Ubuntu Servers :: Real Text Mode For Monitor?

Oct 16, 2010

I've installed an Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.04 Server (Lucid Lynx) in a great computer, but with a small and old CRT monitor, that doesn't support much screen resolutions and frequencies. How can I do to make the system to use everytime traditional text mode (80x25 characters or compatibles)?

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General :: Turn Off Monitor (Energy Saving) While In Text Console Mode

Nov 3, 2010

How to configure Linux text console to automatically turn of the monitor after some time? And by "text console" I mean that thing that you get on ctrl+alt+F[1-6], which is what you get whenever X11 is not running. And, no, I'm not using any framebuffer console (it's a plain, good and old 80x25 text-mode). Many years ago, I was using Slackware Linux, and it used to boot up in text-mode. Then you would manually run startx after the login. Anyway, the main login "screen" was the plain text-mode console, and I remember that the monitor used to turn off (energy saving mode, indicated by a blinking LED) after some time. Now I'm using Gentoo, and I have a similar setup.

The machine boots up in text-mode, and only rarely I need to run startx. I say this because this is mostly my personal Linux server, and there is no need to keep X11 running all the time. (which means: I don't want to use GDM/KDM or any other graphical login screen). But now, in this Gentoo text-mode console, the screen goes black after a while, but the monitor does not enter any energy-saving mode (the LED is always lit). Yes, I've waited long enough to verify this. Thus, my question is: how can I configure my current system to behave like the old one? In other words, how to make the text console trigger energy-saving mode of the monitor?

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Fedora :: No Monitor Input During Boot, Unable To Enter Text Mode From X Window

Nov 24, 2009

I installed Fedora 11 on my system (see below) using the i686 DVD. The graphical install worked just fine, and after the system booted back up, the X server was working very well.

There is no boot text. On the other system with Fedora 11, I can see the boot text scroll by in the window and/or a progress bar at the bottom of the monitor during the boot sequence. On this system, the monitor says "No Input", and nothing appears until the login prompt for the X window. I am able to enter the BIOS configuration page and navigate through it without any issues. I can also edit the grub commands before Fedora loads without a problem.

If I boot in text mode, no login prompt appears. If I wait long enough, the monitor enters the power save mode since it is not receiving a signal. I am able to log in to the system with my user name and password, and then start the X server. Once the server starts, the monitor turns back ON and all is well.

From the X window, I use the CTL+ALT+F2 key to enter text mode. The monitor stops responding. If I press the ENTER key a couple of times, then press ALT+F7, I can briefly see the text window with a couple of login prompts before the X window starts responding again.

How can I get the text mode to work? Why is there no input to the monitor when booting?

Intel D945GSEJT motherboard with Intel Atom N270 processor
120GB SATA Hard Drive
Fedora 11 i686

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setup Real-time (or Near Real-time) Folder Synchronization Among 2+ Servers

Mar 23, 2010

what the recommended way to set up real-time (or near real-time) folder synchronization among 2+ servers. I looked a rsync but that doesn't sound real-time and it looks like its something that you might put in a cron once an hour.

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Get To Text Mode Partition Editor From Installer

Jan 19, 2010

We're planning on running some performance tests on various LVM and straight disk configurations before we settle on one to use for our live servers, but while I can setup LVM volumes and partitions till the cows come home using the text mode GUI that's part of the Server Edition installer, I tend to get very confused trying to do the same from the command line. So, is there any way to get to that text mode GUI from the installer after the system has been installed? I know there are various tools to do the job within Gnome etc, but we're trying to keep the system as unbloated as possible.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Small Letters In Text Mode Of Server 10.10?

Dec 25, 2010

I installed it on very old machine P3 1200Mhz and it works ok but I have problem with text mode because I have 75x132 aprocs. text on screen and I don't see what I type or system replay. Is there simple way to change to 25x80 or something with greater letters. I don't have GDI.Someone sad to me to do:sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setupand it's does the job but when I restart system it's gone.

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Ubuntu Servers :: New Server Installation Puts Monitor In Standby Mode?

Apr 13, 2010

I just installed ubuntu 9.10 server edition (twice, just to be sure) and the installation ran fine, but when I try to boot into the system, i get past the BIOS loading screen then my monitor just goes into power saving mode and I can't get it to see a signal from the PC. I know the OS is running, because I can ssh into it from my laptop, and I know the monitor works, because that machine had a windows OS on it before and that worked fine with the same monitor. I had thought it might be a graphics card thing with ubuntu trying to push out at a resolution not supported by the monitor, but I find that unlikely as it's brand new this month. If anyone has any idea of something I can try to diagnose the problem, that would be great. As I said, I still have ssh access to the PC, so I can basically try anything on it that I could if I was physically at the box itself.

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Ubuntu :: Odd Resolution - Monitor After Switched It To TV Mode Then Back To PC Mode

Feb 8, 2011

When I first installed ubuntu 10.10, the display was for some reason tinted green and shifted a few inches to the right. After experimenting with the resolution preferences, I eventually got it to a large resolution (1280x720 ... or something like that) yet is was quite blurry. I found out that the problem was with my monitor after I switched it to TV mode, then back to PC mode. It became perfectly clear! All I had to do then was adjust the screen positioning by shifting it left a bit.

Even though I have made the resolution I figured out to be default, whenever I turn the PC on after shutting down, it goes back to the "green-and-to-the-side" mode. :/ Ain't really a big problem, until I tried to fiddle with the resolution preferences s'more.

Somehow, I have set it to be twice as wide of the maximum my monitor can display, went back to being green tinted for some reason, and is completely shifted left (yet the right side is still visible) This means that I cannot see what is going on the left side, and cannot adjust the resolution preferences, nor can I click blindly cuz the border is only around my visible side of the screen. Now it is stuck like this.

I've researched many hours and eventually found the terminal command for the resolution preferences. it popped up on the visible side. Although it was to no avail cuz I HAVE TRIED EVERY SETTING AND OPTION and absolutely nothing changed. I assume a system restore would simply revert it back to the previous satisfactory settings, but the thing is I want to FIX it. I am new to this terminal stuff, so I want to learn it and all that. To put it simply, here's what I want:

Learn how to manually adjust resolution without depending on a simple dialog box. Make the satisfactory resolution default and consistent through turning it on and off. Link that could teach me the essential commands, all this googling is stressful. D:

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Server :: Change From Graphic Mode To Text Mode In CentOS 5.3?

Sep 14, 2009

The system always boot up in Graphic Mode. After installation of Web Server, I want to disable Graphic Mode and change it to boot to Text Mode to save memory. Is there a way to disable graphic mode?

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Programming :: /usr/bin/ld.real: Unrecognised Emulation Mode: 64?

Nov 23, 2010

I have problems,I get this:

milenko@hp6830s:~/mt2ddi$ make mt2ddi
f77 -o -m64 driver.o solve_mt2d_direct.o boem.o rotz.o gebolr.o d2emod.o pobo.o mte.o d2hmod.o gsres.o mth.o z1idu.o h1iud.o phase.o


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General :: Screen Rate - Refresh Mode Of The Monitor In The Monitor Options Have Only One Option 60Hz

Mar 20, 2010

I am having problems with the refresh rate if the screen. In the refresh mode of the monitor in the monitor options have only one option 60Hz. I have LG 24 + ATI Radon 3870, and have already installed the ATI driver via Ubuntu download center.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Graphical Bandwidth Real Time Monitor?

Dec 14, 2010

I come from a windows world where there's a magical tool called netlimiter that allows me to shape bandwidth and watch upload and download traffic: And easily check stats: I wonder if there's such a beauty for linux?

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Server :: Real Time Postfix & Dovecot Monitor

Jun 5, 2009

Is there any application (preferrably web) that can monitor in real time what is going on in my mail server?

Who is sending to who
Who is receiving
List of incoming/sent mail
Dovecot mailbox size
Monitor postfix queue

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Software :: Visual Real-time Traffic Monitor

Dec 26, 2008

Does anyone maybe know of a client app for Windows/Linux that polls the Linux (Ubuntu) Gateway and checks (in almost real-time) what the bandwidth usage is? Something like KInternet (which is SuSE only as far as I know) where you can see a graph showing how much kbps is sent and received per second.

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CentOS 5 :: Monitor ISA Server2006 Usage In Real Time?

Mar 2, 2010

is there any software which can show us real time monitoring of ISA2006 usage(for example as we can see in WinGate software)

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Programming :: Change Complex Number Display Mode (like -123.45e67 In To Real)?

May 9, 2011

How to change the complex number like -123.45e67 in to real number.
with command of awk print

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Networking :: Monitor Dual Nic Cards Graphically In Real Time?

Mar 11, 2011

I would like to know how to monitor dual nic cards graphically in real time. I want to be able to see the traffic of each port separately.

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Software :: Live - Real-time Text-file Updates In Terminal

Jan 13, 2010

I want to have a terminal open and have something like a "repeating cat" command running in it for a certain text file (in particular /var/log/system.log). So my terminal will scan or cat the text file every so often or whenever the text file system.log gets written to by the system, it will display whatever it wrote to the file in my terminal that is open.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Squido Hiding Real Ips?

Dec 4, 2010

I have installed squido into my ubuntu 8.04. It almost works perfectly but it wont hide my ip. When i go for an example to www.myip.is it shows my real ip & host but says that i connected into that website via my proxy. How i can hide my real ip with squido and use my server's ip as my ip.

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Ubuntu :: Boots In Text Mode?

Mar 22, 2011

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 and after running the Update Manager and restarting, I get the following message upon boot:

shpchp 0000:00:01.0: Cannot reserve MMIO region
Too many connections


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Ubuntu :: Init From Text Mode In 9.10?

Aug 10, 2010

I am willing to boot up in a text mode, and then start X windows when I want to.I found the procedure Ubuntu used is different from other distribution. Would some one give me some hint?

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Ubuntu :: Log In In Text Mode To Fix Xorg.conf?

Jan 9, 2010

Thinking to be clever, I made some changes to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and now I cannot see anything on the screen after Ubuntu boots up, just a 'mode not supported' message on the screen.How can I log into Ubuntu in text mode in order to fix the xorg.conf problem? I hope there is a "hot key" to stop Grub right before it starts loading Ubuntu and allows me to log in into Ubuntu in text mode.

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Ubuntu :: Plymouth Usually Boots In Low Res Text Mode?

Jul 5, 2010

Most of the time instead of a pretty graphical splash I'm getting a small low res text version of the boot screen squeezed into the top left hand corner of my display on my laptop with Intel GMA4500 graphics.

Originally I was getting a blank screen with the Plymouth splash only appearing a couple of seconds before log-in. Adding FRAMEBUFFER=y to /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash got rid of the blank screen but at the expense of the ugly boot screen mentioned above. To confuse matters, now and again (roughly 1 boot out of 10) I am getting a perfect graphical boot. I've tried reinstalling Plymouth and using different boot themes but to no avail.

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Ubuntu :: Text Editor With Column Mode?

Sep 23, 2010

text editor that has column mode capabilities like UltraEdit?

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Ubuntu :: LCD Nodisplay When Boot Into Text Mode?

Nov 2, 2010

I edited the /etc/default/grub file (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash text" ) to make ubuntu boot into text mode directly, but now the problem is some LCD (1366x768 resolution)no display when boot into text mode. It may be relate with LCD EDID, the same ubuntu OS hard disk can boot into text mode with another LCD (1600x900 resolution).

My ubuntu is 9.10 64bit, sony notebook.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Run Fullscreen Text Mode At Login

Feb 8, 2011

im on ubuntu 10 10.is there a way to run a fullscreen text mode at login (something like ctrl+alt+F1)but still be able to have windows popup on top of that so that i can still use commands like display *.png or firefox or something.i have bin trying to find something like this but i cant find any

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Ubuntu :: Install Text Only Mode In VirtualBox?

Jul 15, 2011

As a measure to improve my learning curve by experimenting and messing around with config files, I would like to install Ubuntu in Virtualbox in text only mode. This would save disk space, improve learn the OS better and also gives the freedom to mess around without worrying too much. Can anyone tell me how to install a simple version of Ubuntu 8.04 (that's the distro I choose since it requires lesser RAM than the current version) in virtualbox in text only mode? During the installation there doesn't seem to be a choice in installation modes. If not, should we install the OS normally and change the run levels afterwards to boot in text mode?

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Goes Into Standby Mode?

Mar 22, 2011

I have Xubuntu with XFCE Desktop installed. I have disabled all screensaver and power save options, but Monitor still goes into black standby mode. Howto prevent this?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Go Into Text Mode After Latest Kernel Update

Jan 10, 2010

I can't go into text mode after latest kernel update. CTRL-ALT-F1 doesn't work. Actually, all CTRL-ALT-F1 to F7 work very strange. For example... When I click CTRL-ALT-F2, it close all my windows and screen flash

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Ubuntu Installation :: Change The Startup To Text Mode?

Feb 16, 2010

I'm using in the server 8.4 and installed the package startupmanager which is GUI, through this package I can show the text during boot, unlike in the 9.10, I checked the "show the text during boot" same I did in the 8.4 bu It's not showing the text and still show the splash...

how to change it direct from shell instead of the stupid GUI

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