Ubuntu :: Terminal Closes Automatically Because Of Changed Preferences?

Jul 26, 2010

I can't open my terminal anymore. I changed a preference under the Title and Command tab in the preferences of the GNOME terminal. I put a custom command instead of the normal shell, but after I closed I realized that under the "When Command Exits" menu, I chose "Close Terminal". This means that the terminal closes automatically as soon as the command is done. After I open, it finishes the command and closes. I was wondering whether there is some way to change the terminal preferences from somewhere else or reinstall the terminal, and I obviously can't use terminal commands.

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Ubuntu :: Gloobus Preview Closes On Pressing Preferences Button?

May 26, 2010

I just installed Nautilus Elementary and Gloobus Preview, and am having a problem with Gloobus Preview. At first, when I pressed the gear icon, the menu would come down. Then, I changed toggled the preferences so that Gloobus Preview would quit when it lost focus, and so that it would always be on top. Now, whenever I click the gear, Gloobus Preview shuts down. I ran it from the terminal, and nothing abnormal happens when it quits from a gear press. Could it be something about the close button position being goofed up? I don't think so, because the expand picture button also makes it quit. It's weird, though, because the open in application button on Gloobus Preview doesn't "crash" it. It opens up in the Image Viewer. I tried modifying the preferences in /usr/bin, but that didn't do anything. Purging and reinstalling also does nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Dvd Rom Tray Closes Automatically?

Feb 17, 2010

After I open the dvd rom tray either via ubuntu or by the eject button, it closes automatically. I have two dvd drives insalled, but only one has this problem. It's been a month that this problem started occurring, but it's not a hardware problem since both drives work fine in windows.

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Ubuntu :: Updated RhythmBox 0.13 Closes Automatically

Jul 8, 2010

I updated my Rhythmbox to 0.13 and now when I open rhythmbox or Banshee they close automatically after finish a song! but when I opened rhythmbox with Terminal (no root) it worked well and didn't close anymore!

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General :: Application Connects To Net And Then Closes Automatically

Mar 31, 2011

I work from home writing web content, and need the use of an article spinner tool called "The Best spinner". It is an .exe file and I installed it in my Mint Debian edition machine using wine, and everything is fine except for one thing. The app opens out, connects to the net, and then closes automatically. In fact if I check on the internet activity, I can see the app downloading the latest version, but the problem is that always it closes within a few seconds leaving me no other choice other than to log into a windows machine to work on it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple of times but it does not seem to have helped. It requires the .net packages in winetricks, and I read that wine does not support net very well, yet the app is installed and even connects to the net. I don't understand the underlying process of how windows apps work in wine. Any work around considering that I never log into windows for anything other than using this app, a workaround means that windows is gone forever from my life.

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Closes Immediately Upon Opening?

Feb 9, 2011

I really can't say what I did that may have triggered this problem. I've been trying to setup remote access through SSH but that's about it. Haven't changed any settings in a bit though. I downloaded Konsole and it closes immediately as well.

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Debian Programming :: Command Followed By And Still Closes With Terminal?

Jan 4, 2014

Running debian wheezy. I noticed recently, whenever I fork a process using "&" from a terminal, such as

Code: Select allleafpad &

it starts up, shows the processid in the terminal, but every time when I close the terminal, leafpad gets killed. However, I create a simple bash script,

Code: Select all#!/bin/bash

The script launches leafpad, then exits out leaving leafpad running, as it should. Is what I mentioned above normal? I'm confused, because I think I used to be able to do this in terminal without it depending on the terminal to stay running.

I guess I'm remembering wrong. As it turns out, commands begun on terminal get closed with terminal unless, as mentioned, you use nohup or start subshell. Process hierarchy and tracking etc.

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Fedora :: Launching GUI From Terminal - VNC Closes And Won't Show A GUI Login Page

Aug 20, 2009

Having logged in (to Fedora 11) with a terminal session, what command do I give to spawn the Gnome GUI desktop environment? Background: I'm running two Fedora boxes: one local, and one at the other end of my building (on fast LAN). I have full control/ownership of both boxes.

On the local box, I log-in to my vanilla F11 build, and I get the Gnome GUI automatically. Then I can open a terminal window, 'ssh -X -l myself remotebox; cinelerra' to run Cinelerra nicely in local desktop windows.

But sometimes I want to see my typical user desktop for the remote box. Now, IF the remote box is ALREADY running Gnome, I can VNC to it, etc. But, once having logged-out of the remote box, VNC closes and won't show me a GUI login page. (BTW: The remote box usually has no monitor, as well as being out of reach. So schlepping over to logon to it is a real pain.) So, here's the thing: I can login (to terminal session) and can bring up programs in local windows. But WHAT program do I launch in order to bring up Gnome??

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 - Resolution Automatically Changed Into 800X600

Aug 21, 2010

I have a configuration of:
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.40 Ghz cpu
Intel DG31PR desktop board
2 GB adata DDR2 (800 BUS) ram
NVIDIA Ge-Force 8400 GS NX84GS series PCI express

It's the first time I was installing a linux. First I collected an extra hdd for the installation. I used the entire drive for ubuntu 9.10 installation. It installed without any problem except the special features were turned off. It was said that the special features and animations would start only if their is a sufficient graphics processor. I picked up a solution and from the hardware drivers option, installed the nvidia graphics card. Problem started when i restarted my pc. The resolution automatically changed into 800 X 600 px. I changed it to 1280X1024 (which is highest for my monitor). But when I restarted again, it again became 800X600 px. And it becomes like this everytime I restart.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-terminal Ignoring Preferences Set By Gconf-editor

Oct 2, 2010

I have changed the default gnome-terminal preference but it is ignoring the default geometry I set using gconf-editor.

It is opening in 80x24 and I have it set at 100x25 under

- gnome-terminal

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CentOS 5 :: My Domain Name Changed Automatically

Aug 11, 2009

I have Centos 5.3 on my home computer. When I was logging-in to the terminal it was like ( myname@34myhome.local$ ) now when I log-in to the terminal I get (myname@dhpdpc64$ ) I have not changed anything. It seems like my domain name has changed. Why the domain name changes automatically?

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Ubuntu :: Installing A New Driver - Resolution Is Automatically Changed To Big

Jul 11, 2011

my motherboard has ati radeon 3300 hd and when i install it, after restart, my resolution is automatically changed to something big, and my monitor only supports 1024x768 and if something bigger is selected, the monitor goes NO SIGNAL

what am i supposed to do? i have some driver installed by default, i can utilize compiz just fine, play videos on ..... at 1080p just fine, play World of Warcraft almost smooth, i believe that if that driver is installed, it will be even better, but im afraid that if i install it, my resolution will automatically change to something large and my monitor will go NO SIGNAL

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Ubuntu :: Screen Resolution Changed Automatically And Wont Change Back?

Apr 22, 2011

when i was sleeping my computer restarted itself and when i signed back in all the windows were huge. the resolution is set at 900x600 and no other option makes the windows smaller.

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General :: Start Up Script Permissions Automatically Changed

Jun 21, 2010

One of our client was complaining that their server was down and mysql and apache services were down. The server is Ubuntu 8.04. When we checked, the permissions of /etc/init.d/mysql and /etc/init.d/apache2 were changed to 644 from 755. How could this be possible?I need your valuable suggestions on how can i monitor whether any malicious intrusions or scripts are running.

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Fedora Installation :: System Does Not Connects Automatically When Start's To Eth0 - Changed Host's Name

Mar 26, 2009

now my system does not connects automatically when fedora start's to eth0 i have to connect it manually by pull down menu in the beginning hostnname was dbe272b22.dslam-172-17-161-245-0532-474.dsl.cantv.net i do not remember if the last part ".cantv.net" was there.... i changed hostname "dbe272b22.dslam-172-17-161-245-0532-474.dsl" maybe ending with ".cantv.net" with system-config-network for hostname "edicta" i modified /etc/hosts by hand twice, now do not remember what i did exacly but here you can see /etc/hosts


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Ubuntu :: Changed Username Now Can't Get Past Terminal At Login

Jun 22, 2010

When I login, all I get is a terminal in the upper left-hand corner of the screen with the wallpaper in the background.

I uninstalled what I thought were random orphaned packages relating to evolution (evolution-data-common, etc..) Turns out that this uninstalls gnome-panel as well, although it didn't warn me. Reinstall gnome-panel and it will reinstall the required packages (you can still run synaptic from terminal!)

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Fedora :: Terminal Command Prompt Changed?

Jul 31, 2010

Ive just done a fresh install of F13, after an install of AMD Cat 10.7 screwed up my system.Although everything works, ive just noticed that when I open a terminal, instead of my username prompt, I now have "bash-4.1$".Firstly is this a problem? and if so how can I get my normal prompt back?

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Fedora :: Software Update Preferences Ignores Preferences?

Apr 3, 2010

On my system, System->Preferences->Software Updates, as best I can determine, completely ignores the "Check for updates: " setting. It looks as if, regardless of what I set, I get daily checks. Is anybody else experiencing this? Anybody got a fix? I like the idea of having the system check for me, so I don't want to just pitch the program.

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Services Automatically Connect?

Jan 16, 2010

I currently have a startup application that automatically runs the Terminal Server Client at startup. what command I need to enter into the startup app that would make it automatically connect?

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Execute Terminal Command?

May 13, 2010

I googled around and couldnt find what I was looking for. Maybe I used the wrong search terms, but whatever. I was wondering if there was a possibility to execute a series of terminal commands just by double-clicking an icon. For example, there would be an icon on my desktop, and if I were to doubleclick it, it would execute "cd ~/.wine2" and then "WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine2" wine program.exe".

I realise that most of you will probably go "duh, that's simple" or something similar, but I am extremely new to ubuntu, and dont know my way around yet.

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Ubuntu :: Setup A Script To Run In The Terminal Automatically?

May 22, 2010

10.04 LTS 64bit How can I setup a script to run in the terminal automatically?Currently I have a script on the desktop that when I double click it brings up a dialog that asks me to Run In Terminal, Display (in gedit), Cancel, or Run. I'd like to get rid of this extra dialog and have the script just run in the terminal.

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Save Terminal Sessions?

Nov 23, 2010

i'd like to ask how could I save my Terminal Sessions to a text file or something like the option we could do at Putty or Kitty?

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Ubuntu :: Clicking The Icon The Commands Ran In The Terminal Automatically?

Jan 15, 2010

I had automated some tedious commands in the terminal by writing them in a text file and placing an icon on the panel. By clicking the icon the commands ran in the terminal automatically. I cant for the life of me remember the icon command I used to get this to work.

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Start Apps In Terminal With Titles?

Sep 28, 2010

One of the first things I do when starting Ubuntu (Netbook Edition) is to open a Terminal (ctrl-alt-T) with three tabs in it (ctrl-shift-T, ctrl-shift-T), one with irssi, one with ipython and one extra with just the commandline. Then I set the titles (F2) of the first two respectively to "irssi" and "ipython".Is there some way to write a script that automatically does all this? Or maybe save this configuration in a profile setting or something?

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Ubuntu :: Launching Terminal Apps In URXVT Automatically

May 12, 2011

Problem with use of -hold|+hold on rxvt-unicode (urxvt) v9.09 on ubuntu server. On startup, I'm trying to launch terminal apps in urxvt automatically. E.g:
"urxvt -e /usr/bin/weechat-curses +hold"
"urxvt -hold -e mutt"

However, -|+hold does not seem to hold the terminal open. There is a flicker of a new window opening & then it's gone. I'm trying to invoke this from .xinitrc (startx-->.xinitrc) and also tried commands from inside awesome wm rc.lua (awful.util.spawn_with_shell("urxvt -hold -e mutt") seem to get same flicker result but closes immediately. I see this error in .xsession-errors, which might be relevant (do I perhaps need to specify the display??).

Unrecognized Syncer Event: 7
E: awesome: a_xcb_io_cb:230: X server connection broke
urxvt: X connection to ':0' broken, unable to recover, exiting.

rxvt-unicode (urxvt) v9.09 - released: 2010-11-13
options: perl,xft,styles,combining,blink,encodings=eu+vn+jp+jp-ext+kr+zh+zh-ext,fade,transparent,tint,afterimage,XIM,frills,selectionscrolling,wheel,slipwheel,smart-resize,cursorBlink,pointerBlank,scrollbars=plain+rxvt+NeXT+xterm
Usage: urxvt [-help] [--help]
[-n string] [-sl number] [-embed windowid] [-depth number]
[-/+override-redirect] [-pty-fd fileno] [-/+hold] [-w number] [-b number]
[-/+bl] [-lsp number] [-letsp number] [-/+sbg] [-mod modifier] [-/+ssc]
[-/+ssr] [-pe string] [-blt string] [-e command arg ...]

~$ awesome -k
✔ Configuration file syntax OK.
link to urxvt man: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Can't Open Terminal And Other Apps After Automatically Update And Reboot

Sep 24, 2010

I did an automatic update and rebooted this morning and I now have a bit of a nightmare situation where I can't open the majority of applications, including the terminal. When I rebooted, my desktop loaded as normal, but then when I try to open the terminal (from Applications -> Accessories or from my quick launch panel), nothing happens other than the quick launch panel disappears for a second then reappears. This is the case for most other apps, but not for Chrome (obviously).

EDIT: Used Alt+F2 to open the terminal, ran safe upgrade and then rebooted, but still having the same issue. As Ubuntu was booting, there was a "Broken pipe" message, which didn't stop the boot process but is still a bit worrying. I've run a file system check but this hasn't resolved the problem either.

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General :: How To Open Terminal Automatically At Run Level 5

Jun 25, 2010

I want that when ever my Red Hat Linux machine use run level 5 it automatically open terminal. Is there anyway to do it? Normally I see the desktop, Right click on anywhere and click for terminal then it can see terminal.

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Programming :: Script To Run Terminal Interface Automatically?

Jan 18, 2010

I have to run a program repeatedly that demands a few responses from the users when run: a few yes/no questions and a filename. To save time I was going to use a script. I already use this one to run the program once ("program" is the command to launch the program I use):

program << echo


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Ubuntu :: Automatically Run A Process In A Screen Session And Then Detach And Quit Terminal

Jul 24, 2010

There are often times when the best way to launch an application is from the terminal, but it is a graphical application and after it is launched the terminal is useless.

Examples of places where a terminal is convenient are when a process starts lots of child processes and is also unstable; you can be sure to kill all of its children simply by using Ctrl-C at the terminal. Also it allows me to read program output and to set up the terminal environment to be optimal for the application (for example "unset LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT")

With GNU screen, I can get around the hassle of having a terminal window open by using something like the following in a terminal window:

Ctrl-A d

and then I can close the terminal and the program will keep running. Then I just type "screen -r <Tab>" (the tab will get me my screen session if there is only one such session) in any terminal window, even a tty, and I can get the screen session back and use Ctrl-c or something.

So my question is, is there a way to do this automatically so that a launcher or script will start a screen session, inside that screen session start a process, and then detach from that screen session without me having to manually open and close a terminal and type the commands?

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General :: Automatically Open Terminal At Login Time?

Jun 7, 2011

I am using red hat .I want that when ever the user login in GUI interface the terminal windows automatically open and then the user want to logout it 1st close the terminal and then login. There is a file in #ls -a i.e .bashrc and .bash_logout

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