Ubuntu Servers :: Clean Install Fails To Reboot

May 17, 2010

I'm installing 10.4 x64 on a Dell PowerEdge R610 RAID 1 and the install goes fine until I have to reboot the finish it. On reboot after about a minute it gives the error

Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
-Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline/
-check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?)
-check root= (did the system wait for the right device?)
-Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
ALERT! /dev/mapper/mysql1-root does not exist. Dropping to shell!

what to do and my co-worker who knows a little more about Linux can't get it to let him check any of the above common problems.

We're tried letting GRUB manually configure itself at the end og the install before we reboot and we've also pointed it to /dev/sba partition which is what should be the boot partition.

EDIT: in the code tag it's ALERT! /dev/mapper/mysql(one)-root.... the L and 1 look the same

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Ubuntu Installation :: Clean Install Fails To Reboot

May 18, 2010

I'm installing 10.4 x64 on a Dell PowerEdge R610 in a RAID 1 configuration and the install goes fine until I have to reboot the server to finish the install. On reboot after about a minute it gives the error.We've tried letting GRUB manually configure itself at the end of the install before we reboot and we've also pointed it to /dev/sba partition which is what should be the boot partition.In the code tag it's ALERT! /dev/mapper/mysql(one)-root.... the L and 1 look the same.I've got 3 of these server to get setup and running as part of our back end and network restructuring and have been stuck at this point on the first one since Friday.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Blank Screen On Reboot After Clean Install?

Jan 14, 2010

I had ubuntu running just fine on another computer, but had to move things around to make Windows7 run better. So after backing up Home, I switched hard drives, pulled the video card, and adjusted RAM, I tried booting up. The computer found all the changes and did its thing. But then it hung with a blank screen. I figured that it didn't recongnize the video driver for this computer, or something, so I did a fresh install with 9.10 to start over from scratch. The boot up went great, and finished completely. I made a few changes to the desktop, and loaded in my archived firefox bookmarks and evolution files. After rebooting, the first ubuntu logo came up, but then the blank screen, with no drum sounds. I tried a few more times rebooting and hitting esc, but I don't know what I am doing at that menu. I also tried the F1 option, but again, I don't know anything. One other time I was able to boot into ubuntu all the way when I was hitting esc slowing (waiting) and somehow was able to get the login and the desktop just fine. I haven't been able to get that to happen again.

Can someone walk me through the steps to troubleshoot this? I don't know any terminal jargon or commands, and haven't really got a clue, but I really want to learn and figure this out. I don't even know how to go in from the command line to see what my system specs or video specs are to tell you.

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Debian :: Shutdown Fails On Clean Install

Nov 20, 2010

Did a clean minimal install of Testing in a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox).Login as root.Type "shutdown now".It starts shutting down, then says INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue):If i press Control-D it goes back to a login prompt.Okay, i maybe missing a point since "shutdown -h now" gives the expected behaviour.Call me old fashioned but I think that a "shutdown now" should shutdown a system, and not effectively reboot the system. There is a reboot command for that.

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OpenSUSE Install :: HP Tx2525nr Install Fails On 1st Reboot After Installation?

Jan 26, 2010

This system has AMD Turion with ATI HD 3200 Graphics system. Installation program correctly initializes graphics - all installation completes with automatic configuration - gives no option for sax2 to run. Then Suse does not comes up or the x does not comes up or display is not showing anything. I can switch to Vista and Vista boots works from grub menu. How can I test and configure graphics and monitor before installer boots the system?

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Reboot Fails During 11.3 Installation

Aug 3, 2010

I am trying to update my OS from Opensuse 11.2 to 11.3 using the installation DVD (checked OK). Everything is OK during the installation process until the message "System is going to reboot" is displayed with a countdown : when the countdown is finished, the screen becomes black and the screensaver starts, but the system does not reboot. When I reboot manually, after selecting "Opensuse 11.3 desktop" on the first menu, the screen becomes black and the screensaver starts.

So the installation seems incomplete and I do not know how to finalize it. When I select the failsafe option on the first menu, it seems to work but some behaviours are quite "strange"... When I choose update instead of installation at the beginning, the behaviour is the same.

I do not know if it is linked but the firmware tests started from the installation DVD show the following errors :

Memory tests are OK.

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Ubuntu Servers :: After Clean Install - Network Cards Not Installed?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a Proliant 7000 with 4 interfaces across 2 cards - 3 intel 10/100Tx and 1 intel 100FX. During install it detected the 3 tx interfaces - but couldnt see the network - post install the network devices were no longer there, their devices missing from /dev/.

Neither google nor a forum search have been particularly edifying, is this a known issue with any cards? If so is there a known fix? ifconfig gives me information for loopback only as expected.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Clean Install: /etc/apt/sources.list Empty?

Aug 30, 2010

During 10.04 install I ran into an error every time I tried to install packages, so I just skipped the step figuring I'd do it later.Boot up, nothing but the cd in /etc/apt/sources.list. Does anyone know where I can find the default sources.list?

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OpenSUSE Install :: RAID5 Array Fails To Automount After Reboot

Apr 26, 2009

I've got a RAID5 array that doesn't want to automount after rebooting. I'm pretty familiar with linux, RAID, and mdadm, and up until now, I've had the RAID5 array working just fine. However, whenever I reboot, the array drops off and won't remount until I manually assemble and then mount the thing. I find this odd because I had everything automounting just fine back in 10.3, and even in 11.0 (I think - not sure on that). Currently, things are working, but I'd really like to not not have to type

mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1
followed by
mount /dev/md0 /mnt/data every time I reboot. Even including this in some sort of start-up script seems kludgey... Surely there must be a more elegant way of automatically bringing up a RAID5 array after booting? I'm not sure what information you'll need, so I'm going to go ahead and include as much as I can anticipate...

So having already used the commands:


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OpenSUSE Install :: Configured Cron To Clean /tmp Directory - Add Other Locations To Clean And Especially /var/tmp?

Oct 11, 2010

I configured cron to clean my /tmp directory, should I also add other locations to clean and especially /var/tmp.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Server Load On Clean Install And "free -m" Results

Mar 31, 2011

Recently I've gotten myself a VPS and tried to begin small - 512 MB Memory, 10gb HD.

Ubuntu 10.04 got installed on it and decided to make a user for myself besides root, installed a lamp enviroment and let that extra user own /var/www, since im the only one developing on the vps.

Then I ran the free -m command... shockingly it had 450 mb in use, and around 40-60 mb free (varieing around a bit).

Is this normal? If so - why are company's selling vps'es with 256 mb ram... thats just ... not logical ;x

Ran the free -m command again after letting it idle for about 5 mins. Same results.

the 'top' command tells me that the cpu is boring itself with around 1% use.. not a suprise with only lamp on it and 0 visitors yet =P

So ... why does ubuntu take up nearly all my precious memory? should I upgrade to 1 GB of memory to be completely safe I dont run out of resources or is something else going on here?

Discovered I was miss-reading the free -m command. To avoid confusion in the future I install htop, which is configurable to show a... nicer view of what's being used by what. Turns out I was using 50 mb.. >.>

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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.04 Server Install Fails

Jul 20, 2010

Attempting to install 10.04 Server on an IBM Series X 232 server. Its an old server with dual p III's, 4 small drives and an adaptec controller with a RAID 5 array. The server is currently running CentOS 5.5.

The CD I am installing from is known good. I verified it after I wrote it and verified it again during the install process. The system boots from the CD, I accept the defaults, then it fails at "adding additional components".

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Ubuntu Servers :: (8.04) Apt-Get Install Squid Command Fails

Mar 8, 2010

Ubuntu Server 8.04. I have 2 servers in the same rack, on the same subnet, using the same DNS servers and build with the same media. On one of them the following command fails
apt-get install squid
On the other on the package was installed with out any problems. I have checked the /etc/apt/sources.list files and they are identical. Actually, it could not find mutt either.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install Base System Fails On 10.04

Feb 26, 2011

i'm trying to build a web server but I keep having a problem. Everything loads fine until I get to the "Install base system" part of the installation and it puts up a red screen warning me that the install has failed. My uncle gave me his ubuntu discs and even some different hard drives, but I keep getting the same problem at the same point of the installation. Here is the rundown of everything i did.

System #1 -
ASUS P5G41-M m/b with 4GB memory
Intel Core 2 quad q9300 cpu
two western digital 640GB hard drives

I was testing it out to run a raid 1 just to learn how to make a software raid array. its my first try at making a raid array. The first time i used ubuntu server 10.04 32bit and the system failed at the install base system point. I then used boot n nuke to clean the drives and tried 10.04 64bit. it failed at the same exact point. my uncle gave me 2 western digital 1.0TB hard drives and I tried again. I got the same results. At that point i gave all the hardware back to my uncle and he gave me a server board to try out because he bought it and hasnt touched it. so I built a second system.


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Ubuntu Servers :: Install Fails At Grub Boot Loader

Feb 26, 2010

I'm using the RAID1 setup, which is configured in the BIOS, as it is a HP Proliant server. i have 2 500GB hard drives configured in a mirror. when booting the install, it recognises this, and deals with it fine.

The problem is, when it gets to the section of installing the grub2 boot loader, it just stops and gives me the "ubuntu installer main menu" where if i select grub boot loader install it just loops back, and if i select LILO installer, it errors, saying an installation step failed.

It has the option to skip installing boot loader, but then, can i get it to boot a different way? can i boot manually into the server install and then install GRUB and hope it works? can i install grub1 rather than grub2?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Sudo Apt-Get Install Fails (Size Mismatch)

Dec 10, 2010

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop fails and has been failing for the last two days, I installed both the lto and the 10.10 newest, starts out OK and runs for about 5 minutes then finishes with many 'failed to fetch [URL] size mismatch issues. This is the first one after many installs over the last two years. Is there something going on with the US servers? On closer examination of running sudo apt-get update it seems to be fine till it hits the pool directory on the server, lucid main and lucid-updates are fine, breaks when it goes past those.

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Ubuntu :: Wubi Fails On Reboot

Aug 22, 2010

When I try to use Wubi to install Ubuntu it fails on reboot. It seems to run a script on reboot then nothing. I get a command prompt window with the script and the laptop seems to lock up. Only a hard re-boot will restart the system. I do get a dual screen boot prompt Windows/Umbutu but if I choose Umbutu, I get the same command prompt screen and the system is locked up again. Chosing Windows at the boot screen works fine.

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Ubuntu :: RAID1 Array Fails On Reboot?

Sep 8, 2010

I did a search and couldn't find anything pertaining to this - if I've missed something please direct me in the right direction We have an Ubuntu box set up as a headless office server (latest desktop install of Ubuntu) and we recently set up two 1TB HDDs in a RAID1 array using mdadm - as far as I can tell it worked successfully and created /dev/md0 with an ext3 file system. After sharing the drive I can see it from the other office computers and could transfer data to and from the RAID array just fine.

I didn't figure out how to get it to automatically mount on boot so I restarted it to see if it would do so by default - however, when I restarted I couldn't see the RAID array any longer on the desktop and it came up as a 0.0kb RAID array in Disk Utility, saying it was broken. It wouldn't let me check it until I stopped and restarted the array.

After restarting I hit "check array" and it appears to be repairing the drives. What have I missed? What happened here? How can I fix it? What other info can I provide to assist:

sudo blkid shows:

/dev/sda1: UUID: "<snip>" TYPE="ext3" (system HDD)
/dev/sda5: UUID: "<snip>" TYPE="swap"
/dev/sdc1: UUID: "<snip>" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sdb1: UUID: "<snip>" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/md0: UUID: "<snip>" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"

disk utility: RAID Array: Mirror (RAID-1), Metadata version 0.90.0, Partitioning: Not Partitioned, Components: 2...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Fails After Reboot / Suspend

Dec 30, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS and have it set to dual-boot with windows 7 on my gateway tablet PC. Since installing, sometimes when I suspend or reboot, my wireless does not work. To be more clear - it is working fine, then I either suspend/reboot, then I come back and no wireless networks show up at all. I can still connect with ethernet cable though. I can solve it by rebooting multiple times (usually around 1-5 times) and then it (magically) seems to work again. I have also tried switching from network-manager to wicd, but the problem persists. With both network-manager and wicd, I've tried simulating a reboot for the wireless by using the command 'sudo modprobe -r iwl3945 && sudo modprobe iwl3945' (network-manager) and 'sudo /etc/init.d/wicd restart' (wicd), but these do not seem to work.

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Ubuntu :: Fails To Reboot After Updates Gets Stuck In Grub?

Mar 9, 2010

Just installed Ubuntu a month ago (installed within windows), and for the 2nd time it has gotten stuck in grub upon restart after doing an automatic update. Last time, I reinstalled from the CD, but I can't do that every time. Learning how to start up from grub would probably be worth learning so I don't have to use the CD. But fixing the problem is most important. It makes me wonder if it was a mistake to install Ubuntu from within Windows (does this mean I have "wubu"?). I did find a webpage on booting Ubuntu from grub, but I could not get the kernel to load, regardless of if I used the instructions for wubu or not.

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Ubuntu :: Wireless Constantly Fails \ Reboot But It Will Start To Fail Again?

Mar 19, 2010

reason my wireless is constantly failing. the only solution is a reboot but it will start to fail again. I use hp mini 210 ubuntu netbook remix.here is a log file

Mar 19 19:37:37 nicky-laptop NetworkManager: <info> Activation (wlan0) Stage 1 of 5 (Device Prepare) scheduled...
Mar 19 19:37:37 nicky-laptop NetworkManager: <info> Activation (wlan0) Stage 1 of 5 (


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Ubuntu Networking :: When Reboot System / But Connection Usually Fails After Within 10 Mins

Feb 19, 2011

I can get connected to the Internet when I reboot the system, but the connection usually fails after within 10 mins. However, even then the network manager says it's connected. Never reconnect, manually or automatically.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Bluetooth Keyboard Fails To Survive A Reboot?

Aug 18, 2011

I have successfully managed to connect a Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse with no issues. This also connects automatically when i start up the machine.

I also have a Logitech MX5000 keyboard that i can connect but it never survives the reboot. I have to manually connect it each time.

The only difference i can see between the two is the keyboard asks for a passkey whereas the mouse doesnt.

Ubuntu 11.04 32bit.

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Fedora Installation :: Reboot Fails F12 Upgrade

Jan 4, 2010

I am trying to upgrade from F11 to F12.Using Preupgrade, everything went well and then it asked me to Reboot. Anaconda started then says something about updating some files then the screen goes blank.

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Software :: Sound Fails In SOME Applications Until Reboot?

Jul 28, 2010

I am having a HARD, PARTIAL FAILURE OF SOUND on my Linux system (Slackware 13.1, the latest, with a kernel and KDE 4.4.3). The failure is "HARD" in the sense that once it occurs it remains broken until I reboot the system. It's a "PARTIAL" failure in that it affects ONLY SOME sound software on my system. Here is a list of what fails and what doesn't. (I'm sure there are other programs I could use to test with, but I don't know what they are since I am "just an average user" when it comes to multimedia software.)

These don't fail:

KDE event notification

These do fail:


In the things that fail it is only the sound portion of whatever (flash, mp4, etc) which goes away; the video portion plays normally.n I leave my system up for days at a time. The failure occurs some "long-ish" time (days) after I reboot. I have no idea what triggers it. I do not use sound most of the time, but when I do it's music through Amarok (which doesn't fail) so I do not notice the failure when it occurs.

It seems clear to me that it is NOT the failed programs which are at fault but it is, rather, some underlying set of sound libraries and/or servers used in common by all the programs which fail, and that the failure occurs when something happens which affects that set of sound libraries and/or servers. I don't think this is specifically a Slackware issue since I've seen a few other problem reports on the web where the sound simply stops on non-Slackware Linux systems. Some of the problem reports I've seen suggest that playing sound from one program stops sound from other programs. I've tried various combinations of sound-producing programs but none have triggered the problem.

I've looked at /var/log/{messages,debug,syslog} and see nothing relevant. I've gotten process lists from ps before and after the failure and no "relevant" processes have gone away. (But note, as before, that I am NOT a Linux "multimedia guy" so I can only make intelligent guess at what is "relevant".) Does anyone know what this problem is and, better still, how to solve it? Or where I could look for additional clues? Is there some way to "reset" the sound system without having to reboot?

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General :: Will Not Reboot After Install (Arch) - -bash: /sbin/reboot: Input/output Error

Oct 7, 2010

I am using sda1 as /, which is a bootable drive. I do not know if my problem is that I did not create a /boot drive. After removing the iso dvd, I tried to reboot and I get this back: -bash: /sbin/reboot: input/output error Then it returns me to the terminal prompt.

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Make A Clean Uninstall/remove

Jan 21, 2010

1) Check if MySql is installed and running

2) How can I connect to create my db. (I want to do it from CLI not using an admin tool)

3) And if I have problems how can I make a clean uninstall/remove.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Run Fsck If Last Shutdown Wasn't Clean?

Jun 13, 2010

I have a file server that has a raid array with a jfs file system attached. Whenever there is a power cut (quite frequently in our house), and the server is not shutdown cleanly, then the raid array is not automatically mounted since ubuntu doesn't know if the journal is clean. I have to then manually run fsck and remount the partition by hand which is a bit annoying. Basically, does anybody know if fsck can be setto run if a non-clean shutdown has been detected, or failing that, on every boot?

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Fedora Networking :: Virtual Interface Fails After Reboot?

Jul 1, 2009

I am applying a virtual interface (eth0:0) which is failing after the system reboots. It actually cause the default interface (eth0) to fail as well, I must manually go in and remove the configuration for the eth:0:0 and restart the network to get it running again. How do I successfully add a Virtual interface to Fedora 11 that will stick when rebooted.

eth0:,,, BROADCAST:
eth0:0,,, BROADCAST:

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setup Reverse Proxyapache2 Drupal Clean Urls?

Apr 16, 2010

I have a scenario.A domain [URL].. then there are 4 private computers on which applications are hosted at port 80. So when some one from outside access the site it look [URL]..I added


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