Ubuntu :: Thunderbird / Evolution Email Not Working

Jan 30, 2011

Ive tried both Evolution and Thunderbird email, and i prefer Thunderbird, and they wont work, they wont retrieve my email from my email account (yahoo email) or even find the password and username right. Plz help, its kinda irritating.Ive also tried out Empathy IM and it wont work finding my facebook chat account, i havent tried it with anything else yet but its just not connecting.It says theres a network problem or the problems coming from facebook.

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General :: Email - Setup OWA/Outlook With Either Evolution Or Thunderbird 3?

Aug 30, 2010

We recently upgraded to Microsoft Exchange for our web mail. I've never had it setup for my desktop, I've always had to rely on a browser and access webmail. I'm trying to set it up on my Thunderbird 3 on Debian but it doesn't seem intuitive. I've also tried various ways in Evolution.


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General :: Escape From Evolution And Have Thunderbird Be My Default Email?

Feb 25, 2011

Fedora 14

When I started I took the defaults and ended up with Evolution.

I have never managed to get it set up to send. It and godaddy are on diffferent planets.

Having used Thunderbird in the past, I downloaded it and it automagically set itself up to send and receive.

So now I use Thunderbird - BUT - when I click on a link in an html page - the mailto macro sends me to something other than THunderbird - perhaps Evolution - and nothing gets sent.

So how do I tell the system that when i click a mailto in firefox I want Thunderbird?

PS I think I found it. In firefox - edit - preferences - applications tab - mmailto - it said Evolution. I changed it so say /usr/bin/thunderbird - will now test it.

YES - Seems that asking a question triggers my brain on how to resolve it. Sorry to waste your time.

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Fedora :: Use Gmail As The Default System Email Instead Of Thunderbird Or Evolution?

Jan 26, 2010

Is there any way to have Fedora use gmail as the default system email instead of thunderbird or evolution?

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OpenSUSE :: Evolution Mail In KDE 4.3.3 - Email-links Not Working?

Nov 19, 2009

I have switched from Gnome 11.1 to KDE 11.2 but am still using Evolution Mail as I could not figure out a straightforward way to move my large email base to KDE PIM. When I click on a link in emails, I get the message "failed to execute child process epiphany".I am using Opensuse 11.2 64-bit, KDE 4.3.3 Evolution Gnome

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Email - Intersperse Replies Into Quoted Email?

Apr 24, 2010

I use 'quoted' style for reply emails. I want to be able to intersperse my replies within a quoted reply i.e. if the email had three paragraphs, I'd like to be able to have my replies between each of the paragraphs. At the moment, I don't seem to be able to do anything other than delete from the quoted section - I try to simulate my requirements by cutting and then 'paste quotation', but this doesn't always work as sometimes Evolution adds too many levels of '> ' .

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Fedora :: Error While Fetching Email. Evolution Version: Evolution 2.28.0

Apr 5, 2010

I had configured the evolution to send/recive email. After it had been configured, it could receive emails. Suddendly it can't fetch email anymore. In the inbox of evolution, there were about 200 emails. There are maybe 5K emails in the server, I guessed. I'm not sure whether it's the problem that there's one email in the server too big, so the evolution can not fetch it. The error of evolution is: error while fetching email. Evolution version: Evolution 2.28.0. OS version: Linux xxx2.6.32.9-70.fc12.i686.PAE #1 SMP Wed Mar 3 04:57:21 UTC 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux I'm sure my network is fine, I use pop3 to receive email.

nslookup result:
$ nslookup pop3.163.com
Non-authoritative answer:
pop3.163.comcanonical name = pop.163.com.
pop.163.comcanonical name = pop3.163.idns.yeah.net.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Instead Of Evolution?

Mar 29, 2011

i want to place the thunderbird mail in the place of evolution mail and remove evolution. how do i do it?

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Vs Thunderbird: Which Is Best For 11.04

Aug 1, 2011

Ive been running 11.04 and �unity� Desktop a few months now, and now I�d like to choose a good email client. I want something that will handle my Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail accounts as well as my old POP accounts. I want something that�s easy to hookup to all those old accounts and allow me to move emails between mailboxes (I have a few mailboxes and some of them have rules about auto-directing emails into them). I used T�Bird a few years/releases ago and it was fine for POP/SMTP, but I never got the Webmail hookups to work. Which is best? Thunderbird or Evolution?

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Integration - How To Get Rid Of Evolution

Jun 10, 2010

I've got it in the notifications, I've got it in the indicator applet... How do I get rid of the evolution buttons in the indicator and get a working "Dynamic" Thunderbird one? (With the compose message, inbox buttons etc) Need the indicator to respond and look like the mail icon. Also, does Thunderbird have a "Silent mode" where it can run without a window and show notifications when needed? Is there a way to have contacts in a tab? I need to switch cause evolution is driving me insane with the constant password requests... It could fill up the hundred paper-cuts all on its own...

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Ubuntu :: Replace Evolution By Thunderbird

Oct 7, 2010

I'm sure this is of a blinding simplicity, but I can't seem to find the right option.I want to migrate back from Evolution to Thunderbird. Installation done, no problem. But, I can't seem to be able to prevent Evolution from loading an opening (and downloading all my e-mails) at startup.How do I prevent Evolution from taking over? Should I just remove it from the system? Is it too tightly integrated with Gnome?

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Ubuntu :: Want Thunderbird To Function As Evolution

Jul 5, 2011

I'd just like to know if there's a way to get Thunderbird to be setup, or have Ubuntu be setup (whichever is more feasible) so that the little white envelope on the task bar turns green when I get a new message in one of the mail accounts I setup in Thunderbird. I'd also like to know how to get it to play a sound when I receive a new email. I already setup Thunderbird as my default mail client. I also already setup the sound to be played in Thunderbird when I receive an email as "the default sound for new mail".

Lastly, this may be pushing my luck, but, it would be great if thunderbird's calendar could function as my systems default calendar and work with all the features, such as appointment reminders.I'd prefer not to have to install mail-notification, but I'll do it as a last resort. It makes my single panel bar cluttered and takes up additional resources on my rapidly aging system.

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Fedora :: Add BCC To Thunderbird Or Evolution?

Feb 23, 2010

i finally tried to use a mail client other than gmail, and can't figure out how to Bcc someone. Evolution has a CC field, but i don't see how to make a Bcc field. Thunderbird doesn't show either one. Anyone know how to do this? Btw, it took me about 2 or 4 minutes to setup Evolution, but Thunderbird just asked for my email and password, and set itself up in seconds! I guess that i will be using Thunderbird, since it seems that they're not messing around.in thunderbird, once you already have an email address in the "To" field, you can click the "To:" label, and it opens a drop down menu, and then you can select Bcc.

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Ubuntu :: Features Missing In Thunderbird & Evolution

Feb 20, 2010

I am using Thunderbird for quite a long time now.

The problem is that I found that the feature which allows a user to use an audio file for new mail alerts is missing. I am using version Now a popup showing new mails is working but it becomes very tiresome to always look at the monitor screen.

Moving to a new mail client is not an issue for me but this one big feature that Thunderbird has is holding me back.

That feature is the ability to encrypt the locally stored password with a "Master Password".

I used Evolution Mail client for a short time and liked it too but again the "Master Password" feature is missing.

Is there a way to enable sound alerts (new mails) in Thunderbird ?

Does the latest version of evolution includes the "Master Password" feature? (I don't want to do all that configuration without asking.)

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Ubuntu :: Exporting Evolution Contacts To Thunderbird?

Apr 7, 2010

I am trying to figure out how I can export my evolution contacts information into a Thunderbird application on my desktop (at work). I back up the files onto a flashdrive into the evolution-backup.tar file which Evolution uses as the default backup file. But Thunderbird doesn't recognize the file type.

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Ubuntu :: Migrate Evolution Mail To Thunderbird?

Jul 7, 2011

Since it has been announced that 11.10 will likely ship with thunderbird instead of evolution, I now am wondering how i am going to migrate my mail spool to the new application.

Is there a migration/import utility to transfer mail/contact/settings from evolution to thunderbird?

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird 3.0.3 Email Folder Location?

Mar 4, 2010

I just upgraded to Thunderbird 3.0.3 and want to locate the folder that contains my email.In TB 3.0.1 I used to backup my default folder which was something like Wood.default.Do you know where TB 3.0.3 stores the default email folders and conents?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Send Or Receive Email Using Thunderbird

May 28, 2010

I'm having trouble to send and receive e-mail using Thunderbird 3. When I tried setting up new account using the automatic configuration method,the result of scanning pop. and smtp. server returned 'none' with this orange circle. I assume it's the same problem that occurred when I first tried to install Evolution. But oddly,I manage to access the web-mail account provided by the ISP using the same information used to set-up Evolution and Thunderbird 3. Precisely I'm from Malaysia and the ISP is Streamyx.com. PC run on Ubuntu 9.10.And I've heard that the ISP is non-friendly of non standard e-mail applications.

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Ubuntu :: Can Drag Email To Some Reminder In Thunderbird?

Aug 24, 2010

I am using thunderbird in ubuntu 10.04, and i am looking for a feature which i can drag an email to some sort of reminder, say: after 5 days, it pops up and asks me to follow up on that email.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird - Can Receive But Not Send Email

Aug 30, 2010

I have a desktop that has been running Ubuntu for years. Finally I convinced my wife to get rid of windows XP and move to Lucid. I did a clean install of Lucid on her system writing over windows. After the install I installed Thunderbird using Synaptic Version 3.0.6 was installed on her system. On my desktop I am also running Thunderbird 3.0.6 We have several domains and mail servers on those domains.

They all use SMTP First, I installed the ISP email and that works perfectly. She can send and receive using our ISP's mail server. I then set up an email account in Thunderbird using the SMTP email server form one of our domains. She used to be able to send and receive from for one of our domains. She can receive email from that email server, but can not send (I can send and receive from the same domain using Thunderbird) Her SMTP and mine are set up identically:

Server Name: mail.[domain]
Port: 50
Username: [user]@[domain]
Secure Authentication: No
Connection Security: No

She is able to receive email but when she tries to send. the connection in Thunderbird either times out. or gives a password error. The password is correct, because we can use Firefox, and go to the pop and log in.Also, she can receive email direct on her computer and has to log in using her password. So I opened Terminal and tested using:

telnet mail.[domain] 50

I got

Trying [IP address]
Connected to mail.[domain]
Escape character is '^']'.
220 mail.[domain]

This leads me to believe something in Ubuntu is blocking her system from using Thunderbird to send emails through the email server. I've been at this for several days now. I did try totally un-installing Thunderbird using Synaptic. Then manually deleting the .Thunderbird file. Then doing a fresh install of Thunderbird using Synaptic. Still get the same results I am thinking that maybe App Armor is stopping this? Or perhaps some other security issue in Ubuntu like Linux Security Module? Otherwise the installation went flawlessly. We even got Skype working on the first try! Printers installed correctly and perfectly too.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Display Email Images In Thunderbird

Oct 23, 2010

I'm running TB 3.1.5. Images do not display in emails. There is no "Display Images" button. Where the images would be, I only get a broke image icon (the little torn page). I don't know if this is a Ubuntu specific issue, but I thought I'd post here because the community is so responsive. I have tried the solution at this site, but though the mail.default_html_action value is set to 3, I still have no luck. [URL]

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Fedora :: Replace Evolution With Thunderbird

Jun 11, 2011

I'm not a fan of Evolution. However, I like how it integrates with Gnome 3's UI. Is there a way to replace evolution with Thunderbird and still have it show the calendar when you click on the time?

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Debian :: Changing From Thunderbird To Evolution

Apr 2, 2011

After using Linux for a few years I changed to Thunderbird and now want to go back to Evolution.
Question #1 How can I import my Inbox Folders to Evolution.
Question #2 Is there a way to Purge/Delete the Inbox Folders that are more than 30 days old. Is there a filter for this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Uninstall Evolution - Install Thunderbird

Feb 28, 2011

When I try to remove Evolution Mail in the Software Center it just thinks and never begins to uninstall. When I try to force remove from Terminal it says: "Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"

I have looked everywhere I know of, being a new Linux user, trying to find where the process may still be running or being used from and I do not know where to go from here.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Is Unable To Write Email To The Inbox

Jun 25, 2010

I'm running GNOME under Lucid on a 64-bit machine. Here's the background: Yesterday, I tried to delete a subfolder of my Local Folders directory. Right-clicking on the subfolder offered the usual menu of options including "Delete", but selecting "Delete" left the folder in place. In floundering around trying things to solve the problem, I tried opening Thunderbird from the command line, using "sudo thunderbird", following which I succeeded in deleting the recalcitrant subfolder. Here's the first stage in the problem:

But when I next opened Thunderbird in ordinary mode (i.e., as "ron" not as "superuser"), I discovered that the Inbox was no longer accessible. Clicking on "Get Mail" yielded only a small wheel-icon that spins, presumably showing activity in progress, without actually finishing by getting mail. The other various folders seemed to operate normally, in that they showed their contents when clicked on.


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Ubuntu Networking :: Thunderbird Mass Email Failed

Jul 2, 2010

I was trying to send a 4000+ mass email with Thunderbird, when it popped up an error saying that such and such email was no longer a customer and halted the program. Is there a plugin for Tbird that deletes these "bad" email addresses out of the Bcc line when sending? It would take a long time to go through the emails deleting customers that no longer have email addresses.

This was also done using outlook and the error did not happen.

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Ubuntu Security :: Get In To Email Client Thunderbird Or Firefox

Mar 18, 2011

I received a suspect E mail from paypal which I reported to them, I did'nt click on anything in the E mail. The Question I am asking is there any way that some one could get in to my email client Thunderbird or Firefox. When I used thunderbird to report the e mail I received a problem reporting that my email couldn,t be sent due to AOL smpt not excepting email because of ssl encrpyption. I checked the settings for the account all seemed ok ssl was still marked. Also while I was on the internet yesterday I got the popup regarding did I want to save a "file" I canceled as I didn,t click anything to download anything.

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Ubuntu :: Got AOL Email On Evolution?

Mar 13, 2010

it sucked all my email out of my inbox so how do I get to my email from another computer?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Get Email Through Evolution

Dec 13, 2010

I had to reload from 10.4 to 10.10. On 10.4 I had no problems with the email. Now with 10.10 I cannot get it set up. I use att/yahoo and I set up my pop 3 and stmp setting correct. It will save them but I cannot secure the one with ssh and there is no where in the wizard to store you password. In turn i cannot get my email thru evolution. And the send/recieve button is not highlighted at all. I dumped evolution and then reloaded it but still have the same issue.

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Software :: Importing Evolution Files To Thunderbird?

Oct 3, 2009

I have what I believe to be an Evolution mail archive which I now find the need to access. For each mailbox, I see these files

bash-3.1$ ls Inbox*
Inbox Inbox.cmeta Inbox.ev-summary Inbox.ibex.indexInbox.ibex.index.data

On the original cdr backup, there is also Inbox.sbd/ which appears to be an empty directory. I can read this stuff with mutt -f Inbox, but mutt has it's limitations. I would like to be able to get them into thunderbird, or even gmail. What's the trick? When I boot thunderbird, it doesn't really want to know.

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