Ubuntu Security :: Updated Browsers Using Update Manager Have Lost Security Login Pages For Web Mail?

Mar 3, 2011

i updated both browsers i have and lost my secure log-in pages (no padlocks showing ) concerning different Web mail accounts.Just before i did these updates i checked an unrelated thing on-line regarding my sound card of which i kept a copy of and got this message below :

!!ALSA/HDA dmesg
[ 12.762633] cfg80211: Calling CRDA for country: AM


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Ubuntu :: Massive Security Breach - Login Screen Lost

Jun 30, 2010

I've had a password on my 10.04 installation since I installed it (when it was released) and since last week it has disappeared. My computer seems to log in automatically. When I check the login screen settings, it is set to "show the screen for choosing who will log in".

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Ubuntu :: Update Manager Can't Update Security Updates / Solve This?

Apr 23, 2010

xulrunner-1.9.1-gnome support

After click on install updates and entering password, a message says "Some of the packages could not be retrieved from the server(s). Do you want to continue, ignoring these packages? Yes/No.

If I answer No, this message appears:

W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/po....10.1_i386.deb
404 Not Found [IP: 80]

If Yes, it tries to download but immediately:

W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/po....10.1_i386.deb
404 Not Found [IP: 80]

It has always installed the updates with no problems, until these 3 updates remain in pending installation status.

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Ubuntu Security :: Sudo Update From The Update Manager?

Feb 27, 2010

Just got a sudo update from the update manager-does anyone know what this specific update does?

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General :: Security - Login To Window Manager As Root?

Apr 5, 2010

I have a habbit of openning a 2 sessions of xwindow (I'm using KDE), one as user to browse the internet and the other as root to do some admin work. But someone told me that login to KDE as root is bad in terms of security. Is this true?

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Fedora :: Cannot Login After Security Update

Sep 13, 2009

Yesterday, I updated my system with the latest security update and other software updates. Following the update, I am not able to log into the system after restart.As usual, I was prompted with the login page which looks as per normal. I chose my login id and entered my password. It brings me briefly to my desktop showing only my wallpaper (without any upper and bottom taskbars/panels). Then the screen went blank and the login page appeared again.I entered the login id and password, was shown the desktop wallpaper, screen went blank and the login page appeared. This continues over and over and over. After multiple tries and with some luck, I am able to log in as per normal.What seems to be the problem?

1. How do I check the system for errors?
2. How do I check which update has been updated?
3. Is there any way for me to restore to its original state (I migrated from FC10 to FC11 via yum update)?

The only other change apart from the security update is that I installed wine - which has been uninstalled the moment I was able to re-logged in.I attach the details of my grub.conf file below which I hope could be of some useful info.

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Ubuntu Security :: Login Panel Is Worse From Security View Point

Jan 19, 2010

ubuntu 9.10 login panel is worse with respect to ubuntu 8 since now all the users with names are shown without a way to hide them!Why don't keep the old way at least as an option?

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Ubuntu Security :: Startup Login Screen Security?

Aug 27, 2010

just migrated to Lucid from Jaunty and noticed that the login startup screen looks more like windoze (shows all authorized users).One of the endearing security checks with Unix was that if you had access to a console you had guess both userid AND password - the system wouldn't tell you which was wrong.I feel that we have lowered security by making the list of authorized users visible on a console. Is there any way to turn it off and force users to enter both userid and password?

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Ubuntu Security :: Security E-mails At Root Login?

Sep 8, 2010

Whenever I login as root, an e-mail with the subject "Security information" is sent outwhere the e-mail address for this message is configured? I need to change it (or perhaps disable it).

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Debian :: Security Status Of Web Browsers

Dec 16, 2015

In the Release Notes for Jessie, it is stated that webkit browsers do not receive security updates in a timely manner and so are not secure. It is recommended that one uses a gecko-based browser or Chromium for 'general' web browsing. Yet I haven't read anything about this elsewhere and I'm guessing a lot of people don't read the Release Notes, so perhaps it's only something I would only need to worry about if I worked for MI6?

Anyway, Chromium and Iceweasel are becoming far too sluggish for my computer. I would want to experiment with Konqueror, Midori, Epiphany and Opera, but don't want to do anything insecure. I'm of the understanding that without Mandatory Access Control, exploits in applications often allow attackers to access all of the user's files; I want to avoid that.

On the Opera page on Debian Wiki, it says 'Opera is a non-free (proprietary) software. It isn't supported by Debian. It's probably wiser to use a supported web browser ! '.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Samba Security Update / Lost Access To Network

Mar 25, 2010

Installed a security update for samba tonight via Opensuse updater.Now, when trying to access my home network an authentication box pops up (never used to)Asks me to enter authentication for my home network.I enter my username and password and hit enter. After a few seconds the authentication box pops up again askingfor the same indicating I have entered the wrong username / password combination (which I know I have not).

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Ubuntu Security :: Phpmyadmin Security Update For 10.04.3?

Aug 8, 2011

Just got a message about critical security holes for phpmyadmin (see e.g. [URL]) and wondering, when I'd get an update for my ubuntu server Lucid Lynx 10.04.3?

Currently installed version is 4:3.3.2-1, published on 2010-04-16.

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Security :: PKI Certificates And Web Browsers / File That Is Being Imported Into The Browser?

Dec 29, 2010

We have a web server running apache and a custom web app that we log into from a web browser and it ask you to except the certificate and all is well. I now have an user who is using a window server 2008 and he wants to manually import the *.cer file into his browser to be able to login. My question are:

1 - What is the file that is being imported into the browser? *.pem *.crt

2 - I see on our server that we have our certs I believe located in the /etc/pki/tls/certs. The openRADIUS servers that I have created, this is the directory to where it is stored.Is this the typical placement for certs.

3 -If the files is a .cert or *.pem than could I use openssl to convert them to the appropiate *.cer file for IE7

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update Manager Can't Get Updated / Fix It?

May 13, 2011

I am running Ubuntu 11.04. But now whenever I click 'Check' in my UpdateManager, it always said 'No update found' But the UpdateManager said 'The package information was last updated less than one hour ago.'

How can I fix it?

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Ubuntu :: Update Manager Lists Items That Never Get Updated 8.04 LTS?

Feb 19, 2011

I am running 8.04 LTS on a Dell Inspiron 1525. Update Manager lists a bunch of items that just stay there forever - they never update, they never go away and the check boxes cannot even be checked.

Alot of these are "language-pack-gnome-xxx" updates. I also have one "skype" update that never goes away and can't be checked.Something's wrong and I don't know how to fix it.I want to eventually upgrade the entire OS but I am afraid to do so if my system has problems. I want the update manager window to be completely empty. I want these items to actually update or go away.

I don't have a degree in computer science so please be easy on me when it comes to terminal commands.I tried searching for this problem and, although I'm sure the topic has come up before, I can't seem to find a set of search terms that puts the topic within the top 10 results.

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Ubuntu Security :: 631/tcp CUPS / Close Port / Stop This Service / Tell Update Manager To Shove Cups?

Feb 27, 2011

Running: Ubuntu 10.10

I'm in a bind and I don't know how to get what I want. Nmap shows ipp running cups on port 631. Great, simple enough I uninstall cups, along with its dependencies. A new portscan reveals that the port is closed SUCCESS, but... Ubuntu Update Manager nags me @ every restart about the "important security" updates. I can't lock the version of cups in Synaptic, because cups is not installed! So you see I'm in a bind. If I have cups installed I have an open port, and if I uninstall cups the update manager nags me. What do I do? I've tried:

- stopping the cups service and issuing the chkconfig cups off command... (doesn't close the port)
- uninstalling cups... (update manager nags)
- fuser -k 631/tcp (great, but @ reboot the port is still open)
Please teach me how to close this port / stop this service / tell update manager to shove cups.....

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Ubuntu Security :: Chromium Still At 10.0.648.133 - Hasn't Updated

Mar 27, 2011

There was a security update (to fix compromised HTTPS certificates) to Chromium on 17 March (10.0.648.151) but my Chromium still hasn't updated. Did Ubuntu drop the ball here or is this just affecting my box? I'm considering switching to Google Chrome--to get security updates promptly.

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Fedora Security :: What Is In Security Update?

Jan 5, 2010

I was reading that Arch does not provide security updates, but just provides security by keeping with up-to-date software...So what is in a security update and what does it patch? The kernel?

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Security :: Why Rsync Updated Password Files

Mar 26, 2011

I synchronise my data disk to a backup disk daily. Yesterday I noticed that rsync listed in its output my password-managers directory, which contains an old Keepass database and other Windows password programs I used long ago. I haven't accessed this directory in ages, so I was wondering why rsync felt the need to list itthe directories it updated.Modification dates and last accessed dates are what I would expect; nothing recen

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Ubuntu Security :: Anitivirus Blocked The Suspicious Web Pages While Browsing

Dec 8, 2010

I come to Ubuntu with the notion that it is much more secure than Windows. In XP I had an anti-virus, third-party firewall and sundry softwares against spybots, rootkits etc. The anitivirus blocked the suspicious web pages while browsing. I generally avoided public networks, carrying a portable internet device Do I need similar stuff with Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Pages Not Loading With Security Settings In Firefox And System / Fix It?

Dec 28, 2010

I have been investigating some security precautions over the past several months. I use Ubuntu now instead of windows and FIrefox browser also. I have installed BetterPrivacy, WOT, NoSCript and a few other add ons. I have SELinux, ClamAV, AIDE, and chkrootkit installed for Ubuntu.

When we browse certain web sites, we get an error about the server being reset. However, when I put the Ubuntu install cd in and browse with Firefox, obviously with no add ons or settings changed, we can browse to the site with no problems. We are trying to be secure on the internet and I don't want to lower or get rid of any of the settings / add ons we added. What would cause servers to reset when using Firefox / Ubuntu with browser add ons / OS addons?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Keeping Software Updated For Security Reasons?

Jan 7, 2010

I've recently built a VM appliance using Ubuntu 8.04 that is given to customers for an easy deployment of our software. Ubuntu works great in a VM and its perfect for our software (which is a web application).

Some customers are paranoid (rightfully so) and they will run a vulnerability assessment on the web application. A particular customers' assessment fails as it finds that the appliance isn't running the latest version the Apache web server. I thought that just running "apt-get upgrade" would upgrade all of the software packages to the latest so that failures in the assessment caused by outdated software packages would be resolved... However this is not the case...

I realize that there is a probably a whole process for submitting/approving the latest versions of software packages in Ubuntu, that then get pushed to the repositories - But how does this work? What exactly does "apt-get upgrade" do if it doesnt upgrade packages to the latest?

For example: I need Apache 2.2.11 to fix a particular vulnerability. But when running apt-get upgrade, it doesnt actually upgrade the Apache version number (or any of the other packages). I'm stuck on Apache 2.2.8, and I can't find a .DEB installer for 2.2.11 or later.

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Ubuntu Security :: IMDB Remembers Pages History - Cookies Disabled

May 29, 2011

IMDB gives me a "recently viewed" list of pages I viewed recently (and a few of them were months ago, since I don't go there too often) at the bottom of every page I view. My cookies are enabled for session-only, have adblock plus, my ip changes every day, how are they doing that? How can I prevent it? What other websites are using the same trick? At this page [URL] there's a link there that says "Clear entire history", but I want to disable them from being able to track me like that, if they can track me, so can others.

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Security :: Run Intrusion Detection System On Regularly Updated Desktop?

Apr 1, 2010

My desktop (the system AIDE runs on) is reguarly updated, and the file output can become enormous, making it hard, if not impossible, to track down out of place files. I have recently thought of uninstalling it since I can't tell what is out of place and what isn't, but before I do that I wanted to ask everyones opinion regarding what would be the best way to handle such a program on a desktop that has some core files changed reguarly. This sytem is running Gentoo, so updates affect a number of directories.

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Slackware :: Security Page Been Updated To Include Latest Firefox?

Oct 5, 2010

I'm on the Slackware Security mailing list and I check the Slackware Security Advisory page daily because the mailing list, for me at least, is unreliable. After Firefox nagged me about a security update, I went to one of the FTP mirrors to check for an update and the Firefox update was there, but it still hasn't shown up on the official Slackware Security update page.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Completely Load Web Pages On Any Web Browsers?

Jun 22, 2010

I seem to have stumbled on a problem regarding internet connectivity. My web browser (Firefox or any other web browsers) can't completely load the desired webpages like yahoo.com or even google.com.But as I read different blogs in this forum, I have convinced myself that there is an internet connection.= when I ping different websites, Iseem to get good responses from those sites. Only when I need to browse the webpage do get no results.= ifconfig seems to respond well enough.= even "route" shows the IP my router/gateway correctly. The problem , I think, lies on the proxy settings or the DSN.

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Ubuntu :: Browsers Always Hanging On Web-pages / Not Loading Them Fully

Jan 28, 2011

browsers consistently hanging and not fully loading web pages. this happens in all the browsers i have tried. Opera and Chromium and Firefox. This only happens in Ubuntu. All the other computer in this house load fine and this windows side of this computer loads the pages the right way. At this point i don't know what to do but keep hitting stop and reload and few time till the page loads. can anyone help with this? Also I have tried to clear the cashes. One question where do the temporary Internet files go so I can manually clean that folder out. And also Firefox isn't to bad and the other browsers I just don't like it that much as I like the opera.

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Debian :: Graphical Browsers Cannot Browse The Web Pages?

Jul 12, 2011

Every thing was running ok in debain squeeze, but last time when i boot the system and connected to the Internet with the dialup connection, the graphical browsers like firefox and epiphany stop working and cannot open the web pages, the error is " Problem loading page", other clients like nslookup, ping, ftp clients and text browser lynx working ok.

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Software :: Browsers Updated Or Just Removed And Added?

Jan 9, 2010

I was able to get Firefox3.5.6 working on Mandriva which came with Firefox2 but I could use a few questions answered. I downloaded the tar file from the Mozilla site and followed the directions. I un-tarred it and dragged the shell script onto the top panel or launch bar at the top of the desktop instead of finalizing it their way. The launcher application works fine for three but two starts up the Dom inspector every time it starts. Not a big deal because I don't want to disturb Ff2 anymore than needed right now. So my main questions are what is the proper way to add a browser that shares files on Linux and is it possible to add Ff3 to the Application/Internet helper file? Should you really only have one version of Firefox? Does Linux call their helper files helper files or is it something different?

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Update Manager Lost Original Software Source List

Aug 22, 2010

I'm using Karmic 9.10 and think my original software source list has been removed. Have done all updates recently including Gnome do and standard ones. Think my software update karmic main and restricted universe list is somehow corrupted. With Karmic main showing Open office through the middle of the line. Tried putting in the Ubuntu 9.10 cd to update list but I don't know where to go from there as I'm new to certain stuff.

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