Ubuntu Servers :: Connect To Wired Home Server Via Wlan Laptop?

Oct 22, 2010

Just set up my home server (xubuntu 10.04), its wired to my router. I can connect to the server on my laptop (10.10 ubuntu) via Ethernet, but how do i go about connecting wirelessly?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Having One Sever At Home And Connect All The Other Machines (PCs/Laptops) To That Server?

Oct 31, 2010

the title of this thread said it all. I've never ever seen a server (unless I've never paid attention) nor used it in my entire life. Having that said, I think you know I'm level 0 when it comes to servers.I start reading here:[URL]Also, I found two threads here which answered couple of questions I had.What I'm planning to do and why?1- Have a home server. I always had that idea of having one sever at home and connect all the other machines (PCs/Laptops) to that server.2- Backup.3- Sharing Files, Pictures, etc.

4- Connect to the interent through the home server. I live in a big house and we have only one ADSL Router/Modem. Obviously, I can't access the internet from any room unless I'm close to the router. The server will be in a place where I could connect to the interent even if I'm very far from the router.5- I've never used Servers before so I'd like to try it now especially I started to use Linux and stopped using Windows and yes, I don't want to go back to Windows no matter what.

My Hardware:In my signature, you can see some of my hardware but I'll list them here:MB - GigabyteIntel P4 @3.00GHz2GB RAM500 SATA HDDLAN - Built inWireless Adapter - D-LinkADSL Router - CableWireless (the brand name)Laptops - Not mine but will be connected to the serverMy current PC has 9 OS's installed (Multi-Boot System). Other laptops have Windows and I'm planning to use Linux on one of them which is PII with 64MB RAM and 4GB HDD.y Questions: Again, this is my first time so 1- Do I have to remove all the other 9 OS's and keep that PC solely for Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit Server? or it's OK to keep them? If yes, then shall I be able to boot into Ubuntu 10.04 Server after choosing it from GRUB2 Menu?

2- I read about Server Types but as mentioned above, my usages are limited and I don't need Web Server, Mail Server, etc. So, do I really need a Server (Ubuntu 10.04) OS to do that? or Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition is up to this job?3- I guess this should be the first Question. Do I need any particular skills to deal with Servers? or just general knowledge will be enough?I believe in one thing. No matter how much you read about something and learn, the real experience or the practical experience is something else.When you do something by yourself, you will never forget it.

4- Probably this is same as Question #2. I'm very bad in CLI I know very few commands only and I know that GUI is disabled in Servers OS. How hard that could be for someone like me? I read a reply by a friend of mine (HermanAB) at one of the threads here. He said if someone wants to use GUI on a Server then it's better to use the Desktop Edition. Thing is, I'm very interested to try and use a server but as I mentioned, I'm very weak in CLI.5- If Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition could offer all the tasks I want (listed above) so what exactly do I need to know/learn?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Can't Connect To Server (file Or Remote Terminal) From Laptop

Jan 23, 2011

I have an ubuntu fileserver and an ubuntu laptop both running 10.10.For some reason I can't connect to the server (file or remote terminal) from the laptop, even though I can access ssh through terminal on my mac and have been able to mount the filesystem on another computer running the ubuntu liveCD. I just get the error 'no route to host'.I've tried turning off the firewall on the laptop and re-installing ssh on both computers, but I don't have a clue what to do next!

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General :: Can't Connect Via Wired Internet ( Wireless Is OK ) On HP G61 Laptop With Ubuntu 10.4?

May 25, 2010

I have recently installed Ubuntu lucid lynx and at my old house I had a regular cable modem (no wifi) and never used wireless internet. I would simply unplug the ethernet from the windows desktop plug it to my laptop and I was good 2 go.have recently moved and my roommate has a cable modem w/ wifi capabilities. When I plug in I am told that I am connected but......Nothing. dont know if the problem is due to the modem having wireless capabilities when my old one did not or the fact that my roommate has a win7 laptop that is connected via wifi etc. There have been a FEW times that I have walked out plugged in and everything has ran well. when I do plug in I look under connection information and I am told that I am connected at 100Mbps but whenever I try to visit a page I am out of luck. I define newbie (as far as Linux distros) and I have tried everything including going to work w/no sleep because I'm going through massive trial & errors

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop Unable To Connect To Wireless, Wired Networks?

May 28, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 on my Toshiba A200-12U laptop (with an Atheros AR5007EG wireless card), but networking is being problematic.I entered Network Configurations and tried to get 'Auto eth0' working -- I went to Edit > IPv4 settings and filled in 'Addresses' with the details of my connection:

Address: (the local IP of my router)


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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Connect To Internet Using Wired LAN On HP Pavillion Dv4-1502 Laptop?

Nov 12, 2010

I am a beginner to ubuntu. I have installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop using wubi.When I am trying to edit the IP address using network editor,apply button is not highlighted.I managed to give IP as well as netmask through command prompt.But I am not able to give gateway and dns IP.Please help me configuring this.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop Suddenly Cannot Connect To Internet Via Wireless Or Wired Connection?

Dec 10, 2010

My laptop has been working fine with ubuntu 10.04, and earlier today it shut down after running out of battery. I came to use itr and discovered that the wifi icon had disappeared from the panel bar, and it won't connect to the wireless networkor via a wired connection.I have had a play around with this, tried ping -c5 google.comresult was:ping: unknown host google.comand ping -c5 onnect:etwork is unreachable.I have other computers connecting to this network and know that it is working fine.

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Fedora Networking :: Home Network - Can't Connect To Windows XP Laptop

Apr 1, 2009

Since I installed fedora on my desktop (there is no other OS on my desktop computer at the moment) I can't connect to my laptop which has Windows XP installed on it, although I can normally connect to internet from both computers. Here is the drawing to illustrate how everything is connected:

On the picture you can see that the phone line goes to the ADSL modem. The ADSL modem is connected to the Wireless modem with LAN cable. Wireless modem is connected to my desktop computer with LAN cable, and trough the wireless connection to the laptop. Internet is working fine for both computers, but desktop can't see laptop and vice versa. What do I need to do in order to see the laptop?

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Networking :: Use Old Laptop As Home Server?

May 11, 2011

I have got a fair idea on setting up a home server to be shared among other computers for data files...I just have a few doubts on the following

1. Can I disable the monitor for the laptop as it may consume unnecessary power if I intend to use it purely for network use.

2.Currently I connect to Net thru DHCP.. How do I use this while accessing from other computers (as it is going to be dynamic each time)

3.For Power saving what are the options? Should I put the server in Hibernate or switch off when not in use say during night ..If I switch it off , then I may have to power on the laptop physically each time right ? I want to eliminate physical operations in the laptop and control it purely from other network machines at the same time get maximum power savings as if it is on 24 hrs my electricity bill will go for a toss plus more importantly the heat may kill my ol laptop!

4.Are there any good software (win and linux)for managing the home server like being able to access the drive , reboot , switch off,transfer files , Run an application on the servr etc..?

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General :: What Is The Best MTA Setup For A Home / Laptop Computer (not Server)?

Sep 21, 2010

What is a good MTA (e.g. Postfix or something else) setup for a home computer behind a NAT, or a laptop that is not always online? I've read a lot of Postfix tutorials on how to set it up this way or that, but they are usually geared towards computers that are servers ie they

have a static IP
have a domain name
are always connected to the same network

My requirements are, I guess: Ability to redirect mail for local users to another server of my choosing. No listening for incoming SMTP connections - outgoing only Ability to route outgoing mail via an external SMTP server with authentication (and perhaps encryption) If not Postfix, I need an MTA which can queue up mails in case it temporarily has no internet connection.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install A DLNA Server On My Home Server - Photo Browsing On PS3 ?

Nov 24, 2010

I want to install a DLNA server on my ubuntu home server. It will primarily be used for photo browsing on my PS3, but general media support would be nice. (I use Squeezebox server for music.) What are my options, and what are the main difference between them.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Home Web Server - Cant Set Up Apache As Named Server Using Bind DSN

Dec 7, 2010

I and setting up a home web server using Ubuntu 10.04 server (local only). I am currently using Webmin 1.53 to access it remotely all is going great very easy to use. Webmin - Check, ftps-fileZilla - Check, Apache -It Works BUT I cant seam to set up Apache as a named server using Bind DSN. Tried most of the help in the fourms and ..... I think my problems is in the master server selection, do i have to use [URL]... or can i just use myservername. I have tryed both with no luck. First time with the server addition.


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Ubuntu :: Can't Connect To Server Using Laptop Running XP

Oct 12, 2010

I had my Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Server working fine. I moved the location. The only change was the IP. I changed interfaces to reflect my new IP. Everything works except now I can not connect to my server using my laptop running XP. Before the move I had no problem connecting to the server with my laptop. Windows can see the server but will not connect. Can changing the server IP affect Samba?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Trying To Remotely Connect To Home Server

Sep 20, 2010

I am new to Ubuntu and have been trying to make a remote connection to my home server. I think I almost there. Here's what I have done:

1) Installed Ubuntu Server 10.0 on a Pentium 2 with 256K
2) Installed SSH, MySQL, desktop GUI and enabled remote access
3) Port forwarded my Lynksys to 5900:22 and 80
4) installed Putty and TightVNC Viewer
5) Obtained a DynDDS account

My interanl IP Addy = 192.168.x.yyy
My External IP Addy = 76.xxx.y.zzz

When I run Putty, the connection times out (which I am guessing that my server may not be setup correctly). Since I am configuring all this at home, I am unable to simulate a true remote access unless I go to an outside location. Is there a way to test my connection from outside my network rather than waiting to login remotely from a place other than my home?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Connect To Wireless But Can Connect To Wired

Nov 2, 2010

I am unable to connect to wireless network in ubuntu 10.10.i have noticed that the iwlagn driver isnt been used by anything.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Connect To Wired And Wireless In 10.10 It Tries To Connect But Fails?

Jan 10, 2011

in linux world and have recently downloaded and installed ubuntu desktop 10.10i cannot connect to both wired and wireless ethernet on my laptopit tries to connect but fails in 30 seconds , it says"disconnected" while i am able to connect to the same in windows i have broadcom 4315 and i have tried both fwcutter and ndiswrapper but the problem persiststhe device id is 14e4:4315

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Ubuntu Servers :: What Is Amazon Ec2 Server / What Use Would It Have On Home Server?

Sep 9, 2010

What is the Amazon ec2 server, what use would it have on a home server? Does it just give me access to my server like ftp would?

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Ubuntu :: Old 48MB RAM Laptop - Connect To A Virtual PC On A Server

Mar 20, 2011

I have this old Toshiba Tecra 730CDT laptop, pretty useless with it's 150MHz Pentium processor and 48MB RAM. I am considering to throw it out for good. But, before I do it, I wanted to hear maybe it is still possible to use it:

1) perhaps there is some really thin linux distro that would let me to connect to a virtual PC on a server, transmit the mouse and keyboard events, and get the image and sound streamed back.

2) Maybe there is some other smart use of such gear, like installing it in car or something. I doubt it though, because it's heavy (8lbs~3.6Kg), bulky and energy-inefficient. But still... it's so hard to accept that such smart pile of electronic must go to the junk yard.

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Ubuntu Servers :: What To Buy As A Home Server

Nov 14, 2010

So I've decided to buy or build a server / NAS.

It's purposes are as follows:
- Apache
- Webdavs
- Samba
- Time Machine
- PXE-boot server
- DHCP server
- Nameserver
- Router
- Usenet
- Torrents
- Future home automation (with a Velleman USB card).

For hardware, my considerations are the following:
- 2 Gigabit LAN ports: obviously they have to work in Linux,
one is going to connect to the ADSL modem, the other to a Linksys WRT320N router and AP
- 4 harddisk bays (I'm starting with 3x2TB, but I'd like it to be future proof)
- Very low energy consumption
- Not unnecesarily expensive

So I can do two things: build my own system based on an Atom board (but I can't seem to find the right hardware), or buy a NAS that you can install linux on.I've been looking at something like the QNAP TS-410 Turbo NAS. But does anyone know whether you can install your own OS on it? Apparently it comes with a custom linux OS, so am I right to assume that all hardware should work in Ubuntu?

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General :: Connect Windows Laptop To Server?

Jun 17, 2011

I have a laptop at home and a Linux server running Oracle Enterprise linux. Both can connect to the internet thru a router. How can I ping the server from the laptop? I want to access some web server page on the server, from the laptop.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Home File Server - Connect Or Map Out Folder From Another 11.04 Machine?

Jul 31, 2011

I've set up a PC installed with Ubuntu 11.04 on my home network, given it the name "server" and given it a static IP of I've created a file in the home directory called "Public" and set it to be shared with everyone, basically a chmod 0777 situation. Now, how do I connect, or map out that folder from another ubuntu 11.04 machine? I know how to do it in Windows, just hit "run" and type in "\server" and blamo, I can see everything that's shared on that machine. I can't figure out how to do this with Ubuntu.

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Debian Configuration :: Vpn Server - Connect To Home Network?

Apr 20, 2010

i am searching for way to connect to my home network from any point only just if i have internet. i've heard about VPN and i think that this is right solution for my problem. can anyone point me to doc for beginners for setting up a VPN server? ps i've already searched for some articles and found two which were really for newbie, but it is interesting to find "best" how to for configuring vpn server.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Using Server For Home Server?

Mar 28, 2010

Currently I use FreeNAS, which is a FreeBSD-based NAS distribution for my home server. However, I would like to move to a Linux-based home server with the ability for new software packages to be installed, which is a problem with FreeNAS. I use Lucid beta on my Dell Mini 10v, and have two Windows 7 and one Windows XP desktop(s), with all of them connected via Gigabit ethernet and Wifi N.

The home server would act as a file server (SMB and whatever the best one is for my Ubuntu netbook), a media server (UPnP, MT-DAAPD/iTunes and DLNA for my PS3), as a webserver and as a VirtualBox server just to experiment with. The server itself has a 160GB PATA drive which will be for the OS, and a 1TB SATA drive to be for the data; Gigabit ethernet; an AMD Athlon 64 2.2GHz (with AMD-V) and 1GB RAM.Are there any things you would recommend for me to install? I think that having a window manager would be nice, even if just for initial setup since I am not very experienced with command-line Linux. I'm planning on installing Webmin and a VNC/SSH server so I can configure it remotely. I don't need any firewall or VPN services as these will be provided by a pfSense box separate from this.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Acer Laptop Without Internet And Not Working WLAN Button

Nov 21, 2010

My problem with UBUNTU is that I can not use acer-wmi because I get this ERROR :


... so I can not use the acer_wmi . But this is not my only Problem :

It is most likely caused of the missing " Firmware " / Driver for my WLAN Card ( Internal ) . Currently I use Ubuntu 10.10 but I tested 10.04 too before 10.10 and it found my Card but not the Button .

So I want to know if there is any solution for my problem .

If it is important :

I use an Acer eMachines e525 with Windows Vista Home Basic ( Pimped up ) and Wubi . I saw a lot of people with simmilar problems they have it as only boot option .

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Ubuntu Servers :: Low Power Home Server

Mar 1, 2010

I've been running my Dell SC440 as a home server/workstation for about a year now and whilst it can cope with both roles, it is power hungry, loud and does get a little slow down sometimes. What I am looking to do is create a home server to take away the need of it to be on 24x7.My requirements in a home server would include:

- Media Server (using TwonkyMedia or uShare)
- NZB Downloader (hellaNZB or sabNZB)
- AFP + NFS file serving
- rsync/unison for Linux backups and N900 media sync and backup
- Email/Calendar/Contacts hosting and sync (zimbra or zarafa?)

I would like to achieve this with an Acer Revo and a couple of 1 or 1.5TB external hard disks, I'm unsure if the Atom processor would be strong enough for all of these services, although I could test it using my netbook, if that can cope, the Revo would be able to easily.

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General :: Connect A System Laptop To Windows Server?

Oct 8, 2009

I'm considering making the switch to Linux on my laptop, most likely to Ubuntu. However, I have a home server running on Windows 2003, is there any way I can connect my laptop on Ubuntu (or if there's a different version that would work) to this server?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Shut Off LCD On Laptop Server

Jul 20, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on an old laptop. I would like the screen to automatically shut off after, say, a minute of inactivity.

- After some time, the monitor blanks but the backlight does not power down.

- I do not have a gui installed, and do not want to install one since this is a server. Most of the solutions I've found involve running X or KDE.

- It's an old laptop and the lid switch is broken, so closing the lid won't work.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Windows Home Server Replacement In 9.10

Feb 19, 2010

Anyone know of a simple replacement for windows home server based on ubuntu 9.10 ?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Filesystem To Use When Creating A Home Server / Nas?

Oct 21, 2010

What is the recommended filesystem to use when creating a home server/nas?

I'd be sharing files using SAMBA, DLNA Server or some sort of streaming. I'll have two win7 laptops, 2 ubuntu desktops and ps3 accessing the files. Most of the time the server will just 75% read from 25% writing.

Would ext4 be an ideal?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Use Home Server As Proxy When Abroad?

Mar 11, 2011

At home I have an Ubuntu 10.10 Server which is my fileserver and squeezebox server for my home LAN.

My home Internet connection is a 10/10Gbit fiber (soon to be upgraded to 25/25, I was told by my ISP).

How hard is it for me (I'm not too technical) to make my home server a proxy for surfing through when I am abroad?

The thing is: our national broadcaster (www.nrk.no) broadcasts live streaming TV, but only to IP addresses in Norway. When I am travelling abroad, I would like to use my home server as a proxy in order to be able to receive these streams as if I was on my home IP address (more or less like the services offered from the US in order to make it possible for non-US people to watch hulu.com etc.)

I would prefer a proxy setup, instead of slingbox or similar.

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