intel-based laptops? In my case I wish to upgrade the current Atheros-based mini pci express wifi card with the Intel 4965agn. It is an Asus 4520 with an AMD Athlon X2 processor and nvidia nForce chipset.

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