Ubuntu :: Sharing NTFS Folder Via FTP Server

Mar 31, 2011

I feel like there's some user/group/mount concepts I need to understand to pull this off: I have a dual boot ubuntu/XP rig and I'm storing some active work files on an NTFS partition because so I can use these files from both OSes (because Windows can't read my ext3 partition, but ubuntu CAN read NTFS) Now, I need to access these files (on the NTFS partition) from my 2nd computer... which means I need to config an ubuntu FTP server (currently pureftp, but I'm not picky) to serve the files on that NTFS partition.

Like I said, I'm using PureFTP, but I'm not picky. It's not working right because of (i think) permissions and directory ownership "stuff" that I don't quite understand. Add "mounting" the NTFS drive to the mix, and my brain fails. I'm not too terribly afraid of a non-GUI ftp server, so if anybody can offer some guidance, concepts or general clue-sticking about how I can get the NTFS mount and permissions and the ftp user context sorted out

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Server :: Samba And NTFS Folder Permissions

Nov 17, 2010

I have a file server setup with samba integrated with swat management. The server isn't a domain controller. The file server is working well with the shares all working correctly except for one problem. I would like the users be able to manage the folder permissions from a windows PC. This can be done from a login as the root user if need be but, the key is that the system be manageable from the windows PC.

I have followed the instructions of multiple how to's but still get and error that access is denied when trying to apply permissions. I am able to search the server for users to add and the names resolve. What are the configurations that I should be looking at where the NT permissions in samba are configured. nt acl support is set to yes and any other acl settings used produce the same result.

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General :: Sharing Folder With Windows 2003 Server Using Cifs?

Jul 12, 2010

I want to share linux folder with Windows server 2003 using cifs;I have install samba on linux system;

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OpenSUSE :: NTFS FOLDER - Keep 2 Ntfs Partitions Intact Will Deleting The Partition

May 26, 2011

I am doing major deployment of opensuse 313 pcs from windows to opensuse. I am having a problem that I have to keep 2 ntfs partitions intact will deleting the partition that has windows. Now everything goes well, opensuse installs but the problem is that I cannot give user full rights to ntfs folders. I have used graphical file permission methods n terminal chown n chmod methos but still permissions revert back to root.

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Ubuntu :: NTFS Sharing Across Network?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a dual boot PC with an NTFS partition on it that I want to share across the network. It has my music on it which I am going to keep for a while until I find a suitable iTunes replacement.

I also have a server and have mounted those shared ext3 drives ok using NFS and configuring fstab and exports. Works a treat.

With this one, I am getting a error: "ntfs-3g: Failed to access volume '192.168.xx.xx:/nfs/xpdata': No such file or directory" when I try to mount it on the remote client machine. I can access the local mount fine.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Sharing USB Drive (NTFS) Via Samba

May 12, 2011

I finally have my ubuntu up and running. I have a USB-drive which is often connected to my Ubuntu-machine. I want to share this via Samba but I can't set the user-rights. If I try to acces the file (via windows machine) I can see the directory but if I open it it gives me: \Computermediadirectory is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. I tried setting the rights but it just 'changes back immediately'. I found some posts about not being able to set rights via ubuntu on a ntfs disk. If I mount it via fstab it will give an error when the USB-drive is not connected. So that's no option. Is there a way to share this drive via my Samba server? I did get access to a partition on my linux-machine, to I assume my samba-settings are correct.

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General :: Ntfs Sharing With Window?

Jun 22, 2010

I am using RHEL -5.1.and i m having XP and linux in dual boot.i want to access window ntfs partitions from linux. whole method---(which software i hav to download from internet and how to install in linux)

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Ubuntu :: Sharing External NTFS Drive Across Multiple Users?

May 26, 2010

I have an external USB hard drive at /dev/sdb1 (NTFS)

2 users: johnny, audio

for some reason this drive is mounted at /media/TREKSTOR_ with johnny as the owner. I can't seem to chown the drive to audio. If I unmount the device, and remount it, the owner is set to johnny again. I need to access this drive from the audio account.It's a 1TB drive, so I wouldn't be able to reformat it to EXT3 easily as it's almost 60% full.

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Hardware :: NTFS - Sharing Hard Drive Between Windows / Ubuntu?

Mar 13, 2009

I've got a SATA drive (formatted as NTFS) I share between an XP machine and an Ubuntu machine. From Ubuntu, I never write to the drive... I only write to it from the XP box. So, I am wondering about a couple of things:

- If I do write to it from the Ubuntu machine, will that create any problems. By that I mean, if I add, rename, edit files from the Ubuntu machine, will that negatively affect anything?

- If, from the Ubuntu machine, I set perms on the files and folders on the drive, how will that affect things when I plug it back into the XP machine?

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Software :: Samba Sharing NTFS Partition?

Apr 11, 2010

I have an ubuntu server with a terabyte hard drive 20 of it have linux install on it and the the rest of it is partitioned to NTFS, i did this using a live Gparted cd, My question is how do I mount and share the NTFS partition with windows. I made an attempt by following a tutorial but i'm pretty sure it did not work because when accessing the network drive in windows 7 it tells me the size of it is 20 gigs,

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Ubuntu :: Sharing A Folder With Vnc?

Feb 28, 2010

I have a VNC connection with my pc, I have made a folder with permissions to share,it is on a separate drive. When i try to copy a file from laptop to the folder there is no paste option on remote pc ( on local lan )

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Ubuntu :: Sharing Folder With Windows Network ?

Nov 18, 2010

I have two partitions, both formatted as ext4. One with Ubuntu 10.10 64-bits and the other just for data (formatted as ext4 zero). I wanted to share a folder from this second partition. I followed the instructions on http://tech.mobiletod.com/how-enable...cation-ubuntu/ but there was not any "Windows networks (SMB)" option, only "Unix networks (NFS)".

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Ubuntu Networking :: Sharing Folder & Printers On 9.10 Desktop

Mar 18, 2010

Can I share Folder & Printers on 9.10 Desktop? I want to use that shared folder & printers from windows.

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General :: Sharing A Folder On The Network ?

Jun 3, 2011

It is probably a very easy question, but I could not find the right answer on the net so far. What I am trying to do is to set up a network of machines running Ubuntu 11.04. On of these machines will have a folder that needs to be shared with all the other machines. Eventually, this folder should be mounted at startup on the machines that are accessing over the network.

So, what I tried to do was: sudo mount /home/user2/dir2 -o username=user1,password=password1

dir1 is the folder on machine that should be shared. This is the response that I get:

mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

So, what am I doing wrong? Do I have to install anything special?

As I said before, eventually I want to have an automatic mount, so I guess that I have to edit /etc/fstab. What does this entry should look like?

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Ubuntu Networking :: No Trivial Option For Folder Sharing Over Internet?

Apr 12, 2010

been looking for a easy way for simple users (newbies) to share folders over the internet with friends. I found almost nothing about it, in both Windows and Ubuntu, as people usually recommend online sharing (as dropbox and Ubuntu One, which is not what I ask for) or ssh, ftp and related, which are usually not trivial to set up for simple user and you need to install a nice GUI for the client.Why isn't there a simple way as a right-click menu option, then choosing some user/password and having it available over some iport? Something like local network file sharing.This seems like an incredible tool to have.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Sharing An Encfs Non Public Folder With Samba?

Jun 7, 2011

I've been trying to share a folder with samba. This folder is the decrypted version of an encfs encrypted folder. Mounting the decrypted folder on the server is done automatically on login using gnome-encfs. Exposing the folder locally works like a charm. Now where I get stuck is trying to access the samba share from a client (even with smbclient on the server itself). I can see the share with smbclient -L:

tijm64@tijm64-HTPC:~$ smbclient -L
Enter tijm64's password:
Domain=[TIJM64] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.4.7]


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OpenSUSE Network :: Folder Sharing To A Windows 7 Pc?

Mar 26, 2011

I have an opensuse machine - 11.4, running KDE as my desktop. My wifes computer is a Windows 7 PC.

I have installed SAMBA and have configured it to load at each boot. I have set the domain name to WORKGROUP as this is domain name my wife has on her pc. I have shared the video folder within Dolphin in KDE. I'm uncertain about the meaning of the netbios setting (despite reading Chapter29.Samba) and whether I should adjust this setting. Basically, I'm able to see my wife's computer name within Linux, though within Windows, I'm unable to see my linux network. Is it due to the settings that I currently have on my linux pc. The documentation that I'm reading so far is confusing for me.

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General :: Sharing A Folder Between It And Windows Over The Internet

Jun 7, 2010

Currently my job is to make websites with Django. I use many things like virtualenv, PIL, etc. The problem is, I can't stand Linux on my desktop. I like it on servers, It's greate to use it over the SSH. But for desktop? No way. But for the development Linux is quite essential. Of course almost everything is ported to Windows, but it's not as simple to use as in Linux. For example, Windows shell is awful in comparison with Linux. So I've tried Cygwin, but it's too damn slow. Every time django dev server reloads, it tooks almost 20-30 seconds. In comparison, then using "native" python on Windows or Linux, it reloads instantly. Even worse, Cygwin makes all my system very slow.

I've been thinking about it and have thought up a way to go. I can share a folder with my application with some Linux box. The devserver and everything will run on that box, while I'll be happy editing files and running the browser on my Windows 7. SSH shell is much quickier and handy than Cygwin. Currently there are no Linux boxes in my home network (except for my android phone :) but I have several VDS boxes with Debian.

So, how do I share a Windows folder with VDS box? I can't rely on my desktop IP but I can rely on the VDS's one. I need sharing to be as quick as possible (well, 2-3 seconds ping is OK) and "native" for both systems, so I could use a folder like a normal folder in both Windows and Linux.

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General :: Sharing A Folder/partition Between Mac OS X In A Macbook Pro?

Dec 15, 2010

I'm starting to use a mac, and would like to install different operating systems on it, and, if possible, share some partitions. (like home)

I'm planning to install Debian along with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and share it's home directory, of, if possible, at least, create a new partition only for my mp3 files.

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Networking :: Samba File/Folder Sharing ?

Jul 14, 2009

I am running OpenSuse 11. It runs Apache webserver and Samba for filesharing. I am also running webmin. Everything works 100%. I have 2 shared folders that can be accessed by everyone. My question is how can I log in to the shared folder from a windows machine when I set the permissions for only a certain user to log in. My system hostname is Linux.site and my user is henk. I am not sure how I need to log in that way. Should the username be Linux.sitehenk ...

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Ubuntu :: Can't Move Folder To Trash NTFS?

Jun 20, 2010

I have an NTFS partition automatically mounted in fstab. I have read many forums and have done what they have to try and fix this problem, but it still won't move the files to the NTFS trash folder. What can I do to make this work?Here is my fstab entry:

# NTFS partition /dev/sda1
UUID=5D924B8408514F71 /media/MediaDrive ntfs rw,auto,users,nosuid,uid=1000,fmask=137,dmask=027,utf8 0 0

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Ubuntu :: NTFS Trash Folder For More Than One User?

Aug 8, 2010

I recently added another user to my system. My principal user has ID=1000 the new user has ID=1001, they both belong to the group id 1000.

I have an NTFS partition that I am now able to mount for both the users at boot with this line in the fstab:

UUID=F472BDC372BD8ABE /media/OS ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,uid=1000,rw,utf8 0 0

The point is that if I don't put the option


I cannot move files to trash but only delete them if I put it I can move files to trash but only if I am logged in as the user with ID=1000 I have tried to change the option and use the groups logic instead of the users (groups are there for this purpose aren't them?) and change the option into

since both the users belong to group 1000

but the result is that in this way none of them can trash anything (only delete permanently) I have also tried to create a .Trash-1001 folder did not work either

Is there a way to be able to use a Trash folder (or different trash folders I don't mind) and be able to trash files for different users in NTFS?

how the fstab line would look like?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Samba - Error - Get After Right Clicking And Going To Sharing - Share The Folder

Sep 4, 2010

I can't share my /var/www folder on this machine - it worked fine on my Desktop, it just asked me to install the samba windows something.

What's going wrong with this.

Here is the error I get after right clicking and going to sharing and trying to share the folder...


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General :: Page 2 Folder Sharing On Samba Trouble

Jan 12, 2009

Originally Posted by van 2.0 If you are not having a problem with Samba and have nothing to offer the OP in his bid to solve the problem then your post is not relevant to the discussion. The reason I asked you to point out where SELinux has been mentioned is that those are the docs of an Enterprise OS and any relevant steps would be included.I see you are new to SELinux, but interrupting a post to point out something unrelated does not help, it just adds confusion and consternation.I think that, perhaps in your your zeal to serve as police officer of the relevance trees, you've failed to see the forest. It could be that I was not sufficiently clear in my first post here, so I'll explain it very, very slowly and carefully, so as not to cause any you any further confusion.

The original poster is unable to access his Samba shares. The original poster does not understand why and seems to think that it is configured correctly. Other posters have added suggestions about smbpasswd and testparm to check for correct syntax. Presumably, these things have not yet solved the problem, since the OP has not returned to say the problem is solved, though you linking to one of the first links that would appear in a google search for redhat and samba was no doubt wildly and extraordinarily helpful.

So, I had an idea. I recognized that, in a crazy plan to make a functional OS, the authors of Linux had allowed more than one binary to execute simultaneously. This means, that SELinux and samba can both run at the same time. Now, stay with me here - if SELinux is not configured to allow permissions for the samba user on the Samba share.... "permission denied" log errors can occur in Samba. Now, that sounds familiar for some reason. Hmmm... oh, yeah! That was what the original poster mentioned! And, I just dealt with that exact problem, caused by insufficient SELinux permissions!I knew there was a method to my madness.So, anyway, adopting your own ironically sanctimonious tone, I hope you've learned a lesson today that can improve the quality of your posting. This lesson is two-fold: (1) it's not especially good form to quibble with someone trying to help in good faith and (2) if you are going to, it pays to have something tangible to offer to go along with your condescension.No need to thank me - helping you be a better poster is its own reward, and I'm rapidly losing interest in anything you have to say in general, anyway. From what I've seen, it's not anything I couldn't find in under 10 seconds on google.

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Fedora :: Samba Sharing For F12 Folder Access In Windows

Mar 29, 2010

I want to share folder in fedora 12 so that any windows user can access my folder (without modifying its content) and there should be no password to be entered by the windows user. I tried samba gui but the folder does not open using windows.

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Ubuntu :: Ntfs-3g Hangs And Corrupts Svn Working Folder

Jul 14, 2010

This problem started after I moved from ubuntu 9.10 (64bit) dual core to 10.04 (64bit) quad core machine. On both machines, I have svn working directories in an NTFS partition since I dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu - which gives me the opportunity to work on my projects whether I am on vista or ubuntu. My fstab entry is very simple:

UUID=62B81CE6B81CBA8D /media/ntfsdata ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

I use either RapidSVN or RabbitVCS. Whenever I commit those folders to the SVN server(google code), the folders seem to get corrupted. After which a rebuild or a refresh on Eclipse would provoke a 100% use on one of my 4 cpus. It would just hang there and the ntfs partition would not be accessible at all until I killed ntfs-3g process.

Then I would have to boot on vista to repair that partition. The gparted repair utility is USELESS because it cannot spot any partition errors caused by the svn commit. The dual cpu machine had occasional similar trouble but I never needed to repair it. SVN would not kill the ntfs-3g, but eclipse rebuild project after an svn operation would. I could prevent ntfs-3g hangup by checking off build automatically after a svn operation and close all projects and reopen one at a time to refresh.

A refresh would trigger a rebuild. On the phenomenally faster quadcore machine, the speed of operations could be too quick for ntfs-3g to handle (may be??). It looks like ntfs-3g is unable to handle high number of files at high speed operations. I use the same ntfs partition to store high volume bulk copy and bulk downloads with no problems - apparently, it is not the problem with high volume of transfer but the high number of files being thrashed back and forth at high speed by eclipse and svn commit. Does anyone else store their svn working directories on ntfs when developing with Eclipse on ubuntu 10.04?

Further addition: I need to mention that partition is compressed under ntfs. Perhaps, ntfs-3g is not capable of handling compressed ntfs. I uncompressed them - and during uncompress operation, explorer hung at the folder where I had done the svn commit. I rebooted vista and made a fresh uncompressed copy of those svn working folders and deleted the old copy. I'll wait and see what happens on my next commit using rabbitcvs.

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Debian Configuration :: Samba: Sharing A Folder With Multiple Groups?

Aug 30, 2010

I have a folder, called Vault, that we want to share only with certain people. Because it will contain confidential information.

I want the unix group trustees to have read-only access I want the unix group administrators (and root) to have read/write access

All other users should have no access.

the implementation I have so far is:
folder owner: root:administrators
folder permissions: 770
section from smb.conf


However, this is not working as expected. It currently works as follows:

Normal user: No access (expected) Trustees member: No access (fail. Trustees should be able to read) Administrators member: Read/write access (expected)

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Networking :: Network Sharing Folder - Shows Me A Blank After A Few Seconds

May 26, 2009

I have windows 2003 server which i stored some important data that the workstation will connect it or access by thru network connection...

My current setup is: i have a linux distro i used mandriva 2009 and i installed samba...if i used windows to browse in network i can see the name of the pc of linux and i can able to access the linux shared folder.

My problem is if the linux try to access the windows 2003 thru network it seems to be nothing happened coz everytime i click the linux network it shows me a blank after a few seconds...

I really dont have idea if there is any requirements for the windows.

I really want to implement the linux workstation but i still have a big problem issue in networking.

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Networking :: Windows 98 Not Allow To Login Fedora 11 SMB File Sharing Folder

Dec 19, 2010

I install Fedora 11 for file sharing from windows client Win 95/98, Win xp & xp home. I can login from win xp & xp home to access folder but I can't login from win 95/98 to access folder. I got the error message... "The domain password supplied is not correct or access to your logon has been denied". from win 95/98 Desktop computers.

The following are contents of smb.conf

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Slackware :: VirtualBox Guest On Win7 Host - Folder Sharing?

Jul 13, 2010

I have a Win7 laptop with the latest version of VirtualBox installed. It's a dual core proc with ram to spare. So, I installed Slack64-13.1 and it rocks! I'm really impressed that Slack is running at what appears to be native speed, but in virtual machine. Hardware response is normal, WIFI and LAN are both working great for my normal tasks.So, I downloaded a few much needed patches, and new ISO image for one of my old desktop PCs. Now, my problem is I can't connect my USB cdwriter to my virtual slackware or share folders in the Win7 install with the virtual slackware. I read a few of tutorials on the Oracle VBox website, and several of the ones here on LQ, and none of them seem to solve my problems.

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