Ubuntu :: Synaptic - Apt - Not Placing Correct Command On Launchers ?

May 21, 2011

After a recent update on my Xubuntu 11.04 any new applications I install don't sym-link correctly.

For example if I install a game, we'll call it "game", normally you could just type


In terminal which is the same command assigned to the launchers in menu. Now that fails and the only way to launch is with full path e.g.


I'm not sure what changed because applications were installing and launching correctly until now.

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Ubuntu :: New Launchers In Unity - Nautilus Icon - Group The Launchers?

May 2, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and this is my first experience with Unity. I have managed to create launchers in .local/share/applications and drag them to the launcher to add desired shortcuts. Here are two questions I have:

1) I am adding many shortcuts to various directories I frequently use; the shortcut's have commands like nautilus /home/user/some/dir. Despite the fact that I change their icons, when I drag them to the launcher they all use the Nautilus icon. Is there a way to fix this?

2) Is there a way to group the launchers? For example, having a group for office applications, and a group for directory launchers?

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Ubuntu :: Wineprefix Command Won't Run From Launchers - Just Terminal

Jul 25, 2010

I've been happily playing League of Legends, but recently, I've only been able to open it from the terminal. I can run it without WINEPREFIX, like this: Code: wine-1.2-rc7 "/home/peter/.wine-1.2-rc7/drive_c/Program Files/League of Legends/lol.launcher.exe"

However, when I try to add the WINEPREFIX nothing opens. But this command works great in the terminal: Code: WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-1.2-rc7 wine-1.2-rc7 "C:/Program Files/League of Legends/lol.launcher.exe" When I even tried doing "run in terminal" option for taskbar launchers nothing pops up except an empty terminal and an error: "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal."

Not really sure that this is a wine problem or a problem associated with WINEPREFIX, but it was working fine a few days ago, and I've completely reinstalled the .wine-1.2-rc7 directory to no avail.

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Fedora :: Adding Variable Command Line Parameters To Desktop Launchers?

Mar 15, 2010

I have added an application launcher to my desktop and it works fine. However, I want to be able to feed parameters to the launcher before I launch the application. So, for instance, if the command is normally "/usr/bin/foo something" I want to be able to add the "something" parameter dynamically after clicking the launcher but before the application launches. Is this possible in Fedora?

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Ubuntu :: Correct Command For Installing Wireless Pinter?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a Samsung ML-2525w, and have loaded the unified driver several times previously but long enough ago that I can't remember the correct command to install it. This is what I remember, in terminal viewer:

sudo ?(enter login)(then drag and drop the autorun file into the terminal viewer to install) I am going nuts trying to find the instructions again.

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Ubuntu :: Put In Synaptic The Cli Command To Start An Application

Jan 7, 2010

After having installed a certain programme, in my experience it can sometimes be slightly boring if you want to start the application from the terminal, but you can't figure out the right command, which to my knowledge is not always the same as the exact name of the application.

- Is there a way that I do not know to find this "start-up" command ? - Would it be convenient to include this command with the short description of the application as given in Synaptic (shown when selecting a programme in synaptic before marking it for installation etc.)

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CentOS 5 :: Restoring With Cpio - Command Correct?

Nov 12, 2009

The last time I did a restore using cpio under CentOS 3.9 it took a very long time for me to find my seemingly correct command wasn't working and I ended up doing the work in Knoppix. This time I thought I'd run my command by wiser heads before the necessary tape turns up and I spend a lot of time finding my command doesn't work. cpio -i -mtvV --block-size=128 --no-absolute-filenames /var/log/maillog* < /dev/st0

Does this look right? The backup string is find / -path /mnt -prune -o -path /lost+found -prune -o -path /sys -prune -o -path /proc -prune -o -path /swapfile1 -prune -o -path /var/named/chroot/proc -prune -o -print | cpio -o -H crc --block-size=128 > /dev/st0

EDIT: I changed the restore string to cpio -i -mtvV --block-size=128 --no-absolute-filenames *var/log/maillog* < /dev/st0 EDIT2: Whoops, should be cpio -i -mvV --block-size=128 --no-absolute-filenames *var/log/maillog* < /dev/st0

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Ubuntu :: Correct Usage Of Perl Expression In 'rename'-shell Command

Jan 21, 2011

I want to rename some files in one directory and found the command 'rename' most appropriate.

Changing the file extension is easy since there are lot of examples for this.

But now I want to rename my files like this:

'somePrefix_blablabla.ext' --> '0_blablabla.ext'
'somePrefix_blablablablabla.ext' --> '0_blablablablabla.ext'

I DON'T want an incrementation, just the leading prefix '0_'

correct perl expression syntax for this?

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Ubuntu :: Opening Synaptic Packaging Manager - Command Not Found?

Feb 5, 2010

Attempting to upgrade Firefox to 3.6. On opening synaptic package manager I get :-

An error occurred
E: dpg was interrupted, you must run 'dpkg--configure-a' to correct the problem.
E:_cache->open()failed,please report.

On entering 'dpkg--configure-a' on terminal I get 'command not found.

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Networking :: Correct Command To Filter Outgoing Traffic With Tcpdump?

May 6, 2010

I have a need to make a rather odd filter in tcpdump- I would like to capture only all those packages on interface eth0, that are outgoing(in other words from IP, which is IP for eth0 in this computer) and doesn't have src MAC address 11:22:33:44:55:66. However, fallowing command says, that syntax is wrong:

tcpdump -n -p -i eth0 src host ether src not 11:22:33:44:55:66
Is this possible? If yes, then what is the correct command?

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Ubuntu :: Placing A Picture On Top Of Background?

Apr 11, 2010

Too Many Snags with Advice, newbie getting too many people upset,

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Ubuntu :: Placing Applications On Panel In 11.04

Apr 29, 2011

Want to move/place applications to the panel, in 11.04. Can't seem to locate where/how to do it? Should be very simple and I bet my face will be red.

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OpenSUSE :: Placing Shortcuts On KDE Desktop?

Nov 14, 2010

I'm running 11.3 KDE 64 bit and I can't figure how to paste files on the desktop. I know there's some setting in KDE to allow dragging files to the desktop. How is it done?

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Programming :: Placing Array Into Rows ?

Oct 27, 2010

In placing array data into while statement that will be looped to recreate more lines as information is populated.

unfortunately i'm not getting this to work.

PHP Code:

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Ubuntu Servers :: Placing Quota/cap On Users' /home Directories?

Jul 28, 2010

I have my home server setup, running 10.04 x64. The OS is installed on a 300GB WD Blue drive, and I have a RAID5 array md0, consisting of 4x 2TB WD Green drives, mounted as /home. I am sharing the home directories using samba and using them to back-up the other computers in the house. I have created a user account+password for each computer, giving it its own "/home/computername_backup/" directory to store it's backups in.

Computers being backed-up:(750GB) Gaming PC running Win7 Ultimate x64
(30GB + 2TB) HTPC running Win7 Home Premium x64
(32GB) Netbook running Win7 Home Premium x32
(250GB) 2 Macbook Pros Running OS X 10.6.4 (tweaked to allow time machine to recognize the samba share as a time machine volume

Question: 5.37TB of /home seems good for now, and I haven't run into any problems so far, but I don't want to have to keep checking. I'd like to put a size cap on each user's home, to prevent one of the computers from gobbling up all the space. Is there an easy (or hard) way to configure this type of thing? My Macbook, for example, only has a 250GB HD. I could give it 3-400GB of space for its home and that would be plenty - whenever it filled its /home/, it would start erasing the oldest backups. If there is no size limit, I believe it will just continue to grow until all the free space is gone.

Considerations: Right now, the HTPC is storing all its media locally (on the installed 2TB drive). However, I've already used 3/4 of the space and the HPTC enclosure can only hold one drive. My plan moving forward is to have /home be used to store media files (iTunes music for all computers and tv/movies for the HTPC), which is another reason I'd like to ensure that the backups don't take up all the space.

I realize I could create a partition for each computer, but I'd prefer not to go down this route. This would seem an untenable tactic if I added another computer next month, or if I realized that the partition was too small.

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Ubuntu :: Opening Many Programs And Placing Them In Specific Monitors / Workspaces?

Jun 16, 2011

I am fairly new to Ubuntu and was wondering if anybody knows of a way to open up a number of programs and placing them in specific spots programmatically. Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to open my IDE, multiple terminal windows, browsers, etc... and then having to place them all in the exact position I want when my machine boots up. Ideally, I could say:Program A, is placed on Monitor 1, workspace 1, at position 0, 0, with height and width 600 x 400. Program B, is placed on Monitor 2, workspace 2, at position 600, 500, with height and width 1000 x 600

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General :: Use Of Placing Any File In /etc/cron.d Folder?

Mar 23, 2009

what is the use of placing any file in /etc/cron.d folder , is there any use of it ? will crond daemon run the files automatically which are placed in /etc/cron.d daemon ?

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Networking :: Placing Squid ACL's In A MySQL Database?

Jan 11, 2011

I'm using Squid in our company network, to block access to certain websites. Some websites are blocked for all computers, except for a few. These computers are grouped in an ACL, in squid.conf

Since the group contains only a few computers, this is no big deal and it works fine. But now we wish to expand this to more computers and regulate access to certain websites per computer more detailed. This means that the ACL list in squid.conf will grow significantly and I don't think that is a good thing.

The best solution would be to move all the ACL's from squid.conf, into a MySQL database. However, I have no idea how to do that.

As far as I know, I need external_acl_type to do this.

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Programming :: LaTeX - Placing Translation In Parenthesis ?

May 6, 2011

Is there any method for placing translations in parenthesis at first occurrence? I need something similar to the acronym package, but instead, storing translations and printing brackets only after the first occurrence.

E.g. (pseudo-code):

Results in:

Do you like to eat bananas (xiangjiao)? No I don't like to eat bananas.

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Programming :: Python - Placing A Gtk.Entry() Into A Toolbar

Jun 18, 2011

I've searched the web for quite a while and cannot seem to find a way to add a gtk.Entry() to a toolbar via toolbar.insert().

I currently have this:


Which in turn spits out "Gtk.Toolbar.insert() argument 1 must be gtk.ToolItem, not gtk.Entry"

How would I do this correctly?

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: New IMB Lenovo L512 - Command Is Not Correct For OpenSUSE ?

Jul 16, 2010

In the revision for the driver information it says it's for Ubuntu, but I assume it will work here as well.

Release date = 2010-05-07
Operating system release = Ubuntu 8.10/ubuntu9.04/ubuntu9.10/ubuntu10.04/moblin2/android-x86_090916
Kernel version = 2.6.28/2.6.30/2.6.31/2.6.32/2.6.33/2.6.34
Release driver version = 0017.0507.2010
Change history =

1. update firmware.

2. link NO-QOS-11N-AP use N mdoe.

3. Close LED when ifconfig wlan0 down.

4. Fix RTL8192SE WRT300N TP low issue.

5. To make LED dim time short enough when power save open.

6. Remove ubuntu10.04 self rtl8192se driver in make install.

In the supplied information from Realtek it tells me to:
II. Compile & Installation & uninstall

You can enter top-level directory of driver and execute follwing command to Compile, Installation, or uninstall the driver:
0. Change to Super User[code].....

When I do this the Make command is not correct for openSUSE

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Ubuntu :: Crawling Online Database And Placing Specific Data Into A Table?

Jun 12, 2010

I want to download some specific information(age of the building, value, square feet, etc.) from a county auditor's website:[url]

For every property in the county and ultimately match it to a .dbf file I already have containing geographic information for each parcel.

The website only displays information for a single address at a time in response to a query form asking for either the parcel ID# or street address. I have a table of all the county's parcel ID#'s and valid addresses-about 350,000 or so of them.

I imagine there must be some way to automatically crawl the website inputting the information from my tables into the form and gathering specific information in some sort of format that could then be matched to corresponding information in my .dbf file.

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Fedora Installation :: Cannot Login After Placing Java.sh In Etc/profile.d

Dec 25, 2010

I have a new install of F14.

I installed java and now I was to set some environment variables.

So I created a file called java.sh and placed it in /etc/profile.d

I gave the file 755 permissions and made it executable.

When I logged out, to get the changes to take, and try to log back in I cannot.

I enter my user name and password in the greeter, the screen goes black for a moment, and then the greeter comes back. Same if I try to log in as any user, including root. I'm in this endless loop of entering user/pass and then the screen going away for a second and then getting prompted for user/pass all over again.

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Red Hat :: Command Line Prompt But Not The Correct Bash Prompt?

Feb 2, 2011

I'm running Red Hat Linux 5.4 on HP DL580 server with 16 processors and 64 GB of RAM. I'm connecting to the server remotely through SSH. after entering the password, it takes time to return the command line, if I click ctrl+c during this time, I'll have the command line prompt but not the correct bash prompt (I have to run bash to pass to my correct prompt).I tried to install Apache on the server, ./configure took 4 hours to finish instead of 1 or two minutes, Oracle installation same behavior. Server Disks are mirrored using RAID controller.

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Ubuntu :: Get Desktop Launchers Back?

Jan 12, 2010

For My Computer, Home and Trash.

And can I get them back?

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Ubuntu :: How To Configure Unity App Launchers

May 3, 2011

Anyone know how to configure the launcher for an app in unity? In Gnome, you could just right-click the icon, select properties and go to town. In Unity, all right-click gets you is (for example):Terminal Keep In Launcher Quit

I'd like to change the geometry for new terminal windows.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Place Certain App Launchers In Dock

May 15, 2011

Some app launchers can't be placed in the dock. The ones i have trouble with are the three games from Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, namely Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor and Trine. Their launcher icons look fine on dash, but when i start dragging them and the dash disappears, the icon turns into a question mark. Items on dock make room for the question mark icon, but after dropping it, it disappears and the dock icons return to where they were.

I guess there's something non-standard about the launchers. The games are installed under my home folder, and the game icons are xpm files in the game folder, like /home/veepee/.trine/Trine.xpm for example. The executables are in the same folder, like /home/veepee/.trine/trine-bin.

Too bad the print screen key doesn't take screenshots when the dash is up. What's up with that anyway?

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Ubuntu :: DockbarX/XFapplet Won't Pin Launchers?

Sep 1, 2011

I decided to try DockbarX in XFCE to see how it worked compared to Talika. It runs a bit smoother, and looks a lot better, the only problem is, I can't pin any open programs to my dock. If I click "pin application" and then close the window, the icon disappears as if I never pinned it. This has happened with every program I've tried. I've also tried running it as a stand-alone dock, and while I can pin programs that way, the dock itself likes to move around on its own. I am using the version from the WebUpd8 repos, which is version 0.46.

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Programming :: Shell Script On Placing Files Across Mount Points ?

Feb 19, 2010

I have a database with x number of files (192 at the moment, but will vary from time to time). I am going to copy these files to another location on the same server thorugh shell script. Problem with total size of 192 files is approx 900 GB (again this will vary from time to time).

My shell script should calculate the free space available at present in the server on each of the mount point (can be filled till it reaches 95%). Always 5% free space should be available free for future growth.

After calculating, it should prepare another flat file with following details:

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CentOS 5 Server :: Placing Upload/download Limit To Each Ip Using Squid?

May 18, 2010

I just want to place upload/download limit to each ip address ( say 20MB per day for each ip or specific ip) using squid proxy i tried through delay pool but it control only download/upload speed not place any download/upload quota restriction. following are my codes I have 1Mbps line

delay_pools 2
delay_class 1 2
# here 700kbps(87Kbytes) Net-Total usage limit, with 50Kbytes per user


I also used

"reply_body_max_size" parameter to control upload limit.


"request_body_max_size" only restrict download based on size.

how to setup quota ( download quota per day per ip)

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