Ubuntu :: Remove The "squares Effect", When Minimizing A Window Without Desktop-effects

Aug 22, 2010

is there a possibility to remove the ugly "squares"-effect, when minimizing a window by using no desktop-effects?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Window Effects - Minimizing - Closing

Dec 10, 2010

I've been running Ubuntu on my laptop for a couple months now and I've been using compiz settings manager. For some reason I can't seem to get the window effects for minimizing, closing, etc. to work. I have followed a few tutorials and nothing seems to make any difference. As far as I can tell, that is the only thing in compiz that is not working. I am running Ubuntu 10.10

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.5 Desktop Effects - Turn Off The Jerky Dimming Effect

Jun 11, 2011

Just installed openSUSE 11.4 which comes with KDE 4.5. It has taken a while for me to find my way around and I am still trying to change settings so that VLC is default multimedia app rather than Amarok or similar. how to turn off the jerky dimming effect which was being applied when I close a window. Out of interest does anybody know what memory and cpu overhead these effect costs and how many lines of code? More to the point does anybody know who needs them?

When using Dolphin with column view does anybody know how to have the left margin shown rather than the right. As it is now, with long files names, the right hand end of the filename is shown and to see the directories I have to use a slider to scroll back to the left. I do not recall this being the case before. It used to be that the long file name was cut off unless one scrolled. In that way you could see all the directories and when moving files life was simple. Now this is not the case and actions take longer.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Use The Effects Like Rain, Fire, Wobbly Window Or Drag Window Into Another One Of Desktop?

Mar 31, 2010

I had a friend load Ubuntu on my PC. Everything work pretty well except i cant use the effects like rain, fire, wobbly window or drag my window into another one of my desktop. My comp has Radeon HD3100 Graphics card in it. Is there any graphics drivers I can dl to make the stuff work.

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Ubuntu :: Fire Effect When Minimizing Windows?

Apr 22, 2010

I've seen people use the fire effect when minimizing windows and even saw someone setting up the fire effect to fit their needs in compiz but I do not have the fire effect in my compiz effects manager. Where can i get it??

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OpenSUSE :: 11.2 Bizarre KDE Window Get Stuck With Desktop Effects Turned On

Feb 20, 2010

when using desktop effects windows seem to get stuck in mid-animation and produce ghost windows which will disappear and go back to normal if i click on a blank area of the desktop.Its not a huge problem, everything else works really well and the issue goes away when i turn the desktop effects off. was wondering if anyone else has seen this?? I am running SLI on quad nvidia gpus so maybe this is a driver issue??

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OpenSUSE :: Disable KDE Desktop Effects On A Single Window / Application?

Aug 17, 2010

When Desktop Effects are enabled in KDE the window for Tecplot 'bleeds' through, as if ~40% transparent in various regions. Disabling desktop effects fixes this, however, I would like to keep them. Is there a way to disable desktop effects on a single window/application?

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OpenSUSE :: Desktop Effects Switch Off If Window Opens Maximized?

Aug 6, 2011

If any window opens initially on full screen (maximized) the "desktop effects" switch off. I then have to reset "enable desktop effects".

It happens with any window from any application that opens full screen.

If a window is maximized after it has already opened all is fine, it does not stop the desktop effects.

Running: openSUSE 14.4

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Fedora :: Enable Wooby Effect - Compiz Desktop Effect - In 15

Jun 23, 2011

How to enable wooby effect (compiz desktop effect like ubuntu) in fedora 15.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: ATI 5650 But No Desktop Effect No 3D Effect?

Oct 16, 2010

i got driver and when i install driver and reboot computer I got just terminal and when I type startx I get error FLGRX and sam log file or something like that.

instruction i found here but some comands didn't worked openSUSE Lizards

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Fedora :: Top Title Bar Of A Window That It Maximizes The Window Instead Of The Rolling Up Type Effect In Compiz And Bluetooth

Jan 17, 2010

Is there some way top stop the "blind effect" of compiz so that when you double click the top title bar of a window that it maximizes the window instead of the rolling up type effect? Also when i place my mouse on the top right of the screen it brings it to a choosing window type mode where you can pick which window you would like to open, is it possible to get this on the top left of the screen instead? Lastly when I use Kdebluetooth4 to send a file to my computer where does that file save to?

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Fedora Networking :: Minimizing Remote Desktop Traffic?

Apr 23, 2011

Most discussion of lightweight desktops seems to focus on cpu and/or gpu load. I want to ask a different question (though it may have the same solution): how to set up a secure remote desktop server for students to minimise network load. My current setup (gnome plus vncserver, tunneled over ssh) is certainly a bad choice, but I'm having trouble finding the right information about what to choose. My current best guesses:LXDE (not too unfamilar to students used to gnome)NX (generally said to give better compression) Is this a reasonable compromise? Is there a better solution? host server settings to reduce network load client settings the students could use to minimise network load security implications of distributing the nx ssh session key widely

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Ubuntu :: Appearance Effect Change Automatically From Extra Effect To No Effect?

May 7, 2010

I have upgraded to 10.4 and and after try to install mac look in ubuntu.My screen start flickering, I found it this due to in system => preference => appearance => effect become no effect automatically (as each and every time I select extra effect)After some time.for changing this setting i need to turn off the computer and restart then after i can do it i.e. change effect to extra effect. Its done after following installation


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Ubuntu :: Closing A Window With A Fire Effect ?

Aug 4, 2010

So far so good on the compiz effects but I couldn't figure out the fire effect when you close a window in compiz.

I looked everything in the compiz fusion menu but still couldn't find that effect out.. I have every plug-ins I believe in the compiz)

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Ubuntu :: Avant Window Navigator 3d Effect?

Sep 14, 2010

I am kinda new to linux and avant window navigator is my first dock and im having some trouble. It seems to have fully installed but it does not look very 3D. specifically there is a white box surrounding it.,

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Ubuntu :: Visual Effects / Windows XP In GRUB - "desktop Effects Couldn't Be Enabled"

Aug 26, 2010

im using the ubuntu distro and when i goto the visual effects tab and click on normal or extra, it says "desktop effects could not be enabled" also, i have Two hdd's, a 100GB that has windows 7 and ubuntu. and a 250GB that has Windows XP. GRUB didnt notice windows xp though, so its not a boot option.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Avant Window Navigator Without Graphic Effect

Feb 13, 2011

I need switch on a effect Compiz to AWN thema.When I use graphic effect Normal or high I see laggs(when ubu hardworking) that I must do switch off effect but if I do that i louse skin on tray bar lack effect.

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Ubuntu :: Remove Minimize Effect In Openbox

Jul 4, 2010

how do i remove the minimize effect in openbox?

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Fedora :: Window Effect When Moving The Cursor To Top Right Corner In 14?

Nov 25, 2010

1) What is the window effect called that adjusts all open windows into a viewable position while darkening the backgrounds?2) Is there a source or an already made list of packages ready so I can install it on a different operating system? I'm sticking with F14 as my main Desktop Os, however, would like to use this on a Live USB with Archbang Linux.

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Ubuntu :: Caps Lock: Remove The Toggle Effect?

Nov 5, 2009

I want the CapsLock to lock the letters in capital, and never to change them back to small letters.To go from capitals letters down to small letter, I use the shift key.In other word, I want my key board to behave like an old typewritter:I don't want to have to look at my keyboard to know how capslock will bewave next time I use it.I tryed all kind of set-up, but still could not remove the toggle effect of capslock...

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Ubuntu :: Optimize The Nvidia Private Drivers And Remove The Lag Effect?

Nov 21, 2010

After having tried to fix the plymouth without any successfully result (i am meanning the thread i began few weeks ago and sited here: [URL]. I decided to keep nvidia's privates drives on giving up any hope to fix the plymouth bug and, right now, i would like to optimize or configurate the drivers properly like it is on Mandriva One 2010.

Perhaps someone is not exactly understand what i want to say. Well, i was using Mandriva One 2010 before installing Ubuntu Maverick and i have noticed there was no a low latency, lag effect, low performance or a lack of initial smooth and clean windows moves in Mandriva One 2010 but on Ubuntu there is.

This is very hard to explain for me, for example, If i use the "flip windows selector" (i mean, pressing "<Super>+Tab" keys) show me this effect too slow initially but if i forced the GPU for a while (repeating and pressing the keys), the lag effects vanished and then, the flip windows selector works nicely fast, clean and smooth. Now if i stop to use that effects, let the Nvidia GPU repose a while and use again the flip windows selector again, the lag effects come up again.

This fact does not just happen using the "flip windows selectos", any effects which minimize, resize or maxime the windows generate that annoying initial lag effects, for example, a simple minimize windows:

I am in despair with this, i do not if i have to do some change in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, what i have to configurate in the "Nvidia X server Settings" or in the "compiz manager settings" application.

Anyone knows a tutorial about how to optimize the Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu? or the Compiz effects to reduce the lag effets?

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OpenSUSE :: 'maximize Window' Effect - Delay When Maximizing Windows (Gnome)?

Mar 2, 2010

Using gnome I love the desktop effects, except the 'maximize window' effect. There is an annoying delay when I maximize a window. Is there a way to turn this particular effect off, while leaving all the others on. I looked in control center>desktop effects, but the option is not there. The only way I could turn off the maximize effect was unchecking the "enable desktop effects" checkbox. But this turns all effects off. All other effects run smooth and snappy.

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Ubuntu :: Remove Window Decoration On One Specific Window?

May 14, 2010

Is it possible to remove the window decoration from a single window, maybe in compiz or something?

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OpenSUSE :: Minimizing All The Opened Windows To See "Desktop"?

Mar 12, 2010

Recently i upgraded from Suse 10.3 to Suse 11.2. There was a option available on 10.3 for minimizing all the opened windows to see "Desktop", and that was "Alt+Cntrl+d" The same is not working on 11.2 (even i tried Alt+d, Window+d).

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Effect Could Not Be Enabled?

May 10, 2011

Before i had problem with compiz in my laptop and i has solve it,but new problem found with driver of ATI HD 4650 in my laptop (Dell N4010),

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OpenSUSE :: Lost KDE Desktop Effects Settings After Install Gnome Desktop Environment

Jun 6, 2010

I installed Gnome desktop environment recently then ;I' ve lost KDE desktop effects settings. I just can see Compiz Configirator. I cant configure effects independently. There is same settings in gnome and kde. And also I cant change windows appearence.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Effect Always Disabled After Boot

Oct 22, 2010

After boot process, desktop effect always disabled. I have checked "Enable desktop effect" but still disabled. So I have turn it on manually. Whats the problem with my desktop effect? I'm using Kubuntu 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Enable Desktop Effect - Kubuntu 10.10

Nov 10, 2010

I can not enable Desktop Effect

In system setting->desktop effect I find Wrote:

The desktop effects are not available on this system, because of the following technical problems.

My video card is ati 3650. driver installed with jokey.

I ran this command:

OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.

Control Center for the ATI graphics accelerators

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Ubuntu :: Turn Off Window Effects But Keep Compiz?

Jun 17, 2010

I was hoping someone could tell me how to turn off the basic windows effects in compiz but keep it turned on so I can use something like Docky.

The reason is because nautilus takes a few painful seconds to open up with the effects turned on and some times I end up clicking a folder etc a second time thinking it hasn't opened.

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Ubuntu :: Video Card - Desktop Effect Could Not Be Enabled

Feb 24, 2010

1. When I try to enable Desktop Effects it says "Searching for Available Drivers" then says "Desktop effect could not be enabled".

2. When I play and game the has 3d Modeling, it chops to about 3 FPS and is completely unusable. But heres the deal, I have a ATI Raedon X850XT Platinum card, which I know can handle it. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 and have everything up to date.

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