Ubuntu :: Skype Menus Unreadable With Dark Ambiance Theme?

Apr 18, 2010

I recently found that after installing Skype on Ubuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx the menus were unreadable due to dark text on a dark background.I have posted the work around here:-[URL]

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Ubuntu :: Using Dust Dark Theme, Can't See The Menus?

Jul 18, 2011

I've selected the Dusk Dark theme, but the menu names are of the same color (I have to look extremely closely at the monitor to see the names of the menus. I assumed the font color of the menu names would change to a color (such as white) that would contrast the near black color of the Dust Dark theme. How can I change thisBy the way, I'm really uncomfortable with the Ubuntu layout. How can I switch to multiple windows without using Alt-Tab? Like access the Windows taskbar?

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Ubuntu :: Skype With Dark Menus And Blank Tooltips On Lucid 10.04?

Jun 23, 2010

It took me a while to find a post that solved my problem, so I thought I'd try to make it easier for others with the same problem to find the solution.If you are using Skype with a dark themed lucid lynx 10.04, you may find that your Skype menus appeardark and unreadable, and that tooltips (when you move your mouse over a contact) appear pale and unreadable. You can find the solution here:

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Ubuntu :: Skype & Opera Have Black Menus With Human Theme

Jun 8, 2010

When I activate the Ambiance theme, skype, opera, and probably one or two other applications have black menus with black text. It seems like the black background colour is being used from the Ambiance theme, but the menu text colour is not.

Could it be related to qt4? I just installed Opera qt4 because I read somewhere that qt4 would keep it closer to the theme or something.

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Debian Multimedia :: Dark Theme Vs Light Theme

Aug 4, 2011

I enjoy using vim from lxterminal with the black background, as well as awesome with its dark theme. I configured xfe manually to be darkish, and i use darklooks as a GTK theme to suit it as well. I could say all my desktop looks pretty dark, which my eyes thank me for. I also use redshift.But problems come along when surfing the web. Most web pages (including this one) have very bright styles. They are not the problem themselves, but switching from my windows hurts my eyes since it's a quick change to a much brighter screen.What would you do, either:

1. Use everything with a brighter background and putting the screen brightness a bit lower. (changing the GTK theme to clearlooks, using lxterminal with a white background, etc.)

2. Use some color theme with uzbl so that pages would look much darker. (like when you set manually the text and background colors in Firefox/Iceweasel)

I would myself go with the second one if most pages wouldn't look that bad when modified that way. For example, many pages use non-transparent images with white backgrounds on white pages, so if you change the background to black not only it looks horrible but it too is a mess.

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Ubuntu :: Ambiance Theme Not Working ?

Jan 6, 2011

I was using ubuntu normaly until yesterday. Today when i turned on my laptop its theme was this way:[url]

When i first turn it on, the main panel (where stays "Applications", "Places" and "System") was this color too! But then i just opened System -> Preferences -> Appearance and it self-fixed, without selecting any option, just opening Appearance window.

But the rest of this stuff (like right-click menu and folders) is still messed up!

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Ubuntu :: How To Restore Ambiance Theme

Jul 7, 2011

I recently installed the Ambiance Evolution theme. In order to do so I had to remove the original Ambiance theme. I want the original back!

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Ubuntu :: Find The Ambiance Theme For Chromium?

May 1, 2010

Does anyone know where to find the ambiance theme for chromium? It looks like it was removed from the chrome extensions site. I wonder what happened? It was a nice theme.

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Ubuntu :: Ambiance Theme To Look Like Windows 2000?

Apr 21, 2011

Ubuntu has suddenly decided that it want's the Ambiance theme to look like Windows 2000?!? the borders and icons of the theme are all OK however the controls have gone windows retro style?(im using 64bit if this makes a difference)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Name And Size Of The Font Used In 'Ambiance' Theme?

Apr 29, 2010

I know, the question seems idiotic, but I accidentally changed all the 'theme fonts' to Sans 12 (a keyboard shortcut handy for switching between different display sizes) I don't know if I'm getting the font or just the size wrong but it doesn't look quite right anymore...

checking the 'correct' font name(s) and size(s) in the appearance settings under 'Fonts'.

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Ubuntu :: Importing Natty (11.04) Ambiance Theme To Lucid (10.04)?

Jun 18, 2011

i madly want the titlebar icons and menu colors they look cleaner to me i moded lucid's theme to have the apps icon for the menu button on the left like the clear looks theme

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Ubuntu :: Install Ambiance-elementry Theme Under Lucid?

Jun 20, 2011

I have messed up my Current ambiance theme trying to Install ambiance-elementry theme under lucid. now I am looking for the ambiance theme used in natty. Can any one guide me to it.Also i am looking for nautilius elementry for lucid but cannot find it,

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Debian :: Radiance & Ambiance Theme On Squeeze?

Jun 8, 2010

how do i configure/install Radiance & Ambiance theme from Ubuntu 10.04 on Squeeze? Anyone tried doing that and succeeded?

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Ubuntu :: Adobe Reader Invisible Menus - Unreadable Gray Drop Down

Aug 9, 2011

I've just scrubbed Windows 7 starter edition and installed Ubuntu 10.10 (netbook?) on an Asus EEE PC 1008HA. When I installed Adobe Reader(9.4.1-1_i486), I do not see any of the menus. It seems to work fine apart from that, but the main reason I want to use it is the "read aloud" functionality. The menus are visible at the top of the screen, "File Edit View Document Window Help" but as soon as I click any of these I just get a grey drop down, with grey writing, so I obviously can't read any of the menus.

I'm happy to use something other than Adobe Reader, but I've tried xpdf (very old) and kpdf (not maintained) and ePDFViewer, but none of these seem to have the "read aloud" functionality. As it happens, currently the read aloud doesn't even work with Adobe Reader, because when I right click and choose Page Display Preferences, all the options for read aloud are greyed out... but I'll probably be able to figure that one out myself if I can get the menus to appear.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Incorrect Ambiance Icons After Upgrade / Remove Them - Get That Default Theme?

Oct 12, 2010

I recently upgraded from Lucid to Maverick... I did not notice this earlier but the icon theme (for example, in the nautilus toolbar) is not the same as ambience theme. Although I chose all the defaults for ambience theme by going to 'System' > 'Preferences' > 'Appearance'. I think the current icons I have are remnants from some previous installations. How do I remove them and get to the ambiance default theme?

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Ubuntu Installation :: After Upgrade Open Office Menus Unreadable Strings Of Gray Blocks

Jan 17, 2010

I've just upgraded to 9.10 and found that the menus in Open Office are unintelligible gray blocks.

Many apps are fine, like Firefox, gimp and thunderbird, but OO is scrogged up. I also noticed that Quanta has unintelligible sub menus although the top level menus are readable. The lists of files in Quanta are gray blocks, but if you click on a folder, the file names appear, then chaneg back to gray blocks if you click the folder again. Tried reinstalling Quanta but no success.

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Ubuntu :: Skype Webcam Suddenly Got Dark

Jun 12, 2011

I have a Dell E6520 with Ubuntu 11.04 installed. The webcam and everything else has worked like a charm, including webcam in Skype and other applications. Today Skype webcam got VERY dark. I installed cheese and started it up. The screen was dark initially, but auto adjusted to be good again.

However in Skype same problems. So I followed this: [URL] and installed guvcview and tried to set some values. Suddenly I got some exceptions, and now nothing is working. Cheese will not even show anything else then a hint of a lamp that is in the background. I have tried to install many different software to be able to set the webcam, but no success. In some I get an decent image to start with, but then after one second it will go dark again.

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OpenSUSE :: 11.3 And KDE 4.4.4 - Additional Dark Color Theme Does Not Work Properly

Jul 20, 2010

After an upgrade to OpenSuse 11.3 KDE has gone to worse. I am beginning to believe that dark themes are impossible to use on the new KDE 4.4.4. The only theme that works properly is Air, but I find it to much white. Aya or Elegance theme have problems showing the buttons on plasma elements, so has any other theme but Air. Trying to switch to an additional dark color theme (Obsidian Coast) does not work properly either.

The buttons on plasma elements are invisible (the button panel that appears when the mouse is over an plasma element). Sometimes different elements are distorted, i.e. icons, text input boxes etc. I wonder how it is possible that the developers at KDE can make it worse. This worked perfectly on OpenSuse 11.2 and its KDE version.

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Ubuntu :: Can GNOME Color Be Used To Alter Ambiance Theme Color?

Jan 12, 2011

Can GNOME Color be used to alter this change directory color in Ambiance theme? I'd rather have white.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Theme Without Using The Menus?

Nov 9, 2010

I have a customized Ubuntu 10.04 TLS Desktop running. I have all the task and tool bars removed and only icons on the desktop are left.My question is how do I change the Theme without using the menus but by editing the config files instead? What config files do I edit to make the change?So far I added these 2 files:.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>


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Ubuntu :: Skype 2.1 Beta And 10.10 - Greyed Menus

Oct 13, 2010

Click on any button to display a menu and its completely blank, grey box. I have to hover over the menu item to read it. What gives?

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Ubuntu :: Ambiance Theme Graphical Glitch - Broadcast Box In The "Me Menu" Is Black Text On A Near Black Background

Oct 21, 2010

When Ambiance is selected as the theme, the broadcast box in the "Me Menu" is black text on a near black background. Changing the "Input Boxes" color changed the color of that boxes background on every theme except Ambiance. The problem seems to be with having "Controls" set to Ambiance, because having any other theme customized with Ambiance controls selected causes this bug again.

I really don't want to use any of the other themes because I find them horrid in comparison. how to fix this bug, or if someone would be kind enough to post a proper bug report for this? Can anyone else recreate this error on theirs?

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Ubuntu :: Got A Dark Font Color And Hard To Read On The Dark Background?

Aug 26, 2010

I'm using the shiki colors theme from the repos right now. "Shiki-Noble" to be specific. When typing something into Firefox's URL bar the internet addresses have got a dark font color and are hard to read on the dark background. Here's a screenshot: FF.jpg

I've had similar issues with other themes and Firefox's URL bar before.

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Slackware :: Skype Doesn't Use The XFCE Theme?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm new to Slackware (been on *buntu until now, and use Mint at work). And had to learn some things to make the system do what I want to. That was the aim actually, when I decided to install Slackware 13.1 instead of the Win 7 on my new laptop.And here is one of the two things that I have to do now, to make the system completely the same as I want it to be.I use a black theme - Audacious - on my XFCE on Slackware 13.1. And the skype doesn't use the theme. It stays originally light.

(At work I'm with Mint with LXDE, the same theme. Exactly. And the skype uses it. And looks very good ...)So, I tried the options in the skype options menu - General - Choose style. But no option has the desired effect.I plan to uninstall skype and either install it again from slackbuilds, or just download the static (or the dynamic) one from skype.com. But, if there is something else I can do - I'd prefer this way.PS: There is something curious also - OpenOffice on the Mint distro doesnt' use the theme. But OpenOffice on the laptop use it, and becomes black ... ?? ... I don't know if this tells something, but - I noticed this.

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Ubuntu :: How To Get Back Old Ambiance Look In 11.04

May 28, 2011

I have used 11.04 for a while on upgraded machines. It is the first time that I installed it on a clean machine. I goes a lot smoother than the upgraded ones, and I really appreciate the new GUI, but I badly miss the old, Lucid style Ambiance theme. Is there a way to switch back to it?I downloaded a .deb package, but the package manager does not let me install, stating there is a newer version in use.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Look Ambiance X Themes

Jul 20, 2010

Anyone know what happened to the Ambiance X Theme variants that were previously on gnome-look.org?Anyone know why they disappeared? Any alternate sources for the themes?

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Ubuntu :: Current Theme Defaults To Silver Theme For No Reason Randomly On Login

May 4, 2011

For some reason, from time to time on login, as my normal theme starts to load, it changes to some sort of silver theme (a very basic one), and I am unable to change it over to any other theme. Checking the theme being used, it still says my desired one is set, but it is not. Also, no matter what theme I change it to, that basic silver theme is the one being used. This includes a default icon theme, not the one I prefer.

The only option that seems to fix things is a restart, and the hope that on this login it won't mess up like before.I am using Natty, from a fresh install, with Ubuntu Classic as my desktop, and have reinstalled things more than once to try and fix a few of the Natty-related issues, but this one keeps coming back.

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Ubuntu :: Error Saving Theme To /home/perlsyntax/.irssi/default.theme

Jun 10, 2011

What does this error mean i try to save it and get this? Irssi: Error saving theme to /home/perlsyntax/.irssi/default.theme: Permission denied

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Ubuntu :: There Was An Error Installing The Selected File, Index.theme Doesn't Appear To Be A Valid Theme

Mar 31, 2011

I backed up .themes from /home, but on trying to install them (files don't show as theme packages) it says "There was an error installing the selected file, index.theme doesn't appear to be a valid theme". Did I backup the right thing?

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Ubuntu :: Alternate Panel Background For Ambiance?

Jun 20, 2011

having just begun using 11.04 I think this panel background, with its smooth gradient, gives the default theme a lift, especially on displays that aren't very flattering to the original background like my laptop's. This panel.bg file, dumped in my Ubuntu One storage and linked here, goes in usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/apps/img (press alt F2, type gksu nautilus and enter your password and then navigate there) and you might want to c&p somewhere the one that's there first in case you disagree with me... You need to reboot or login to see the change of course.It was made from cropping a screenshot of the Ambiance window border and then turning it upside down. [URL]

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