Ubuntu :: Server Can't Find Eth0 - Connect To Network

Jun 9, 2011

I tried for two days to install ubuntu server to my computer from a cd. Whenever I tried burning to a CD-RW (using two programs at highest and lowest speeds), my cd always said it had corrupt files. So I setup a virtualbox harddisk that was setup tonuse my slave harddisk and installed ubuntu server in virtualbox successfully. Now when I boot my server, it won't connect to my network. Long story short, I have taken lo out of my interfaces and tried resetting my dhcp ip address by releasing and renewing it using dhclient. I have realized that eth0 doesn't exist (it shows up in windows). I think that all I need to do is add eth0 to ubuntu...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Auto Eth0 - Network - Won't Connect ?

May 2, 2010

Upgraded To Ubuntu 10.04 The Other Day. And when I first installed it everything worked great except for my sound card which I fixed. But there was no problem with connecting to my Router via an Ethernet cable. Then I updated the video card drivers, restarted my PC and it wouldn't connect. It would try over around 1-2 mins then tell me its disconnected. No green light activity on the router / network card either.

I've reinstalled fresh copies of Ubuntu a couple of times now, Hoping to get the default settings back. But nothing has worked since.

I looked around the net and found quite a few people had this problem on previous versions of Ubuntu but it would seem most of there fixes were for there Version, so it hasn't helped me.

Heres some info:


I've tried all the various things from dhclient to ifup/ifdown etc etc.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Pppoe - Stuck And Doesn't Connect To Eth0

Jun 30, 2010

i'm using opensuse 11.3 and can't connect to the internet, my eth0 interface (which would be my modem i suppose) is found and when i "activate" it with ifup eth0, it gets stuck waiting for data (says so in ifstatus). If i try with knetworkmanager it is also stuck and doesn't connect to eth0. If i try to make it connect at boot, it doesn't work either.

I think the problem might be that in windows xp my modem has a "limited connection" but i can connect with my pppoe password anyway, but opensuse won't let me connect until it finds eth0 is working correctly which it never will because of how the internet company configures the modems i think. I don't know with which command i could "force" the pppoe connection even without a good connection to the modem, maybe that would work. But on the other hand, with other distros i can connect just fine so i don't know really.

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Ubuntu :: Network Manager In Lubuntu - Cannot Get Auto Eth0 To Connect To Send Out As A Share

Aug 19, 2010

If I made a distro from scratch it would have been Lubuntu, cept I'm sure my theming would have been horrible. Now Ive installed on a couple of my Laptops, and even had a few friends convert, and for the most part everything is hunkus doris, cept one small issue thats keeping me from slapping it on my trusty laptop. I'm lost as to what the problem could be. Ive tried just about all I can think of, but I use sprint mobile broadband to connect to the net and then use Network Manager to share this connection with the laptops and Palmtops around the house. I can get my sprint modem to connect thats not a big problem the problem is now I cannot get the Auto Eth0 to connect to send out as a share. It just refuses to connect. Now this is not a Lubuntu problem at all Im sure its somehow a Lxde problem, as Mint Lxde, PeppermintOS, and so on do the same thing, refusing to connect Auto Eth0 while Sprint is connected. Any Gnome based distro this works flawless, as does Xfce distros, so Im sure this is somehow something within Lxde. Im sure its down to just "missing" a file or some stupid overlooked thing.

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General :: Server Inaccessible Because Of Duplicate /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Apr 17, 2011

I'm nearly at the end of creating a shell script that automates changing network settings by prompting the user for desired settings, then applying them.

In the course of my development, I created temporary copies of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0_tmp1, for example) so as to not alter the original file. Little did I know that on boot the system would attempt to load each of these kinds of files and associate it with an ethernet connection, in this case eth0.

So..... now there are multiple copies in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts diretory that essentially have the same settings. They are..


Now when the system boots, it attempts to load them all. The boot doesn't appear to complete, and I can't ping, login, or otherwise access the system through convention routes (putty, etc.).

The easy solution would be to delete the tmp files and reboot. Now, how do I do that without being able to log in to the server. It's a VM by the way, if that makes a difference.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.10 Can't Find / Connect To Wireless Network

Feb 18, 2011

I recently installed the Maverick Meerkat distribution and am having problems getting it to find and connect to my wireless network. Additional info: I am using a Toshiba laptop and used the wubi installer to get Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Any Network Manager To Connect Wireless LAN

May 8, 2011

I installed lxde on Ubuntu 11.04 but I cannot find any network manager to connect wireless LAN. There are some sort of network manager and they show available signals to connect but cannot find any way to command computer to "connect" it.

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Networking :: Production Server With Static IPs On Eth0 And Eth0:1 - Getting Private LAN On Eth1?

Jul 1, 2010

I have two servers on a vlan at my datacentre/colocation and previously both servers had public IPs on their eth0 interfaces. The servers are HP ProLiant DL360s - one is a G4 and one is a G5 The newer G5 is now the LAMP server and the G4 has been retired and I want to repurpose it as an iSCSI target using openfiler freenas or similar.

My G5 has public/static IPs lashed to the eth0 physical interface and the eth1 is not configured to do anything yet. The G4 will have both interfaces available - perhaps one for ssh access from one of my static public IPs and the other to be a private IP on the local vlan. Here is what I am trying to get my head around...

The G5
eth0 - Public IP - full LAMP services on two or three virtual interfaces
eth1 - Private IP
The G4
eth0 - Public IP for ssh
eth1 - Private IP

Because my traffic between eth1 on these boxes is via private IPs on the local private vlan it doesn't add to my quota for bandwidth. How do I go about configuring the routing and gateways and other aspects of this so that I can run a private IP space network between the eth1s and still serve the outside world from the eth0s...

I am afraid that if I assign the private IPs to the eth1 interfaces the routing may either not work or interfere with the access to the production internet facing interfaces (eth0s).

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Ubuntu Networking :: WLAN Doesn't Find A Network To Connect?

Dec 11, 2010

recently I risked a look to the Linux world and I'm happy so far, but now I've got a Problem, I'm unable to solve by myself. I installed Mint (Julia) on my old Laptop to test Linux. The Laptop has a very old PCMCIA WLAN Card with a Realtek rtl8180 chipset. Everything seems to run perfectly so far with one exception: the WLAN doesn't find any Network to connect although the card and the driver seem to be installed correctly.

Here some code from the terminal:

00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS200/RS200M AGP Bridge [IGP 340M] (rev 02)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc PCI Bridge [IGP 340M]
00:02.0 USB Controller: ALi Corporation USB 1.1 Controller (rev 03)
00:03.0 Modem: ALi Corporation M5457 AC'97 Modem Controller


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General :: Force Server To Open Connections Via Eth0:0 Not Eth0?

Mar 3, 2010

I got two IP's in my dedicated server. Both are external IP's. I would like to make connections using 2nd IP address under eth0:0 interface. For example: when using "lynx whatismyip.com" should display my 2nd IP. How to do this using iptables ?

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Fedora Security :: Find Device Eth0 Entered Promiscuous Mode Don't Remember Putting Eth0 In Promiscuous Mode?

Nov 18, 2010

I've looked today on my logs /var/log/message and I find device eth0 entered promiscuous mode I don't remember putting eth0 in promiscuous mode I'm connected to the net thru a router how do i turn that off ?

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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.10 - Setup Eth0 With Subdevice Eth0.0 And Eth0.99 To Come Up At Boot

Apr 22, 2011

im trying to setup eth0 with subdevice eth0.0 and eth0.99 to come up at boot

eth0 is dhcp clint
eth0:0 is static ip
eth0.99 is 802.1q vlan interface
auto lo

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Networking :: Sending Video Streams From Eth0 And Eth1 To The Other Server Programs' Eth0 And Eth1?

Jul 30, 2010

I try to generate a server client code. What i try to do is sending video streams from eth0 and eth1 to the other server programs' eth0 and eth1. In order to do that, i decided to use SO_BINDTODEVICE. But the code is not working. Am i misunderstood the usage of SO_BINDTODEVICE.

1-Defining two ports
2-Defining two sockets
3-Assigning host ips on them


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OpenSUSE Network :: Lost Wired Network Interface Eth0

Feb 14, 2010

Last night while setting up wired & wireless connection in openSuse 11.2 Gnome version via YAST's ifup, I got wireless but lost wired connection (interface eth0). Dmesg shows that eth0 became eth1. I cannot get eth0 back. Is there any way to remedy this situation, eg. get info from the Ubuntu partition in my triple-boot laptop, without having to re-install openSUSE?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Bridge Betw/ Eth0 And Wlan0?

Dec 24, 2010

I'm new to this forum site and I was wondering how can I bridge a network between the eth0 and wlan0 connections?my eth0 NIC is a RealTek RTL8111B 10/100/1000 Ethernet Card (OnBoard) and my wlan0 NIC is a RealTek RTL8187B 802.11b/g WiFi USB Adapter Card.Are there any utilities, such as bridge-utils that I can use, except for Firestarter since Firestarter states that the eth0 connection is not established, or do I right-click on the network icon and select Edit Connections and go to Auto eth0 and under the IPv4 Address setting and select Shared to other computers and run a live connection there?The main reason is that I need an Internet connection for my Xbox 360, which is connected to my Linksys WRT54G 802.11b/g Wireless Router, that has DD-WRT firmware installed and 4 WiFi hotspots for any wireless device, such as my PSP, DS, DS Lite, Wii, Laptop(s), my brother's PC (needs a WiFi card), and my dad's PC (needs either a WiFi card or an Internet connection from my brother's computer to my dad's PC)

Here are my Computer Specs:
ECS nForce6m-a Motherboard
2GB DDR-800 PC6400 Memory


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Ubuntu :: Network Works, But Can't Find Server?

Sep 26, 2010

My network is working and shows a connection to my wireless connection (connected at 100%), but firefox shows "Problem loading page" when ever I enter a url. So I can't access the internet. Synaptic doesn't work either.When I try to download, I get a warning "Could not doadload all repository indexes - (-5 No address associated with hostname)"This is a dual boot machine and the internet connection on the windows side works just fine. The connection worked fine with ubuntu 9.10. But since I partitioned the drive and did a fresh install of 10.4 I can not access the internet.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Get Eth0 To Connect

Jun 22, 2011

I have a 10.04 box connected to a router with DHCP and wireless. Lathough it can connect through the wifi, I can't get the connection working with the ethernet cable (which is the one I wanna use by default).


I may add that it's the default auto connection, but I've also tried to create one manually setting the right ip address, gateway, etc, and attributing the same ip on the router to the MAC address of the card. I've also tried to edit manually the interfaces file, with no effect, or no good one at least. This log comes from a moment when nothing has been changed from the original 10.04 installation.

And I have connected a laptop to this very same cable, and the connection worked straight away...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Network To Connect To The Server Itself?

Jun 24, 2010

Does anyone know, or have any experience with, what the best way to set a network interface on a linux server to be up - so that virtual machines can bridge through the physical interface, but not allow anyone on a network to connect to the server itself? Thank you

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Server - Cannot Find Network Workgroups

Jun 17, 2010

I just converted our whole office from many flavors of Windows, and windows server 2000 to Ubuntu Server and Kubuntu for desktops. All went beautifully and the staff is warming up to my move(the first think one noticed was that Open Office can ready both older DOC and newer DOCX Word files, which MS Office can't do). The Ubuntu 10.04 Server was a learning experience because I added a lot of things other than just service Samba files(intranet, internal mail server, MySql, etc). Going on 3 weeks and not one problem with printing, incompatible document formats etc! But getting it all working was fun because things make sense and are visible. Windows is fine when things work but when it doesn't it is very mysterious and unfriendly. All was fine except when I tried to install Kubuntu 10.04 on a spare laptop.

It worked perfectly with the live CD and even a bootable persistent version on a flash drive. But when installing a normal HD install, all went well but I can't find the workgroup on the network. I am a pretty much novice so really do not know where to start looking. I can ping the server and internet and the new intranet work on the wireless and wired connections. Just can't see the network workgroup. Where to start looking? or maybe just reformat and start again. I just tried booting from the CD and the USB Flash drive again and both of those work well, just slow. For those wondering if it is a good move, consider what a support relievf it would be to have all your desk machines on the exact same page in terms of security updates and versions, and so easy to keep current. Besides the UI is really pretty cool.

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Server :: Cannot Connect Via Ssh From Outside The Network

Dec 7, 2010

I cannot connect to my server via ssh from outside my office network. Ssh from inside the network poses no problem. From outside the network, I can ping the server so I assume that there is no problem with the IP address. I am quite new to linux networking so pls forgive me if this is a stupid question. Is there any changes I need to make in the sshd_config file?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 7.10 - No IPv4 With Eth0 - Can't Connect To LAN

Apr 19, 2010

Current problem: fresh, clean install of Ubuntu 7.10 on known good hardware does not use/produce/get/have an IPv4 associated with eth0, so cannot connect to my home network for Internet access.

Background: Have been wanting to build and maintain a home file server for some time now. Have also been wanting some hands-on practice to help me progress from Noob to Intermediate, eventually advanced Linux Tech. (I have two decades of tech support experience, but only small fraction of that using command lines and almost zero Linux.)

Anyway, every time I download and attempt to burn a recent distro on my Vista Shuttle, I only end up making drink coasters and mini-frisbees. so I thought that I might have better luck if I used a Linux Workstation to download and burn a server distro.

That's where I an now. I took one of my fully functional WinXP systems offline, replaced the WXP HDD with an old 3.2 GB, dug out my 2008 edition Linux Bible, popped in the DVD that came with it, and installed Ubuntu 7.10.

Everything else seems to have progressed smoothly, but I cannot seem to get the onboard Via chipset ethernet controller to talk to the router. When I run "ifconfig" in Terminal, I see IPv6 info, but nothing for IPv4.

When I try to configure eth0, it doesn't matter whether I set it up for DHCP or static... nothing works.

Is there a command line tht I can use in Terminal to manually configure eth0 to use IPv4?

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Server :: How To Find The Network Protocol

Jul 30, 2011

finding the best protocol for my server's file sharing. I will use this with 3 macs running 10.4.11 , one running 10.6.8, and one running 10.7 AND 10.6.7 AND Ubuntu 11.04. My server is going to be running Gentoo. I also need something where i can access it over the internet(and I'm using dyndns for my internet access(acessing from a outside machine)) with encryption and little hassle. I need the ability to be able to mount in finder and multiple users to be able to open a file.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Find Computer Linked To Eth0 ?

Apr 28, 2011

I have a laptop at work, the user got logged out and now im unable to access it directly.

I have a work computer that is directly connected (through eth0) to my laptop, and that is still on:

ifconfig - on work computer


I want to run the command "sudo shutdown -r 0" on my laptop so that it will reboot... and then auto-login to the laptop again.

If i go to ping computer i get this:


That address is the one when it is connected through the wireless; but when it got logged out i guess it shuts the wlan interface off.

In short, i need to find the address of the computer on the other end of the eth0

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To A Network Server Drive?

Jan 29, 2010

Okay so my school has a Z: drive which is the network drive that holds all of the students folders. I need to connect to it so that I can complete projects and place them in my server drive. How would I go about doing that?

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Ubuntu :: Server Installed - How To Connect To USB WiFi Network

Jul 10, 2010

I just installed ubuntu server, and I need to use a usb wifi thingy for it, but it refuses to connect. The computer recognizes the wifi, and I can even do "sudo iwlist scan" and see my wifi network, but I can't figure out how to connect.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Server Doesn't Find My Other Network Devices

Jun 30, 2010

I've got three network devices on a laptop:

1. Built-in ethernet LAN
2. Built-in ethernet WLAN
3. PCMCIA ethernet LAN

I installed Ubuntu Server on this computer without the last one inserted.I inserted the last one today, and it lights up when i put in the cable. To be sure if Ubuntu has found it, I tested with the install CD and could see that it found all three at the first part of the installation where I have to chose a primary device.I can't get my WLAN card working, neither do I get my PCMCIA LAN card working. The third card, this PCMCIA card, has worked on Ubuntu Desktop using another laptop. And as said, the setup finds all three.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Eth0 Active But Can't Connect To Internet In 10.04?

Jul 16, 2010

i was using ubuntu 9.10 till recently when i decided to upgrade to ubuntu lucid 10.04. turns out the internet icon shows connected after fresh installation but when i try to use firefox , after an long wait it shows server not found. i did a research of my own and found that i am not able to ping even my router.using sudo dhclient eth0 doesn't recieve offers , but surprisingly when i tried dhclient eth0 in root shell with networking internet got configured very quickly and i can ping the router and any website.i forgot to mention i have a wired connection which i am trying to connect and the net is working fine with windows 7 on the same PC.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Firefox Can't Find The Server

Mar 1, 2011

I've gotten this in the past with other PCs, but have been able to fix it by deleting my connection in Network Manager and recreating it. I'm using DHCP. This is OpenSUSE 11.3 on a HP Mini-110 Netbook.Here's the weird part, before anyone starts sending me to resolv.conf or asking for "lspci" stuff. When I'm in a terminal on this netbook, I can enter "host google.com" and it works. I can enter, "host download.opensuse.org" and it works fine. I get an IP address. If I manually enter the IP address in Firefox, I go to the site. But if I enter "www.google.com" in Firefox, it very quickly responds with, "Firefox can't find the server at google.com.""Browse Offline" isn't checked. (Think about it: if it was, I couldn't enter the IP address and go to a site, anyway.) This is a brand new install of OS 11.3, Firefox 3.6.6. But one other interesting thing: the software updater reported that common "curl" error, saying that IT couldn't resolve the addresses, either.

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Cant Connect To Both The Eth0 And Eth1 At The Same Time

Dec 11, 2010

I have 2 LAN ports. one from the motherboard (on board) and the other from a lan card i bought a few days back. one is use for browsing the net, the other for a media player. problem is i cant connect to both the eth0 and eth1 at the same time. i have to disconnect one of them to connect to the other. and this really gets irritating as it doesnt always work as flawlessly as it should. what am i doing wrong?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Cannot Install Yum - Does Not Connect To The Server ?

Feb 19, 2010

I need to install Yum, but does not connect to the server.


Resolving package dependencies...

Here is the list of Zypper


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