Ubuntu Servers :: Automatically Backup Machines?

Aug 29, 2010

I'm looking for way to automatically backup a few machines to my server. Does anyone know a good guide to set this up? I want it to pull the files from the machines at a certain time every week.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Backup Automatically When Hd Is Plugged In?

Oct 21, 2010

I have two shares in total and there are also two external hard drives. The server is used by two different organisations that are not supposed to have access to the data of the other one(at least not as normal users).he script I need should run in the background of the server and when a drive is plugged in, it should check, which organization the drive belongs to, and depending on who the drive belongs to, backup the respective share.When the drive belong to neither, it should just do nothing.Unfortunately, I have no clue about scripting and so this makes writing a script like that, at least for me, impossible.So I wanted to know if somebody could name some good websites for learning to write such a script or give tips.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Settings To Backup Files Automatically?

Aug 8, 2010

Does ubuntu server automatically backup files? How can i get to them?

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Ubuntu :: Software To Backup Couple Of Machines To NAS?

Feb 27, 2010

I'm looking for advice on a good backup solution. I have a couple Ubuntu machines running at home, and I'd like them to backup to a NAS, which supports CIFS and NFS. Rsync might work, but I don't want to have to write a script myself, or figure out how to accomplish a staggered history of backups. The default "simple backup" sbackup doesn't work for me. I've not been able to unroll those gigantic .tgz files it makes. The restore GUI doesn't seem to work at all; it claims it can't find any backups.

My confidence is shot. I tried Back in Time. I set the GUI control panel to backup every day. It didn't back up every day. Maybe I'm getting it wrong. But, my confidence is shot. I looked at Amanda and Bacula. Both seem to require that your backup server run special software; I don't want to hack into my NAS to do that. Both also seem to require 10 hours of study to figure out just how to install them.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mysql-admin Won't Schedule Backup But Will Manual Backup

Jan 19, 2010

I have a scheduled backup to run on our server at work and since the 7/12/09 it has be making 592k files instead of 10Mb files, In mysql-admin (the GUI tool) I have a stored connection for the user 'backup', the user has select and lock rights on the databases being backed up. I have a backup profile called 'backup_regular' and in the third tab along its scheduled to backup at 2 in the morning every week day. If I look at one of the small backup files generated I see the following:


-- MySQL Administrator dump 1.4
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- Server version`


It seems that MySQL can open and write to the file fine, it just can't dump

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Ubuntu Servers :: VmWare Version That Mirrors Virtual Machines In Different Servers?

May 25, 2011

I am looking for a version of vmware that manages 2 severs at the same time and that mirrors them such that if one goes down we can still work on the second and of course it also works as a backup. Also, must work on a ubuntu server I have looked but there are so many version that I don't know which one is the best.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Grub To Automatically Boot - Wont Automatically Select One

Feb 28, 2011

I am having trouble getting grub to automatically boot into ubuntu server. When I turn on my server the grub menu shows up and shows me the choices. They all work fine except that grub wont automatically select one. This wouldn't be too much of a problem but this is a headless server and I can't boot into ubuntu without a keyboard. I tried looking through the grub 2 documentation but nothing seemed to work when I edited the conf file.

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Software :: Backup A Few Servers And A Bunch Of Desktops Onto One Backup Server?

May 10, 2010

Does anyone know of any decent enterprise level backup solutions for Linux? I need to backup a few servers and a bunch of desktops onto one backup server. Using rsync/tar.gz won't cut it. I need like bi-monthly full HDD backups, and things such as that, with a nice GUI interface to add/remove systems from the backup list. I need basically something similar to CommVault or Veritas. Veritas I've used before but it has its issues, such as leaving 30GB cache files. CommVault, I have no idea how much it is, and if it supports backing up to a hard drive rather than tape.

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Ubuntu :: Backup Files From Home Automatically?

Aug 20, 2010

I am pretty new to using Ubuntu and want to find a way that I can backup files remotely to my Ubuntu box. My Ubuntu box is running at work and I want to backup files from home automatically every night.Also which solution encrypts the data en route? For example a server with multiple clients with different directory paths.

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Load/backup Ramdisk On Startup/shutdown

Mar 4, 2011

i have a RAMdisk set up on my desktop with a hidden folder of stuff in it; but i want to know is it possible for me to set ubuntu to copy the files to another directory on shutdown, and copy back again on startup?

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Programming :: Create A Shell Script That Would Automatically Backup And Shutdown?

Oct 14, 2010

I would like to develop a shell script that would automatically run a backup program and then shutdown the computers, but I do not know the first thing about script development or even writing scripting.

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Ubuntu Servers :: WSUS For Win Machines On My Network?

Nov 6, 2010

I've got a few parts laying around and maybe a 100 bucks on NewEgg I can get a Windows Server going. However, I have a few questions. I already have two Ubuntu servers going. My main concern is OS updates. I have Ubuntu based distros covered via apt-cacher-ng on one of my Ubuntu servers. I also have a nice squid server going with adzapper and so on. However, I have a bunch of Windows based machines on my network, and I have very limited bandwidth. I know I can run a virtual server on my main server, but I prefer to have an actual box just for a WSUS server for personal reasons. This is only an option if there is no option for WSUS style updating through Linux on my current server.

If I have to build a low powered Windows Server box in order to just push Windows updates for XP, Vista, and 7 to save bandwidth in the long run will a copy of Windows Home Server do the trick? I read an article from MaximumPC that WHS 2.0 will have a WSUS feature, but is this feature available in WHS 1.0? This is a really crappy way of storing updates and save bandwidth, but I don't know what other options I have. I live and work in a very remote area and I've already done everything I can think of to help save bandwidth. Like having a transparent proxy server and apt-cacher-ng running. It's also helps run things a lot faster when updating Ubuntu based boxes and surfing the internet. If I could just get the Windows updates out of the way I would be golden. I'll wait for WHS 2.0 if I have to. I'm not buying a full blown copy of Windows Server just for updates, especially on a box that'll cost about 300 bucks when complete. Still better than a prebuilt WHS box advertised on NewEgg for 600 bucks.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Log On To The Same Account Form 2 Or Three Different Machines?

Jan 16, 2011

i want to start a home server in which i can log on to the same account form 2 or three different machines running ubuntu server. is it possible and if so, how?

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Ubuntu Servers :: X Screens On Seperate Machines?

Feb 8, 2011

What i want to do is ssh to another machine and have gui interface as if i was using the other machine. anywhere from a single program like just nautilus run from the server on my machine to a desktop like i was sitting at it helps. Also being able to display something on the server would be nice.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Random Freezing On NIS/NFS Client Machines?

Aug 25, 2011

We administer a small lab of Ubuntu 11.04 machines. Users authenticate via NIS to the fileserver, which then uses NFS to mount their /home directory.

From time to time, seemingly at random, the machines will lock up. After about 15 minutes, they will go back to normal.

Switching the machine to the console with/ Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't help either - credentials get entered, but there's still a 15 minute wait before any commands can be entered. Some error messages show up at this point about processes that were running timing out. However, the root user can log in immediately (which makes us think that this is only affecting NIS accounts).

Logging in with the root account, we can ping our NIS server, and it responds normally. We can restart the networking and NIS daemons but neither of these help.

We checked the NIS error log in /var/yp/ypserv.log and it is empty.

We used to be running a different version of Ubuntu on the client machines (10.04 LTS), but not on the server.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Lucid Slow Throughput To Windows Machines

Jun 16, 2010

Having finally got Samba shares and printer shares working on my Lucid Lynx server, I've noticed that the throughput from/to those shares is very slow to what I was used to when I had those shares on a W2K server.Having Googled this problem, I noted that there was a known issue with this in Karmic (believe Brian Wu was looking at it). However, I don't see any results in Google as to this being a problem in Lucid.

I know ipv6 can cause a problem in this regard but having issued the command:
lsmod | grep inet6
I know that ipv6 is indeed disabled on my Lucid server. Any further information on whether the error reported in Karmic still applies in Lucid, and can this be addressed in any way?

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Ubuntu Servers :: KVM Guests And Host Connection - Run Two Virtual Machines

Jul 23, 2010

We got a new server with 2 network interface cards with 4 MAC addresses in total. We would like to run two virtual machines (vserver1 and vserver2); one should connect via eth1, the other via eth2, and the host (mainserver) via eth0. The content of /etc/network/interfaces is as follows:


A connection from mainserver to vserver1 or vserver2 is not possible; a ssh connection from mainserver to vserverx ends with a login to mainserver.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Lucid - NFS Only Works With The Firewalls (UFW) Disabled On Machines

Aug 24, 2010

I have a laptop and a Desktop both systems only used by myself behind a router. Ubuntu Lucid on both and 64 bit systems. I have installed NFS with the desktop as server and Laptop as client. The NFS only works with the firewalls (UFW) disabled on both machines. My current setup on the desktop ufw is


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Ubuntu Servers :: Both The Virual Machines Have 50GB Of Harddrive Thought One Had Another 1TB To Use

Jan 10, 2011

I'm the proud owner of a new 1U server, thought dont really know how to handle the next problem. The server runs VMWare ESXi 4.x and currently contains two virtual machines with Ubuntu server 10.04 installed on them. Both the virual machines have 50GB of Harddrive, thought one had another 1TB to use.

One of these virtual machines is going to be a fileserver (and has the 1TB for that reason) while the other machine is purely going to be used as webserver. The system uses one harddiskdrive of 1.5TB (hardware raid 1 configured)

The fileserver will contain images, which should be shown on the webserver. Therefor I need to setup a link between the images directory on the fileserver, so it can be accessed by the webserver. Now this is one and the same harddisk, but the partition is only availeble in the fileserver.

How can i configure this directory, so it can be accessed by the webserver automatically (e.g. that I dont have to remount the directory, after the fileserver has been down for whatever reason)

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Ubuntu Servers :: MySql Connection Delay With Windows Machines?

Mar 9, 2011

At first I thought the Delay was normal. After looking around it seems that it's not true. I made a post here. The Problem seems to be related to DNS.

The Server in Question is not Online (as in on the web), all machines are on local ethernet. From What I understand DNS is to mask the IP like a named variable for each IP. I am still figuring out the ins and outs of a linux server. DNS is something I have little or no grasp over. So I need help in setting up the DNS for this scenario case. All guides I have seen seem to be for web servers which is where I stop reading and look for other guides. I have webmin and Bind9 installed on the server.

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Ubuntu Servers :: RAID5 Setup To Serve 10 Client Machines?

May 22, 2011

I am trying to build a file server with RAID 5 over a couple of 1TB HDDs, to serve about 10 client machines using Ubuntu Server. I already own a 22-port switch: HP ProCurve v1810G-24 Switch (J9450A), which I am assuming will do the job. And for the actual server I am thinking of buying: HP ProLiant DL120 1U. Will this hardware suffice, or am I missing something important to get the whole thing running?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Backup Multiple Servers ?

Jan 19, 2010

I currently have a group of 3 servers connected to a local network. One is a web server, one is a mysql server, the other used for a specific function on my site (calculation of soccer matches!).

Anyway, I have been working on the site a lot lately but it is tedious connecting my USB hard drive to each computer and copying the files. This means I am not backing up as often as I should...

I have a laptop connected to this same network that I use for development so I can SSH into to the computers, is there any software for ubuntu that can take backups of files that I choose on multiple computers? I know I could rsync but is there something with more or an GUI?

Then I can just every 2 days move the most recent backup from my laptop to the USB drive. Then I will have the backup stored in 2 places if things go kaboom somewhere.

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Machines - To Save On Internet Usage And Load On The Servers ?

Jun 27, 2010

Am using 10.04 and quite happy with the way it is working. my nephew and my mother have also switched to ubuntu.

To save on internet usage and load on the ubuntu servers, can i download upgrade files in one computer and then upgrade all systems?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Get A Samba Server Up And Running To Share With Windows Machines?

Oct 14, 2010

i manged to get a samba server up and running to share with my windows machines. But i still want more. My main goal is to be able to share my movies. I have a laptop hooked to my flat screen with 3TB's of external drives, thats whats acting as my server. I have ubuntu desktop installed because i use it to play movies also.

I'm looking to set up something that is a little faster than samba (yes i no trying to share through USB 2.0 external drives and a wifi connection isn't going to be real fast no matter what) but i want to be able to access my server remotely. like maybe FTP? but what i'm asking here is what protocol should i use and what programs? i was thinking gadmin-proftpd and then filezilla to access?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Having One Sever At Home And Connect All The Other Machines (PCs/Laptops) To That Server?

Oct 31, 2010

the title of this thread said it all. I've never ever seen a server (unless I've never paid attention) nor used it in my entire life. Having that said, I think you know I'm level 0 when it comes to servers.I start reading here:[URL]Also, I found two threads here which answered couple of questions I had.What I'm planning to do and why?1- Have a home server. I always had that idea of having one sever at home and connect all the other machines (PCs/Laptops) to that server.2- Backup.3- Sharing Files, Pictures, etc.

4- Connect to the interent through the home server. I live in a big house and we have only one ADSL Router/Modem. Obviously, I can't access the internet from any room unless I'm close to the router. The server will be in a place where I could connect to the interent even if I'm very far from the router.5- I've never used Servers before so I'd like to try it now especially I started to use Linux and stopped using Windows and yes, I don't want to go back to Windows no matter what.

My Hardware:In my signature, you can see some of my hardware but I'll list them here:MB - GigabyteIntel P4 @3.00GHz2GB RAM500 SATA HDDLAN - Built inWireless Adapter - D-LinkADSL Router - CableWireless (the brand name)Laptops - Not mine but will be connected to the serverMy current PC has 9 OS's installed (Multi-Boot System). Other laptops have Windows and I'm planning to use Linux on one of them which is PII with 64MB RAM and 4GB HDD.y Questions: Again, this is my first time so 1- Do I have to remove all the other 9 OS's and keep that PC solely for Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit Server? or it's OK to keep them? If yes, then shall I be able to boot into Ubuntu 10.04 Server after choosing it from GRUB2 Menu?

2- I read about Server Types but as mentioned above, my usages are limited and I don't need Web Server, Mail Server, etc. So, do I really need a Server (Ubuntu 10.04) OS to do that? or Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition is up to this job?3- I guess this should be the first Question. Do I need any particular skills to deal with Servers? or just general knowledge will be enough?I believe in one thing. No matter how much you read about something and learn, the real experience or the practical experience is something else.When you do something by yourself, you will never forget it.

4- Probably this is same as Question #2. I'm very bad in CLI I know very few commands only and I know that GUI is disabled in Servers OS. How hard that could be for someone like me? I read a reply by a friend of mine (HermanAB) at one of the threads here. He said if someone wants to use GUI on a Server then it's better to use the Desktop Edition. Thing is, I'm very interested to try and use a server but as I mentioned, I'm very weak in CLI.5- If Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition could offer all the tasks I want (listed above) so what exactly do I need to know/learn?

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Fedora Servers :: Can't Login Remotely To Client Machines?

Jun 14, 2009

I am running NFS and NIS servers in my FC8. Clients are also running FC8. Everything was working fine. I could login remotely to server as well as clients. Suddenly (few days ago) a problem started. I can not login remotely to client machines. I did not do anything. I can login to server remotely, but not the client. When I try to login, it accept password and nothing happens. Also, when I try to login from server to client same thing happens. We share the home directory of the server with client. Another question: there two type of nfs server nfs-user-server and nfs-kernel-server. I just use gui to set up the NFS. I don't know which one I am running. Is there any way to find out which nfs I am running?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setting Up An LDAP / Windows Users Be Able To Log In To Their Machines Using Domain Controller?

Oct 18, 2010

Im an IT manager for a small company with a small ammount of users. We already use linux for our data server and I would like to implement a domain controller. All of our user machines are WIndows XP pro.

Ive been reading up on using OpenLDAP as an alternative to active directory.

What I want is just a simple active directory like server, with a GUI if possible.

What do I need to look at and how would I go about setting this up? Im fairly proficient with Ubuntu already, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Is it even possible to have my windows users be able to log in to their machines using an ubuntu domain controller?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Samba Configuration - File Transfers Between The Machines Are Extremely Slow

Nov 1, 2010

1. When I'm not logged into the server, only the shares are visible on my Windows computer. Clicking on the share folder displays an error message. As soon as I log in at the server, the files within the shares become accessible on the Windows box.

2. File transfers between the machines are extremely slow. Watching the system monitor, there's a brief burst of network activity followed by 10-30 seconds of nothing...on a gigabit network, the effective transfer rate is ~120kbs. There's no other network activity going on that would account for this behavior.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Separate Virtual Machines For Apache, Mysql, File Server?

Jul 11, 2011

I'm working on a side project where I would like to install three ubuntu server systems,each with only one task.So server0 would be the apache server, server1 would be the database and server2 would be the file server.which key terms I should be researching?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Virtual Machines On A Home Server - XBMC Outputs Through An HDMI Cable To The TV

Jan 30, 2011

I have a home server that I have been running for some years and am constantly tweaking / playing with it resulting in numerous reinstalls (and upsetting the wife!). It does nothing critical but I use it mainly for:

backing up my laptop files

Due to the number of times that I manage to break it, I have now thought about setting it up as a base system but with virtual machines looking after the seperate 'components'. The machine is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ with 2Gb RAM. First of all do you think it is powerful enough to run XBMC and ZM in seperate virtual machines? - I appreciate the more RAM the better but at the moment I am sticking to 2Gb.

I was also wondering what sort of issues may arise for the audio and video areas I will be using. XBMC currently outputs through an HDMI cable to the TV and ZM recieves video signals through a seperate video card. ( I have had my concerns in the past that there have been conflicts in the way I have set things up!). I have read a number of guides about setting a system up with virtual machines but not really found any articles about the practicalities of using such a set up at home. before I commit and spend a week pulling my hair out trying to get it all to work!

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