Ubuntu Servers :: Program/Process Route To Specific Network Device?

Jul 30, 2010

Is there a way to bind specific programs to specific network devices (not IPs, since I have dynamic IPs)?

For example, I wish for irssi to route through eth0 and w3m to route through eth1. Keep in mind these devices have dynamic IPs, so I cannot attached them to an IP.

The solution cannot be accomplished through route since route pivots on IPs not devices.

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Networking :: Definition: "a Process That Replaces A Series Of Related, Specific Routes In A Route Table With A More Generic Route"

Oct 21, 2010

I got this definition:"a process that replaces a series of related, specific routes in a route table with a more generic route." honestly I found it not so clear.. I want to know if this definition is correct and also more details about this subject..

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Ubuntu :: Program To Specific Network Interface?

Mar 23, 2010

Is there a way to make a program use a specific network interface ? When using my laptop at work i may be physicaly connected to multiple networks. i was wondering if i can make sure that certain applications use a specific network interface. I would google around for the answer but i cant figure out how to phrase it correctly for a search.

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Networking :: Route Add With Specific Interface?

Apr 18, 2009

I have an Asterisk-server with 2 interfaces, a WAN-interface (eth1) and a LAN-interface (eth0).

SETUP : IAX-provider(internet) --> firewall --> Asterisk-server --> switch --> clients_on_LAN

So everything coming from the IAX-provider on port 4569 is forwarded to the Asterisk-server's WAN-interface (eth1). This needs then be routed to an internal SIP-phone (an IVR-system will define which one) via eth0. When a call is initiated from an internal SIP-phone (they register to the IP-address assigned to eth0) it needs to be routed via eth1 to the gateway ( Asterisk will setup an IAX-channel on WAN-interface (eth1) to the IAX-provider (via gateway). So... will this work :


route add -net ip_IAXprovider netmask gw dev eth1


route add -net netmask dev eth0 (no gateway needed for the LAN-interface, communications to the gateway need to go via the WAN-interface !)

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Networking :: Route Only For A Specific Port And Target?

Mar 14, 2011

I have to route some packages over the right interface.I default route everything for the target-network over one network-interface. That works perfectly. But i have to route packages for one specific host and one specific port over another network-interface. I tried many things with the route-command, but i think there's no possibility to route only one port? May i can do this with iptables? I only found ways to forward some packages, which are coming in over one interface. But in my case all packages go out over one interface.

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Networking :: Trace Route On A Specific Port?

Dec 4, 2009

I've got a few systems which forward ports to one another all over the place, and somewhere along the line a port forward fails. I want to trace the route of a connection on a specific port to see where the connection hits a wall, to see what system is causing the problem. I've tried `tracetoure -T -p <port>` but it doesn't output anything about the ports it hits, stops when it hits the address I supplied even though it is forwarded elsewhere, and there doesn't seem to be a verbose mode. interstingly, if I specify a different source port via the '-s' option, the trace keeps hopping to * * * * and never get anywhere (at least to 27 hops then I CTRL+C)

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Route Add With Specific Interface?

Apr 19, 2009

I have an Asterisk-server with 2 interfaces, a WAN-interface (eth1) and a LAN-interface (eth0).


IAX-provider(internet) --> firewall --> Asterisk-server --> switch --> clients_on_LAN

So everything coming from the IAX-provider on port 4569 is forwarded to the Asterisk-server's WAN-interface (eth1).
This needs then be routed to an internal SIP-phone (an IVR-system will define which one) via eth0.

When a call is initiated from an internal SIP-phone (they register to the IP-address assigned to eth0) it needs to be routed via eth1 to the gateway ( Asterisk will setup an IAX-channel on WAN-interface (eth1) to the IAX-provider (via gateway).

So... will this work :

route add -net ip_IAXprovider netmask gw dev eth1

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Networking :: Route Traffic From A Single Host Through A Specific Interface?

Aug 21, 2010

I have a linux router with 2 physical ISPs and a VPN tunnel that all my traffic passes through. I would like to setup a rule to redirect all traffic from one internal IP address (10.0.0.x) through the physical link only. My current script is as follows.

iptables -F
iptables -X
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward


My goal is to do something similar to the mangle on the tor traffic, but for an entire host.

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General :: Configure Sendmail To Route Mail To Specific Hosts?

May 8, 2010

configure sendmail to route mail to specific hosts?

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Server :: Accept Mails To Unknown Users And Route Specific User

Jul 31, 2009

I need to instruct sendmail to accept mails that are destined to users that are not available on my server and then forward those emails to catchall@mydomain.tld.Please remember that i don't want to forward every single mail to catchall user. I just want to forward those emails which would be destined for users that do not exist on my server.i have used define(`LUSER_RELAY', `local:catchall@d.com')but it doesn't seems to work.

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General :: Using Route Command With A Non Root Process?

Sep 15, 2010

I use the system command route from a process (using the system() call). For security reasons the process does not have root privilege and for some reason I cannot use ioctl() either. I tried to set the capabilities of the process to NET_ADMIN and SYS_ADMIN but the route command still failed due to insufficient permissions.

What are the capabilities that I need to set for route to be successful?

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General :: Run A Program For A Specific Amount Of Time Starting At A Specific Time?

May 18, 2010

I want to record an internet radio station starting at 2:00am tomorrow morning. The specific program on the radio station lasts until 6:00am. The command I need to run to record the station is: Code:mplayer http://wjcu.jcu.edu:8001/listen.pls -ao pcm:file=indie_heat_of_the_night.wav -vc dummy -vo nullI'd use cron, but 1. I'm not sure how to and 2. it seems unnecessarily complicated for something that I only want to run once. If cron is the only/easiest solution, I guess I'll just have to resort to that, but I'd rather not.

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Networking :: Configure A Network Route To A Host For Testing Network Interface?

Aug 30, 2010

today I tried to configure a network route to a host for testing my network interface. Code: route add eth0 As I have to eth interfaces and both interface got their IP from DHCP ( and and are in the same subnet, I shut the other interface down:

Code: ifconfig eth1 down Then I tried to test the interface by doing a ping to
Problem: When I unplug the cable from eth0 (and eth1 is still plugged) the ping still works. Somehow my linux (it's debian) powers up again eth0 and pings over this port.

How can I stop my linux doing this. I just want to have the route added only on the one interface - not the other. Is it maybe some case of a default-gateway?

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Fedora Networking :: Open The Network Device Control To Activate It But There Is No Network Ports In Network Device Control?

Jan 7, 2010

I just added a 2 port network card to a system that is running Fedora 11, but it is INACTIVE. I open the Network Device Control to activate it but there is no network ports in Network Device Control. It is empty.It looks like the system recognize the card and loaded correct driver.

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Networking :: Xen Network-route And Network-bridge Setup?

Aug 22, 2010

I've currently got a Xen box with 3 Virtual machines on it, in a routed setup. I'd like to put them all on a private internal network as well, which I'm assuming I'd do with a dummy network card and a xen bridge, but I can't find any information about setting up the xen Bridging setup on top of the existing network-route instlal.

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Networking :: Assigning Process To Use Specific Nic

Apr 19, 2010

I want to be able to tell processes/programs somehow to use a specific nic. I have a laptop (used as dekstop) and want to make pidgin use my wireless. I have a gigabit wired connection and a wireless connection. I want to force pidgin to use the wireless connection. But more specifically, I just want to block pidgin from using eth0... how to go about that? I can't find anything that will block applications... I could block outside servers from communicating with eth0, but I don't want to do that.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Set Up The Route Table?

Sep 17, 2010

There are two connections in my Ubuntu server: eth0 is a normal interface and, eth1 is configured with an static IP, and has an domain name with that IP. But this connection is charged by bytes, very expensive.

how to set up the route table so that: everyone can access my server with the domain name, and let the traffic goes from eth0 as much as possible(I have a proxy service on my server. At least, let the proxy traffic goes from eth0)?


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General :: Bash Script To Get PID Of A Specific Process?

Aug 23, 2010

I'm trying to write a script that involves storing a specific PID in a variable. I've got as far as: -

$PS_OUTPUT=ps -elf | grep <process name> | awk '{print $4}'
This stored the PID of the grep itself and the actual process I want. The output of


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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Make The Server Route Between

Nov 9, 2010

For the last couple of days I've been building on a server built from an old (well, not too old) computer. My goal is to use it for multiple purposes like a webserver, home automation, and possibly a future media center (if I get my TV card to work). But perhaps the main reason is to get wireless access to the internet for my laptop, and to connect it to my other (stationary) computer. When I'm done I'm also planning on writing a guide for setting up an access point with the rt61 chipset, as there seems to be many people looking for this. First I just need to get through this problem though .

For this I use two wired NICs, eth0 for the local interface to my computer, and eth1 as an external interface for the internet. Moreover I use a wireless NIC (DWL-G510 using the rt61pci driver) in conjunction with the daemon hostapd to provide a wireless interface for portable computers to connect to. eth1 gets its IP through DHCP from my ISP, while eth0 and wlan0 have static IPs on two different subnets like this (copied from /etc/network/interfaces):

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static


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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Route SMTP Port 25 Through VPN

Nov 13, 2010

I have a server set up with a VPN (openVPN with DynDNS). My emails are located there and I can check them from home, office, where ever really, with different computers, no problem.However, due to restrictions of some ISPs I would have to change the SMTP server used, depending on where I am with my laptop.

Now, I thought about using the VPN to also tunnel the SMTP traffic through that. But how am I doing that?So far, when I'm connected to via VPN I simply have a local (from the server point of view) IP address to connect to my IMAP server. But how can I route the SMTP port 25 through the VPN?Is that possible to do, also in a way that I don't have to change anything depending on where I am, as in within the network of the server or outside? Since when I'm within the network the VPN obviously isn't connecting..

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General :: Limit The Memory Usage Of A Specific Process?

Apr 24, 2010

I've written a program for a class that my professor will be testing in various low memory environments to see how it behaves when the program runs out of memory. Is there a way I can simulate the execution in a low memory environment without creating a virtual machine?

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General :: Script To Kill Process With Specific Character

Feb 11, 2011

I have a command that outputs as follows:

# lostjobs
user1 12983 1 0 Feb04 ? 00:00:00 dbr UT:msmenu
user1 18253 1 0 Feb09 ? 00:00:00 dbr UT:msmenu


I know I can grab the ones with what I want to kill (which are the ones with question marks) with:

# lostjobs | grep ?

what I need to know is how can I loop through the results of the second one and kill them by id (the second column).

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Security :: Locating Process Which Delete Some Specific File

Jun 27, 2010

On my RHEL5 system one of my key file in one specific directory gets deleted when I start my application suite (having multiple processes). Is there some way to narrow down which specific process is deleting this file?

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Programming :: Change The Resource Limits For A Specific Process?

Jun 26, 2010

I want to change the resource limits for a specific processOr to create a new process and give it limits as I want, There is a function setrlimit, Which is possible to change it but for a programmatic I want to apply it to another Process, The problem is that this function does not receive process ID for example. I read in most books on the subject of The Linux system programming

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Ubuntu :: HCItool Does Not Return Specific Device Name

Jun 30, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.4 and was trying to use a small bash script for which I need hcitool to return the device name. The problem is that hcitool returns nothing when I query for the device's name using the address. The address was found using hcitool's scan option, so I know the device is responding. Also, I can pair the laptop with the phone using gnome's bluetooth application, what I can't do is get hcitool to return the device's name. I've tried scanning for other devices and querying for their names, and I tried using another laptop with Ubuntu installed to get the phone's name, in all cases hcitool returns the device's name, only when issuing the query from my mac to this specific phone does hcitool fail.

I'm issuing the following commands:
knitter@knitter-laptop:~$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
<address omitted><name omitted>
<address omitted><name omitted>

After getting the list of devices that were found I grab my phone's address and ask for the name.
knitter@knitter-laptop:~$ hcitool name 00:8D:31:8C:0C:0A
As you can see, when scanning for devices I get both the address and the name, but when asking for the name I get nothing, and I really needed to use the hcitool name <address> command for the script as it would make things easier.

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Ubuntu :: Use A Processor For A Specific Program?

Aug 27, 2010

Can I set up my system to use a specific processor to do one task, and another processor for normal applications.

Say for example, I'm using a program that relies heavily on your processor, I have a dual core, so I can use one core for that, and another for normal applications.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Route Command - How To Get Internet To Clients

Apr 24, 2010

I do not understand this command well. Yes, I have looked at man route and that whilst that gives lots of information about the switches I cannot see it in context. I have a server with two nics. One to the Internet (eth1) and one to the lan (eth0). I use pppoe and when it is running I get a virtual adapter appear in ifconfic called ppp0 which shows the public DNS and ISP session IP. I entered the command:
route add -host (gateway IP) dev eth1
and get the Internet to appear on the server. However, I do not get the Internet to the clients. I have turned off the firewall to be sure that this is not the problem.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Securely Route All Traffic On The Client?

Mar 22, 2011

I am running Ubuntu Server 10.10. I have installed OpenVPN using this guide I have set up everything correctly as this guide says, but I am having problems with the config file. I want to securely route all traffic on the client to the server, how ever the server will not start. My config is below:


# Sample OpenVPN 2.0 config file for #
# multi-client server. #
# #
# This file is for the server side #


The servers ip is and I want to assign the clients the ip range of to When I try to start the server I get the message Fail.

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Ubuntu :: Route A Network Connection Through Computer To Another?

Apr 1, 2011

I've got this ubuntu maverick machine (that I'm posting from) that I'm converting into a general purpose network computer. I've got two ethernet ports, the dedicated with my cord to the modem/router, the motherboard integrated going to my main desktop. How would I setup a simple two computer network? Main desktop's a slackware machine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Make Pulseaudio Use Only A Specific Device

Aug 12, 2010

I am trying to setup a complex audio system, but I won't bore you with the details (unless you ask). Basically, I want to have pulseaudio only use one specific device and ignore the rest of the devices.

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