Ubuntu Security :: Live View Of Ssh Log ?

Feb 14, 2011

Is there some way to view the an openssh servers auth logs in real time?

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Ubuntu Security :: Login Panel Is Worse From Security View Point

Jan 19, 2010

ubuntu 9.10 login panel is worse with respect to ubuntu 8 since now all the users with names are shown without a way to hide them!Why don't keep the old way at least as an option?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lunable To View The Live Feed?

Jul 31, 2011

I'm unable to view the live feed on this page:


I have tried the normal settings editing (from my previous thread) but it just tries to connect but never does.

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Ubuntu :: View Contents Of Initrd.lz File On Live USB?

Sep 7, 2010

What command do I need to use to view the /casper/initrd.lz file on a live USB? Here's what I know about initrd.img in /boot on standard installations:

zcat /boot/initrd.img-2.6.xx.xx-generic | cpio -iv
Now, what's the equivalent for initrd.lz files?

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General :: View Live Logs On A System Server?

Jul 29, 2011

How can I view a live log on a Linux Server, so that I can see new log entries instantly as they are being added?

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Software :: View Logs Live To Display In Terminal?

Mar 24, 2011

Is there a software I can use to display on a terminal that would display traffic or log information to a display terminal. I have CentOS on all my boxes. I would like to have a terminal up and have it show things like requests to the DNS servers, apache or maybe anything else. Especially errors. I know if I had something just displaying live from the web server it would go by so fast you couldn't see it so I would have to slow it down or something.

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Ubuntu Security :: View Browsing History Remotely?

Jan 9, 2010

What are all the ways you could think of that someone could view your browsing history, upstream from your machine? They don't have physical access, there's nothing on the computer itself and the person trying to hack has skill so I'm thinking like monitoring a proxy somehow, using the ip address somehow, compromising the modem in some way, possibly having access to google account etc. I am new to ubuntu and have really dug it so far but I want to figure how this is/was being done

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Ubuntu Security :: How To View Email Attachment Without Risk

Oct 30, 2010

I have received an email with a .csv attachment from a bank, and need to know how to view the attachment without risk. Using View>Message Source I see a large solid block of random upper and lower case characters, whereas I would expect to see some readable text mixed in. The email subject and the attachment name both contain data specific to me, but the text of the email consists largely of disclaimers with no mention of my name or any clue as to the nature of the attachment. I am using Thunderbird as my email client.

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Fedora Security :: View The Currently Used Certificate?

Apr 2, 2009

I am having issues with using OpenSSL. How do I view the currently used certificate? Also, do you know of a good site that has instructions on how to install a certificate. The previous user installed a GoDaddy cert for an FTP server and I need to update it because it's expiring real soon.

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Fedora Security :: Lastb - Clear Entries To Can Get A More Update View?

Jun 29, 2009

I run lastb every now and again to see who is trying to p0wn my box and it dates back to november 08. how do i clear these entries to i can get a more update view? or if you know a way i can do a 'more' or something so the IP's are not flying by that would be cool too!

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Security :: View Random Data And Zeroes On A Hard Drive?

Mar 9, 2011

I want to view a hard drive and see if it has all zeroes, how would I do this? I want to view a hard drive and see if it has all random data, or random data mixed with zeroes. How can I do this? I prefer to do all this in linux if possible without a gui...so looking for any cli tools to view with.

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Ubuntu Security :: Use The Live CD And Firefox?

Aug 16, 2010

There is a lot of talk regarding the Zeus Trojan at the moment.

Are we safe if we use The Live CD and Firefox?

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Ubuntu Security :: Make Live CD Of System

May 3, 2011

I got BT's repo's set and ready to install, tho I haven't installed them all just yet cause I not wanna crash the system, so I guess what I am asking has anyone sucecfully done this and what are the specific risks here. I have uploaded crunch and that works fine if I do it manually from the command line. the kernal seems to be update-able as well to BT's Kernal, I am not sure if I should do this or not in fear it might crash the Ubuntu system somehow. I guess what I might do next is install everything but the Kernal and install the executable links to the drop down menu by hand per the menu structure.

What I would ideally want is to have all the functionality of BT in Ubuntu which is pretty close to where I am at. Also, when I am done I want to make a live CD of this system so that I not have to do this ever again as it is very time consuming. What program would be used for that? Would any of my user data transfere? I don't want my user data to be transferred to the live CD just the raw system data etc. Anyone done this and would like to chat via skype? that would be best, but I'll take any help I can get at this point. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 for all this.

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Ubuntu Security :: Suspicious Log Or Not - Haven't Permission To View "/var/log/btmp1"

Sep 21, 2010

Is there anything suspicious about this auth.log? I find the many CRON outputs and the part with gconftool weird. Also, why don't I have the permission to view "/var/log/btmp1". It has never happened before.
I'm using GNOME's log viewer.


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Ubuntu Security :: Is Live Cd Totally Secure From Intrusion?

Mar 11, 2010

Is an ubuntu live cd totally secure from intrusion? Stated another way, even if someone knows my ip address, can the live cd environment be hacked into in any way so that another could monitor what I am doing on my computer? From my understanding the live cd is read only, so that would prevent anything malicious being installed on it. I am curious if there are other ways a box running a live cd could be tapped into.

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Ubuntu Security :: Pretty Slick Live Disc From AVG?

Mar 27, 2010

AVG Rescue CD A powerful toolset for rescue & repair of infected machines. Quote: The AVG Rescue CD is a powerful must-have toolkit for the rescue and repair of infected machines. It provides essential utilities for system administrators and other IT professionals and includes the following features:

* Comprehensive administration toolkit
* System recovery from virus and spyware infections
* Suitable for recovering MS Windows and Linux operating systemsFAT32
and NTFS file systems)
* Ability to perform a clean boot from CD or USB stick
* Free support and service for paid license holders of any AVG product
* FAQ and Free Forum self-help support for AVG Free users

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Ubuntu Security :: File Permissions In Live Session CD

May 9, 2010

I have broken my MBR and can now only enter 9.10 with the ubuntu start up cd.when i boot through he ubuntu live cd.I can see my mounted drive with all my files however i do not have the permissions to open or copy some of my files( music, films, pics) . id like to do this so i can transfer all my files to an external HDD and reformat start all over again.error when trying to open files.You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of.

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Ubuntu Security :: Secure Live CD Or USB Thumb Drive?

Oct 3, 2010

Have not found this elsewhere so here goes.

I had a friend ask how he could do his electronic banking without a chance of any information being left on his computer once he is done.

I thought of a Ubuntu live CD but have seen the HD activity light flashing when using one. That leads me to believe that some kind of use is made of the HD and that makes a live CD questionable. He wants no information on the HD even in unassigned sectors.

Maybe, better yet would be a USB thumb drive that runs Ubuntu or another distribution that will not use the HD or even require that one be in the computer. A plus with a thumb drive would be that it would only be available on the computer when it is being used so it could contain passwords etc. Of course, it would have to be removed when not in use.

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Security :: NTFS Data Recovery From Ubuntu Live CD?

Dec 6, 2010

I have a windows install that is totally hosed, bluescreens, etc. I want to try to force mount it from Ubuntu to get whatever data I can, but it won't allow me to mount. It keeps telling me to run chkdsk /f and reboot twice. But that's not possible. I was wondering if there are any ntfs tools for Ubuntu or any data recovery tools I can use to get what I can from this drive.

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Software :: Html And Php Editor That Supports Both The Design View And Code View As Like In Dreamviewer?

May 30, 2011

I have been working in macromedia dreamviewer for editing html and php files, Just now I moved to linux system by installing xampp , my question is that I need a best html and php editor that supports both the design view and code view as like in dreamviewer.

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Ubuntu Security :: Run Debian As Live Version From USB Flash Drive

Jun 4, 2010

I want to run Debian as a live version from my USB flash drive. Does this provide the same amount of security from hackers as installing Debian as the only OS on my netbook. Windows ce would still be on my netbook?

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Ubuntu Security :: Access Encrypted Hard Drive Via Live Usb?

May 17, 2011

I want to access my hard drive to copy over my old documents. So I boot into a LiveUSB, mount my ubuntu partition, and then cd to my home directory, but I can't open it. I get "permission denied." I encrypted my whole home directory and know the password, but how do I "decrypt" it or login as the partition's root so I can access the documents that way. I'm booted into the USB, but can't access the home directory. I get "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of 'jake'".

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Security :: Is Live CD Safest Thing For Doing B*nking?

Jun 24, 2010

Want to know if using a live CD, say Knoppix, gives a good level of protection when moving money about? I am very unsophisticated on the subject of security.This question has been addressed before on this site Code:if you have enough RAM you can ignore your local disks all together, and avoid the security risk of a swap file
How you do that then?Perhaps it would be better to use an operating system inside the software computer, virtual box, that only ever gets used for this b*nking purpose?

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Security :: Is Firewall Needed For Live CD With Dialup Internet

Feb 3, 2010

Is there any point to running a personal firewall when using a linux live CD or DVD with a dialup internet connection? My chief concern is compromise of the underlying Windows installation. I do not need corporate-grade security.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Get A Vista Box To Recognize Live CD Or Live USB

Sep 8, 2010

I've done a good few ubuntu installations for friends and colleagues and now my Dad wants in on the action. His PC is more than capable of running ubuntu 32 bit BUT I've hit a brick wall I've never come across before. I've burnt a CD image of the 10.04 iso from [URL] on my ubuntu box and for some reason, his PC just won't boot from it. If I select the option to manually select the boot source, all I see is the hardware monitor telling me things like CPU temperature. As for the Live USB - nothing whatsoever. Is it possible that I've managed to corrupt the iso file somehow?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Live CD And Live Stick Not Working

Apr 28, 2011

Live CD: I dowloaded the ISO, burned it to CD, booted from this CD. It starts to load and I can see the purple background with the loading icons. Everything seems normal. But instead of ending up with the login screen, it ends up with a screen that says 'Please remove all bootup media and hit ENTER' or something like this. So I hit enter and then it shuts off my computer. That's it.

Live Stick: So I tried another option and created a stick with 'usb-creator.exe' that is on the CD. Then I start from that stick, but all I end up is a line of 'Syslinux bla bla copyright 20xx-2011'. That's it. Then it does nothing anymore. The cursor is blinking, but no prompt or whatsoever and keyboard input doesn't do anything.

Now something weird: When I insert Live CD and Live Stick at the same time and then boot my computer, then it boots into Ubuntu. Obviously it loads the first parts from CD and then the rest from stick. Because when I'm then in Ubuntu and try to format the stick, it says it can't do so, because there's system files from that stick in use.

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Debian :: Live Cd Login Info / 'user' And 'live' Are Not Working?

Nov 9, 2010

I can't seem to find this anywhere. I have burned Debian 5.06 for i386 and trying to login when running the live cd. What is the username and password to get in?

I found 'user' and 'live' but they don't work.

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Software :: Create Live Distro For Organization And Live Scripts?

Aug 18, 2010

I need aufs support/patch for kernel as i i need to create a live linux distro for my organization and linux live scripts (the scripts which I am using for creating live linux distro) require aufs and squashfs support. There is a directive for squashfs in kernel configuration file but nothing for aufs and the patch available at linux-live site seems not to work.

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Debian :: Create USB Live Using Live-helper Under Lenny?

Feb 1, 2011

Howto create USB Live image using live-helper under Lenny?

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General :: Cannot Create Live Usb For OpenSuse Using Live USB Creator?

Sep 22, 2009

I just downloaded OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit live cd from it's official site.I have live usb creater in my xp box , with the help of which I successfully created live USB for fedora 11 earlier. Now the problem is whenever I try to create live usb using Opensuse live ISO image after extracting all files to usb , it gets failed.The same thing is happening with OpenSolaris 11 live cd iso image. Does this mean that live usb creater I have, was only foe Fedora distros?

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