Ubuntu Security :: A Firewall That Enables Internet Access Only When A Program Is Run?

Jul 25, 2010

I wanted to know if there was a firewall program out there that can open specific ports when a program/process is run and disable the ports again when the program is closed.

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Ubuntu Security :: Active Connection / Program Access To Internet

Jan 18, 2011

There is this active connection in firestarter: ec2-174-129-193-12.compute-1.amazonaws.com (Port 443 - Service HTTPS - program python)After doing ps aux | grep PID it shows: /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon...This comes up in the firewall in each login, how do I get rid of it and how did it get there in the first place? Another question is if there is a way to limit a program's access to the internet. For example KCalender.. The things I type up in there may be stored somewhere. How can I disable complete access to the internet for that program and any other program so they can't backup, share, check etc. ?

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Ubuntu Security :: What Is Good IP Filter / Firewall Program?

Jun 10, 2010

What is a good IP filter/firewall program? Seeing as how I like free softwares, I download a lot of torrents. When I was using Windows, I used PeerBlock (the newer fork of PeerGuardian), however, it's not available for Linux. What would be a good alternative for this in Linux? I tried iplist as it has a GUI, and it was extremely buggy and blocked random web pages even after I put them on the exceptions list. And MoBlock has no GUI from I understand, nor has it been updated in years.

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Ubuntu :: Program Available That Enables One To Work With PDF Files?

Sep 8, 2010

a program available that enables one to work with PDF files on Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Security :: None Windows Computers Firewall And Anti-virus Program?

Feb 28, 2011

I tried to ask this question in the other thread but the admin was saying to me that my other thread here [URL]..( it was not very much the subject of the thread ) People that use Unix,Mac OSX or any Linux OS all none windows do you need anti-virus program like Norton or Kaspersky? And same with firewall like ZoneAlarm and Comodo ?

Some people say you do not need a anti-virus program like Norton or Kaspersky or any firewall.Other people say you do and some say that Unix and Mac OSX have built in firewall.

And if on uses windows use ZoneAlarm or Comodo has it does alot more than windows firewall and router firewall. Note the admin saying the other thread was why windows get more malware and not very much the subject of the thread to post there.

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Ubuntu :: Firewall - Blocks All Internet Access (even From Apt) To Server

Apr 20, 2011

I'm getting my first web server configured, and as per a tutorial I found, I used shorewall. However, it blocks all internet access (even from apt) to my server! Does anyone know a decent firewall program or a good guide on configuring shorewall?

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Ubuntu Security :: Outbound Firewall To Keep My Files From Appearing On The Internet?

Jul 23, 2011

What should I do to keep important files on my computer from being uploaded to the internet? Don't I need an outbound firewall to prevent this?

What causes my computer to send an outbound request to the internet that would result in files being uploaded from my computer onto the internet? I'm afraid to put anything of importance (like reports that I've written for work) onto a computer with internet access because I don't want them to be uploaded to the internet. I wouldn't upload them on purpose obviously, but I'm afraid it would happen without my knowledge because I don't know what I'm doing.

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Security :: Is Firewall Needed For Live CD With Dialup Internet

Feb 3, 2010

Is there any point to running a personal firewall when using a linux live CD or DVD with a dialup internet connection? My chief concern is compromise of the underlying Windows installation. I do not need corporate-grade security.

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Security :: New Flaw Enables Null Pointer Exploits?

Jul 18, 2009

I refrained from posting this in the Kernel Vulns thread earlier, due to its zero-day status. But now that the issue has been Slashdotted, there's no use in keeping us from publicly discussing this vulnerability. The link to the article (from which I quote below) is here. Brad Spengler's original announcement on the Dailydave mailing list is here.Quote:A researcher has published exploit code for a new vulnerability he discovered in the Linux kernel. The vulnerability is an especially interesting one in that the researcher who discovered it, Brad Spengler, has demonstrated that he can use the weakness to defeat many of the add-on security protections offered by SELinux and AppArmor.

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Security :: Isolate File Access For Program?

Mar 12, 2011

it is possible to change the root directory for a single, particular program. For example, I have an executable, 'miscreant.bin' that has all of it's required libraries in a directory named "libraries", in the same directory as the said executable. I can launch the program and make it use the libraries included with the executable rather than the system with:


/lib/ld-linux.so.2 --library-path ~/miscreant/libraries ~/miscreant/miscreant.bin


env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/miscreant/libraries ~/miscreant/miscreant.bin

With either, miscreant can be portable. But, I would also like to change the root directory (like chroot) of miscreant, so that the directory "~/miscreant/sandbox" becomes the root ("/"). So, if miscreant created a file named "/home/bryan/miscreant", it will be redirected to "~/miscreant/sandbox/home/bryan/miscreant". I am running Crunchbang 10 (Statler) on a 32-bit Atom netbook.

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Fedora :: Blacklist Program From Internet Access?

May 23, 2010

In Fedora 12 how do I make it so a specific program can't talk to the internet?

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Ubuntu :: A Program That Provides Access To Internet Radio Stations Like ITunes?

May 21, 2010

Is there an Ubuntu program that gives access to Internet radio stations like iTunes?

iTunes radio setting on Mac has hundreds or thousands of internet radio stations that the user can select from and listen to. Is there such an app for Ubuntu? That would be easier than finding all their web sites and bookmarking them.

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Security :: Blocking Program Access To Clipboard Data?

Feb 9, 2011

I'm running a program called Synergy+ to let my keyboard and mouse control multiple computers. One of Synergy+'s features is that clipboard (copy-paste) data is able to be shared, as in copy on one machine, paste onto another. I would like this functionality removed but Synergy+ has no way to disable it. I'm looking for any ideas to block clipboard data from being transferred. Is there a way to block a program from accessing the machine's clipboard data?

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Ubuntu Networking :: No Internet Access After Security Cleanup?

May 17, 2011

i installed many security programs as a switching from windows guy and decided to get rid of them last night. I uninstalledgufw, clamav(and all based packages), firestarterusing synapticbefore i rebooted the system the internet was well and working. but after i rebooted i had no internet access;firefox couldn't retrieve, update manager and apt-get couldn't connect.the computer knows it's connected to the router i see the connection established sign but I can't even connect to the router by typing "".the computer can ping itself( but can't ping itself in the network (the dhcp address is and replies "operation denied" or something like that.I rebooted using live-cd and connected with no problems; the my internet connection is fineany thoughts will be appreciated P.S.: I did a fast check on the forums and couldn't find anything related; i didn't check thoroughly though.

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Ubuntu Security :: Restrict Internet Access For Kids?

Jul 28, 2011

I'm running Natty and have made two logins on the system. One for myself and family and one for the kids (teens 14-15yr) to play in without Internet access via Admin "Users and Groups". I have hidden the Internet software icons on their screen amongst others i don't want them to see on the menus. On our screen I use a Firefox addon called "Web Of Trust" that can be configured easily for the kids and another addon called 'Blocksite' that I can selectively use for them and myself etc.

I have found out that they have still been able to get on to the net somehow under their login. Will have to observe again!! In the users settings for the kids the tick box for 'Internet'and 'use modem' access is un-ticked so I presumed that would be enough! Not so!!

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Security :: Use Iptables As Firewall Instead Of Juniper Firewall?

May 9, 2011

Can we use iptables as firewall instead of Juniper firewall

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Security :: Password For Services To Access Internet?

Nov 6, 2010

I was wondering if there is any way in Linux in general and Fedora 13 in particular to configure system so that any service that needs access to internet will have to ask for password/permission to do so. So that I can

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Ubuntu Security :: Unable To Access Internet Utilizing Laptop

Mar 12, 2010

To start off I do not have the ability to post in the Networking/Wireless thread. I attend DeVry university and in my school they recently rolled out "Bluesocket." Now that they have done this I am not able to access the internet utilizing my ubuntu laptop.I am able to connect to the network. When I open my web browser I am redirected to the "bluesocket" login page where I am able to successfully log in. The next step to accessing DeVry's internet service is to allow Bluesocket to do a scan using a Java applet. That scan is successful.

The results of the scan inform me that I am not being allowed to access the network resources because I don't have an antivirus or firewall program installed on my computer. I do not wish to have an antivirus or firewall program installed on my laptop to utilize DeVry's network resources. My question is what steps do I need to take to bypass/trick bluesocket?

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Security :: IPTABLES - Restrict Internet Access Based On Time Of Day And MAC Address

Feb 6, 2010

I am trying to configure my Linux router to restrict Internet access for one computer on my LAN. It needs to be restrictive based on the time of day and the days of the week. I am using the MAC address of the computer to single out the one computer that needs to be blocked. However, this is my first attempt at making any rules with iptables, and I am not sure if I am doing this right. If some one can take a look at this I would greatly appreciate it. This is what I have done so far.

Here is my thinking. Create a new target. Check the MAC address, if it is NOT the offending computer return to the default chain. If it is the offending computer check that we are between the allowed hours and dates and ACCEPT. If we are not within the time/date range then drop the packet.


Here I am trying to route all packets regardless of the computer on the LAN into the blocked_access chain for checking.


Is it a good idea to route all traffic through the blocked_access chain? I do run other servers that are accessible from the Internet, so I am not sure how this setup will affect that. I also use shorewall on the router to setup iptables for me. How would I integrate this with shorewall?

I am using squid to block access when he is using the web browser. However, he is still able to play games(World of Warcraft) and the like.

I am using Debian sid, iptable(1.4.6), shorewall(4.4.6), kernel 2.6.32-trunk-686.

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Security :: POP3 Through Iptyables And ConfigServer Security And Firewall

Sep 23, 2010

I have a Suse11 box with 2 network cards:

I have squid as a proxy on the Suse box, and with the default firewall I have to enable masquerading to allow clients on the eth3:1-3 to send and receive mail through the Suse box. I found the Suse firewall completely inadequate (all P2P software/connections are allowed once you enable masquerading) and had to install ConfigServer Security & Firewall. In die configuration of csf I could get my way around getting smtp to work for the eth3:1-3 clients, but pop3 connections does not go through the box. I know I need to allow port 110 and 995 to masquerade of NAT (or something) and then the same for port 22

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General :: PPPOE Server Access Internet Clients Fail To Access Internet

Aug 26, 2010

I have a linux box (fedora) with two ethernet cards eth1 and eth2. On eth1 I successfully configured a PPPOE internet connection. Such that from the server I can browse the internet. On eth2 I wired it to a wireless router essentially to provide the wireless cloud. On eth2 I also configured dhcp, such that the Linux box is both PPPOE and DHCP server.However my clients on the LAN cannot access the Internet.

On passing the routing command I get
Destination Gateway Iface
196.44.x.y ppp0 eth2 (my subnet) ppp0.

The router (functioning as a wireless access point mainly) has a fixed IP address of and eth2 has IP address The dhcp file running on Linux has been set with option router (Gateway) I cannot figure out how to correctly set the routing table such that my clients on wireless can access the internet cloud. I googled and googled but no solid solution. Any suggestions?

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Security :: Security - Virus - Firewall Protection ?

Feb 23, 2011

I tried installing F-prot's linux scanner but it doesn't seem to want to install and I am tired of messing with it.

So I am wondering if I even need it or if there is something else.

I am behind a firewall already with my router if that helps any.

I guess I am having trouble understanding why virus protection is less necessary.

Do people not write viruses for linux systems?

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Ubuntu :: Antivirus Or Spyware Program - Firewall Enabled By Default ?

Apr 24, 2010

Im a long time windows user and just installed Ubuntu 9.10 and have heard that i dont need any antivirus or spyware program on it, also is the firewall enabled by default if there is one and last thing do you need to do things like disk clean and defrag if so how.

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Fedora :: Whenever Open The Firewall Program It Hangs

Dec 10, 2009

I am using F12 and whenever i open the firewall program it hangs. Is this common or is it just me?

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Networking :: Comparing IPTables And Firewall Program?

Sep 10, 2010

I have to make my final exam on network & security, my task is to compare Iptables and a firewall program, yeah not a distribution. I use Archlinux so I'd like to continue use it for my project! Anyway my question is: which Network firewall could be the best one? I need this features:

- packet filtering
- HA (High Availability)
- Live (active) connection migration (if one fails...)
- Load balancing (not really important but...)

I know "many" firewalls but they all are distro. I need something to install on a linux machine (as said... better if I can run it directly on Archlinux!)

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Ubuntu Security :: Get VNC Through Firewall?

Jul 20, 2010

I have Ubuntu running on an old PE server. It is running Virtualbox with an instance of Ubuntu inside. The instance is there to run my honeypot.

The server box IP is192.168.1.10. The Virtualbox is bridged with it's own IP of The honeypot daemon is listening to with arpd.

I set up the UFW with DENY. And then enabled only the ports leading to the honeypot scripts which are abound to IP .201. I then forwarded the ports necessary to run VNC to .200.

Here is the UFW status:
buntu@ubuntu-desktop:/var/lib$ sudo ufw status
Status: active
To Action From
-- ------ ---- 21/tcp ALLOW 21/tcp 4444/tcp ALLOW 4444/tcp 5544/tcp ALLOW 5544/tcp


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Ubuntu Security :: Do I Need To Turn A Firewall On?

May 23, 2010

Will I need to actiavte the firewall that comes with Ubuntu since I'm using Transmission?

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Security :: Good Firewall To Use With Ubuntu?

Aug 13, 2010

I am new to the Ubuntu/Linix world (less than a week).

I have tried the search, but have had difficulty finding threads on this.

Can someone recommend an excellent firewall to use with Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Security :: Hardening My Firewall ?

Aug 14, 2010

I have a VPS (Ubuntu 8.04 server eition) and as such am stuck with using a software firewall.

i currently have UFW installed.

I would ideally like to have my firewall be a little rude, or rather just not polite. I know what i am asking will break the RFC, but i consider this ok due to the security benefits.

I would like to have my firewall
1) ignore (eg drop without responding)all packets that dont start with a syn flag
2)for all other traffic that is currently blocked, have it dropped (again drop it without responding)

If there are any other rules you can think of i would like to know them. I already have only the services i want open and the rest blocked.

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Ubuntu Security :: Robust Firewall With GUI For 10.04

Nov 4, 2010

I've been using Windows for quite a few years now. I loved the way how I used to set incoming/outgoing rules for my applications. But I'm having hard time doing that in Ubuntu. I tried searching for a good GUI for iptables but I need your help selecting the best. I might learn iptables someday but for the time being I will be using a nice GUI. I'm currently using GUFW, I've tried Firestarter. All I need is a firewall that would allow me to configure rules for my applications.

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