Ubuntu :: Permissions - Make EVERYTHING Accessible?

Sep 1, 2011

I download something all the files and folders have root permission. So I can't do anything. I can change them all to have permission for me but it takes like an hour for one download. How do I make EVERYTHING accessible to me?

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Ubuntu :: Server Not Accessible - Changing Permissions On Folders?

Jan 3, 2011

We have a development server not accessible to the public used for testing which was setup for us. When attempting to have my PHP scripts upload an image to a folder, I have to CHMOD the folder to 777. Ideally, when a folder is created it has permissions set to 755 - I want to be able to upload to them. Is there a way to change permissions to allow the PHP scripts that run to be able to write to a folder? I know it has something to do with owner or group, but I don't know where to start.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make My Desktop Accessible From Anywhere With DynDns ?

Feb 19, 2011

I was trying to make my Desktop accessible from anywhere with DynDns. I have AT&T 2wire router 2701-hg b router. which doesnot have dyndns settings.

So installed ddclient. its running fine..

I did tracepath

I did nslookup

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Ubuntu Networking :: Make Server Accessible With A DHCP Address?

Nov 1, 2010

The cable internet I'm using runs on Dynamic DHCP IP addresses. I changed it to a static IP address in my router settings, but it keeps changing. This means that I can't connect to my home server from a remote location.

Is there anyway to run my ubuntu server on a DHCP IP address without connecting through my router 192.168.1.xxx?

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Ubuntu :: Make Computer Accessible Without Opening Gaping Security Hole?

Mar 4, 2010

my son is 15, autistic and mentally retarded. he is moderate-low functioning and loves to watch barney the dinosaur, thomas the tank engine and other young children's programming on videos on his computer. he can talk in a limited way and can read out loud at about the first-grade level, though he seems to have little or no comprehension of what he's read (hyperlexia).i'm having problems with viruses and spyware because he lacks the judgment that keeps the rest of us from clicking on every window that pops up. we've had a particularly nasty crop of ad-ware viruses lately that pops up graphic porn ads even when the browser is closed. i've had enough of this.

the computer is an ancient dell dimension 4600 desktop (circa ~2002) running windows xp. i've run ubuntu from a live cd and installed flash as a test. videos videos play fine, so that's not a problem. i don't really want to replace the computer becasue it still works and is only used by him to run firefox. i am willing to buy a new computer if that turns out to be the only option.i've been using ubuntu exclusively on my laptop for several years and i would like to remove windows from his computer and replace it with ubuntu. i'm wondering how i can make his computer as accessible as possible to him while not sacrificing too much security.my son has very poor fine motor control over his hands. he can use a mouse with some difficulty, but using a keyboard is out of the question. he can use the mouse to click on the shortcuts to his favorite videos, but i can't think of how he would be able to enter a password for his account. not only does he have the fine motor problem, but he is not able to remember any usefully secure password.

does anyone have any ideas about how to make his computer accessible to him without opening a gaping security hole? two ideas that i've kicked around are creating a user with absolutely the minimum privileges required to use firefox and no password or finding some way to enter a password that doesn't require a keyboard. i haven't come up with how to implement either of those ideas successfully.

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General :: Make Local Web Page Accessible From Internet?

Dec 23, 2010

On computer, I have apache server, configured at port 80, running. In local network, web page is accessible by my local IP (192...). Although, when I want to get to the page from the internet, I don't know right ip address, since router's one should be local, and also, router has it's own web page running at port 80. So I guessed that my server IP would be modem's one, which I don't know. Sometime in past, I figured out address of modem too, but it has it's own application running. Also, router supports port forwarding (which I guess, is needed), but I don't know how to get using to it. what address from internet should I have? How should I determine it?

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General :: Make Some Files On Machine Accessible Via HTTP Using Apache?

Mar 6, 2011

I did a wget on the source and built the apache binaries correctly. Now what do I need to do to get some documents accessible using HTTP (start some services?)? Also, do I need to group all the files I want to make accessible in some directory and make the directory and its contents accessible or can I just make the individual documents available? I will be providing these links to my colleagues and do not want them to be down, so need to make sure that the apache services are up automatically after a reboot. Does apache have some inbuilt support for this?

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Fedora :: Using Iptables To Make Port 22 Accessible Through 4455 Externally

Apr 16, 2011

Have previously moved my ssh server from 22 to 4455 just by moving the port in sshd_config. This is done to minimize the log entries resulting from brute force attacks.However, it seems like Zimbra and other local services expect to find the ssh service locally available on port 22, so I figured it's better to move the port in the firewall so that it remains configured on port 22 in sshd_config, and instead use iptables with a nat/port rewrite to move 4455 incoming to 22 locally.

Isolated this works as long as I also keep allowing port 22, but the moment I close port 22, port 4455 is also dead, which sort of defies the purpose

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Programming :: Bash Script - Make Sure All Files Have Certain Permissions

Jan 14, 2011

How can I iterate over all the files in the current directory to check for certain permissions? This is what I have:

Code: #!/bin/bash
for file in *.tar.gz
do if [ -r "$file" ]
then echo "$file is readable"
else echo "$file is NOT readable"
fi done

But this only checks that the current user has read permissions for each file. I want to check that the group "others" has read permissions for each file. How can I do this? Is there a built in function to check if a file has read permissions for the "others" group? Otherwise, I thought I might be able to use this:
Code: $ stat --format=%a file
744 And parse the output "744" and make sure the 3rd number is between 4 and 7 (since the octals 4-7 have read permissions for others).

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Programming :: GNU Make - System Libraries And File Permissions

Jan 27, 2010

I am trying to compile a C++ source file into a static library using make with root privileges (i.e., using "sudo"). However, I "sometimes" get the following compilation error:

g++ -Wall -g -fPIC -W -c /home/project/ether/src/packet-ethernet.cc
ar -cvq libether.a /home/project/ether/src/packet-ethernet.o
ar: /home/project/ether/src/packet-ethernet.o: No such file or directory
make: *** [libether.a] Error 1

I checked /home/project/ether/src folder to see if packet-ethernet.o in fact does not exist, and saw that it is actually located there, but its owner is "root", which is different from the current user. If I change the owner of packet_ethernet.o from root to the current user using "chown" command and execute make again with sudo, everything seems to be fine.

It may be a coincidence that I recently migrated to 64-bit platform from 32-bit, and then installed libboost-filesystem1.40-dev. After that, I began to experience such errors. I have "never" come across such a compilation error before. Even though I completely removed libboost-filesystem1.40-dev afterwards to see if it causes the problem, nothing changed.

After migrating to 64-bit and installing libboost-filesystem1.40-dev, my application exhibited another "weird" behaviour such that it produced "hidden" files using mkdir() system call, which were previously created as regular ones on the filesystem. Can compiler options that I use cause such problems? Is it possible that libboost-filesystem1.40-dev overwrote some system libraries so that I am getting such errors ?

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Fedora :: Backup Drive Listed Twice (Make Auto Set Permissions)

Dec 14, 2009

I have an issue that my BACKUP drive is listed twice. (internal FAT) I am running F12 32b. I have it listed in FSTAB so it will automount & set the permissions. I did this in the earlier versions I upgraded from. I would like to either get rid of the other entry or, if easier, make it auto & set permissions but I don't know where it is.

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OpenSUSE :: When Open Dolphin In Superuser Mode And Change The Permissions To Make Myself The Owner Of Those Folders?

Jul 24, 2011

On my dual-boot system, 11.4 and win7, Iped out the Doc and DL folders in my home directory and replaced 'em with links to the ones on the windows side. It works great except for one thing: When I open Dolphin in superuser mode and change the permissions to make myself the owner of those folders, the change doesn't take. Is there a special trick to it?GEFPS: I plan to use openSUSE as my main OS, but it's easier to keep my data on the NTFS partition, because Linux speaksindows better than than Windows speaks Linux. Besides, that's where my data already lives

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OpenSUSE Install :: Revert The Changes Or Change The Permissions Again To Root:root Or Make Sudo Work

Aug 10, 2011

Accidentally I changed the ownership of all the directories under / to my own instead of root:root. Now I am unable to use sudo and many bad things are happening. Is there a way to revert the changes or change the permissions again to root:root or make sudo work ?

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Ubuntu :: Change Permissions For File / Add These Lines Without Changing Permissions?

Oct 16, 2010

Finally I managed to install my printer/scanner drivers.The last thing I need to do is to add the following two lines to 40-libsane.rules (which is a read only file):# Brother scanners ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes".How can I change permissions for this file or add these lines without changing permissions?

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Ubuntu :: Permissions For Rsync And BackinTime - Setup 2nd HD With Correct Permissions?

May 31, 2011

Problem: permissions for rsync and BackinTime. Setup: Ubuntu 11.04, Two internal HD, #1=main, single boot, #2=backup drive. Question: How do I set up my 2nd HD with correct permissions? Background: I had previously a dual boot XP+10.04 with a 2nd HD formatted as NTFS. With this I was able to use my rsync and backintime to my 2nd HD with no issue. My new set up is EXT4 on both HD.

(I even tried to reformat my 2nd HD as NTFS, but that didnt fix the issue) I followed [URL] to mount the 2nd HD and get permissions. But now when I run backintime i get this error: [E] Error: rsync: opendir "/home/myhome/.ssh" failed: Permission denied (13) I did my requisite reading for a newbie, and am stuck. I ran backintime as root, and it backed up ok. How do I run my user version of backintime? (i.e. How do I fix the permission issue?)

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Ubuntu :: Reset Apache 2 Permissions To Default Permissions?

Mar 16, 2010

Is it possible to reset apache 2 permissions to default permissions I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 command line server, would webmin give me this access ?

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General :: RW Permissions On External HDD - Chmod: Changing Permissions Of `whatever': Read-only Filesystem

Mar 15, 2010

I have a problem with my external hdd, I mounted it manually and in the mount table it says ive got rw permissions. But when i try to change permissions it says:

chmod: changing permissions of `whatever': read-only filesystem.

This is my mount table:

[root@localhost ExtHDD]# mount
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 on / type ext3 (rw)
none on /proc type proc (rw)
none on /sys type sysfs (rw)


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Ubuntu :: Disk Not Being Accessible?

Jul 2, 2011

I have a fat32 disk plugged into my mobo on my desktop machine. It has no o/s installed and I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS live to access and retrieve the data on that disk.

fdisk -l
shows the disk as being a Windows 95 fat32 file system disk


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Ubuntu :: CD/DVD Drive Not Accessible?

Jun 13, 2011

I am a complete Linux/Ubuntu Noob and researched the issue and came up with nothing. I cannot figure out how to access my CD/DVD drive. Places >> Computer shows nothing and neither do any of the sub components. I don't know enough about the console to try to access the drive from there. Every time a user gets close to a solution (to my knowledge), contributors stop replying and the years roll on.

I have tried:

eyesonyou@ubuntu:/dev$ dir cd*
cdrom cdrw
eyesonyou@ubuntu:/$ cdrom@
cdrom@: command not found


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Ubuntu :: Shared Folder Not Accessible?

May 7, 2010

I'm having an issue setting up users for file sharing. In Ubuntu 10.04 (which is awesome btw) I right click the file, and share it on the network. I can see it right away on other machine, and login using the main user account on the server, no problem. I get an issue when I try to login to the share using additional account I setup. I get to the login screen, and it seems to accept the username and password as being valid (it doesn't bring up the login screen again), instead it brings up a error message saying it's unable to mount the share. It seems so much like a permission issue. I don't want to grant all kinds of access for these users, what do I do?

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Ubuntu :: Printer Not Accessible In VirtualBox?

Aug 16, 2010

I am running virtualbox 3.2.8 and whilst I can use my USB keyboard my Canncon LIDE scanner, USB exble ternal hard drive and a logitech joystick I cannot access my Cannon IP4700 printer or Samsung laser printer.All my USB devices are recognized in the vbox settings nut are not recognized by guest win7 0r xp-pro any clues?

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Ubuntu :: Samba Share Not Accessible?

Oct 28, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and Samba 4.The folder I've shared is on NTFS partition and though is visible from other Windows 7 system on LAN, can't be browsed. Even from my own computer if go to network places the folder is there but when I double click on it I get

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache2 Not Accessible From LAN

Apr 1, 2011

I have a problem with apache server. The thing is - I can connect to my server on localhost, but when I try to connect from local network, it doesn't reply.

I can ping my web server from lan. I can ssh my web server from lan.

I haven't modified iptables since install except these commands>

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s 0/0 --sport 1024:65535 -d $MY_SERVER_IP --dport 80 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp -s $MY_SERVER_IP --sport 80 -d 0/0 --dport 1024:65535 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT


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Server :: Benefit Of S-permissions And T-permissions?

Nov 9, 2010

i want to know what is use or benefit of using s and t permission?i have used them but could not understand its uses.please explain me with suitable example.Also tell me about umask command to flag on s and t.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Bookmarks And History Not Accessible

Jan 11, 2010

My firefox bookmark and history is not accessible, instead a message is shown at the top of firefox window. The message reads:
Browser Startup Error
The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. And it links to this mozilla page. How to find the error?

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Ubuntu :: Making Apache Accessible To Outside World

May 22, 2010

Set Up:
1. Ubuntu 10.04 x64 on Acer Aspire NoteBook.
2. LAMP installed
3. Using an ADSL modem to connect to internet, make is "Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600"
4. Modem LAN settings are as shown in the attachment picture.
5. So mostly my laptop is assigned the ip ranging from to as the router use NAT.
6. http://localhost,, or whatever my ip is, work fine to see my default Apache homepage in locally connected devices.
7. The IP which I find from [URL] should connect to my Apache homepage but instead it connects to my Router Interface/Configure panel as shown in image attached.

What I want:
1. My Apache home page accessible to outside world via my dynamic ip.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Samba Shares Not Accessible On OSX?

Apr 26, 2011

I have setup Samba shares on my Ubuntu 10.10 and assigned different different username and password combination for each share.

The sharing works perfectly fine on all the Windows machines but it does not work on OSX. When I try to connect using OSX, it ends up showing waiting icon (screenshot attached) after entering username and password. (It asks for the login details after selecting the share from the list)

Following is my smb file content:

# Sample configuration file for the Samba suite for Debian GNU/Linux.
# This is the main Samba configuration file. You should read the


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Ubuntu :: HTTPS Sites Not Accessible On 11.04 With Solution?

Aug 9, 2011

i hav the problem ...n i am having solution for it. ...i searched a lot on forum .but didnt find any proper solution for my problem. problem : " Cannot access some sites on Ubuntu 11.04 specially HTTPS sites. loading of certain sites was really slow" Solution : well. i found no one who could gave me solution that worked. so i studied some linux n here is solution ..ON terminal : sudo pppoeconfthen just follow instructions ...set to default every thing. it will configure all ur net settings on its own.restart ur pc. no need to dial anything. the net will auto dial itself without any problem..just make sure...u do it correctly ..read instructions..

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Networking :: Internet Connection Not Accessible In Ubuntu 9.10

Nov 14, 2009

I'm a new user of Ubuntu. I requested the Ubuntu 9.10 cd online and got it in around 3 weeks. I've chosen the 'Install over windows' option for my use right now. The version of windows being 'Windows 7'. The problem is that I'm unable to connect to the internet. I'm using LAN cord to connect to my modem. The 'Network Manager' tht the user manual talks about, is not to be found yet. When I click on the 'Network' icon on the top right portion of the panel, it shows that 'autoeth0' is connected but when I open firefox and try to open any website, the 'Server not found' comes up on the firefox window. Thus I'm not able to surf the web.

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Software :: CD/DVD Seen, But Not Accessible?

Jul 26, 2010

I have used Linux in various versions for a while. I am tasked with "resurrecting" older PC's for a "thrift" shop here. I load Linux and Open Office on them. I have a PC now that had Xubuntu loaded on it that worked fine. I had to load Ubuntu 9.1 on it as I did not have the passwords. The system loaded fine from a CD. When I boot the system now and look at the computer's resources, I see the hard disk, the CD drive, and the DVD drive. However, when I place a CD or DVD in either of the drives, that drive disappears.If I place the Ubuntu CD in the drive it will boot fine.

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