Ubuntu :: Screen Become Grey After Closing Then Opening Laptop / Sort It?

Jun 26, 2011

When I close my laptop and open it the screen become grey and blotchy with almost an argyle pattern. This has only started happening after I configured the usb ports to work in my VM. My startup screen also says something about a usb problem, and S for skip and M to manually fix it but I have had no problems with my usb. Oh except for my computer won't start

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Ubuntu :: 11.04: Screen Glitches After Closing And Opening Laptop?

May 8, 2011

since I've upgraded to 11.04 on my Dell Latitude E6400, every time I close the lid and open it again, Ubuntu fires up but the screen itself is totally messed up, it's just random patterns all over the screen. The laptop is locked, so I can type in my password, hit enter, and once I'm logged in again the screen is perfectly fine, so the system itself works, only the display is the problem

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Ubuntu :: Closing Laptop Cover Causes Freeze On Opening?

Nov 21, 2010

I recently upgraded my laptop from Lucid to Meerkat 10.10. Everything was fine until I closed my laptop cover. In "suspend" , I can't come back. I get a black screen with a frozen cursor, and I have to reboot. Not a good situation with a laptop. Is there anything I can do? I prefer Meerkat to Lucid for my laptop except for this one area.

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Ubuntu :: Maverick Meerkat Laptop Does Not Suspend After Closing Lid / Sort It?

Oct 17, 2010

It looks like something must've slipped the attention of Ubuntu developers as in the previous LTS version laptop suspension after closing the lid worked perfectly fine for me (Dell Latitude D820) while after upgrading to Meerkat it doesn't work any more....well sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't - it behaves sort of like a weather in UK/Ireland ...anyway...is there more information I could provide to you guys or is there something you could give me to point me to the right direction ?

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Ubuntu :: After Closing Lid My Laptop Displays A Black Screen

May 24, 2011

Whenever I use the function hibernate or sleep - or just generally close my lid on my laptop, my laptop displays a black screen when I open the lid again - though it is turned on.

Basically, it hibernates/sleeps the laptop when I close the lid. When I open the lid though, it turns on the laptop, but brings me a black screen.


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Ubuntu :: Screen Flickering After Opening Laptop

Jul 30, 2010

Whenever i close and then open the lid of my Compaq nc6220 laptop the screen will flicker when actions are made like moving the mouse, opening a program or typing. This is a known problem for the Intel 915 card and the solution is to disable the RANDR process. The thing is i cannot get to the service managaer and the RANDR doesnt come up in BUM which i installed. Does anyone know how to disable RANDR or any other solutions to this very annoying problem?

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Ubuntu :: Closing And Opening Ports On Schedule?

May 26, 2010

how I can set up something to automatically open port 119 at 10pm and close it again at 3am..

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Ubuntu :: Fire When Opening And Closing Windows

Aug 25, 2010

I've seen videos on ..... where it looks like the window burns when you close it. How do you get it to do that? they say its in compiz but I've looked everywhere and haven't found it. [url]

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Debian :: Cd Tray Keeps Opening And Closing?

Aug 11, 2010

I am running squeeze for a couple of months now

And suddenly my CD tray keeps opening and closing I believe it started after the latest upgrade (I dont remember which packages aptitude picked up)

So is this a bug in squeeze or a bug in my CD tray

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-panel Has Gone Berserk - Keeps Closing And Re-opening?

Feb 20, 2010

I have an older Gateway P4 computer running Ubuntu 9.10. I had removed the nm-applet from the systray because I wanted the system to have a static IP. That was several months ago. Today, unthinkingly, I tried to re-add the icon by going into System -> Preferences -> Start-up Applications. I put check in the box next to "Network Manager", then re-started my system. However, when my system came back up, instead of the Network Manager icon, I had two System Audio icons in the tray. One was actually for the audio; the other one just said "Notification Icon" when I put my mouse over it. Again, without thinking, I clicked on "remove from panel". That's where my problems have begun. As soon as I did that, the top and bottom bars disappeared, then reappeared. Except now they're doing that constantly. My machine has become totally unusable. I did manage to turn it off and re-start it, but it comes right back to doing this again.

I can remotely log in from another system (which is where I'm typing this message from) and see that, according to "top", the "gnome-panel" is running at anywhere from 30 - 50% of my CPU. I can provide any logs or other information necessary since I can access the system remotely.

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General :: Speeding Up Script By Opening And Closing DB Connection Just Once?

Jan 21, 2011

I have a script which takes a file as input and reads it in while loop cuts the name of table and stores in a variable opens DB connection and queries for rowcount in that table closes the connection reads another file and then follows step 1 through 4 till EOF is reached. Now this script is taking longer to execute maybe because the DB connection is opened and closed each time.

My scripts is:


cat logcountOP | while read LINE
TBLName=`echo $LINE|cut -d "-" -f1`


I was thinking of changing this.I want to open the DB connection just once and then query it for all tables and then exit.

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Ubuntu :: Boot - Grey Screen - Nothing Is Displayed On The Screen

May 13, 2010

10.04 was working fine till one day I boot up, and there's a weird grey screen. I hear login sound, but nothing is displayed on the screen, it just goes grey with weird shapes and sometimes color stripes. Sort of like grey screen of death...

I thought I would recover my nvidia drivers, but I get the same grey screen when booting from Live CD also. Even from ubuntu recovery remix. Ubuntu Live CD launches, I get a menu, but when it starts to boot, grey screen again.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Graphics Seem Very Sluggish Doing Things Like Opening And Closing Windows, Popping Up Menus?

May 25, 2010

I've just installed kubuntu 10.04 x64 and I'm slowly working through lots of little niggly problems that I'm having getting it all set up.My graphics seem VERY sluggish doing things like opening and closing windows, popping up menus etc.I have an Athlon II 250 3.0ghz processor, 2GB RAM and onboard graphics ATI HD2100 (740G chipset).I tried to get the proprietary graphics driver installed to see if that made any difference but it wouldn't recognise the onboard graphics, a bit of googling seems to suggest they have actually dropped support for this model?After removing the proprietary stuff it seems even more sluggish than it did before.

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Ubuntu :: Grey Screen After Being Connected With TightVNC

Jun 27, 2010

we installed Ubuntu Server on a VPS machine then installed VPS desktop after reading this tut markus.revti.com/2009/08/installing-vnc-remote-desktop-on-ubuntu-linux-vps. I'm able to connect to the VPS but all i see is a grey screen.

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General :: Runescape Grey Screen

Jun 30, 2010

I've been messing around to try and play runescape (Java based) on my laptop. I run Lucid Lynx (in dualboot with vista) and have Java installed. Now I'm trying to get Runescape to work so I have even more reason to ban Vista completely. So I installed Java, and tried in firefox (3.6.6). It loads the log in, I log in, but then I get a grey screen with "applet started" in the status bar but nothing more.

When that didn't work I did some googling and tried it with SeaMonkey(2.0.4) - same result. Would another browser help or is there something else wrong?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Grey Screen After Install On A Powerbook G4 / Fix This?

Mar 17, 2010

I am trying to install on my Powerbook G4 version 9.04. IT went well and I rebooted it boots up and appears to be loading... In fact says "Loading, please wait"

But the screen begins slowly to fade to white until I can't see anything.

There is one error that might be related I noticed "Radeonfb invalid rom contents".

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Fedora Hardware :: Closing Laptop Lid Does Nothing

Oct 4, 2010

Since my laptop went back to DELL to be repaired closing the lid does nothing. It used to put the laptop into suspend. I even tried on my windows partition and closing it still does nothing. I suspected that the switch(?) that controls this is not sending any data to the laptop - is there away to see if any input is being received when the lid is closed? Or does anyone have any other thoughts on what might be at fault?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome / XORG Freezes When Closing Laptop Lid

May 17, 2011

Gnome (or XORG, I'm not sure which name to give it) freezes up not always, but about once every 24 hours after I close the laptop's cover/lid. I know this happens when I close the lid rather than open it judging by the time the clock is locked at. The cursor will move around on the screen, but noting will react to it in any way. Other services such as FTP and Samba still work just fine when the computer is "locked down". Without more details to why the problem is occurring, I have no idea what to search for or where to get started solving the problem. I have attached the XORG logs (found in var/log) in case they are of any use.

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Ubuntu :: Got Possible Nautilus Error When Opening Gedit From Terminal / Sort It?

Apr 25, 2010

I received this odd error when opening gedit from the terminal . gedit opened, but this error worries me code...

After changing the hostname, you need to reboot your machine. That fixed it

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General :: Windows - Execute Something When Closing Laptop's Lid?

May 28, 2010

I'm wondering if there is any way to execute a program, run some command or anything else when closing the laptop's lid.
My question aims to be generic, both for Windows and Linux. Something useful should be locking the laptop when closing the lid (Win + L in windows), or running expensive processes such as antivirus analysis etc. without doing it manually before closing the lid.

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Debian :: Closing Laptop Lid Stops Computer

Dec 5, 2010

I have a Dell Latitude D505. I installed Squeeze on 12 November 2011 from the weekly DVD. I install updates every day, when available.
My kernel: 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP Thu Nov 25 18:43:34 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

Everything is working fine except the button that is pressed when I close my lid. Hibernate works, Suspend works, blank screen works. user is member of the group "powerdev". I really thought thread "closing-laptop-lid-renders-computer-unusable-786822" would bring me a solution. When I close my lid my screens turns black with my mouse cursor on it. Connections with ssh are broken. Keyboard is dead, mouse pad too. It looks like it never start any software it just hangs immediately. I cant find anything in my logs.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Ibook G4 (9.10) "resume" After Closing Lid / Sort It?

Jan 12, 2010

I installed ubuntu 9.10 on my ibook g4 that i just bought recently (i hate mac xD) it all went perfect... the only things that im concerned about is if i close the lid it goes to sleep... but when i open it again i only see a black screen with a mouse on it! (hard reboot is required)

i read somewhere that you need to disable dri in a file named xorg.conf but i cant find that file and the topic where i read it was 5 years old so im not sure what to do now xD

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Displays Flash Grey Screen Or Just Stops?

Jan 19, 2011

When I am using flash a lot of times it will just display a grey screen or just stops. I wanted to use Turbotax today but I can not because of this.

Opensuse 11.3
Firefox 3.6.13
Shockwave flash 10.1 r102 (this is what it says under add-ons)

when I look for flash programs installed in Yast I get two things

pullin-flash-player 11.3.1-2.1.1

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Moonlight Grey Screen / No Sound But Clock Starts Running

Apr 30, 2011

I just installed Moonlight but except for the clock that starts running, buffering and connecting to the video server nothing else works.The screen stays grey and there is no sound. I thought it might work when I install Java applet, but also that doesn't fix.

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Debian :: How To Disable Sleep / Hibernation When Closing Laptop Lid

Sep 15, 2015

I am using a old laptop as a server now and its running great! I would like to disable sleep/hibernation when I close the lid (i would prefer the screen still shut off if possible) ...

This has to be done via command line because I don't use a gui ...

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Debian Hardware :: Laptop Locks Up After Closing Lid - Never Wakes Up

Dec 14, 2014

After I close lid on my laptop, it goes to sleep, but after I open it up, it never wakes up.

Laptop: Toshiba Portege Z30 Ultrabook, Haswell, Intel Core i7 4600U
OS: Debian 8.0, Kernel 3.16

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Connection Lost After Closing Laptop After 9.10 Upgrade

Jan 16, 2010

I have an odd problem in that my wireless connection is okay until I close the laptop. When I open it back up, I'm unable to reconnect. This problem first occurred after upgrading to 9.10. I can reconnect after restarting. I tried several things before breaking down and reinstalling 9.04. After installing 9.04, everything works great. Any suggestions on what is going on before I try upgrading to 9.10 again? I have a Dell D600.

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Debian :: <Squeeze> Closing Laptop Lid Renders Computer Unusable?

Feb 3, 2010

I am currently running squeeze with the 2.6.32-trunk amd64 kernel.

If I close the laptop lid the screen will not turn back on and the laptop becomes unresponsive. The only way to get it functioning again is to hold the power button down until it dies.

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SUSE / Novell :: Installing OpenSUSE 11.1 On Playstation 3 - On Startup A Blue/grey Screen Appears

Jan 17, 2009

I just tried installing OpenSUSE 11.1 onto my Playstation 3. I installed the otheros.bld fine (which I downloaded via a link provided on the OpenSUSE website). I then inserted my 32-bit Gnome CD for installation and restarted my system. Then on startup, a blue/grey screen appears. Here are the links to the screenshot (sorry for poor quality):

[Full Screen]

[Top Half]

[Bottom Half]

As you can see, the only option is for me to select the gameboot, which obviously takes me back to the Playstation XMB. There are keys at the bottom of the screen, but this is only to change the resolution. So I have no option to install the OS.

Does anybody know why this screen appears and have any ideas on how I can get around this problem to install SUSE onto my Playstation?

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Fedora Installation :: Boot Selection Menu, Get A Grey Screen With A White Cursor, And The System Freezes?

Dec 4, 2010

I'd like to install Fedora 14 64bit as a dual boot on an existing win 7 32bit system. When I boot with the Live CD, after selecting "boot" in the Fedora boot selection menu, I get a grey screen with a white cursor, and the system freezes. I checked the Live CD on my laptop and it worked perfectly.

My System:
MotherboardASUS P5Q DELUXE
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6750, 2,66 GHz, Sockel 775


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